Streaming TV Live channels and surfing your favorite movies and web series are now possible under one roof called USTVGO which features hundreds of channels covering all major genres. No matter whether you’re a media lover, sports enthusiast, or a news person, the USTVGO will cover all your interests, so there is no need to pay for separate sites. USTVGO is an affordable, user-friendly, safe, and available website for content surfing and streaming, read this USTVGO review to know more.


The primary purpose for signing up for such online websites for live TV and entertainment is to alternate the outdated corded setup. In past, all my childhood, we used to have a dish or cable for television that was nothing less than a hassle. You need to take care of signals, wires, electricity, and a lot of things to get limited channels of your interest. Luckily, the advancements have touched this aspect too and made the life of TV lovers easier and more modern by introducing the web for such purposes as USTVGO.

As far as USTVGO is concerned, it is among the top-most services for streaming content around the globe for many obvious reasons, like, as it is approachable, easy to use and handles affordable pricing, and much more. In this blog, I decided to stack the information related to USTVGO for your ease, so there is no need to search here and there for entertainment or home theatre when you can subscribe for USTVGO. Let’s get enrolled in the comprehensive and complete details about USTVGO:

In short, the USTVGO is a streaming website that gives you a lot of features including TV channels, movies, web series, interviews, talk shows, sports, and more. It covers numerous genres, and you don’t even have to register to watch the unlocked content. While there are some premium features like extra channels, no advertisements, no redirects, etc., which cost you a few dollars. In my opinion, go for the free trial first and then buy the subscription to experience the best.

Is USTVGO Legal?

When purchasing the USTVGO, the most-asked question by customers about it is “Is USTVGO legal?”, so for your information, it is not. Hold on! It might not be a legitimate streaming site but that doesn’t mean any prior risks because this is kept for consumer ease. In other words, when you go for a legal streaming platform, you need to undergo the proper licensing process which is quite hectic for residents and so they need an easy solution. For that reason, the USTVGO has kept a free and license-less program.

Opinionatedly speaking, the use of USTVGO is not considered a crime; however, you can say it is inappropriate in some sense. But aside from the legitimacy, the features and procedure of USTVGO are worthwhile, which encourages you to go for it. It is a part of IPTV services—the largest internet protocol television and service provider around the globe for offering quality substance, the hub of channels, and whatnot under one shadow.

I hope that your queries related to the use of USTVGO, and its legitimacy are now solved. In a few words, I must say using the USTVGO is considered improper because it lacks licensing but that too for customer’s ease because you don’t need to go through the legal procedures and get access to a bunch of TV channels and related content anytime. So, it’s totally up to you whether you want to opt for legitimate streaming sites or USTVGO.

Do You Need A VPN For Streaming USTVGO?

Have you ever heard the word VPN? If not, here is a brief introduction. VPN states a virtual private network that gives you access to the private network over a public one so that you send and receive data while computing different devices like smartphones, PCs, laptops, and more. In simple words, VPN changes the IP address of your device and allows you to connect, surf, and stream different websites around the globe without any hindrance.

The websites are programmed to be functional in specific regions, for example, some webs are functional United States but not in Asia and vice versa. For that reason, the VPN is launched which changes your IP address or location-related information on the web and gives you access to sites that are not functional in your area. In this context, the question arises that whether you need a VPN for USTVGO or not.

As discussed previously, USTVGO is not a legitimate streaming web, which means that it has pirated video content. Using the VPN will hide your address and your identity from the hands of trackers, hackers, etc., and allows you to use USTVGO safely. In short, if you want to be on the safe side and stream content anonymously on the USTVGO, you can use VPN to hide your identity. In my opinion, you should use USTVGO on VPN to avoid any interference or difficulty.

Now that you have got an answer to “Do you need a VPN for streaming USTVGO or not?”, it’s time to pick out the best one. This is because we have so many choices on the internet for VPN which makes choosing one tedious for beginners. That’s why I decided to enlist a few topmost VPNs for USTVGO, let’s take a quick tour of those:

1. CyberGhost

The first choice on this list is CyberGhost, which is one of the biggest and most popular VPN servers on the web right now. It is based on the latest VPN technology that opens unlimited websites to you regardless of your location, device, IP, and more. This is why I found it great for all kinds of users because it functions independently of the application, your expertise, etc. Also, the privacy features of CyberGhost are quite reliable which makes it stand out in the race.

The primary advantages of CyberGhost include the broad server, which allows you to connect to seven simultaneous sites, it includes its antivirus that combats viruses and bugs to ensure the protection of your device, and lastly, the CyberGhost has impressive speed. Like every other thing, the CyberGhost has some disadvantages like it lacks a third-party audit, offers an expensive pricing structure in comparison to other VPNs, and the privacy policy of CyberGhost is hard to understand for novices.

2. NordVPN

The next choice on this list is NordVPN, which is another largest virtual private network server. It appears in all top lists for providing the fastest services as no one of us is ready to wait for internet surfing. Aside from its super-fast functioning, NordVPN is a package full of abundant features that will lift your streaming experience to the next level. In a few words, it will be right to say that NordVPN is a blend of quality service, standard safety systems, bug-free streaming, and affordability.

When you have already subscribed to the USTVGO or any other website and spent money for that, it will be difficult for you to make up your mind to spend extra cash on a VPN. It makes sense, right? That’s why people including me search for the cheapest solution for the VPN to avail of all the services without spending an additional penny. If you can relate, NordVPN is meant for you because it is the cheapest VPN available in today’s web place.

Its low price doesn’t mean any compromise on security as NordVPN offers a standard safety system that makes the overall practice reliable and trustworthy. The NordVPN will hide your IP address and location from the trackers and allows you to stream abundant websites regardless of their regional restrictions. So, all-in-all, you will not regret signing up for NordVPN.

3. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is another jackpot network that unblocks all sites regardless of the regional restrictions. I found this VPN back when I was traveling to China and based on my experience it is an extremely beneficial networking site because of its user-friendly interface and quick performance. There is no need to wait for long to surf movies, live TV, etc. when you have ExpressVPN which streams content as fast as a light beam.

As an inexperienced user, it is difficult to switch to VPN, and considering this fact ExpressVPN is designed to give ease to novices. It has a simple, straightforward, and easily understandable structure which will make the entire thing smoother and convenient for all level users. You can watch unlimited content, visit blocked sites, and download files using this smart VPN on all of your gadgets like laptops, PCs, mobiles, etc.

ExpressVPN indeed brings an array of benefits like speedy performance across all regions, standardized security on application software as well as servers for your safety, no logs policies, 24 hours support to live support on chat, and so forth. I love the fact that work in restricted countries like China and the United Arab Emirates without any hassle. On the downside, ExpressVPN is a bit expensive, and its streaming servers lack labeling and proper naming.

In a nutshell, if the price is not a major issue for you, there is no VPN better than ExpressVPN because of its supremacy in speed and security. When searching for the best VPN these two are the factors you cannot take for granted. In addition, its excellent customer support service and ability to dodge censorship makes it stand out in the race of topmost VPNs. Also, you can set ExpressVPN directly to your router to set all the devices on the VPN.

4. TunnelBear

Last but certainly not least, we have TunnelBear VPN which is another striking option for USTVGO. When using the VPN, your privacy somehow gets at risk as hackers or trackers will reach you someway and rap your data. To dodge this drawback, TunnelBear has designed this VPN service to protect your privacy like a shield and provide a similar beneficial service all along. So, there is no need to worry about your data when you’re using the TunnelBear VPN.

As far as my concerns are related, I hate advertisements, redirects, and similar hindrances especially when I am binge-watching my favorite television series. If you’re also standing in the same circumstances and want an ad-free VPN, the TunnelBear is highly suggested. It blocks advertisements and all kinds of popups and gives you a smooth and free-of-interference experience.

The key benefits of using the TunnelBear VPN are as follows: affordability, reliable privacy policy, user-friendly and approachable interface, and annual audits are independent. However, the TunnelBear VPN lacks wire guard support which is a drawback. In conclusion, the TunnelBear VPN is suggested for customers who are more concerned about the privacy of their data.

That’s all for VPNs, I hope you have now a better understanding of area restrictions and license policies. In a word, I must conclude that using the VPN sounds like a good idea because it unblocks the blocked sites, increases the performance speed of the web, blocks advertisements, popups, redirects, and much more. You can opt for any of the above-explained VPNs without a second thought. However, some live TV streaming sites like USTVGO also have their VPN, so it’s totally up to your choice.

Features Of USTVGO

Now that all your concerns about the VPN and licensing are resolved, it’s time to highlight the main features to proceed with this USTVGO review. As we discussed before, USTVGO is a top site for streaming live television channels, movies, sports, and much more under a single platform. It offers real-time surfing and streaming experience by directly allowing you to access all the channels available. You can stream multiple contents of your choice and enjoy a home theatre experience in your living room.

In addition, the USTVGO includes no advertisements, which is the best feature for me because I don’t want any hindrance during my time on TV. I cannot bear popups, redirects, or ads when watching my favorite TV series, and if you feel the same, the USTVGO is meant for you because has no ads. All you need to do is to click on the movie or channel you want to watch and grab your popcorn, that’s all! The content will start playing immediately on USTVGO.

The USTVGO is a proper web place for watching live TV and your favorite entertainment substance from around the world. For that reason, the programmers arranged this website according to genres, languages, and countries so that you can surf and stream with ease. Also, it provides you a complete schedule for each channel that you want to subscribe to for two-days minimum. After getting the subscription, you can stream that channel continuously without any break.

Another feature of USTVGO is called the playback screen feature which allows you to navigate the played content when you open some other link or substance on the gadget. For example, you are working and watching a movie together. However, the playback screen control options are limited to the following play and pause buttons, subtitles key, full-screen toggle, and volume control. In short, this feature is helpful for multitaskers.

Have you ever heard the word “ergonomic”? Ergonomic is performance efficiency with comfort and convenience. It will be right to say that USTVGO is an ergonomic streaming platform that requires no hectic registrations, signups, or licensing. It is free to use; you can watch your favorite channel anytime from anywhere, so what else are you looking for?

USTVGO Website Design

The design of a webpage determines how easy or challenging it will be for users, shortly it is termed an interface. The USTVGO webpage has a very minimalistic design with few icons on it that let users understand and function without any difficulty. The color code of the webpage is blue and black, and the header consists of buttons for the telegram channel, frequently asked questions, VPN, and more categories, while the footer gives detail about the USTVGO.

Then, there is a channel list that shows you all the channels included in USTVGO. There are more than hundreds of channels on the USTVGO covering all the genres so you’ll not see a compromise anywhere. Also, the quality of USTVGO is something appreciable because it is rare to see that a web server displays 1080p high-definition videos for free. In a word, the USTVGO is providing a bunch of channels in crystal clear quality without any prior server down problems.

How To Use USTVGO?

As a beginner, you might be conscious of how to use the USTVGO, so I added a guide in the USTVGO review. To watch the content on USTVGO, you can have access to its website on browsers like Chrome, Firefox, etc. Launch any browser of your choice to visit the official website of USTVGO; after that, surf the channels list and pick out the one that you want to watch. Now click on the channel and then on the play button to watch it on USTVGO.

Don’t worry! I know that you’ll be using the USTVGO on different devices and all have a bit dissimilar procedures, so I decided to discuss one-by-one for your better understanding. I’m starting the queue of this guide from the Amazon fire stick which is a streaming device that aims to convert a simple television into the smart one so that you can navigate services like USTVGO, Amazon prime, Hulu, Netflix, and more on it.

This guide is applicable for all similar streaming devices like fire TV sticks, fire stick lite, fire TV cubes, and so forth. When you connect the fire stick to the TV, it allows you we surfing through the browser so that you can reach different websites including USTVGO. The Amazon fire stick supports two browsers: Amazon silk and Mozilla Firefox, where I found Mozilla better in terms of performance, speed, and security.

In case your device is new and it does not have a pre-installed Mozilla or Amazon silk, you can search for the app store and get one from there. For that, simply find the application by searching it and click on the get button and then install. On the other hand, type the Mozilla Firefox on the search bar and click on find if don’t know the exact location of Firefox on your device. Once you have opened the browser, here are the simple and quick steps you can follow:

Open the browser and search on the web address bar and click on the go button; after a load, this page will take you to the official website of USTVGO. If there is any popup appears in between, you can simply cancel it and continue the process. Now with the help of the remote, choose the channel you want to see and click on play. You see, the processing is pretty straightforward and basic even for inexperienced users.

Secondly, if you’re an Android user and want to watch the USTVGO, this section is for you. On the first hand, I suggest you enable the VPN to be on the safe side. The VPN unblocks the blocked sites, increase the performance speed of the web, blocks the advertisements, popups, redirects, and so on. once you have enabled the VPN, it’s time to stream the USTVGO on Android.

If you want to watch the USTVGO on Android, follow these basic steps: search for the browser in the first place or download if there is not any. After opening the browser, type the on the URL section and click the enter button to search this website. You can cancel the ads or popups that come during this process. Once you’ve reached the USTVGO website, it’s time to surf for the channels and content you want to see.

For your information, the Android system has different versions due to which the names or labels can be a little different. So, please don’t sweat and mindfully follow the instructions explained above. There is no rocket science; you just need to search the website of USTVGO to stream live TV on your smartphone.

Thirdly, if you want to watch the USTVGO on the computer, laptop, MacBook, or Chromebook, these are the steps you can simply follow: open the browser on your computer and enter the same address in the URL section and click go. It will connect you to the main website of USTVGO where you can search and stream different channels and videos of your choice. Again don’t forget to enable the VPN on the computer before using the USTVGO for a better experience.

Fourthly, if you’re an iPhone user and want to run USTVGO on your mobile, these are the steps you can follow: open the Safari browser on your iPhone and enter on the URL section, and press enter. The web page will link you to the USTVGO from where you can stream live channels on your iPhone. Isn’t it completely wireless, hassle-free, and basic? As I said, don’t forget the VPN to be on the good side.

If you’re using the USTVGO on a mobile phone, you can install VPN services from the Play Store or App store easily, where some VPNs are free while others cost you a few dollars. In this blog, I have discussed some top-rated VPNs already, so don’t skip those to have a reliable experience. Here is an end to the guide for how to use USTVGO on different gadgets, now let’s move on to the available contents on the USTVGO.

USTVGO Contents

As I said before, the USTVGO is a hub of channels that you can stream and watch in high-definition resolution. The striking channels on the USTVGO include ABC, HGTV, AMC, Lifetime, BBC America, MTV, Boomerang, NBA, CBS, NFL Network, Cinemax, Oxygen, Cartoon Network, Paramount, CNBC, PBS, CNN, Showtime, Discovery, TBS, Disney, TLC, ESPN, TNT, Food Network, USA Network, Fox, WWE Network, Hallmark Channel, YSE Network, HBO, and VH1.

USTVGO Pricing

The pricing of USTVGO is divided into different packages: the first package by USTVGO is called “Classic” and it offers standard movies and content for six months to three users from one account. This plan is free of cost and is considered a trial for new customers. After six months, the classic plan will automatically expire.

The second package is called “TeleUP Plus and DVR” which costs you $11.99 only and offers live television services with thirty channels. The channels are well divided and cover several genres including sports, TV shows, news, and movies. You can stream the USTVGO on your laptop, mobile phone, tablet, and smart TV and enjoy premium quality content anytime. The user has the freedom to cancel the package at any time. The TeleUP Plus and DVR are for one month and three users can use them at a time.

The tertiary package of USTVGO is “USTVnow” which gives you access to live TV channels related to sports, movies, talk shows, news, and more. You can log in to this package and get a free trial for ten days first, then decide as you have canceling option all the time. This certain package costs you $19 and is for one month for three users maximum.

The last package by USTVGO is termed “USTVnow and DVR” which features top-rated channels for watching sports, movies, TV shows, web series, interviews, and more. This package has an unlimited collection of both western and classic content and will reach you through world-class channels. You can avail ten-day trial of this package and buy the subscription for $29 per month for three users.

Alternatives for USTVGO

Although USTVGO is a top website for streaming live TV channels online, there are competitors. So, I decided to share a few names as alternatives for USTVGO: 123 TV, UStream, Direct TV Now, OK Live TV, Sling TV, YouTube TV, Hulu, and fuboTV. Among all, YouTube TV is giving tough competition to USTVGO by featuring unsurpassable quality content at good rates.

Advantages of USTVGO

The USTVGO website is free to surf and does not need any hectic registration, licensing subscription, or similar procedures to sign up. It has almost all top-rated channels on the list and you can stream it on any browser like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and more. The interface is quite straightforward and understandable for novices and offers a hassle-free usability experience. Lastly, I love the addition of FAQs and a VPN section in the website’s header.

Disadvantages of USTVGO

Some channels at USTVGO do not function unless you enable the VPN, which is a downside. Also, it is not possible to stream content on USTVGO on a few players including Roku. There is no on-demand content on the USTVGO platform; however, for me, the channels it possesses are enough.


How much does USTVGO cost?

The pricing of the USTVGO depends on the package you buy: TeleUP Plus and DVR package costs you $11.9, USTVnow is for $19, and to subscribe to the USTVnow and DVR you have to pay $29. However, the classic package by USTVGO is free of cost and features limited content.

What are the alternatives for USTVGO?

USTVGO—is a front-running website for streaming live TV channels online but it does have market competitors. Here are a few alternative sites for USTVGO that offers channels live: 123 TV, UStream, Direct TV Now, OK Live TV, Sling TV, YouTube TV, Hulu, and fuboTV.

How does USTVGO work?

The USTVGO website works on browsers like Chrome, Firefox, etc. Launch any browser of your choice to visit the official website of USTVGO; after that, surf the channels list and pick out the one that you want to watch. Now click on the channel and then on the play button to watch it on USTVGO.

The Bottom Line

When looking for the best TV streaming site or platform for watching movies and media content, you need to look for a lot of things including the channels, the available content to watch, the interface, and so forth. Also, many of the movie-watching sites are illegal to use in the United States and many other regions around the globe, while others are unsafe to your gadgets. Thus, I summed up the USTVGO review which will assist you.