7 Best Tips to See Who My Kid is Texting with [Updated 2020]

Today, messaging apps and social networking is most children’s favorite communication mode.

The messaging apps are readily available and can be accessed at all times, therefore, connecting your kid to the world. However, the receiver end can be known or unknown.

To ensure that your kids aren’t caught  in involuntary traps and abuse, it’s crucial to keep monitoring their messaging behaviors.

By doing so, you’ll find out what type of content your child shares and to whom. Then, you can take proper action if you sense anything wrong.

If you are figuring out how to monitor your kid’s texts, you must refer to this guide. In the following part, we discuss the seven best tips to see who your kid is texting with late in the night.

Part 1: TeenSafe – The Best Text Messages Monitoring Solution

TeenSafe is the answer to all your problems. It’s the first choice for many parents looking for a safe and worthwhile app to monitor their kid’s text messages.

More than a million users across 190 countries have established trust in TeenSafe, and it never betrayed them.

TeenSafe Allows You to Read Your Children’s Texts

TeenSafe uses a powerful web-based control panel to access its features and intercept text messages on different platforms.

With TeenSafe, you can view and read SMS, iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat messages:

  •  Read text messages: TeenSafe allows you to read real-time SMS received and sent out from your kid’s phone or tablet.
  • See contact details: Who is your child texting? You can check contact names, phone numbers, addresses, and even display a picture when available.
  • Access timestamps: A timestamp accompanies every text message. It tells when a given conversation started and how after long did it end?
  • Retrieve deleted texts: What if my kid deletes suspicious text messages? No problem! TeenSafe backs up all messages to your account as soon as they’re typed.
  • View exchanged multimedia files: TeenSafe will help you find any exchanged photos, videos, or audio files. Plus, you can download them.
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How TeenSafe Works

To see and read text messages on Android is very easy and secure with TeenSafe. You don’t have to root the target user device.

To accomplish this, you are obligated to download the TeenSafe app on the child’s phone.

The app is designed to run in ‘Stealth Mode.’ Therefore, your kid will never find out that their messages are being intercepted.

On the other hand, TeenSafe for iOS is 100% safe and legit. There’s no need to jailbreak or install any app on the device.

Just enter the iCloud ID of the kid’s iPhone to set it up within a few minutes.

Also, check out here to see who your kid is texting with by Teensafe solution. 

How to Read My Kid’s Text Conversations

Step 1: Sign up for a TeenSafe account. You’ll need an email ID for the username.

Step 2:  Choose your kid device OS: iOS or Android. Then purchase a subscription plan.

Step 3: Follow the guide instructions. Enter the target kid’s name, age, and select the OS before you proceed.

 Step 4:  

  1. For iOS, input the iCloud credentials and verify.
  2. For Android, download the app using the provided link. Wait for the installation to finish.

Step 5:  Access your TeenSafe dashboard. You can click on any messaging platform in the selection panel to the left.

Part 2: Spyic – Text Monitoring Solution

Another reliable software to check out is Spyic. It’s a powerful application that fetches text messages in real-time.

You will read the texts and see contact attachments to know who converses with your kid frequently.

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Also, you can track other activities happening on your children’s phones.

Spyic shows you all installed apps, social media doings, call logs, and can track their current location.

It can run on all gadgets with Android 4.0 and above or iOS version 7.0 to the latest.

Part 3: Remotely Read Your Children’s Conversation with Minspy

Besides the two apps mentioned already, there are other trustworthy solutions to that work almost the same.

The Minspy phone monitor is one of them. It helps you to track your child’s text messages remotely and without notifying them.


In iOS, you can retrieve already deleted messages to determine what the kid’s been up to with friends.

It works without detection so you can have enough time to go through all SMSs and interpret the information shared.

Part 4: Keep updated with your kid’s Instagram DMs Using Spyine

Spyine is another well-known parental control software. Users swear by its futuristic stealth mode innovation and its robust set of fantastical elements.

The app works with iOS and Android devices to help see your kid’s direct messages on Instagram. 

Part 5: Spyier – All-in-One Remote Monitoring App

Next, we have an all-inclusive phone monitoring app called Spyier. It’s a specialized app made to cater for your parenting needs.

If your child spends too much time on their devices, this is the best option to regulate their phone usage.

Part 6: Use Spyzie The Hidden Text Messages Interceptor

Spyzie has a good reputation for its unique capabilities. It intercepts your kid’s phone messages without their knowledge.

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You will find out if they are texting the right people or sexting and sending inappropriate content.

Part 7: Track Your Teenager Phone Chats with Neatspy

The final product on this list is the Neatspy phone surveillance app. It can help you read your children’s phone message conversation in a few seconds.

You will keep tabs of your kid’s texting behavior and protect them from harmful threats.


We hope our choice of the seven best tips to see who your kid is texting with on their device comes in handy.

All apps discussed in the above article are worthwhile and work perfectly. You should check out TeenSafe free live demo to learn how the apps work.