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Wish for a completely different battle game then look to play the Ring of Elysium. Developed by Tencent it brings in challenges and changes the gameplay in ways that you may have least expected.

This is not the traditional battle game that you have been playing and thus the game needs a specialized approach if you want to stay alive on the island. Here we bring the and guide you on how to play the Ring of Elysium that should help you kick off the game with a bang.

What is the Ring of Elysium all about?

The free-to-play battle game is played among 60 players on one map. All players are dropped in different areas as per their choice and they play with the common goal in mind which is to reach the helicopter.

The helicopter just has four seats so the players must work on ways to eliminate one another to secure a seat on the aircraft.

This may seem to be pretty simple but be ready because the Ring of Elysium offers obstacles that will ensure that you have a hard time coming out alive.

The danger is lurking around everywhere and with the dynamic weather system and crafty players, you need to fight them all to escape. This undoubtedly is going to take some time and a lot of practice.

The loadout 

Here we explain how the loadouts work in the ring of the Elysium game. You get to choose from three load-outs on each map. These are the snowboar, the climbing gear, and the hang glider for the Dione map that is older and the grappling hooks, BMX bikes, and the hang gliders from the Europa map that is the new one.

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These help you to get around the map area so make sure that you choose well to be at an advantage. Also, be careful where you choose to land which will let you appreciate your loadouts better


The airdrops are the airborne supply drops that help to bring some special items to your map. Some weapons are only available through the airdrop so ensure that you are vigilant about them. These have a significant role to play in your survival.

Where should I spawn?

Where you should spawn is largely dependent on your judgment which will improve as you play more and more games. The spawning process however is pretty straightforward.

You just need to choose a quadrant from the grid that you wish to spawn at and you will appear right at the spot. From there you need to dash to find the equipment or a safe area.

The process of healing

To heal yourself opt for the medkits, first aid kits, and bandages all of which are available in the game. All can be used on the go but make sure to find a place that is safe where you can heal.

Each item improves your health by a certain amount. Understand them because they are precious and you will not want to waste them.

Dropping markers for team communication

When playing squads or duos you will have to communicate with your team for which you need to drop the markers. Just mark the specific parts on the map so that your team can see them.

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The Q button lets you drop the marker which is better than shouting to avoid confusion. It lets you figure out a plan to attack easily because you also understand how far the other enemies are from you.

Alternative ways of firing

The Ring of Elysium offers different modes of firing like the SMGs and the rifles. Press the button B to switch between each of them which should be done as per what is right for the situation. The V key lets you change the scope depending on how you wish to customize the weapon.

Smart tips to help you succeed

Here are some tips that will let you play the Ring of Elysium battle.

  • Give yourself some room to breathe by spawning away from where your rivals are
  • The best way to travel is by using your equipment
  • Do not stay on the vehicles for very long because they are weak and loud
  • Airdrops undoubtedly are the best weapons in this game and they will be contested
  • Press B to toggle between the different firing modes and press V to change the scope


The Ring of Elysium is a polished PC game and while its core is similar to the other battle Royale games, the game does stand out from the rest. The map is divided into various segments instead of circular zones and each of them is filled with ash.

When you reach the end of the game you will not necessarily be the last one alive. You are victorious if you manage to grab a seat in the rescue helicopter. So there is a possibility for four players playing solo to also win the match. Just follow the guide and the tips to master the art of playing on this battlefield.

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