How Clean Your Gaming Console Really Is Will Shock You

For many years, gamers have had to try and erode the common perception that the pastime is dirty and grubby, and thankfully for them, that unfair stereotype has seemed to dissipate as the pastime has grown more mainstream in the modern day. However, it seems like that harmful perception wasn’t far off from being true.

It may be hard to understand why, but game consoles and periphery equipment are hotbeds for grim, dirt, mold, and even some harmful bacteria in some cases.

You may not think that your console is capable of getting this dirty; it does just sit ideal under your television for most of the day, after all, however, this research provided by Betway proves that your console or gaming device can get even dirtier than a standard toilet seat. Shocking, I know.

Read on for the in-depth facts and figures, as well as to find out which gaming device is the worst culprit.

Nintendo Switch

You’d think that a device that has some portability to it and that is more exposed to the elements would easily be the dirtiest of the three main consoles; however, the research suggests the contrary.

When 12 random swabs were taken of these devices and left to grow on a petri dish, the Switch saw a median of 55 colony-forming units per swab.

This is fairly lower than the other two consoles, however, it isn’t time for Nintendo fans to celebrate just yet, as the number of 55 colonies is an alarming 25 more than what you’d expect to find on a toilet seat.

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The Xbox was only a little bit dirtier than the Switch, garnering an average colony number of 62 units per swab.

However, unlike the Switch, the console of the Xbox isn’t something that you’re going to be handling that often. That’s why the triggers and handles were also tested, and the results are mixed.

The triggers actually had a pretty low score of 15 colonies, which might be attributed to the material used for them.

However, the handles do not have the same results and actually were the dirtiest of all the consoles tested, raking up a median of a radically dirty 82.5.

The Xbox also had the dirtiest sample by far out of the 12 swabs for each console, with one test getting a frankly absurd 5,614 colony-forming units, however, that might be more of a reflection of the owner than the console itself.


PlayStation has been fighting for the crown of best gaming consoles of the decade, but for now, it’ll have to settle for the prize of being the dirtiest device.

The console garnered an average of 72.5 colony-forming bacteria units per sample, which is 2.4 times more than you’re toilet seat.

Due to the porous materials used, the buttons and joysticks are easily the worst part of the device for bacteria to grow, as samples from here registered a median of 190 colonies, higher than anything else found on the other consoles – a bar that ridiculous outlier on the Xbox.

This article proves that gaming can still be a dirty and messy pastime; however, by just implementing a few regular cleaning methods.

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