How to Convert Euro to Bitcoin Fast And Without Extra Concerns

The world is gradually moving from using traditional physical currency to cryptocurrencies. And there are multiple reasons for this. Cryptocurrency is impossible to fake or hack; it’s secure. The use of cryptocurrency ensures anonymity — no one can track your transactions. Moreover, most cryptocurrencies are open-source, so that everyone can mine these virtual coins. The list of its advantages can last long.

The first and the most famous crypto appeared in 2009, and it was Bitcoin. Now, Bitcoin isn’t something rare and new; it’s just another widespread way to purchase goods or services. Not all people who want to use cryptocurrencies want to spend money and mine them. Fortunately, it’s not necessary. Switchere is a service that lets everyone convert Euro to Bitcoin fast and get the necessary amount of crypto instantly.

If you often work with cryptocurrencies, you know that finding a good place to exchange currencies is quite a challenge. Fortunately, all current and future crypto owners may breathe a sigh of relief because the best Bitcoin to Euro exchange is already here.

Convert Euro to Bitcoin Via Switchere: What Are The Benefits?

There are not so many online exchanges; however, it doesn’t make it easy to distinguish between a good and reliable service. Our website is a great example of good Euro to Bitcoin converter. Let’s have a look at the key advantages of Switchere that make it stand out among other exchanges:

  • It’s a legal and trustworthy site. Many people pay no attention to the presence or absence of a license and make a big mistake. Any method of purchasing cryptocurrency you choose must be legal. Swithere cares about its reputation and has a license as a virtual currency service provider.
  • Instant crypto purchases. No one bank can carry out banking transactions as fast as this online converter. You register an account on the platform, fill out the form, and crypto is delivered to your wallet in a few minutes. It’s the easiest way to convert physical currency to crypto.
  • A few types of crypto are accepted. We accept only two physical currencies — the dollar and the euro. Bitcoin isn’t the only crypto you can buy here. ETH, AAVE, LTC, EOS, XRP, TRX, LINK, etc. You may not only buy cryptocurrency but also convert Bitcoin to Litecoin, etc.
  • Lowest fees. Those who tried to convert Euro to Bitcoin through various exchanges know that a service fee may be too high sometimes. And only Switchere lets people purchase and convert currencies without extra fees.
  • Privacy is ensured. If you want to convert crypto anonymously, you must do it via Switchere. Registration in the system isn’t necessary if your purchase doesn’t exceed 100 EUR. In case you need to convert larger amounts — be ready to pass ID verification and send your photo with your ID card. It’s safe and quick, so don’t worry.
  • Round-the-clock support. Even though the service’s interface is user-friendly, some people still have difficulties with purchasing crypto. Fortunately, customer support managers are always ready to answer your questions.
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How to Purchase Crypto On Switchere?

This service was established in Estonia, so it serves mainly EU customers. However, it’s not necessary to live in the EST time zone to enjoy all benefits of Euro to Bitcoin conversion via Switchere. People from some Asian countries also can pay money and purchase cryptocurrency. Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam and their local currencies are also accepted.

Service can’t boast of many payment methods, but clients state it’s enough for them to use Switchere conveniently:

  • Credit or prepaid debit card (Visa, MasterCard);
  • SEPA (only EUR);
  • SOFORT (only EUR);
  • Crypto wallet.

The majority of our clients use USD and EUR cards for exchange operations. No matter what payment method you’ll choose, you’ll get Bitcoin fast. The process of exchanging currencies is easy. Press a button to open the form and specify the currencies and payment methods. Then check everything, pres buy crypto, and enter your email address. The third and last step is making payment. Enter bank card details, make a purchase and get the exact amount of crypto you’ve ordered in a few minutes. Switchere proves that exchanging crypto can be easy.