How to Unlock an Apple iPhone 7? FvFreak!

So, generally you purchase your phone through a carrier along with a service contract.

People tend to think that because they are on a contract, they won’t be able to unlock iPhone 7.

However, that is just simply not the case these days. If you are wanting to switch your service over to another carrier, then this guide will be your ticket in discovering how to do just that.

It is definitely important to realize that unlocking your iPhone will give you more freedom.

That is because when you unlock a device you can use it with any mobile carrier. And, let’s be honest here.

You are certainly entitled to unlock iPhone 7. After all, it is your device. However, the real truth of the matter is that your carrier will never be the one to make this process an easy one.

If you wish to unlock your Apple iPhone 7, then you will need to know about a few things that it will take for the unlocking process to be successful.

So in this post, I will go over just what it will take to accomplish this. Plus, I will discuss the benefits that you will receive from doing this. So, keep scrolling, to get this process rolling!

What Does it Mean to Unlock iPhone 7?

It’s important to realize that unlocking your phone can refer to a number of things.

When we talk about it, we are referring to SIM unlocking. This unlocking process for your phone will allow you to remove the network restrictions that a carrier places on your phone.

Interestingly, the reason that carriers place this lock on your device is that they are trying to ensure that they will recover any device discounts that they offer you at the time of purchase.

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When you choose to unlock the SIM from your phone, you can actually place a SIM from any carrier that uses the network bands.

This will work because your phone’s hardware will support and easily switch service providers after you complete the unlocking process.

Things You Will Need Before You Unlock iPhone 7

It truly doesn’t matter which method you choose to unlock your phone. Inevitably, you will need one particular piece of info.

If you own a GSM phone, there is a unique identification number that specifically ties to your device. You will need this for unlocking.

However, if you have a CDMA phone, then you will need to know the MEID number. This number serves the same purpose.

You can actually find these numbers in similar ways.

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How to Find Your IMEI Number?

I definitely want to point out that you can find this identifier in a few different ways.

  1. You can actually dial the IMEI display code: On many mobile devices, you can launch the dialer and enter *#06#. This will display the IMEI/MEID
  2. You can also simply check the device settings: On Apple devices, you will tap Settings – > General – > About – > IMEI/MEID. This will display the right info.
  3. Another way to find this unique number is by checking the back of the phone: You will find that on many iPhone models, the IMEI/MEID will be in small print on the back of your phone.
  4. And, of course, another way you can find this number is by checking your SIM tray: You will see that the iPhone includes the IMEI/MEID on the tray that you insert into your phone’s SIM slot.
  5. Additionally, you can check under the battery: I want to point out that this option is only available if your phone features a removable battery. In the case of the iPhone 7, you should not have this option.
  6. Finally, you can always check the original packaging: As long as you are still in possession of the original box to your device, you will find a label on the outside that includes your IMEI/MEID.
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Benefits When You Unlock iPhone 7

So, I definitely want you to understand the main reasons why you might want to unlock iPhone 7. Below, you will see a list of 5 benefits that come from unlocking your device.

  1. So, let’s say you buy a used phone, and it’s locked. This is why unlocking your phone will be so important. You will be able to use it with another carrier that uses the same network.
  2. You are looking to switch carriers. It’s very clear that when you are looking for better service or perhaps a cheaper plan, you’ll likely need to unlock it before switching mobile service providers.
  3. Or maybe, you want to save money when traveling internationally. While it’s certainly true that many carriers offer international calling plans and roaming packages, there are very few out there that can compete with the rates of pre-paid SIMs. So, when you unlock your phone, it will allow you to pick up a SIM at your destination.
  4. Honestly, everyone wants full access to the device that they pay for. In this case, you finish the service agreement with your carrier. That said, when you pay for your phone, you should be free to use it as you wish. When you unlock it, this will provide you with additional options.
  5. Finally, this is great if you want to improve the resale value. Unlocking your phone before selling is the easiest way to increase the asking price for your phone.

How to Unlock iPhone 7?

If you think unlocking your phone may complicate your life, think again. The process is actually pretty easy.

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So I want to go over the right process that will not leave you with any headache.

My suggestion to you, is to use a paid unlocking service. The only concern you should have with this is that you will need to be careful.

That’s because you need to find a reputable unlocking service. When you choose the right service, you will be only a few steps away from unlocking your iPhone 7.

Not to mention, it won’t matter what your carrier has to say about it.

This is why I say you should get your Apple iPhone 7 unlocked at

You will discover that even though you have to pay to unlock your phone, the costs are quite reasonable.

It’s definitely true that the cost to unlock your phone is actually much lower than paying for even a few days of international calling at carrier rates.

Plus, if you are wanting to sell your phone, you will make the unlock chargeback and you will even increase the selling price of the phone!

It’s important to realize that because you are unlocking an iPhone, you must know the iCloud account password.

This is critical. If you don’t know this info, you may lock yourself out of the device for good.

So head on over to CellUnlocker and finally allow yourself the freedom you have been looking for when it comes to choosing the right carrier for your iPhone 7.