Complete Guide on How Does an Electric Longboard Work

Longboards and skateboards are getting more popular day by day, and the industry is grooming itself widely. There are newer longboards being launched every day and electric skateboards are also among the hottest applications in the longboarding field. The most obvious purpose of an electric longboard is to use for commuting purposes. The popularity of longboarding and skateboarding is the reason why people usually ask how does an electric longboard work.

When people want to travel longer distances, they either need to take a cab or a bus, but an electric longboard is a recent application helpful in saving cab and bus expenses. Let’s get into the depth of how an electric longboard works.

Working of an Electric Longboard


Electric longboards or skateboards resemble simple longboards in shape, design, and length. The only difference between both of them is that a simple longboard requires the rider’s effort to move around, while an electric longboard has a motor fit underneath it.

This electric motor pushes the longboard forward and some of the high-quality electric longboards have the capability to move forward as well as backward. Let’s discuss the necessary components of an e-longboard.

Remote Control:

Almost all electric longboards and skateboards come with a remote control that allows riders to speed up or use brakes to stop the board. All the skateboards and longboards we have seen have an electric motor placed right under the deck of the board.

The remote control is chargeable and it has a specific range of responsiveness. If you take the remote out of the range, you will end up crashing someone’s car or hitting yourself somewhere in the mud.

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The deck is the place where the rider stands. In the e-longboard case, the deck’s rigidness and strength matter a lot. If the deck is not sturdy enough to withstand the riders’ weight and breaks during an intense ride, there are higher chances that the motor will also crash. Hence, whenever you plan to buy an e-longboard, we recommend you to go for an unbreakable deck.


As you plan to use an electric longboard to cover longer distances, the wheels under the board should have enough durability. You can personally buy some shining Orangatang wheels for your electric longboard. Orangatang is the best wheel producing company and most of the e-longboard producing companies use this brand for riders benefits.

Hub Motor:

There is a motor available inside the wheels of a longboard. This motor doesn’t make as much sound as the other motor does. Because the motor is placed inside the wheels, the motor can get damaged if you ride on unsmooth paths like pavements or cracky roads.

As the motor is properly caged inside the wheels, the casing of the hub motor comes with some holes that keep the temperature of the hub cool. The motor stays cool but these holes can’t resist water. Hence we recommend you not to use e-longboard in watery areas.

Belt Motor:

This motor is the actual cause of pushing the longboard for longer distances. This motor is placed right under the deck, firmly attached and very reliable for the consumer. One part of the motor is attached to the back wheels while the other part is connected to the front wheels.

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This motor pushes works according to the instructions given by remote control. If you speed up through Hand Held Remote Control, the motor will do its task. If you use brakes through the controller, then the hub motor will also come into action to stop your electric longboard.


How does an Electric Longboard Work is a popular question these days among the longboarding and skateboarding communities. Electric longboards and skateboards are the latest advancement in the longboarding field. Because the whole thing works on an electric motor, you will have to take care of your appliance carefully. If you take good care of it by cleaning the wheels on a regular basis and charging the motors and remote control properly, you can make the best out of this product.