5 Tips to Generate a Personal Signature

A personal signature is important whether you are a professional, CEO, entrepreneur, or school representative. First, it adds a touch to your personality and promotes good communication.

If you are using it for a professional email, a personal signature helps to create a lasting good impression and establish your brand image. 

Without a doubt, it is a professional tool to market yourself or your business. So, why would you not invest in generating a unique personal signature?

In this post, we will share ten tips that you can follow to generate a good personal signature that you can carry through all your business and personal communication. Check more information here on how to create a cool personal signature.

How to Generate a Personal Signature?

Generating your signature from the online platform is a seamless and faster method of creating a signature. It is easy to create and you can explore different styles and options to create a unique design that is very unique to you.

With e-signature, it is easy to carry through all your digital communication. You only have to store it on your device and when you need it, you can pull it out anytime and anywhere. 

It is also a one-off creation, which means you do not have to create a new one every time you need it. When you create a personal signature, you can save it for future use.

Whenever you have to sign a document, all you have to do is upload the signature on the signature part of the document and save the document in any file format that you want. It is simple, fast, and easy.

Tips to Generate a Personal Signature

So, now that you know how easy and fast it is to generate a personal signature, let us look at the tips on how to create a signature that is uniquely you.

  • Choose a Reliable Signature Generator Platform

There are dozens of signature generator platforms online and it may be difficult to choose sometimes. Whatever decision you make, you must ensure that the platform is reliable.

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A reliable platform will be safe and secure. For instance, Cocosign is a reliable and reputable signature generator platform that uses high-level encryption to protect data on its platform. 

This means that when you upload your document to append your signature on it, your document is safe and secure.

You do not have to worry that your confidential data will be shared with third parties or that it will get into the wrong hand. Whatever you upload or share stays on the platform.

  1.     Decide Whether to Use Your Name or Draw Your Signature

When generating a personal signature, you can either draw it or write your name. If you want something that looks like your traditional signature, drawing it may be a preferred option.

However, if you want your name in stylish font and style to serve as your signature, writing your signature would be the best option.


  1.     Keep it Simple

It is nice to want to have a complicated and intricate personal signature but the less the better. Your signature should look simple and classy. Remember; it is something that says a lot about you.

Having an awkward signature may not appeal to your recipient. Even though you may think it does not matter, things like that have a subtle effect on the way people think about your person and brand. 

  1.     Limit the Information

Your signature is not your biography. It is a simple communication piece that genuinely validated a document that you ordinarily would append your traditional signature on.

Do not include irrelevant information about you. Make it as less worthy as you can and only add the basics. 

  1.     Add Some Colors
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Subtly, colors have effects on the mood. It is a great way to add a visual effect to your signature to make it distinct. If your business has a specific color, you can incorporate it in your signature.

This way, you will be able to ingrain your brand element on your recipient and subtly create awareness for your business.

  1.     Add Your Logo

Logos give an impression that you are serious about your business. Of course, not all businesses have a logo.

However, if you have one, you might as well incorporate it in your communication correspondences to create brand awareness and improve the brand association that your business needs.

Well, creating a subtle awareness with your logo does not mean you have to paste your logo everywhere on your signature. A simple and strategic placement is enough to do the magic.

  1.     Balance the Content

Making your signature stand out like a sore foot is not the best way to create a personal signature. As stated earlier, make it simple and less complicated. Then again, balance it with the content.

Do not blow up your signature just to make it visible. It should align with other content on your document. Thankfully, it is easy to enlarge and reduce a signature based on the location.

When you have created your signature, you can place it on a document and save the document, and then reopen it to see how it looks. 

  1.     Save it in an Accessible Location

The point of generating a personal e-signature is to have easy access to it whenever you need it. Therefore, you should save it where you can easily access it.

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Your email is a great place to save a copy for easy access. If you are generating your signature with the Cocosign e-signature generator, it is recommended that you save a copy on your account on the site.

This means you can easily use it on documents that you upload.

  1.     Create your Email Signature with It

Having your e-signature on your email signature is cool and gives your email a touch of authenticity.

With this, when you send a document through email, your signature automatically indicates that it is genuinely coming from the right source. It also helps to make your email stand out professionally.

  1. Keep it Safe

Your e-signature should be kept safe where it cannot be accessed by others. E-signatures carry the same weight and legibility as your signature on paper.

This means that if an unscrupulous person gains access to your e-signature, they can misuse it. Therefore, keep it safe.


There you have the ten tips that will help you generate a personal signature online. It is so easy and fun to create that you will enjoy the process.

The fact that you only have to create it once and use it whenever you have a document to sign also makes it a great option.