Top 25 Games like Agario, Best multiplayer games you can enjoy is a popular multi-player hit game. is also one website that has gained a massive following, particularly after launching the for iOS and for Android which is downloaded by millions of users.

Players of this game find it easy to play thanks to how it was created.

The game is built with a simple premise based on controlling a single cell within a map.

Here, the main objective is to swallow cells that are smaller than yours so as to grow bigger while avoiding being eliminated by those around and bigger than yours.

Additionally, you can improve your mass by eating the food that’s randomly scattered throughout the map.

As mentioned, is simple and it has loads of features that keep you engaged and ensure you’re playing without a problem, including viruses and skins.

However, there are many of them alternatives that can also keep you engaged and gives you that experience.

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our list of  best Games like

Here, we look at the 25 games like is a great game like specifically for iOS and Android.

Games like

So, if you’re looking for such a game, then you have found it already.

Being a black hole in the game, you’re required to eat everything to gain mass and defeat the other black holes with the city.

You can consume different objects such as buildings, cars, street lights, etc.

Although you might see yourself undefeatable, there’s only a single black hole that can win in the game.

And, that’s what makes this game enjoyable.

   Key Features:

  • Available App for iOS and Android
  • User-friendly interface
  • Engaging

Another one in the list of games like Agario is the

Games like

The fun part of the Agario has also experienced in as well as strategic planning.

The only difference is the concept and the game process.

Here, you’re required to guard your base. The base is shown as the center of your focus.

Additionally, you’ll find different barriers and towers around the base for protection.

In addition to protecting your base, you’ll need to defeat other players’ bases too which boost your powers making you superior to others.

What’s more, you can create weapons to destroy the enemies which gradually add up in your score.

 Key Features:

  • Wonderful theme
  • Barriers and towers
  • Weapons for killing enemies – Games like is another popular game worth playing as alternative.

Games like

It’s similar to the cells in but here you’ll be playing as a snake while trying to gain mass.

At the same time, you’ll need to protect yourself against your rivals.

Along the way, you’ll find some food to eat increasing your size.

However, if you eat an enemy snake or rival, your size is going to increase significantly.

This game has a very good mechanism that pairs well with

So, if you’re an fan, you shouldn’t miss this one too.

 Key Features:

  • Same mechanism with
  • Play as a snake
  • Food along the way to increase the size

Ant Evolution – Games like

Ant Evolution is another game to include in the list of games like Agario.

Games like

It’s a wonderful puzzle, arcade and action video game.

Just like in, its main aim is to increase the size by consuming smaller insects and at the same time avoiding getting eliminated by bigger rivals.

So, you find the ones smaller than your size, eat them and gain more points.

To finish the game, you’ll need to gain considerable size and consume enemy bosses.

Ant Evolution offers you great visuals and great engagement in the game.

There’s an App for Android to make your game experience mobile and more convenient.

 Key Features:

  • Great visuals and engagement
  • App for Android phones
  • User-friendly interface with experience is an amazing like game. Its main objective is to survive and become larger within the arena.

Games like

There are pies scattered on your way to eat and gain strength to defeat enemies.

This game is even more challenging because you’ll have to deal with Al drones that frequently drop cherry bombs meaning you have to ensure you stay safe.

What’s more, you can eat, jump, fly and attack your enemies.

However, this game is a bit complicated than which makes it ideal for experts who are looking for a more challenging experience.

Key Features:

  • Pies along the way to eat and gain more energy
  • Al drones releasing frequent bombs
  • A more complex experience

Unlike the case in most alternatives, is based in 3-dimension instead of 2-dimension.

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However, it has a very similar theme to that of as you’ll also need to consume and increase in size.

Playing this game in 3D space makes it more enjoyable.

You’ll require eating the food in the space to survive from harm.

Additionally, the game features amazing mechanics with a new drain that will reduce the size of a cell when it comes to a larger one.

 Key Features:

  • 3-D gaming experience
  • Great mechanics
  • Drains to reduce the cell’s size
  • Food in space to increase in size


In Osmos, you’re free to combine various Puzzle strategies Action and Arcade to enjoy the Osmos world while engaging in various gameplay.

Games like

One thing that makes this game like interesting and addictive is the dream-like environment.

Your objective will be to eat smaller Motes, increase in size and fight bigger ones.

You’ll have to constantly increase in size until you finish the level.

If you don’t and you’re eaten by the Motes, you’ll have failed and you’ll need to start again.

With this game, there’s an App for both iOS and Android to make the gaming experience mobile and more convenient.

However, if you want to install it on your computer, you can download it online.

Key Features:

  • App for iOS and Android
  • Interesting dream-like environment
  • Challenging Motes

Just like, the is a very enjoyable and addictive multi-player game.

It offers you the possibility of creating your worm and consists of different modes for playing.

There’s also a healthy player pool to allow you to enjoy it in several challenges before you.

What’s more, in, you have the option of swimming around without using any resources in shooting another snake, killing them to increase your size.

It’s a great online game and alternative that everyone should play.

Key Features:

  • Possibility to create your worm
  • Shoot another snake without using any resources
  • Healthy player pool is a similar game to although it bears features that are a mix of and

Games like

While and most of its alternatives focus on expansion and survival theme, the’s objective is to only survive.

That makes it super competitive because you need to navigate in the gameplay with keen moves to avoid being attacked by your opponent.

What’s more, there are many helpful mechanisms to help you stay away from being consumed.

Generally, this is a very engaging like game.

 Key Features:

  • Only survival-focused
  • Helpful mechanisms
  • Competitive game experience

For those already addicted to, is another game with similar mechanics and themes to try.

However, what you’ll find challenging in this game is that the strength is judged by tactical play instead of strength.

So, it’s kind of, you don’t focus on increasing size but survival.

You behave like a worm and try consuming food orbs with the arena to score more points.

And, the few resources you utilize to collect food, the more strongly you get.

Overall, is an amazing alternative for anyone looking for a new challenge in the gameplay.

 Key Features:

  • Focus is on tactical play than mass gain
  • Utilize fewer resources to get more powerful
  • Eat food orbs for more points


Mitosis is also set on the premises of eating and increase in size, thus, a perfect alternative for game.

In this game, you’re a cell and the objective is to eat other smaller cells to gain size and speed.

However, there are bigger cells to challenge you on the way, so you have to keep away.

There are features and power-ups to help you save yourself, including split up, which also put you in danger of getting yourself eaten by other smaller cells.

But, you can apply a tactical strategy to smoothly move forward.

It’s a challenging but very engaging and enjoyable game.

  Key Features:

  • Focus on survival and increase in size
  • Available power-ups and handy features to enhance the gameplay
  • User-friendly

For all enthusiasts, is another game to try.

The game is set on a combination of and’s premise.

Here, you’re required to collect Dots on the way to help you spin faster.

If you collide with other smaller spinners, you can grab their mass and increase in size.

It’s easy, and simple to learn for even beginners. Everyone can give it a shot.

   Key Features:

  • Based on fidget spinners
  • Dots help you spin faster
  • Collide with other spinners to take up their mass
  • Simple to play is a great online game like that lets you enjoy it on your browser as well as other platforms like iOS and Android.

The main objective of this game is to take all cheese and bring it into a mouse hole.

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This may sound very easy for most people.

However, it’s a challenging and engaging game.

Successfully collecting cheese enables you to gain points and bonuses.

Generally, the is a wonderful alternative that became popular since 2010.

   Key Features:

  • Available for browsers, iOS, Android and other devices
  • Free to play online
  • Easy to play but very engaging

Eufloria – Games like

Eufloria is another alternative that lets you enjoy similar gameplay in an artistic wrapper.

Unlike most of the other games like Agario, Eufloria is compatible with all the platforms to give all players an easy time to play anywhere, anytime.

The game is challenging, engaging and enjoyable.

Its gameplay is set on space environment with the main aim being to overtake the whole universe by planting trees and growing them to control it.

Also, the game is in HD visuals and has 25 levels in a relaxed story mode.

  Key Features:

  • HD images
  • 25 levels in a relaxed story mode
  • Can play on all platforms
  • Set on space environment – Games like is also in the list of games like Agario.

The game is specifically designed for mobile devices-Androids and iOS.

The objective in this game is to increase in size by collecting dots within the map.

And, you’ll require avoiding bigger blobs with the use of blob and split tactics throughout the gameplay.

On becoming sufficiently big, you can consume other smaller blob to become the biggest one on the map.

The game is thrilling and engaging and ready for all lovers.

  Key Features:

  • Designed for Android and iOS devices
  • Focus on survival and size increase
  • Similar theme to that for


In Dogar, you’re required to pick a character of a blob to eat other blobs to survive and increase in size.

It offers a user-friendly interface with controls, mechanics and gameplay.

The idea here is to keep on eating other smaller blobs, avoid getting consumed by bigger ones and growing bigger while you earn various upgrades.

The game is enhanced with beautiful, high-quality visuals which makes it even more enjoyable.

You can download and install on iOS and Android smartphones or you can play online through your laptop.

  Key Features:

  • Focus on survival and increase in size
  • User-friendly
  • Controls, mechanics and gameplay
  • Available for iOS and Android

From Games labs, the is an amazing game that provides players with experience.

The objective in this game is to control a snake and ensure it grows larger to compete and defeat the rival snakes.

In addition to the opponents, you’ll find other hurdles that you’ll need to avoid.

However, there are power-ups and boosters as well as different game modes to keep you engaged.

The game is only available on platforms such as iOS, Android and Web Browser.

Key Features:

  • Private room
  • Enjoyable music
  • Super snake
  • App available for iOS and Android

Cosmic Crush

Cosmic Crush includes almost every feature similar to making it a good alternative for lovers.

The objective in this game is to pull smaller asteroids and planets in your gravity to grow bigger.

At the same time, you’ll need to make sure you don’t get swallowed by other bigger planets; otherwise, the level will restart again.

At first, you’ll begin as a small rock to increase in size and become a planet or asteroid.

Every level has a different engagement meaning you’ll stay satisfied as you play.

You can play this game online on your browser.

However, for Apple users, there’s an App to help you enjoy the game along with other features.

There’s no app for Android and iOS devices.

 Key Features:

  • Focus on survival and mass gain
  • Swallow other planets and asteroids to get points
  • App available with added features for Apple devices provides the players with a 2D gaming experience that is based on survival tactics.

The game includes several power-ups features to help you play smoothly.

To gain coins (score), you’ll have to shoot disguised objects with the map and with the coins, you’ll have the power to kill your opponents moving on to the next level.

This game offers options of damage, bullet shoot, and even maximum destruction.

However, you’ll only unlock these features after gaining sufficient coins.

It’s a beautiful game with mysterious enemies to fight.

You should give it a try.

   Key Features:

  • 2D gaming experience
  • Based on survival tactics
  • Several power-ups
  • Several other features such as damage, maximum destruction and bullet shoot

Dots Eater Battle Online

Dots Eater Battle Online is another amazing game like

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It combines MMO action and Puzzle offering you mechanics and theme with inspiration.

The gameplay is set on character, Dot where you need to eat other smaller ones to gain mass.

On becoming bigger, you’ll be in a position to defeat bigger Dots for more points, reach the limit to complete the level and go on to the next one.

The game is available on the Play Store for download and installation on Android devices.

However, you can just play it on your computer or other devices by accessing the website.

 Key Features:

  • Focus is on survival and increase in size
  • Gameplay set on character Dots
  • App available for Android devices

Nokia Snake Online

This is an amazing game like that was first launched and played on older Nokia mobile phones.

However, today it has become a popular online game.

The main idea here is controlling the snake and eating orbs that appear on your screen.

On eating these orbs, your size increases and all you’ll be doing is to try and survive as long as you can without your head or tail hitting the screen walls.

Nokia Snake Online is available on its website which is easy and fast to find.

Key Features:

  • Focus on mass gain and survival
  • Food orbs available for an increase in size
  • Easy to play

Armageddon Advanced

Armageddon Advanced is a 3D multiplayer game with amazing activities that can be played on multiple platforms like Mac, Windows, and Linux.

In this game, you’ll require controlling wheeled motorcycle and you’ll leave colored trails behind you.

You can turn 90 degrees right or left to survive and remain the only one standing.

Additionally, this game has several modes, including Wild Fortress, Rotation, Fast-Track, Death Match, No Rubber, etc.

So, you’ll need to finish all the objectives to progress in the game.

Armageddon Advanced is very addictive gameplay.

Key Features:

  • 3D gaming interface
  • Multiple playing platforms
  • Wheeled motorcycle
  • Several modes

Comparing both the theme and mechanics, is pretty similar to

However, in, mechanics enables you to experience faster movement and many other features.

You’re able to eat cells that are smaller than you and increase your size significantly. has many helpful features that come in handy during the gameplay to help you dispel other cells.

Additionally, you can subdivide your cell into bits by pressing the space key to better navigate the space.

For all lovers, this is a wonderful game to try.

Key Features:

  • theme and mechanics
  • User-friendly interface
  • Many handy features is a multi-player alternative game that can accommodate up to six players.

The main objective here is to defeat your rival tank using amazing powers.

As you begin to win in this game, you’ll tend to unlock some great features as well as new skins of the tanks within it.

The play it, have its experience to make this game more interesting.

And, isn’t just a browser game; you can as well download, install and play it on Android and iOS devices.

So, for all game enthusiasts out there, this is the game for you!

 Key Features:

  • App for iOS and Android devices
  • Win and Unlock helpful new features
  • Amazing powers to defeat your rival tanks is a great multi-player game set in the lords, kings and wizards period.

In this game, you’ll need to come up with the largest army to capture new regions within the map expanding your kingdom.

The is an exciting game and you’ll love how it has been inspired by

What’s more, this game hasn’t entirely copied

It has taken a unique premise which makes it even more challenging and engaging.

It’s enhanced with high-quality visuals for a wonderful gaming experience.

 Key Features:

  • High-end visuals
  • Unique Premise but retaining experience
  • Set in the Lord, Kings and Wizards period


The above are the different like games that you can enjoy on different websites.

The majority of these games are created in a simplistic design with a user-friendly interface.

Although all of them have been developed to provide that experience some go the extra mile to offer a more challenging experience to you as the player.

Some will focus on survival and mass gain while others will concentrate on survival tactics alone.

Furthermore, some of these games have Apps for iOS and Android to download and install on your mobile.

So, now that you have a wide range of these games to choose from, it’s upon you to pick the best games like for your needs.

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