What is a Social Security Number?

Social Security Number is the identification of an individual living in the United States of America. This is the identity of an individual that is linked to the US Government.

Social Security Number, also known as SSN, is a unique number that holds the entire record in the entirety of the life of a citizen of the US.

All the records of an individual, be it the social or employment status of an individual, all can be checked on this particular number. It has the entire black and white truth of a person’s life.

The credit checks, loans, and even criminal and other records of an individual can be ascertained from this number.

Knowing how elaborate the data on SSN can be about an individual, you can use CocoFinder to find someone by SSN.

The data of SSN can be vouched to be secure and accurate about an individual and their record and life history.

What is SSN?

As stated earlier, the Social Security Number is a unique number that every citizen of the United States of America needs to have.

This number is covered under section 205(c)(2) of the Social Security Act, which is referred to as 42 U.S.C.

The moment this number was launched, it saw a massive registration within a very short time span of three months itself.

These numbers explicitly indicate every single piece of information about a person.

Every vital record, history, and detail of the person, from financial to criminal can be ascertained from it.

These numbers were launched and allocated to provide a virtual identity to individuals who are residents of the USA.

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It helps in streamlining various government agencies.

The number has become a mandatory exercise for people in multiple agencies and for almost anything.

It helps in finding a missing person, locating a person, ascertaining someone’s cell phone location, claiming welfare services, applying for a job, verification for the purposes of loans, background check, etc.

Check Vital Details from SSN

As stated, SSN can show you the history of a person holistically. If you have someone’s SSN, you have the key to know almost everything about them.

It can provide you with the below-mentioned details:

Are there any criminal records on the name of the person holding the SSN

Run a complete background check and see a history of their loans, mortgages, credit rating, etc.

public record

What is the credit background of the person holding the SSN?

It will give you a holistic insight into someone, their financial and moral conduct, investments, ownership of the real estate, any evictions, reasons, or even foreclosure information.

When engaging with someone, you can know all about them through their Social Security Number.

Having someone’s SSN doesn’t by itself provide you all information about that person.

You need to have a platform that can turn the number into conclusive information that the number holds.

Use SSN to know details about someone on CocoFinder

If you have someone’s SSN, you can use the same to extract details of a person on CocoFinder.

If you have someone’s SSN, knowing about CocoFinder and its services can provide you a lot of informational leverage on someone.

Search someone by SSN on CocoFinder

You can ascertain vital details of a person on CocoFinder and make a search based on their social security number.

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The process is utterly simple and time-saving. Within a few flimsy minutes, you can ascertain every vital information about someone based on their SSN.

In addition to checking data based on the SSN, you can also check information about a person based on whatever information you have about them.

From as little as having someone’s first name and last name only to having their address and SSN, your search base can be extensive.

See the methodology of attaining a report on someone:

Input the Name

If you just have the name of the person, you can enter the first name and last name of the person you need to see details of.

If you enter the location or their phone number or other available details too, the search will lead to more accurate results.

Filter  Result

After entering the details and filtering it, you can then see the display names and images as a product of your search.

You can filter out and check the match for your result.

Download and View Report

As a next step, you need to provide your email.

Your email will be the destination to which the concerned individual’s report will be sent. You can then state your card details and make the payment.

View the Report

Once you have paid for the report, you can view the report. It will have all extensive, juicy and relevant information about the person that will help you in crafting an impression about them.

Why Choose CocoFinder?

You might find other platforms on the internet that will claim to provide good background check facilitation.

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Most of them, either have false claims or will have questionable information because they also seek information from unauthentic sources.

So, if authentic information is what you seek, CocoFinder should be your go to choice for the same.

The platform has the most reliable source and extensive database. There is no information that you cannot attain from CocoFinder.

Also, the wait time on the platform is so less that you can be completely at ease with it.

There will be no unnecessary wait and within moments itself, you will be able to extract the information that you desire.


So, you can use CocoFinder to find someone by SSN or you can use CocoFinder to find someone by just their name.

The more accurate the details, the better it is. You no longer have to ponder about CocoFinder as it is a totally safe platform to use.

The patronage of this web-based lookup application has increased with time. People rely upon the extensive information that this platform provides.

Therefore, trust no other mode or channel when it comes to accuracy and extensity of data than CocoFinder.