Best Torchlight II Mods, Install These Mods to boost Your Gameplay

Torchlight II is a fantasy dungeon-crawler action RPG that was initially released for the Microsoft Windows platform in 2012, as a sequel to the first Torchlight game.

It is developed and published by Runic Games.

The game takes place in the years after the conclusion of the first Torchlight, and it gives you the improved gameplay elements when compared to its predecessor.

Despite being first released in 2012 for PC, the game has also been released for the modern consoles (PS4, Xbox One, Switch) in 2019.

In this game, you can choose between various available classes in your adventure.

Each class has different attributes that determine their strengths and weaknesses.

Once you’ve chosen the character to play, you can start your adventure by exploring various areas and dungeons along the way, while uncovering the storyline for your character.

For the PC version, you can mod the game with various available mods in order to improve your gameplay experience and make the game more fun to play.

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List of  best Torchlight II mods

Here are the 20 best Torchlight II mods that you can install on PC today:

Clear Mini Map

The mini map in Torchlight II gives you good information about the surrounding terrain, providing various points of interest that you can visit.

Torchlight II Mods

However, the default mini map in this game can appear to be too cluttered.

So, the Clear Mini Map mod is there to change the look and feel of the mini map and removing all the clutter from it.

In so doing, it helps you focus on the most important things on the map without being distracted by the clutter.


  • It removes various clutters from the mini map in this game, giving you more focus on your objectives.
  • The borders are removed from the mini map, giving you a cleaner and better view of the map.
  • The zoom signs on the mini map are made invisible, but they are still completely usable.
  • You can clearly see the objects and points of interest on the map.
  • With a less clutter, it is easier for you to explore the areas within the game.

Pretty Damage

As a dungeon crawler action RPG, Torchlight II will give you the adventurous gameplay elements that require you to slay some monsters and kill many enemies along the way.

Pretty Damage

The good thing about this game is that, when you battle your enemies, you will see good battle animations which are quite enjoyable to watch.

Alongside the battle animations, you will see some battle-related texts and numbers floating around the characters, indicating damage amounts and other relevant information, such as “CRITICAL!” for critical damages.

This mod attempts to modify the font of those texts and numbers to appear better and more beautiful to look at.


  • Battle animations will become much more enjoyable to watch.
  • Battle-related texts and numbers will look cleaner and better with a better font.
  • The colors of the font give more beauty to the overall battle animations.
  • The font used is better than the vanilla version.
  • It is a simple mod, but it can give big improvements to the battle animations.

Extra Chunky

Extra Chunky is the mod that gives 31 new levels for your Torchlight II gameplay.

Torchlight II Mods

As a dungeon crawler game that has random dungeons, the addition of these extra chunky levels will give you more fun gameplay experience for this game.

Each level in this mod is designed to meet the high standards of this game, so you won’t feel that these levels are out of place.

If you want more adventure with this game, you can add more levels to it with this mod.


  • The levels in this mod are designed to meet with the standards of the original game.
  • The additional levels can appear randomly in various dungeons or areas in this game.
  • It adds more adventure to this game if you want to enjoy more challenges.
  • Different level chunks are spread over different dungeons and areas.
  • This mod will not conflict with other mods because it is designed without editing any default game files.

Better Blood Effects

During battles, there are blood effects in this game that make it quite satisfying every time you kill or damage your enemies.

Better Blood Effects

Their blood will splatter around them.

However, in the original game, the blood effects won’t last long, and the blood will disappear after a few seconds.

Also, the blood decals are not too many.

With this mod, you can make the blood effects in this game better.

The game will look bloodier and killing enemies will have more dramatic effects with all the splattered blood that you see after installing this mod.


  • With this mod, the blood will last longer after killing your enemies.
  • The blood decals will be seen more, which means more blood for you to see.
  • The battles will become more dramatic as more blood get splattered.
  • The battles will also become more satisfying as you kill more enemies.
  • It works on all characters and enemies.

Health and Mana Bars

Health and Mana are important indicators that you will find in this game.

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Torchlight II Mods

You will die if your Health indicator reaches zero, whereas, if your Mana indicator reaches zero, you will not be able to use magic.

In this game, the Health and Mana indicators are presented in the form of a globe.

For new players, it might be a little confusing at first, especially those who have played different types of games before.

If you prefer the Health and Mana indicators to be presented in the form of bars, you can use this mod to change it.


  • It turns the globe indicator for Health and Mana into bars.
  • It will make it easier for you to see your Health and Mana indicators during gameplay.
  • You can show and hide the texts or percentages of the Health and Mana bars in this game.
  • You can customize various settings of the Health and Mana bars.
  • The Settings for the Health and Mana bars are integrated to the main Settings Menu.

Bigger Inventory

The inventory system in this game allows you to store various items and equipment that you can use in your adventure.

Bigger Inventory

However, if you think that the inventory is too limited for you, you might want to make it bigger.

The Bigger Inventory mod is the mod that allows you to make your inventory bigger, allowing you to store more items and equipment that you can use during the gameplay.

It will make you to be more prepared to face the challenges ahead.


  • The inventory that you have in this game will become significantly bigger than the default one.
  • You can carry more items and equipment in your inventory.
  • You will become more prepared in facing various challenges during your adventure.
  • Additional slots for your inventory are available, such as 72 Player Stash and 112 Shared Stash.
  • There are separate sort buttons for the inventory and player stash.

Synergies MOD

Synergies MOD is the mod that you can install to apply the full conversion and overhaul for the basic Torchlight II game.

Torchlight II Mods

With this mod, you will change various aspects of the game, and most of the time, these aspects are being improved for the better.

It is one of the best mods that you can install for this game.

Aside from the full conversion and overhaul for this game, Synergies also applies a new balance to this game.


  • The balance in this game is changed, such as the difficulty settings, random affixes, skill unlock rates, and more.
  • New additional legendary items are available.
  • There are two additional towns that you can visit after installing Synergies.
  • There are additional endgame dungeons and alternative leveling dungeons in Synergies.
  • Synergies also adds some custom classes for your characters.

Torchlight II Essentials

Torchlight II Essentials is the compilation mod that gives you the essential and most important mods that will improve the game significantly.

Torchlight II Essentials

It consists of various mods that change various aspects of the game, including the class system, user interface, weapon and armor sets, and many more.

If you want to improve your experience in playing this game, this is the compilation mod that you need to have.


  • This compilation mods contain the essential mods that you can install in Torchlight II to improve your overall gameplay experience.
  • There are various class mods and level layout mods that are available in this compilation.
  • The texture and user interface mods can change the overall look and feel of the game.
  • There are also pet/merchant/NPC mods to change various additional characters that you see in this game.
  • Item and balance mods are available to add more item variations as well as balance your gameplay experience in this game.

Big Bag Mod Upgrade

Items and equipment are essentials to your survival in this game.

Torchlight II Mods

This is why having a good inventory system is crucial for you to go through the gameplay and deal with all the challenges that you face throughout the game.

The Big Bag Mod Upgrade is the compilation mod that gives you various advantages when it comes to item storage and inventory system in this game.

It gives you various additional functions that are not available in the base game.


  • It adds lots of new slots to your inventory, such as 2000 slots for the shared stash equip.
  • It has also been integrated to use with Synergies MOD pretty well, with better sorting system if you install the Synergies MOD in your game.
  • You can get full Respec for NPC via the user interface in the game.
  • It gives the unidentified items the yellow color and the unusable items the red color.
  • You can also enable Mod Unbinder with this compilation, which will unbind your save files from the unwanted mods.

Variant Classes

Variant Classes is the compilation mod that allows you to add various types of custom classes from various modders.

Variant Classes

While the base game allows you to choose between various classes, you can still add more custom classes by adding certain class mods into the game.

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However, this particular compilation, which is Variant Classes mod, allows you to add various custom classes that are the highest quality, specifically hand-picked by the mod compiler.


  • This mod is a compilation of high quality custom classes that are made by various modders.
  • Some classes included in this mod are Archer, Assassin, Dark Noxmer, Druid, Double Agent, and more.
  • There is a new character creation UI that you can get after installing this mod.
  • All custom classes in this compilation mod can be customized with different hairstyles, hair colors, and faces.
  • It also includes other new features, such as Minigun rebalancing, new starting pets, and new Flamethrower weapon.

TL2-E Full Conversion

As a full conversion mod, TL2-E changes various aspects available in the base game and improve those aspects with better features and other improvements.

For instance, you can rebalance the game difficulty in Torchlight II, rebalance the skills that are either over-powered or under-powered, as well as adding new classes or unique skills to the game.

In other words, your experience with the game will become better by installing this full conversion mod.


  • You can have 3 new classes that you can use in this game, which are Dark Sorcerer, Assassin, and Barbarian.
  • A new act called Act 5 is being added to the game, offering more challenges and adventures in your gameplay.
  • There are various balancing adjustments for the skills and difficulties in this game, including boss fights.
  • The original classes and skills have been changed and improved with better stats.
  • The view distance has also been increased throughout the game.

Draw Distance Extender

Torchlight II is a beautiful fantasy game where you can explore various dungeons and other areas and fight monsters along the way.

You can level up your characters and store various items into your inventory.

The game has beautiful visuals that will keep you marvel at the beauty of the game world.

However, if you think that the draw distance offered in the base game is too limited for your field of view, you can extend it by using the Draw Distance Extender mod.


  • It makes the draw distance wider for you, allowing you to see more areas in the game.
  • It improves the visuals of the game because you can view more areas in the game.
  • It is perfect if you have an ultra-wide monitor, giving you more field of view to fill the screen.
  • You can utilize the power of your graphic card more by using this mod.
  • It is well optimized and doesn’t cause lags in your game.

Potions Reborn

In Torchlight II, potions are the most important items that you need to have if you want to survive in your adventure.

It can heal you and your party and make it easier for you to deal with stronger enemies.

Potions can also increase your stat points, and different types of potions will give different effects for your characters.

This mod changes the potions in the game to give more advantages to your characters.


  • It incorporates various mods related to potions, such as respec and restat potions.
  • It increases the potion drop rates that you can get from various places in the game.
  • There are also various elixirs that can boost your stats permanently.
  • Various types of potions can be found at general merchants, as loots, as well as at the wandering merchants.
  • It is designed to work under Synergies MOD if you want to get the full effects of this mod.

Stat Elixirs

Aside from potions, elixirs are also the important recovery items that you can get in Torchlight II.

Elixirs can recover your health and add various attributes to your characters, giving you a boost of power for facing the challenges in this game.

The Stat Elixirs mod adds various types of elixirs that can improve your stats, such as Strength, Dexterity, Focus, and more.

You can obtain these stat elixirs from the loots once you’ve installed this mod.


  • Various types of elixirs that can boost your stats will be available once you’ve installed this mod.
  • You can obtain the new stat elixirs from the loots that you get after defeating your enemies and throughout the game.
  • These stat elixirs will increase your stats permanently.
  • Various stats can be boosted with these stat elixirs, including Focus, Strength, Dexterity, Health, Vitality, Mana, and more.
  • After installing this mod, elixirs can be found under Magic, with distinct blue texts on their name.


Brother-in-Arms is the mod that will change the human companion pet in Torchlight II.

With this mod, you will be able to use your companion pet as a second character in this game.

At the starting point, your pet will become the second character that you can customize in any way you want, including the stats and skill points.

The customization can be done without any level limitation, giving you a big advantage in this game.


  • This mod turns your pet into a second character that you can customize freely.
  • There are 18 pets that you can choose as your second character.
  • You can toggle the Pet Battle stances with just one key during gameplay.
  • You can customize equipment and weapons for your pet as well.
  • This mod implements the use of charge bars for each companion.
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Fighting Arts

Fighting Arts is the mod that you can install to add a new class for Torchlight II.

The new class that you will add with this mod is called the Otaku Fighter.

With this new class, you will be able to use a character inspired by various manga, anime, and fighting game titles.

So, if you like to experience new things with this fun mod, you can install it to add more fun to your game.


  • A new Japanese/anime style character will be added once you’ve installed this mod.
  • It is a fun mod that allows you to use various different fighting skills in this game.
  • You can perform various combos and find various builds with this Otaku Fighter character.
  • You can either use the buffed-up character version or the default character version.
  • This is a hybrid class that gives you 10% damage reduction in the game.

Playable Werewolf Class

The werewolf is a character that you can find in Torchlight II, but in the base game, you will not be able to play as a werewolf.

However, with the Playable Werewolf Class mod, you will be able to play a werewolf as a new class in this game.

You can equip any weapon or armor for your werewolf, although it won’t show on your character’s animations when you equip them.

However, you will get the full benefits of the weapons and armors that you choose to equip for your werewolf character.


  • It allows you to play as a werewolf in Torchlight II.
  • You can equip any type of weapons and armors for your new character.
  • The werewolf that you can play using this mod is the black werewolf, with future color options being planned.
  • You can also equip shields, although you won’t see the shield during the attack animations when you equip it.
  • It also adds new pets and other playable monster class into this game.

Respec/Restat Potions

In Torchlight II, there are various ways you can do to obtain potions and other recovery items.

You can mainly obtain them through merchants and blacksmiths that you can find throughout the game.

You can also obtain potions via loots.

The Respec/Restat Potions mod is the mod that you can use to make Respec and Restat potions available in various merchants and blacksmiths.


  • Respec potions can be found in merchants and blacksmiths, allowing you to reset your skills.
  • Restat potions can also be found in merchants and blacksmiths, which allow you to add various stats to your characters.
  • Various Respec and Restat options are available to get with this mod.
  • You can either increase or decrease your stats by using these respec and restat potions.
  • The stats that you can change using the potions include Dexterity, Focus, Vitality, Strength, and more.

Better Sorting

In Torchlight II, you are allowed to sort the equipment or items that you have in your inventory.

But, in the default game, it might not give you the options to sort items based on various attributes that are important in the game.

The Better Sorting mod simply gives you the better auto-sort filter for gems, weapons, and armors that you have in your inventory.


  • It improves the default sorting mechanism in your inventory.
  • You can sort the weapons and armors according to Quality.
  • You can sort the gems according to Type, Rank, and Quality.
  • You can find high quality weapons and armors in your inventory much quicker with this sorting method.
  • It also has the sorting for the Unique Gems.

Pet and Fishing Overhaul

The Pet and Fishing Overhaul is the mod that allows you to apply a complete overhaul for the pet and fishing aspects of the game.

This includes pet transformations as well.

In Torchlight II, you are allowed to have pets, and you can also do some fishing in this game.

This mod will make both activities even more enjoyable for you to do.


  • It makes the fishing activities more profitable for you.
  • You can find transformation potions at the general goods vendors in this game.
  • It improves various aspects of the pet and fishing system in this game.
  • You can also use this mod with Synergies MOD.
  • The fish stack sizes are increased.


These mods will improve various aspects of your Torchlight II gameplay and make your experience with this game even more enjoyable.

Probably, the most recommended mod in this list that you have to install immediately is the Synergies MOD, which will transform the game completely into a better one for you to enjoy.

You can also install other mods to add various advantages and benefits in your gameplay.

So, if you ;2want to enjoy this game more, feel free to try these Torchlight II mods and use the ones that you find enjoyable to play.

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