Top 23 Sites Like Solarmovie To Watch Free Movies!

There are several sites like Solarmovie, where you can stream, watch, and download your favorite movies. Some of these sites have paid membership plans where you subscribe either monthly or annually for quick access to videos.

Watching movies online is very comfortable than going out to buy CDs. Being the main reason why we have already compiled the top 23 sites like Solarmovie that are 100% secure and safe to stream, watch, and download movies.

Our List Of The Best Sites Like Solarmovie

Here are a total of 25 sites like Solarmovie to watch your favorite show;

Sony Crackle

The site like Solarmovie you are looking to stream unlimited free movies is here.

sites like Solarmovie

Sony Crackle offers a vast collection of free movies which is always available for you. All you need to do is sign up for an improved performance that will bring the stunning view out.

They offer you complete access to creating a new watch list that will never disappoint you based on the movie you want to watch. Crackle is very serious in the management of its site because they update all of its popular videos daily.

For all the famous movies that you might be dreaming of streaming online for free, crackle has already got you covered.


  • Various aspects of the sites are improved for fast streaming.
  • They grant quick access to videos for you once you sign up.
  • They always manage their site well with daily updates.
  • It grants you complete access to the advance watch list.
  • The website has a stunning look.

Download link:


Vudu is a website that looks precisely like Solarmovie that you might want to consider as it’s one of the best movie rental sites with free access to streaming their videos.

sites like Solarmovie

They grant their website user access to streaming free complete movies but with a lot of ads showing up when streaming. Even as that, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s completely free videos.

Different types of film can be found here, ranging from drama, TV shows, anime, and cartoons. Their website is well organized for everything you need for streaming movies.


  • All movies on the website are free for streaming purposes.
  • The website has improved the filter search option.
  • Famous and popular moves are added daily.
  • They have different genres and categories of movies.
  • The website is speedy and stable when streaming.

Download link:

Pluto Tv

Pluto is an online TV website that works precisely like Solarmovie.

sites like Solarmovie

They grant you access to various TV channels broadcasting different content lives to their users. They’re no different from other traditional TV channels with Pluto TV because all their movies are broadcast on their own time.

Once a video has been transmitted before you start streaming, you cannot reassess it again. The best thing about them is the news, and sports channels as every broadcast are life from the sports environment.


  • It operates like a local traditional TV stations
  • They offer real-time access to live sports and news.
  • It offers hundreds of TV channels.
  • Popular and famous movies are steadily broadcast every minute of the day.
  • The site has improved the design with a fast load time.

Download link:

Yify TV

Yify TV has it all from different varieties of video quality.

They provide high-quality videos to their viewers with fast streaming access to all their videos. Their website is free to use without any premium service.

You can easily search and locate movies of different genres or categories from the site without stressing yourself in browsing through the pages.


  • All movies are of high-definition quality.
  • It has a natural search filter.
  • They have a lot of genres and movies category.
  • The website is well improved with better performance while streaming.
  • Most of their movies include subtitles to keep you on track.

Download link:


Popcornflix is significant movie updates every time indicating their strictness in providing steady movies.

sites like Solarmovie

They have thousands of videos ranging from action, horror, and other search categories made available for you. You don’t need to worry about creating an account when using Popcornflix because everything is free.

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Once you visit the website, find your movie choice, and start streaming. The Website design of Popcornflix is very sleek and unique in all aspects necessary to be ranked among the top 25 sites like Solarmovie.


  • All videos are displayed with a significant player for a better view.
  • You have access to making comments about the movie during the streaming process.
  • A new site update allows the creation of gifts from the movie.
  • The website is well categorized for adults and children.
  • They have thousands of movies to stream.

Download link:


Kanopy offers movies available for streaming through the access of a valid library card.

sites like Solarmovie

The library card grants you access to thousands of films collected worldwide. All videos on their website can be streamed in a high-definition format.

Even though the site holds a lot of movie content, it’s optimized for fast streaming of all movies. People in the United States mostly use Kanopy.


  • Mostly used by US citizens.
  • It offers a thousand collections of movies in library format.
  • It requires a valid library card before granting access.
  • Total movies to stream depend on your library card.
  • They have a mobile app for easy access.

Download link:


As the name sounds, P2PGuru is one the best out there, when you are looking for a good streaming website.

sites like Solarmovie

It offers you all you can ask for with a fast streaming player with any ads that are quite awesome. The site was created with the aim of making things easier for internet users.

The platform now has thousands of movies made available for free streaming. They are making improved advancements on the site every day to bring the best features to all the online movie streaming sites on their website.


  • Thousands of videos were added.
  • It offers easy access to locating the desired movie.
  • The site has improved the torrent database.
  • The website streaming features work better on mobile.
  • All movies are of high quality.

Download link:


Vidmark has all the surprises for you if you are expecting all the streaming features on one site.


The only limitation of this platform is its availability to only Roku users. Even as that, the site is classic when it comes to streaming a massive collection of HD movies that are regularly updated.

They have recently organized the website easy filter search on all their films. No matter the type of video you want to stream, Vidmark has all the surprises for you.


  • One of the best Roku services out there.
  • They have featured several movies over the year.
  • The website has an outstanding player with subtitles on most of their movies.
  • The site is usually updated daily with a vast amount of movies.
  • They do not offer any annoying ad services or promotions while streaming.


Most of us have heard about torrent services before the home of files, documents, and videos.

sites like Solarmovie

Well, torrent funk has brought all movies and TV shows right to your doorstep. Whether you want to download or stream the film directly from their website, Torrentfunk has got you covered in all aspects.

They have a fantastic site with fast downloading and streaming services. You don’t need to experience a lot of buffering errors while streaming on their platform.

All the famous movies in the theater are always updated on their site.


  • New movies and TV shows are added daily.
  • Advance and improve players made available for you.
  • You have access to files like documents and audio.
  • The site is straightforward to navigate.
  • Movies can be downloaded directly to your local drive.


Snagfilms documents all their movies accurately for easy access when streaming. All of their videos have their category, which allows you to locate it directly, starting from kid’s movies to family dramas.

Even though that Snagfilms does not update its platform with daily films, they still have several films that you won’t like to miss. They have a fantastic interface and significant video streaming player that will make your effort worth it.

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The video quality presented to you here depends on your internet quality.


  • It displays varieties of videos like wildlife, kids, and family drama.
  • It offers easy access to its movies.
  • Old popular movies can be found here in high quality.
  • It doesn’t require you to sign up before using their service.
  • They have several movie trailers available.

Yahoo View

Yahoo’s view is popular because of its unmatched features and the email services that got them famous throughout the globe. They have movies and other related video content made available for you.

All the streaming done on their platform are free without any hidden fee. The best thing about the platform is that they offer all their movies in high definition.

Although they have limited access to free videos, making it available for only US residents. Even in that other country, users still have access to a few videos.


  • They have added a limitation to other locations.
  • Videos are updated regularly.
  • The website has a fast, improved loading and streaming time.
  • You don’t need to configure or register anything.
  • All the movies are organized very well.

Download link:


Vimeo is very similar to YouTube, where you have complete access to also download videos, unlike YouTube. Vimeo is exceptional with unmeasurable access to their videos with an outstanding quality service.

They have all types of videos made available for you, whether it’s a comedy or cartoons Vimeo has it all. 4k HD videos can be downloaded directly from this platform.

One more exciting thing is there’s no registration needed before streaming on their platform because all their service is entirely free to stream.


  • The updated version of the site does not require registration before streaming.
  • It offers easy access to all its documentary videos.
  • They have the latest 4k HD movies.
  • The search filter is well improved.
  • Videos can be downloaded.

Download link:


Fmovies complies with all popular videos directly to their platform, whether it’s Bollywood or Hollywood movies.


Fmovies grants you unlimited as to all their goodies, which makes things interesting. You can easily download or stream videos directly from their platform without any issues.

Most of their Bollywood movies are added with English subtitles for easy understanding.


  • They have both Bollywood and Hollywood movies.
  • The site offers a fast download service.
  • The Fmovies site interface is excellent with fewer ads.
  • Their videos can be downloaded.
  • All their Bollywood movies have subtitles.


With 123movieshub, you can easily set your mind at ease if looking for a movie to watch.


123movies gives you access to stream movies and TV shows directly from their platform without those annoying ads popping up. Their user-friendly interface will provide you with everything you need when streaming videos online.

Navigating around the sites through the movie section is quite easy, with a lot of categories.


  • They have lots of movie categories.
  • They have varieties of video quality to select.
  • The user-friendly interface.
  • Their website is ad-free.
  • The site has a light streaming interface.


The filming website has lots of movie collections ranging from action, adventure, cartoons, and more. They offer a high-rated streaming service for all their movies without annoying ads.

You don’t need to worry about any registration while using the streaming website.


  • The website has a fast loading time.
  • Movies are updated daily on the platform.
  • Their video player is stable even with a low internet connection.
  • You don’t need any registration before streaming.

Download link:

The updated version of Vexmovies provides various improvements over other streaming sites like Solarmovie. This website allows you to stream videos in places while preventing you from experiencing those annoying ads.

However, you can still download their videos after streaming. Thus, their strict action against ads will prevent you from getting spam while streaming online.


  • They block ads from interrupting your videos.
  • They have different varieties of videos.
  • The site is well organized, and it’s always updated.
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They have tons of movies ranging from adventures to other interesting categories. They have a good search filter for browsing the moving base of your choice. They also offer different varieties of TV shows to watch directly from their website.


  • You will get access to a massive collection of movies.
  • The website has broad categories of movies.
  • You can easily see all the movie that is available for streaming. offers you access to their films, which you can stream directly from your devices. The website does not require you to register before you can stream their videos.

The site is very light in loading time, which will make you like them more. There’s no annoying ad feature on their platform because they take strict action during spam.


  • They have limited video quality.
  • The site is designed to improve the loading time.
  • It includes various new videos which are always updated.
  • It works perfectly on all devices.
  • It’s accessible from any location.


This website has been the best since the introduction in 2016. They have organized their movies based on different genres and categories.

All the videos on this platform have a full subtitles and work fast while streaming.


  • The platform has fewer ads while streaming.
  • You can easily customize the significant video player.
  • All of their movie quality is high definitions
  • They have a series of movie trailers available.


The Moviewatcher has a friendly interface that matches all the HD videos on their website.


You have access to stream all of their videos with any ads or registration. The site is straightforward to navigate while searching for movies.


  • They have varieties of newly updated videos.
  • It has a low advert.
  • It can be accessed from any location.
  • Compatible with all devices.

IMDB Freedive

The IMDB Freedive has recently launched among the best movie streaming websites owned by Amazon. They have little limitation to users outside the US.

US residents can easily access the IMDB Freedive videos for free once they have fire TV. They provide popular movies with no annoying ads when streaming.


  • It is compatible with a fire TV.
  • You can customize the setting through fire TV.
  • It includes new popular movies.
  • It’s only available to US residents.
  • Their videos have no annoying ads.

Download link:

Roku channel

If you have been looking for a way to stream videos free on your devices, the Roku channel offers you everything. All you need is a Roku box, which will allow the streaming of movies directly from your TV.


  • They have several movie channels.
  • It offers a fast movie player without any errors.
  • Their movies are included with subtitles.
  • The channel has ads, but the video qualities are outstanding.


Vumoo offers you access to video streaming services with no strings attached, like registration.

You can find out more information about them by visiting their official website below. This website provides various movies that are available in the theater.

It works best in the location that you are accessing it, with thousands of videos made available.


  • It is compatible with mobile and other devices.
  • You can customize the search text through categories.
  • It includes new theatre movies updated daily.
  • High-definition videos are made available.
  • Compatible with all locations.

Download link:


Once you are connected to the internet, you only have to relax in your comfort zone to watch movies. Whether you are on the bus or train, you can stream all the videos you want directly. Although the trouble people are facing today is PPC ads issues where most of the sites are not legit or secured.

Some of these ads’ websites might even infect your device with viruses. There are a series of sites like Solarmovie where you can stream and download movies, and we have combined the 25 best of them.

So, there’s no reason to be looking for a streaming website because all of these listed sites are the best on the internet. Watch your favorite movies in HD without buffering errors.