5 Reasons Why You Should Adopt Electronic Signature for Your Business

One of the most popular business technologies involves the online signing of documents.

Companies from different industrial sectors are beginning to understand and appreciate the importance of signing documents online, more so due to convenience.

What is involved in signing documents online?

Electronic signatures involve signing software that eliminates the hassles of traditional handwritten signing, which requires pen and paper.

A document containing specific business content, such as contracts and proposals, is usually created on the software.

The intended signatories then sign the electronic template or representation online without being in the same room.

The template’s key features are creating the document, the contents, and the people whose signatures are required.

Why are electronic signatures better than handwritten signatures?

The success of a business depends on the ease of workflow. Electronic signatures make work more accessible through different ways, for example:

  1. They create an easy and straightforward signing process.

The use of electronic signature software makes signing processes easy and straightforward.

First, business owners only need to sign up for the software to enjoy the specific software’s numerous features.

For example, when creating a document, one can choose a format to use, and the software will create a suitable template for the business deal.

This feature is highly beneficial because the software’s template is most likely much better than if the business owner made one himself.

Therefore, one will enjoy higher-quality and professional-looking templates, thus promoting customer satisfaction.

Additionally, the simplicity in signing documents online means that anyone can easily create, sign and manage documents.

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This benefit of e-signatures ensures that any business can sign documents online in a faster and efficient manner.

  1. They are convenient

Convenience is one of the primary ways a business can improve productivity. Signing documents online ensures that the signatories involved do not have to be in the exact location.

Electronic signatures’ convenience is specifically helpful for busy business persons and clients that are far apart, for example, being on different continents. 

Furthermore, an automated signing software program enables a business owner to save documents online.

This feature ensures easy access; thus, a person can conveniently track a document’s progress on any electronic device with an internet or cloud-based connection.

Signing documents online will eliminate the limitations that come with physically signing a document on paper.

Most software will ensure a document’s protection through verification features preventing the form from falling into the wrong hands. Only the signatories intended can view and sign the document.

  1. They eliminate the issues of paper usage

Many businesses are embracing the importance of paperless processes. Electronic signature usage is one way of reducing the use of paper in your company.

Minimizing paper use is beneficial since it saves on costs. First, a business will not have to buy printers, stationery, or scanners because everything is online.

Moreover, because one does not have to travel long distances to sign a contract, there are no travel costs. Many offices struggle with storage space, especially when work keeps piling up.

Electronic signatures make it easier for a business to keep track of all documents making it an efficient way of signing a document.

  1. They are time-saving

Sometimes contracts require signatures from multiple parties. The signing process can take weeks to complete, especially when the parties involved are not in the same location.

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Therefore, it is convenient to sign documents online instead of traveling to meet each person for a signature.

Furthermore, when using paper-based handwritten signatures, one can easily get lost in piled-up work, making it harder to manage and keep track of the signing progress.

Electronic signature software makes it easy for a business to access a document when needed, thus saving time and effort. You will not need to look for a paper or struggle to fill them instead; the software will do everything.

  1. They enable faster implementation of business decisions

The benefits mentioned above of electronic signatures all add up to one key feature: it is quicker to complete business deals.

When dealing with time-sensitive contracts, signing documents online is the most efficient option because it speeds up implementation. Therefore, electronic signatures enhance productivity in business, promoting success.

It is no secret that the future of signing in business lies in clients using esignatures. If you consider adding electronic signatures to your business, click here to learn more on why and how you can adapt the practice to enjoy its benefits.