5 Commonly Used Mobile Programming Languages

Building mobile apps is a rather complicated and time-consuming process.

It requires profound knowledge in many fields. You can hardly find a specialist who can build a mobile app on his or her own.

A good mobile app is generally the result of fruitful and painstaking cooperation of the whole team of experts.

The intricate process of building an outstanding mobile application starts with choosing the proper programming language.

It’s an important and decisive step. Nowadays there are about 700 programming languages in the world.

Not all of them are suited for building mobile applications.

To make the right choice, you have to understand what languages are used, what their main peculiarities, advantages, and disadvantages are.

The following information helps you to pick the most effective variant for your project.

A good mobile app developer should know and be able to work with several programming languages.

Yet, if you are a beginner or have already found your favorite and do not want to spend time on other types, you may face some troubles.

Sometimes you have to deal with several languages at the same time when working on the projects.

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The experts of AssignmentCore know that, when choosing a programming language, it’s necessary to consider features of the application you are going to get.

There are several traits that make an app popular and favorable among users. They are:

  • Simplicity. Nobody wants to spend hours trying to figure out how to work with an application. The positive customer experience is the main condition if you want to develop your product;
  • Fast speed of work. You can hardly find more annoying things than an application that is loading for ages. The program should function fast and easy;
  • Compatibility. The modern technologies are developing lightning-fast. There are copious operational systems. An ideal app can operate well on all of them;
  • Security. If you want customers to use your app again and again, you should pay much attention to security. Online fraud is not rare, unfortunately. That’s why a good application is able to protect your money and private information.

To achieve all of these traits, it’s necessary to select a proper programming language.

When it comes to creating mobile programs, you should consider the following 5 alternatives:


The modern technology era could be called the speed race. The app that is faster wins.

Every second counts. JavaScript is one of the fastest programming languages.

It’s possible because it’s a client-side type. It means the code functions are run immediately instead of contacting the server and waiting for a reply.

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JavaScript is good for integrating copious options such as autocomplete, dropdown menus, playing video and audio, and many others.

It’s no exaggeration to say that JavaScript is everywhere on the web.

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Swift holds a leading position when it comes to mobile game production. It’s worth mentioning that this language is designed to build iOS and OSX applications.

Its syntax bolsters you to create clean and consistent coding which may even feel strict at times.

Swift developers do everything possible to prevent possible errors and boost the readability of the open-source language.

Swift works with dynamic libraries. It allows existing Swift apps to be upgraded  against fresher samples of the Swift language.


Do you remember your first applications on your phone? The greater part of them was built on Java. Since then, nothing much has changed.

The language has been developed but its main features are still the same. In Java, everything is an object.

The programmers can’t but appreciate that Java is platform-independent. It is not compiled into a platform-specific machine.

The same is true about multithreading capabilities. They are integrated in Java.

It allows programmers to produce remarkably correlative and efficient apps with copious variations of activity.

Java is a good solution when it comes to creating Android apps, various software tools, and even scientific applications.


It’s a big mistake to think that mobile apps are only about gambling and entertaining.

Nowadays a smartphone easily replaces many other gadgets. You can write reports, surf the Net, and create various types of content via smartphone.

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Yet, it’s necessary to download special apps. The best language to build them is PHP.

It provides access to different databases. It is one of the most effective programming languages when it comes to making codes and functions simpler than other languages.


This is one of the freshest programming languages. Its main aim is to boost the productivity of the ready application.

Kotlin allows you to savor less coding alongside enhanced desirably.

It also provides assistance and interoperability for JavaScript, allowing programmers to move or create their front-end in Kotlin from the start of the project.