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VIN lookup is one of the most important tools for the automotive world. Every vehicle on the road today has been assigned with a set of unique numbers, which is commonly known as a Vehicle Identification Number. An easy online VIN lookup can detect a vehicle that has been reported stolen, harmed in an accident, has a mileage inconsistency, has already been written off, and is at great risk. 

VIN records a vehicle’s history throughout its life. It is the most accurate method of identifying your vehicle from the massive collection of information that contains details for all vehicle parts. Most people will be happy to pay for such a great service, yet VIN can be checked for free. VINs ensure that your vehicle is secure. 

In this article, we will discuss how to lookup a VIN for free

What is a VIN? 

The vehicle identification number is just a 17-character unique and useful code that is issued to each vehicle when it is manufactured. It includes precise information about the car, such as the model number, country, year, and factory where it has been made, as well as a serial number.

VIN lookup has provided several advantages in reducing crime and identifying vehicles for various uses. These VINs are often placed on a single line.

People use a VIN decoder to decode these VINs of any vehicle within a few minutes.

How to Find VIN? 

The VIN can be found in a variety of locations depending on the vehicle. The VIN is often placed just on the dashboard at the front of the driver’s side. If you’re having trouble seeing this area properly from the inside of the vehicle, you might have better success stepping outside and looking at the dashboard through the windscreen.

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If you can’t find the VIN there, it could be on the door pillar just on the driver’s side, particularly where the door attaches to the vehicle body. Other possible locations are under the hood and on the engine. Other possible locations are under the hood and on the engine.

How to Lookup a VIN for Free?

If you’re interested in accessing the information offered by your VIN, you can perform a VIN lookup. To do so, go to the website using any browser and input your vehicle’s VIN.

When you visit the website, It just takes a few minutes or less of your time to complete these simple steps:

Step 1: Locate the VIN

Keep your VIN ready as you will need to enter it on the website. That is why you should look it up before performing a VIN lookup on the number.

Step 2: Perform a VIN Lookup

In the search box, type in the VIN. Click “Continue” then wait for the system to look up the VIN throughout the database.

Step 3: Get a VIN Report

Download the 10-page report or submit your email address to download a copy.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) collects VIN information from manufacturers who provide it to the organization. Each character provide you the information about the vehicle 

Here are the details of each character present in VIN:

First character: 

The first character denotes the country wherein the vehicle was built.

Second character: 

The second character denotes the manufacturer’s name.

Third character: Using this character, you can determine the vehicle type or division.

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Fourth to eighth character: 

This range of characters provides further information regarding your vehicles, such as engine type and size, vehicle manufacturer, version, series, and body style.

Ninth character: 

The ninth character gives you with security check digit to verify the accuracy of the VIN

Tenth character: 

The tenth character gives you the details about the manufacturing year and date of the vehicle.

Eleventh character: 

The eleventh character notifies you of the assembly facility where the vehicle was manufactured.

Twelfth to seventeenth character: 

This set of characters provides you with crucial details such as the serial number of the vehicle.

A VIN decoder lookup will only work for vehicles manufactured after 1981 since models manufactured before 1981 vehicles have a VIN that is likely to be just 11 characters long, therefore the recent VIN decoders will just not identify the character string.

What is Included in a VIN History Report?

When you verify the VIN, you will receive a report with all of the vital information about the vehicle. It contains the following things.

Report Summary: 

It offers an overall summary, such as sales, accidents, or theft records. It also displays the cost of purchasing a vehicle as well as the current market worth. 

Just at the bottom of the page, you’ll get an overview with the number of records discovered and a link to a page with further information.

Market Price: 

VIN provides the estimated values to help you. It comprises the average market price, the manufacturer’s recommended retail price, the above and below-market pricing, and the invoice price.

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Vehicle Specifications: 

It provides comprehensive information about a used vehicle’s design and functionality, which are given in a 36-item, two-column table. Finish, total width, dimensions, height, engine, and other details are included.

Details of the Equipment: 

This section explains the chassis and interior and external measurements of the vehicle.

Fuel Efficiency: 

It displays fuel statistics and mileage to determine how far the vehicle can drive on a given quantity of fuel.

Safety Rating: 

The NHTS performs front side, and rollover testing and assigns safety ratings, as does the IIHS, based on the vehicle’s crashworthiness, crash prevention, and mitigation.

Inspections Checklist: 

This is a list of places to examine before making a transaction on a secondhand vehicle.

Recalls and Defects: 

This is an up-to-date list of issues announced by the manufacturer, such as security flaws. The recalls contain an explanation of the problem and a solution.

Vehicle Insurance: 

You will get a customized database of insurance companies in your region depending on the information you have supplied, such as house ownership, insurance status, and demographics.


Before buying or selling a vehicle, you can use a free VIN decoder to get vehicle records and information. If the claimed VIN somehow doesn’t match the brand and model of the advertised vehicle, it might be a sign of a scam. A basic VIN check or look-up can also disclose critical vehicle history information, such as whether the vehicle has already been reported stolen, as well as other comprehensive information about the vehicle, such as whether it has a clean title.