5 Effective Ways to Track an iPhone by Number

An iPhone owner swears by its faultless performance and security, but even it can be tracked. Though it may disappoint iPhone owners, truth can’t be denied. Now, we have best-of-breed technology that can break into an iPhone using the phone number and iCloud credentials.

Yes, you can track an iPhone by number online free. Not just that, you can get an admin like access to the targeted device and feel like you own it. In this article, we will talk about the top 5 spy apps that could help you track an iPhone by a phone number. So, stay tuned. 

#1 – Spyier

Spyier is the most reliable spy app that we will discuss at first. Built with the most inventive spying technology, this app is here to set you free from risks, hassles, and heavy costs involved in iPhone tracking. 


Without asking for jailbreak the targeted iPhone, this spy app can track more than 35 activities happening on the targeted device. 

The best part is the interface of Spyier is so user-friendly that anyone can use it on any device/browser. So, you need not to spend your hard-earned money to own special technical skills and tracking devices. 

As long as you know the basics of mobile use, have any data-driven devices, and an active internet connection, you can be a full-fledged spy with Spyier. This is the reason why this spy app has earned praise from across the world. 

Millions of users in 190 countries, various leading media houses, and we have shown trust in Spyier. We must say that all of this praise and trust is well earned by Spyier as it keeps you safe in every condition. 

Tracking an iPhone is not a joke unless you have Spyier. You search on Google and you will see hundreds of solutions either suggesting jailbreak or filling surveys after the survey. Both of these choices are extremely risky. 

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With jailbreak, you can damage the OS of the targeted iPhone so badly that it will be good for nothing. On the other hand, the surveys of random clicks here and there can be a gimmick to steal your crucial data.

Who wants to create hassles while tracking other’s iPhone? Well, no one would. And Spyier understood it well. That’s why it has found an inventive way to track the iPhone. Instead of jailbreak, it gets paired with the iCloud of the targeted iPhone and fetches data for you.

Instead of a tedious survey filling or the download process, it works from a web-based interface and doesn’t save any data on its server. 

Wait! There is more to come. Its operations are 100% discrete. The targeted device is nowhere involved. No notification, messages, or pop-ups will be sent on the targeted device. So, no one will ever find out that you are trying to be the most ingenious spy ever and getting all the details of the targeted iPhone. 

This simply implies that your safety and security is never compromised while you use Spyier. We hope now you understand why we have crowned it with the most trusted spy app title. 

The key specialty of Spyier 

Its data rendering facility is so reliable that you never miss anytime. It’s monitoring is real-time and sends you to live updates with time stamps. 

#2 – Spyic 

Our discussion over how to track an iPhone by number online free will not complete if we don’t mention Spyic. After Spyier, if any other spying app that has managed to impress us and millions more with its impassable performance it is Spyic only. 

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We are a die-hard fan of how effortlessly securely and cost-effectively it tracks an iPhone using a phone number. It works without jailbreak and app download process. With its web-based interface, you can track the iPhone from any device/browser. 

Its operations are 100% discreet. So, you can spy on a targeted device without any worries. The next thing that forced us to keep Spyic in second place is its comprehensive assistance. Using the app, you can track the whole bunch of activities happening on the targeted device.  

Call history, messages shared, media clicked, website browsed, apps used, social media accounts used, and many more 30 activities can be monitored with full conviction and accuracy. 

The key specialty of Spyic 

Whether it’s installation or monitoring, everything that you are doing using Spyic is 100% web-based. Forget about gaining access to the targeted device for one time. No, you don’t need to touch the targeted device. 

#3 – Cocospy 

Keeping forward the legacy of risk-free iPhone tracking, we have come up with another such perfect and secure option for you and it is Cocospy

Using this iPhone tracking app, you can easily find out everything happening on the targeted device without jeopardizing your safety and security. 


Its 100% web-based interface grants you download-free tracking of the iPhone. Using any of the devices/browsers, you can observe every activity happening on the targeted device while sitting miles away. 

The key specialty of Cocospy 

While you use Cocospy, you can sit back and relax as your data will not be exposed in the outer world. 

#4 – Minspy 

Minspy is another powerful and feature-rich iPhone tracking app that can fetch real-time data without putting you in any danger. With its jailbreak-free operations, you can track more than 30 activities without much brainstorming. 

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Its dashboard, that you can access using any device/browser, keeps you updated in real-time. The best part is that the target device is not required at all. 


The key specialty of Minspy 

The developers of Minspy have put much stress in making it an easy tool to use and we must say that they got to succeed as well. Its interface is very user-friendly and performs all the required actions with the least possible technical expertise. 

#5 – Spyine 

We will wrap this list with our last but equally effective iPhone tracking app, Spyine. This tracking app can help you do risk-free and hassle-free monitoring of more than 35 activities happening on the targeted iPhone. 

As its operations are 100% and web-based, the targets will never find out that you are spying on them. This way, you remain out of harm’s way. 


The key specialty of Spyine 

What appeals to us most about Spyine is how reliably it fetched as the data. No matter how frequently the data changes, this app will capture it and deliver to you. 


The iPhone is a tough nut to crack when it comes to tracking. However, by using the right kind of technology in the right manner, Spyier has managed to make it a cakewalk for its users. 

Through its jailbreak & 100% discreet operation, Spyier has convinced us that it’s the most reliable spy app that anyone can ever have. So, if you want to track an iPhone by number online free then don’t look any further. Just grab Spyier and enjoy hassle-free spying on iPhone.