How to Keep a Child Away From Unsafe Information? 

One of the worst nightmares of any parent is seeing their child accessing information that is not meant for them.

Thanks to the internet, every other parent is having this nightmare for real. 

The Internet is filled with all kinds of information, good and bad. And this information is just a click away. 

Children learning inappropriate words, seeing violent videos, and accessing unwanted information is now every house’s story.

When left neglected, it can create a serious mess for you and your family.

This is why one finds ways to keep children away from unsafe information. But, the burning question here is: 

How’s that possible when accessing information is as easy as flipping a pancake? 

Well, there is a way out. Read the full article to find out more about that way. 

Neatspy – The Angel Guardian of Your Child 

You can’t be over your child’s head all the time and keep potential internet dangers at bay. But, Neatspy can. 

Neatspy is a highly advanced and ultra-modern parent control app that will help you keep tabs on your child’s activities over the phone while they are miles away from you. 

Yes, it’s 100% right. Over a million people across the world have already used this tool and managed to safeguard their loved ones.

Its performance and assistance are so flawless and reliable that many famed media outlets can’t resist singing in its praise.   

Names like Top10 Reviews, CNET, and The New York Times are included in its follower list.

Well, Neatspy deserves all of it as it is equipped with a resource that you need to ensure that your child doesn’t learn dirty words. 

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How It Protects Your Child?

After reading all these facts, it’s obvious to become curious about the modus-operandi of Neatspy.

You must be excited to know how Neatspy, alone, can safeguard your kids. Well, here are all the answers. 

Neatspy Tracks Keystrokes 

Neatspy comes with an in-built keylogger that is capable to record the keystrokes made on the targeted device.

With the help of this tool, you can find out which kind of content your child is searching over the internet.  

Whether they are making a Google search or looking for video content on YouTube, the keyloggers will keep you posted about their searches.

Hence, you will be able to know about your child’s internet usage. 

Web-browser History Tracking Facility 

Neatspy offers a web-browser tracking feature that will help you know what all sites your child is visiting.

If you find anything inappropriate, you can block those websites and control the internet usage of your child. 

Can Any Parent Use Neatspy?

Of course. Parenting is the toughest job in the world. With the help of its ultra-advanced phone monitoring assistance, Neatspy has tried a bit to make it a bit easier. Here is how it happens. 

Neatspy keeps risks at bay 

Neatspy performs all the phone monitoring jobs without taking the help of rooting/jailbreak. 

Both these activities involve tampering with the targeted OS. Doing so can be very risky as damaging targeted OS and inviting unwanted cyber threats are the potential outcomes of rooting/jailbreak. 

Neatspy’s core technology is free from rooting and jailbreak. It works on the principle of sync which is 100% safe. It also doesn’t save data on the server while working online. 

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All these things make Neatspy a safe way to monitor your kids’ phone activities and keep them away from harmful information. 

Neatspy is an easy-to-use tool 

When it comes to protecting their child, parents can do beyond their capabilities.

The only thing that they can’t surpass is the need for high-end technical knowledge if they are taking the help of rooting/jailbreak for a child’s phone monitoring.  

Rooting/jailbreak demands a great deal of technical knowledge. Not every parent is that much technically sound.

But that shouldn’t be a reason to let your child access information that can be harmful to them. 

This is why Neatspy has developed a very user-friendly interface. Its iOS solution has a 100% browser-based interface that works without any download and installation.

The only prerequisite to use Neatspy is to know the valid iCloud details of your kid. 

Its Android solution is also a very easy-to-use tool that shares 90% installation and set-up similarities with any other Android tool.

You don’t have to go the extra mile to complete its set-up. Also, its compact size makes the job further easy. 

Your child will never find out your motives 

Kids of today’s generation are very particular about their privacy.

They don’t want a helicopter parent over their head. So, if you want to keep tabs on your phone’s activity then you have to play extra smart.   

Neatspy will help you with this. Its Android solution comes with a stealth mode that hides the presence of the app on your child’s phone.

The app also doesn’t send any notifications to your child’s phone. In short, your child will have no idea what’s going on.   

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Neatspy’s dashboard is highly interactive and can be accessed using any regular device and browser. It finishes its job with full perfection.

You don’t have to be around your child or access the phone to monitor the activities.

So, nothing will look suspicious and your child will never be able to find out your motives. 

Data is reliable 

When you’re doing something for your child’s safety, quality shouldn’t be compromised.

You must use a phone monitoring app that is capable of fetching the data that you can bank upon. Well, Neatspy belongs to the same category. 

It captures data in real-time and the pre-attached timestamps are the biggest proof of this.

You can verify the data anytime by referring to these timestamps. 

It’s easy on pockets 

Not every parent is Jeff Bezos. But every parent is equally concerned about their child’s safety.

So, Neatspy offers pricing that suits every parent. With its multi-device subscription, you can monitor your kid’s phone for a month at a mere cost of $10. 

No more compromise on child’s safety!

Neatspy is what every parent needs to have a good night’s sleep. 

With the help of this phone monitoring tool, parents can be sure that their children are not accessing harmful or unsafe information.

You will be posted about everything and take appropriate steps before it’s too late.