Ideas That Will Help to Speed up Your Macbook!

There will come a time when even your brand-new Macbook will start to show signs of slowing down.

No computer can last forever and is bound to underperform at some point. And those who are not prepared will face problems when that happens.

The best solution to avoid this problem is simple – you need to create a maintenance routine and stick to it.

This way, prolonging the lifespan of the Mac will not be that far-fetched.

If you are looking for some ideas to create such a strategy, consider the ones mentioned below.

And do not forget about doing everything that is mentioned below regularly.

Idea #1 – Remove Junk Files

Removing junk files is something you will have to do regularly. Such data accumulates over time, and it takes quite a lot of drive space on top of slowing down the system by requiring resources and processing. 

You could delete these files manually, but there are some risks of removing something accidentally involved.

Thus, you will also need to create backups. Doing all of that is pretty inefficient, given how much time it takes.

As an alternative, you could decide to purchase special software that would do the job for you by getting rid of junk files automatically.

Even if it costs some money, such an investment is definitely worth it, especially in the long run. 

Idea #2 – Free up Drive Space

Lack of drive space is a big problem, and not every new Mac user is happy with how much storage space there is available on their computer.

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It takes more time to get used to the issue than they would like.

You will have to spend a bit of time figuring out how to deal with it.

As a rule of thumb, most users try to remove files they no longer need. Old applications, downloads, email attachments, or language packs are all good examples.

Transferring some data to Dropbox, iCloud, and external storage devices like flash sticks would also be of use.

Lastly, if you like to consume media and tend to keep it on your computer, why not subscribe to streaming platforms?

Doing so would eliminate the need to keep movies, music, or TV shows on the Mac.

Idea #3 – Declutter Desktop

Each desktop icon consumes resources as it gets rendered when you switch windows.

Some people find it more convenient when they can access important files with a single click.

But given how much of a hindrance it is to the system, it would be much better to keep desktop clutter-free by moving files to other locations.

Idea #4 – Scan for Potential Cybersecurity Threats

Even if you are using the Mac for personal needs, you can never be certain about potential cybersecurity threats. It is simply not worth taking a risk, given the consequences. 

Get yourself a good antivirus and have it actively scan the system or at least running in the background when the computer is turned on. 

As for other cybersecurity measures, enabling the firewall and getting an ad blocker for your browser could also prove to be a good decision.

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Idea #5 – Optimize Web Browser

Web browsers also tend to slow down over time. It happens because people forget to clear caches and install too many extensions that interact with one another, but not in a good way.

You will not want to replace a browser if it has a lot of information stored on it.

Bookmarks and browsing history are not something you can transfer to another browser that easily.

Thus, look to optimize the one you are using at the moment. 

Idea #6 – Disable Visual Effects

By disabling visual effects, you will save system resources and battery life.

It may not sound like that much of a difference-maker, but if you are trying to optimize the computer, there is no real reason to keep visual effects around.

Idea #7 – Manage Applications

Look at the Activity Monitor to find out which processes are consuming the most resources.

It could be that some apps that are running in the background are consuming the memory and other resources, but you do not even need them at the time.

Proper application management is also an important part of keeping your Macbook in good shape.

Remove what is unnecessary or look for replacements that are not as power-hungry as what you have installed at the moment. 

Idea #8 – Remove Dust and Dirt

The filth that accumulates inside the Macbook is hard to clean. You risk damaging internal hardware by taking the computer apart.

It might be better just to take the computer to a professional service store and let the employees there do the work for you.

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Even if you have to pay some money, it is a much better option than potentially doing harm to the Macbook.