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Batman has been one of the most controversial characters of the DC universe. He has a fan following of people who have been following Batman for ages now.

DC tends to go a little deeper and darker when it comes to creating characters and personalities of superheroes and villains.

Unlike Marvel, DC tends to focus and make the characters look like they originated as a result of a disaster or a mishap.

They seem to come from a tragic background which compels them to be more than just a man and use their abilities for the good of mankind.

Batman is one amazing superhero of the DC Universe that strikes fear in the hearts of wrongdoers and villains.

He becomes bad news for those who are into crime and create unrest in Gotham City. Many of these villains are metahumans (individuals with special abilities and powers).

Others include members of crime families and mob bosses who tend to corrupt the society with their resources and gang members.

Batman AKA Bruce Wayne’s parents got shot by Joe Chill who is a mere mugger and tries to mug the Wayne Family.

In a haste Joe shoots Thomas and Martha Wayne, leaving little Bruce to the wealth and the people he has by his side.

Everyone Goes Through Struggle, Pain, and Hardships in Life

Everybody around us goes through a period of struggle, hardship, and pain.

Even the world’s most successful individual has gone through a series of failures to get success.

In Bruce Wayne’s case, he had to bear the death of his parents and the hardest struggle and training that resulted in massive physical and emotional trauma.

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It is not an easy thing to live with the fact that both of your parents died before your very eyes by some criminal on your birthday.

So, Bruce Wayne is someone who has been through a lot of trouble in his life and became a skilled hero of Gotham City.

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Everybody in the World Fears Something

There is nothing bad if you fear something in life. What matters is that whether you choose to hide away from them or own up and face them.

In Bruce Wayne’s case, bats used to scare him. When he came back from his training in the mountains with the League of Shadows’ leader and his mentor Ras Al Ghul. He taught him to stand for injustice and his fears.

Hence, he uses the symbol of something he feared throughout his life, “Bats” and fights crime.

This gives him an edge over others and an elemental identity that many people fear.

Be There With Your Loved Ones, Even If They Don’t Love You Back

This might sound strange when we talk about Batman that he has felt any sort of affection for anyone, except for people who fought along his side.

As Bruce Wayne, he had feelings for Rachel Dawes and the two had been together since they were kids.

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When she tells him that they can’t be together as he can’t give up his identity as Batman, Bruce chooses to be by her side as a friend.

He decides to protect her and support her cause. So if you get yourself in a similar situation, then you can just not let her go away just because she chose somebody else and not you.

Be the best person she knows as a friend.

Your Morals and Values Define You as a Person

One other thing that we learn from the character of Batman is that he has his own set of values.

No matter if he is Batman or Bruce Wayne, he never deviates from his stance.

He has his own rules that help him be what he is. For instance, Batman’s main value is that he might kick the crap out of somebody or break his teeth, but he never kills them.

This shows that he is a stable individual with a very firm grip on his emotions, anger, and fear and never loses it.

This makes him one of the most notorious superheroes among all.

So as a person, it is something necessary that your life should have a defined set of rules and guiding principles that one should not try to ignore.

These morals or values and guiding principles are something that makes or breaks the image of an individual.

One Should Be Transparent With the Ones We Love

Batman believes that one should wear a mask to make sure that nobody knows his or any of his accomplices’ true identity.

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This might be dangerous for their life, the life of other team members and their loved ones as well.

If you see the design of Batman’s cowl, you will notice that there is no room for anybody to know if he is Bruce Wayne or somebody else.

Even if somebody does manage to knock him down or injure him and get him to a vulnerable state, the cowl has electric current on selective parts of the mask and in some instances, it is capable of giving out poisonous gases that can put the culprit to sleep.

Final Words

Bruce Wayne’s life as Batman is governed by a very strict set of rules.

It is important that every member of the Justice League and all his sidekicks follow his rules.

This is one of the main things that we learn from the character of Batman.

Other than that, Batman learns and improves his strategies and gadgets even after he falls.

He believes that we fall so that we can learn to pick ourselves up.

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