Top 25 games like Skyrim

Skyrim games are a fantasy popular and addictive game where you play in an open world defending and fighting enemies.

The game-comprises of both action and adventure where you travel around from one city to another to defeat the world eater.

After playing this awesome game, you might have got yourself in a spot where you are looking for games like Skyrim.

There is no doubt that most of these listed games are a little bit different from the Skyrim game, but they are the best choice when choosing games like Skyrim.

To keep you from continuously searching around, here is a list of top 25 games like Skyrim:

  1. MORROWIND 2002

The MORROWIND 2002 game is similar to the trending Skyrim game with the same entrance theme that will keep you entertained.

games like Skyrim

If you were one of the Skyrim fans that love the hard-core idea and gameplay, you would not want to miss the MORROWIND.

It is without a doubt the game introduced since 2002, but following until today, it will still make the standing among games like Skyrim.

The gameplay is free and does not require you to pay any dime before you can navigate through this awesome game.

While playing the game MORROWIND, you can change yourself to your desired character.

Although there are some restrictions added in-game by the developers that will keep you from doing what you want.

However, as you play around the open world as a released convict, you can navigate around the city, accomplishing different varieties of tasks.


  • The game contains awesome and well-animated characters that match the Skyrim game.
  • In the game, you have the option of exploring the open world.
  • Lots of tasks or quests to play through while travelling around the open world.
  • The game is available for Microsoft Windows and Xbox.

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  1. OBLIVION 2006

The Oblivion is a first shooter game that is exactly like Skyrim, where you play to solve everyone’s problem.

games like Skyrim

On your journey throughout the game, you are entitled to complete a series of quests and fight many enemies.

However, the game-comprises of bugs that affect the gameplay most of the time, leading to the crashes.

Moreover, one thing is unusual in the gameplay because you have the option of working around a large area as you complete quests.

During the gameplay, you can craft items to fight monsters.

The more you play, the more you earn rewards that can spend in upgrading your weapons, skills, and other things.


  • It is a first-person action game.
  • The game has a series of adventures and quests that will boost your gaming experience.
  • The game has thousands of weapons and armor to choose for your adventure.

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  1. THE WITCHER 2007

The WITCHER is an open-world game where you get to choose weapons professionally throughout the gameplay.

games like Skyrim

It was first to introduce in 2007 as a single-player game where you get the opportunity of exploring the fantasy world.

There are different types of creatures and quests to play through.

You might experience a problem during the game quest of visiting some cities as the game have lots of areas to navigate through.


  • It is a single-player adventure game.
  • There are lots of new monsters and creatures to fight.
  • Item to upgrade your amour and weapon can collect from killed monsters.

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  1. THE WITCHER 2 – Assassins of Kings 2011

The name of the game explains all that you need to know about the gameplay.

games like Skyrim

The game story goes on as play as Geralt, a Witcher that has superhuman strength that can use in eliminating monsters.

The game designed with light data that allows you to download it on pc easily.

The game is an Action-adventure game that has a stunning graphic of beasts and monsters that you are required to slay.


  • You act like a monster slayer in the gameplay as you travel around.
  • You do not only act like a monster slayer as you can also negotiate political matters of the nation.
  • The graphics are fantastic, with lots of weapon customization available.

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  1. THE WITCHER 3 2015

As the Witcher series continues, you will have to play as Geralt to get to fight and rescue the girl whom you have taken as your daughter.

games like Skyrim

The gameplay is fantastic and definitely, what you will not want to miss.

If you are looking for games like Skyrim, then The Witcher 3 is the best option.

The game is full of action and adventure that will keep you addicted for an extended period.

You can also train yourself and trade magic products to broaden your experience.

As Geralt is a Witch, you can perform marvellous things with magic potions.

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  • The game allows you to use cheats and mods to enhance the gameplay.
  • There are many exciting modes to choose from the game.
  • The game includes adult’s graphics contents.
  • You have the option of performing magic.

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  1. DRAGON AGE – inquisition 2014

The dragon age is a game that cannot skip when mentioning games like Skyrim, as the game covers both action and adventure.

DRAGON AGE – inquisition 2014

The game combat style is extraordinary as you fight to defeat your enemies.

The game story is where you play, as a world saviour making sure that land is safe


  • The games support different devices like windows, mac, and Linux.
  • The game graphics and theme is of high quality.
  • The storyline is unique, unlike other action-adventure video games.

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  1. DARK SOULS 2011

The dark soul’s game focuses on Action-Adventure that initially released before other dark souls games.

games like Skyrim

The graphics of game scenes are something to talk about, as it will freshen the atmosphere of the gamers during gameplay.

Even though the game is a few years old after it was introduced in 2011.


  • The game works on almost all the pc operating systems and consoles.
  • It is a single-player game.
  • The game adventure storyline is unique.

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  1. DARK SOULS 2-2014

The dark souls game comes with animated supernatural graphics that will set your mind ablaze.



The gameplay also resembles that of the Skyrim because your adventure begins from an open-world experience.

Although you will have to play as a cursed, human that is not able to die.

Your task during the game place is to travel around the world while trying to break the cause.


  • There are lots of gameplay modes to choose from when playing.
  • It is a single-player action-adventure game.
  • The graphic is even better than the first dark soul game.

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  1. DARK SOULS 3-2014

The dark souls three is the latest release of the dark souls game in 2014; the gameplay is similar to the last dark souls two but more advanced.

games like Skyrim

The graphics of the dark soul 3 is more fantastic than other dark-soul games.

In the gameplay, you have the option of navigating around the open world through the advanced implemented map inside the game.

In the game, you will have to play as the Ashen 1 who cannot kill.

The ability to move around inside the game while interacting with people makes it worthy of being one among the top 25 games like Skyrim.


  • You get to play as ashen one the undead through the game adventures.
  • It is a single play game.
  • It is compatible with a series of devices as well as console.

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  1. ASSASSIN’S CREED 4 2013

The assassin creed black flag is one the best adventure game since 2013, with a detailed historical storyline that will keep you entertained.


The fighting style of the play is more advanced than the assassin creed 3.

However, you can use some of the assassin creed combat skills like blocking and melee kill in this game too.

As you play around the Caribbean, you can command a ship and preparing a strategic plot.


  • The adventure walkthrough is unique and extraordinary.
  • The game graphics are of high quality.
  • It supports operating systems like Windows and Mac.

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  1. KINGDOM COME –deliverance 2018

The game developed in 2018, where you play to fight the Cuman incursion with the famous lord Radzig Kobyla.

games like Skyrim

The game style is equivalent to the Skyrim game with a little bit different in terms of graphics and storyline.

As you fight with enemies, you can dodge an attack by either blocking or counter attack.

It is essential to fight back because every hit without a block will massively decrease your life bar.

The game gives you the option of tracking your stats based on the amount of quest you might have completed.


  • An adventure game supports both PC, Mac, and consoles.
  • The gameplay is unique as you navigate through the city with no living expenses.
  • You can also track your game stats and progress.

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  1. KINGDOMS OF AMALUR-reckoning 2012

The Kingdoms of Amalur reckoning is a popular game with an action-adventure feature that is similar to Skyrim.

KINGDOMS OF AMALUR-reckoning 2012

It introduced in 2012, where you get to fight a monster by performing stunts attacks like blocking and jumping.

That is not all, as you have the option of using special abilities.

The game is similar to the Witcher in one way, as you can form magic were using different weapons.

You can also upgrade your weapons and armor to be more efficient as you collect upgradable relics during the gameplay.

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  • It works on all devices, whether it is Windows, console, and Mac.
  • In the game, you can perform awesome tricks like magic while upgrading your weapons.
  • The game graphics are extraordinary as you navigate through the landscape view on your device screen.

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The game comprises of a story concerning both humans and demons, which is fun.

games like Skyrim

The gameplay started where you play to recover the lost artifact known as Shantriri.

During the quest, you will come across many obstacles that can be quite challenging because the game story is very complicated.

Although, one thing that is awful about the game is the lack of area to navigate.


  • An adventure game, which developed in 2006.
  • The game story is fantastic, as you play to get the powerful artifact.
  • The game is entertaining and addictive because of its excellent gameplay.

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  1. RYSE- son of Rome 2013

The RYSE game is a fantastic game with lots of exciting gameplay that will set your mind ablaze.

RYSE- son of Rome 2013

The game adventure is very advance, as the trending game of GOD OF WAR, where you have to fight through the game to bypass challenges.

The game is very similar to the Skyrim game; you will have to play as Marius Titan, who is required to stop the barbarian invasion.

The gameplay is addictive as you have to go around the open-world gathering information that will help you revenge your family’s death.


  • The game works on both the Windows operating system and Mac.
  • The gameplay comprises you playing as an animated character Marius Titan.
  • It is an action-adventure game.

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  1. DRAGON’S DOGMA 2012

The Dragon’s Dogma is a new adventure game that has that fantastic action scene.

games like Skyrim

You will have to play as the protagonist to kill the Dragon that is attacking your village.

Before starting the game, you have the option of creating a one-time character that you will only use throughout the gaming process.

The Dragon’s dogma is exceptionally high because the gameplay is very intense as you fight and kills different varieties of monsters.

As you play, you have the option of controlling your team squad with the use of basic commands.


  • It is an action-adventure video game.
  • You are allowed to roam around in the world, killing monsters.
  • It works on consoles and windows pc.
  • The games contain intense fighting themes.

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  1. FABLE 2004

Get back that old feeling of the Skyrim game when you play the Fable.

FABLE 2004

The set contains an action-adventure theme, but that is not all as you can be able to play through the forest while fighting the enemies.

The game introduced in 2004 with fantastic gameplay that you can play either as a hero or a villain.


  • The games contain exciting challenges as you fight either as the hero or a villain.
  • There are many action scenes in the game.
  • The game is simpatico with both Windows and Mac.

Website link: https://

  1. RISEN 2009

The Risen is the third person adventure game that comprises of stunning island play.

games like Skyrim

The gameplay extensively filled with lots of features like catacombs, dungeons, and ancient ruins.

It is a wide adventure game where you challenge and fight different types of monsters.

As you play each stage successfully, you will be able to unlock new game stages.

The action-animated storyline is something to talk about because you get to experience advance gameplay.


  • The game contains different characters of the monster.
  • It is a single-player game.
  • The game graphics are of the highest quality.

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  1. MIGHT AND MAGIC- The mandate heaven 1998

Might and magic is a top-notch adventure video game like Skyrim.

MIGHT AND MAGIC- The mandate heaven 1998

The video game contains little action and horror scenes where you play to fight monsters in the world on Enroth.

Your task throughout the gameplay is to get to fight and stop the devils that destroyed your home.


  • The game contains the highest graphics.
  • A unique storyline to play throughout the game task.
  • The game contains horror scenes and works on all windows pc.

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  1. TOWER OF TIME 2018

The largest company of Even Horizon, one of the favourite games for gamers in 2018.

games like Skyrim

The gameplay involves you playing as a boy navigating around the tower sharpening your skills to participate in combat.

The graphic design of the game is top-notch, making the game included in the award-winning games of 2018.


  • It is a popular video game in 2018 with lots of new story modes.
  • The games work on all windows pc device that meets the requirements.
  • The developers regularly update the game since 2018 of the introduction.
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  1. BALDUR’S GATE 1998

The Baldur’s game might be an old video game developed in 1998, but it is stl one of the best action-adventure game.


Your gameplay task is fighting beasts and other creatures as you battle through Baldur city.

The game is well detailed and arranged into several modes of play, allowing you to play as the character Bhaalspawn.

In the game of Baldur’s gate, Bhaal is a god of death that has a revelation about his death, but tries have to choose his fate with his god’s power.


  • You play around the open-world fighting creatures.
  • You play as only one character known as Bhaal.
  • The game task is unique, being addictive, and fun.

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  1. DRAGON AGE-origins 2009;

The dragon age is a game that cannot skip when mentioning games like Skyrim, as the game covers both action and adventure.

games like Skyrim

The game combat style is extraordinary as you fight to defeat your enemies.

The game story is similar to Skyrim where you play as a warrior joining the Grey Wardens to fight the Blight.


  • The games support different devices like windows, mac, and Linux.
  • The game graphics and theme is of high quality.
  • The storyline is unique, unlike other action-adventure video games.
  1. VAMPIRE THE MASQUERADE – bloodline 2004

The Vampire masquerade-bloodline is one of the best games like Skyrim.


The game has weak graphics with an excellent storyline and action gameplay.

In the gameplay, you play to fight and kill vampires.


  • The game contains an advance horror scene.
  • The gameplay decidedly twists and unique.
  • The game works on both Windows, Linux, consoles, and Mac

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  1. FALLOUT 3 2008

In the result three-game, you have to play as an individual that is from vault 101 to search for your missing father.

games like Skyrim

The storyline started after Washington DC was destroyed, with only a little amount of structure left undamaged.


  • Roam free around the open world and perform tasks.
  • Ability to explore different locations in the world
  • You can upgrade your weapons as you pick up items.

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  1. MASS EFFECT-2007

Mass Effect Andromeda game is a beautiful game with lots of exciting experiences throughout the whole gameplay.


In the gameplay, you have the option of navigating through space ship to visit other planets and fight monsters with the sole aim of finding an artifact.


  • You have the opportunity of navigating around the new planet.
  • You can use different combat special abilities.
  • The game contains high-quality graphics.

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The borderland three-game introduction is likely in September 2019, as suggested by the development company.

games like Skyrim

Therefore, we left with the option of playing the borderland two games with new exciting mods. With the best 25 borderlands two mods, gamers will not miss that shooting experience.

The introduction of borderland game in 2009 as an open-world shooting game brings an entirely new experience.

The evolution of this game since the introduction date has been remarkable. Even when gamers feel that they have seen all the shooting action, developers bring out a new excitement with classic mods.

The improvement of the game continues to the borderland two initial releases to the upcoming borderland three that is likely to be released in 2019.

The borderland two games are now with an improves gameplay, which was initially published by the 2k games.

The gameplay is one of a kind starting from the initial campaign quest to the whole action stories that keep you entertained.

The game is very adventurous when playing through the stories from the pursuit of finding the alien vaults and Pandora.


  • The game comprises of 3D graphic characters.
  • You get the opportunity of fighting with melee weapons and firearms.
  • You can upgrade your weapons as you earn a bonus.
  • The game has lots of weapons to play switch between when playing.

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With all of the best 25 games like Skyrim, you have the opportunity of experiencing different types of gameplay.

You can even bring out a new gaming adventure experience by using mods for all these games.

No matter what your preference is, once you are searching for similar games like Skyrim, you will surely love the above list of 25 games.

Gamers have already finished playing the Skyrim and are willing to try new games.

As we all know, the Skyrim game has made a remarkable change that can affect the interest of users with its fantasy features.