Top 20 Minecraft Xbox One Seeds, Best seeds you have to use now

Minecraft seeds are the codes that are used by gamers to generate worlds for them. The worlds are full of interesting landscapes and key landmarks that are ripe for exploration. These worlds also cover everything from jaw-dropping vistas and landscapes to thrilling dungeons filled bursting with loot. You can pick one around it that will give you a great spawn location or an idyllic landscape.

To create the next Minecraft world what you have to do is to get a seed up and running a grab the digits. Then you place them into the seed field. Then the game will do everything that you want like heavy lifting, leaving the gamer to explore and create heart content for the gamer. Minecraft Seeds provide worlds to the games. These are the codes that help in generating fascinating landscapes and landmarks in the worlds of games. The village and pillage update for Minecraft is one of the most interesting updates in years.

It keeps bringing a lot of great seeds with it. These updates look like Mojang which keeps polishing the gem until it shines brightest. It’s very simple to enter a Minecraft seed. You can apply the seed value of your choice for the type of world you want to generate.

It is to be noted that Minecraft worlds are expanded to a large extent but these are not infinite. The large maps of the world are created theoretically by the game. Before starting the game a player should know some important notes that the result of seed is entirely dependable on the version of Minecraft a player is running.

Some brilliant seed in version 1.6 could be something upsettingly bland in version 1.7. There are various Minecraft Xbox Seeds available but they don’t seem to have much love for Xbox One version of the game. While we find some awesome and wired survival seeds that a player ever wants.

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our list of best Minecraft Xbox One Seeds

So here are some of these which are best for Xbox one version for the game.


Seed 289973135:

This seed has many awesome islands rips like building your dream mansions, statues of your great aunt bertha right into mountainsides, and idols to your favorite cereal mascots.

Minecraft Xbox One Seeds

This seed makes your play easy to pick up for anyone who looks for somewhere to build and explore with an abundance of resources and building space for your mention.

In addition, it gives many other facilities like the booming population of horses, sheep, and pigs that will help you to start your island petting zoo. This is what the people play for.

Seed 1152285461: 

This is a very cool and awesome seed that will be worth checking out.

Seed 1152285461

There are two water temples right at spawn with one elsewhere on the map. There is also some bonafide mesa biome and a village. The temples will be located at X-263, Z-359, and x 137, z 233, and X 250, z 246.

Minecraft phantom which is used as a summoning, spawning, and looting guide will help the gamer in flying the hostile mob. It will also help in preying on those that have gone over three in-game days without sleeping. You should prepare for them because their beady green eyes can spot you very far away.

Reaper seed – Minecraft Xbox One Seeds

This is a great seed for farming achievements.

Minecraft Xbox One Seeds

Minecraft Xbox I Seeds game is not a such bad game but it has a lot of easy achievements that a younger kid can easily achieve. It will also boost your game score. In this seed, there are three villages, plenty of resources near the spawn, two blacksmiths, and a stronghold near the spawn.

You should check out this awesome seed if you are farming game scores or looking for a well-rounded seed. Any achievement hunter would sacrifice this bunch of resources seed. It gives a new experience of playing Minecraft.

 There is also a Seed called Don’t Fear the Reaper. It brings up a village in which there is no blacksmith but there is a lava pool with some floating landmasses.

Duke Leto II seed 

This seed has all biomes and mushroom islands. In the game, it includes every biome and really interesting scenery to boot.

Duke Leto II seed

It also has lava flows, mushroom islands, massive snow biomes, and much other awesome stuff to find and explore. This is a seed that is full of biomes and mushroom islands and many more which will give you a great experience of it. Minecraft phantoms can take extra damage if they are hit with a sword and harmed by an instant health effect.

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Seed 2878103199665976685:

if you are tired of sitting through endless amounts of poorly written Minecraft seed to have a good Minecraft session.

Minecraft Xbox One Seeds

This seed has everything you want to get possible to look no further in a Minecraft world. This seed has every kind of dungeon and every structure known to Minecraft world. In this seed, there are pearly white gates of heaven. There may be the possibility that the next patch will come with a biblical skin pack. So this seed has every biome and structure in the game.

Seed 2009079104:

You might check this seed if you want to become a ruthless diamond warlord in Africa.

Seed 2009079104

It is not your thing but you have still got an affinity for shiny stones. You can get back to building your base and terrorize that herd of pigs that you can keep in the basement. In this seed, three diamond mine locations are very close to the spawn point. Minecraft Xbox Seeds is not a kid’s game it is as simple and its seeds are great to apply. X 139, Y 17, Z 254 and X 156, Y 14, Z 268 and X 76, Y 15, and Z 52 are the coordinates for those tasty diamonds.

Seed 9089409167323528152: 

This is a seed that has an awesome survival island area.

Minecraft Xbox One Seeds

There is an island that works well for survival mode. In this castaway adventure be your own Tom Hanks. You must check out this seed craft on your own Wilson and do your dentistry with it. The traditional seeds provide a challenge to the players as there is a small area with the availability of minimum resources. Whereas this seed provides many resources along with a large area of land. So, this map is not the challenging one.

Seed 7022332759775054181: 

This is a vertical paradise of a Minecraft Xbox seed.

Seed 7022332759775054181

There might be every single biome of the spawn point. There is a total of 9 villages which are located within every 2000 distance. This Minecraft Xbox seed has every single thing that a Minecraft player needs. If you need to be a lone survivor man and battle element and the other necessary awesome stuff. You can get everything here. It has a fair and balanced Minecraft seed so forget fox news and get everything.

Seed 9065479248748140566: 

This seed you will get everything that a Minecraft player wants.

Minecraft Xbox One Seeds

If you want to play Indiana Jones and also want to be the cruel master of a peaceful settlement of villages than this seed will fulfill your dream. Your spawn will be located near the five villages and two desert temples. It must be ready for you to pillage and plunder to your heart’s desire. These seeds have five villages and two desert temples. If the player is interested in a desert area in the game then this seed is to be tried out.

Seed 126880078651571709: 

This seed is an oddity seed that has a jungle biome surrounded by a snow biome.

Minecraft Xbox One Seeds

Minecraft Xbox player always thing when they dreamed this to speed up and always have a question what are we and what do we do? This seed has snow and jungle biomes right next to each other. This seed also has a bunch of awesome animal spawns and some cave-dwelling villagers. These features make this game more interesting. You can hang out with them and play sports games with them.

There is everything that people want to do with their friends. Regardless when you become a professional miner by using the seeds or you are about to load up your first world then there will be something that you can control in Minecraft. Your mind will be prepared to brim with possibilities. You will frequently spawn in a bland, uninspiring world full of flat grassland and the odd chicken. You will have the canvas for your masterpiece. In respect of the above seeds, there are some more seeds with giving to more excitement and experience in the Minecraft Xbox seed.

Seed 041361555767107: 

It coordinates 100 to 250. This is the best Minecraft Xbox seed where you will spawn in the forest region. To get everything you need to go to the northwest to coordinate -700 and -850. There is a most unusual settlement that has a village with two blacksmiths.

There are not only hard to find a village with one smithy since Mojang. It has cut their spawn rate but it was extremely rare to encounter two blacksmiths together.

Seed 026848232188749: 

In this Minecraft Xbox seed, you will spawn on the ocean shores with a really small taiga village. Tiaga village has two active campfires. If you want to arrive soon at the snow village at 1200, 200 coordinates than you must have to follow the Eastern path.

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Theses main co-ordinates help you to find the track for the village. In the village where you arrive, there are more igloos than houses. You must check this one once if you want to arrive at a wild location for your survival game.

Seed 649994757086367015:

This is a seed where are seven villages and a mansion. You will spawn here with seven villages and a woodland mansion. Below it, you will find the coordinates to get to all seven villages. The seven village coordinates are a) 200, 200 b) -200, 650 c) 150, -150 d) 700, -350 e) -850, -350 f) -150, -700 g) 100, -750.

Your woodland mansion is located near the last village in the mountains. You need a lot of time to explore the entire area because both the village and the mansion are rather large. This is an interesting theme of the survival game now a day.

Seed 6886345128421731030: 

This seed has extreme hills and forests. Near the spawn point, you can visit two points of interest. Out of these two points of interest one is located to the east which is a village at coordinates 500, 50. The second one is located to the west which is the flat floating island at the coordinates -70, 150.

This floating island is perfect for building the main base of your house and a new settlement right underneath. So this seed has two main coordinators that are 100 and 250.

Seed 136540738270784: 

This is a Minecraft 1.14.3 seed. This seed is unprecedented. Here you will find the spawn on a survival island located near an ice plains mainland. You will arrive at the coordinate -1000, 100 by following the Western route.

After arriving there you will see two tundra villages standing next to each other. It is very difficult to find the double village spawns on the plain’s biome. It is also next to impossible to find one on ice plains. So enjoy your survival game. There are two main coordinators 50 and 100. The main biome is the ice plains.

Seed 804286266354575677: 

This is a very interesting seed where you find oceans and deserts. Right after your spawn, you need to head towards the east and travel across the ocean biome. After arriving at the coordinates 1100, -200 you will find the desert village, a temple, and a shipwreck on the beach which is a large survival island.

There are many valuable items in the desert temple which are in package form so that you can explore them. You can find 1x diamond, 1x emerald, 1X golden horse armor, and 11X gold ingot. Coordinators -200 and -50 are the main coordinator. Oceans and deserts are the biomes that are important in this seed.

Seed 403958003377588069: 

This is a seed where you find a woodland mansion. You need to walk about 50 to 60 blocks in the east at the spawn to find it. This is not a very big mansion and does not have secret rooms. But you can find a storage room which is full of chests.

You can find an exposed cave entrance near the entrance. The exposed cave entrance will lead you right into the mineshaft below the mansion. There is a roofed forest biome in this seed. The main coordinates are 200, and 250 coordinates.

Seed 364434760607076250:

In this seed, your spawn is a bit south of the forest village. The spawn will stand on the ocean shore at the coordinates 250 and -250. In this seed, there is a large tree that covers most of the buildings. Near a shipwreck one house stands in the open on the beach.

Inside the ship, there is only one very good chest. There are some chests that have presented the chest that is 4x lapis lazuli, 3x gold ingot, 3x gold nugget, 15x iron ingot, and 16x iron nugget. There are two main biomes in this seed which are ocean and forest. You have to find your seed there. The main coordinates are -100 and 100.

Seed 756225938842261:

You will see the spawn at the desert village which is standing on the hill. Under this hill, there is a buried temple. The buried temple is situated with four chests full of goodies. In this seed, there are 3x golden apples, 1x iron horse armor, and 9x gold ingot.

You will find more villages and temples when you travel to the north side. There are some coordinates that are 250, -200 and -150, -350 and 300, -450 and 200, 800 and -400, and -800. The main biome of this seed is the desert. The main coordinate is -50, 150.

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This seed becomes more interesting in the desert.

Seed 3666440496532277820:

Next to the cave entrance, you will spawn on the bank of the river. This spawn will leas you straight into the mob spawner. You will discover a small taiga village at the west of the spawn point. It will be situated at the coordinate -350, 150. It will stand on another huge cave. Under this seed, there is a hollow space created under the village. It could serve as the basis for your basement. This seed has a main biome that is taiga.

The coordinates 50, and 250 are the main coordinate that will help you to reach the spawn. Some other seeds help you to get the experience for the survival games. There are the best seeds with amazing biomes and adventures. There are also different tracks to get different coordinates. If you want to play at a large level like more villages and large maps and biome scales than Seed 2090846439 and Seed 63440784 will give you this experience.

Seed 2090846439 is the one where you can generate up to 10 villages along with temples and biomes. There may be desert temples, ocean temples, woodland mansions, witch hunts, zombies spawned, and skeleton spawners. This seed provides almost everything that one would seek in a game. The spawn has very interesting things which can help you to cross all over. This seed has many coordinates which include desert temple coordinate that is -1812, 72, 2326, and ocean coordinates that have 2185, 76, -716.

Seed 63440784 is the one in which seed you have to use the large map and biome scale. You can find that the seed will have two woodland mansions and a village near spawn. Its mountains and monuments are very interesting. Like if you explore outward you will come across ocean monuments and deserts. Not only can you have you also found desert temples and blacksmith village and many more here. In addition to this, you will find some tracks to other coordinates. There are more woodland coordinate mansions that are -230, 74, 107, and -383, 71, -78. Village coordinates have -251, 28,246, and -193, 76, 1156. There is a desert coordinate that is -934, 66, 810, and -966, 66, 1098.

There are many different modes of Minecraft that you can install yourself. The best Minecraft mods are carpenter’s block, deco craft, bible craft, pig manure, Jouneymap, Optifine, WAILA, controlling, bacteria mod, caterpillar, and many more. To download these mods there is some instruction that you have to follow very carefully. Out of the above mods, you have to downgrade your Minecraft versions. Version 1.7.10 is the best for the new mods. You can also try MultiMC which is a useful bit of software that helps you to manage multiple Minecraft mod installs.

On the other hand, if you are faffing around the obscure folders than it is not your cup of tea. You have to grab a mudpack instead which comes with everything preinstalled and preconfigured. Our experts recommended you either Feed the Beast Dire wolf 20 1.7.10 packs, the Tekkit pack or make your mudpack with Curse Voice. Feed the Beast Dire wolf 20 1.7.10 packs have come with a YouTube series that will teach you how to use many of these included mods.

Google is probably a good bet if you have trouble with any of them.


So above are the Top 20 Xbox One Seeds that are trending and keep you busy exploring. But there is always something to find new and the best. So you must try Minecraft maps or Minecraft should be used for the latest version. There are also some things that you must try some brilliant Minecraft skins before you head out of the game.

Our list of Minecraft mods is continuously updated, so you may come back and find some more interesting and thrilling mods every time.

There are more Redstone that you need to dig up and this pick-axe that would not swing itself. These best Minecraft Xbox One Seeds become more interesting when you know how to use them and will help you get the best experience.

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