Latest Solutions to Know Who Unsent Your DM and How to see Unsent Messages on Instagram

Finding the deleted messages becomes the need of almost everyone at some point in one’s social history. Therefore, people have been looking for the solution about how to see unsent messages on Instagram. Here is the simplest way to check an unread/deleted, or unsent message;

  1. Switch to the Instagram app first
  2. Click Messages
  3. Select the person to which your message was unsent
  4. Click and Hold the deleted message you want to see
  5. Click “See Message”
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A few years ago, Instagram was not providing the facility of direct messaging. After considering the need of the hour, their developers developed a unique messaging system called DM. Compared to WhatsApp and Facebook, it is relatively easier to see unsent or deleted messages on Instagram. Know how to manage your WhatsApp messages.

How to recover the whole DM History?

Sometimes, people send a whole DM to waste mistakenly, or they delete a message unknowingly. On the other hand, if you want to see a message sent by one of your contacts and then deleted, Instagram also provides that facility with little effort. Here is what you can extract;

  1. Bring back Instagram direct messages
  2. View unsent messages
  3. The oldest chats are recoverable

How to see unsent messages on Instagram

This section will find the latest solutions for reading unsent Instagram messages. Moreover, we have shed light on the three best solutions that will give you access to the deleted messages in your DMs.

1. Read Unsent Instagram Messages with Third Party App

As you are familiar with the Unsend command inside Instagram’s DM, it deletes messages from both encrypted ends. If we see WhatsApp, if you unsend a message, the person on the other side of the conversation will be notified that you have deleted or unsent a message. It is different on Instagram; once you have unsent a DM, the other person in your conversation won’t know about the deleted message. 

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In this case, the person on the other end needs third-party interference. That party will keep an eye on all the incoming notifications from Instagram. For example, if your friend firstly sent you a message and then deleted it, the third-party app will notice everything. 

Here is how you go;

how to see unsent Instagram messages
  • Alternatively, if you use iOS, then go for Pushover Notification. See the screenshot given below for finding the exact app.
how to see unsent Instagram messages
  • After downloading and installing the app, allow the required permissions. Now, you need to give accessibility to the device. 
  • After enabling accessibility, whenever Instagram issues a notification, the installed app will save the message or the notification. Even if the sender deletes the message, you’ll still be able to see the unsent message on the app. However, you won’t be able to see it on Instagram.

2. Find Deleted Instagram Messages by Downloading Data

Facebook, WhatsApp, and now Instagram are all handled by one company named Meta. The approach of saving messages or DMs on the server is the same for all applications. Hence, even after deleting the messages from Instagram, you still have a chance to read unsent Instagram messages. Here is how to find out who unsent messages on Instagram;

  1. Open Insta App and login
  2. Click your profile
  3. Tap on the top right corner
  4. Find and click Settings
  5. Here, you’ll find the Security option
  6. Inside Data & History, click Download Data
  7. Enter your authenticated Email Address
  8. Insta will send the delete messages to this email you entered
  9. Watch video too if something is not understandable.
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Within 10 minutes, you’ll receive the mail. Download it by clicking Download Data.

3. See Unsent Instagram Messages from Recovery Website

Instagram’s official website can also help you resolve how to see unsent messages on Instagram problem. For this, you will have to go to Recovery Website, type your username or provide the URL to your Instagram’s Profile and click Recover messages. 

Before the system automatically starts downloading the chats, you must solve a captcha or provide human verification.


How to find out who unsent messages on Instagram?

It isn’t possible to see who unsent a message on Instagram. The reason is simple. WhatsApp shows a “message deleted” option whenever someone deletes a message for everyone. But on Instagram, no one can know who did it when someone deletes a message. Instagram doesn’t store this data on its server either. 

How to see unsent photos on Instagram?

  1. Open the app and log in with credentials
  2. Tap three lines at the top right
  3. In Menu, Find and click “Photos.”
  4. Clicking Photos will bring all sent and unsent photos. Tap the one you are looking for

How to view deleted messages on Android?

In the Play store, you can search for any software that can unzip a zipped file. Jason Genie will help enable you to view the removed chats. Once you extract the zip file, you will see a JSON file named messages.json. This file contains the history of all the conversations from the beginning to date. That’s the simple answer to the question how to see unsent messages on Instagram.

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How to view removed chats on iOS?

If you have an iPhone or iPad, the method is as simple as in Android. You need an unzipping application to extract the folder inside a zipped file. Then you need a Json reader to read the file messages.json


Reading messages unsent by someone special on your friend list on Instagram becomes more than necessary. For this purpose, you need some third-party applications that can continuously check every notification coming from Instagram. In this way, even if a message is unsent by someone on Instagram, the third-party app will show the deleted message. On Android, it’s a different app, while iOS does the same.