What to Do if You Can’t Watch Family Guy on Netflix?

Want to watch Family Guy on Netflix but you’re getting hit with the pesky 404 pages? Or maybe the show is watchable in your area, but there are only a couple of seasons available? While the show isn’t available in its entirety on Netflix, you can still get around 10 seasons worth of Griffin misadventures with a little know-how.

You can find all the information you need with StreamCatcher, including:

  • Which VPNs can unblock Family Guy on Netflix (as well as any other title available on the platform, thanks to its massive database).
  • What VPN server you should connect to for all 10 seasons of Family Guy. Shows tend to switch regions all the time (see The Office and similar cases), so ideally you’d bookmark the site in case your favourite content is no longer available in a country.

The service also includes filters for different audio languages and subtitles. Pretty useful in case you’re looking for foreign productions or prefer to watch shows in your native language.

But back to Family Guy – what’s all this about needing a VPN to watch it? Scroll on for the details.

Why You Need a VPN to Watch Family Guy

The answer is fairly straightforward – regional licensing. Netflix is contractually obligated to restrict shows by region, according to the wishes of the TV and movie studios they license from. VPNs allow you to bypass such restrictions by changing your IP address (and thus your virtual location) to a country of your choice.

For instance, users all around the world can simply connect to a VPN server in Canada to watch all available seasons of Family Guy. That’s the best region to watch the show at the moment, but keep in mind this is likely to change in the future.

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Of course, Netflix blocks VPN traffic on their platform, meaning very few providers nowadays work on their service. This includes VPNs recommended by StreamCatcher – so go check those out for the most reliable way to watch Family Guy on Netflix.

How Does Netflix Block VPNs?

As VPNs provide you with a different IP address to change your location, all Netflix has to do is ban those IPs to interrupt service. They hire specialized companies to collect IP addresses from different VPNs and blacklist them.

Free VPNs get hit the hardest, as they can’t afford to have wide server networks like major, subscription-based providers. Even if by some miracle you happen across a free VPN that works on Netflix, the experience isn’t worth the trouble. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Free VPNs suffer from security issues, such as collecting your personal data to sell to unknown third parties, infecting your device with malware, or even leaking your data online.
  • Performance-wise, expect any free provider to throttle your bandwidth to battle the inevitable congestion issues.
  • As for streaming, prepare for free VPNs to limit your data for the month (up to 10 GB in the most generous cases). With Netflix video taking up 1 GB of data an hour (non-HD), don’t expect to get much out of a free plan.

Overall, you’re better off with a subscription-based VPN if you intend to watch Family Guy on Netflix.

Where Else Can I Watch Family Guy?

Watching the show on Hulu (if you’re in the US) is the only decent alternative at the moment. You get all the seasons of the show, as well.

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That is unless you’re willing to buy the series season-by-season on iTunes, Amazon, or similar vendors. It can get pretty expensive, though – and you’re always at risk of Amazon and co. removing the show from your library.

We’re not making this up – Amazon was recently sued for misleading customers about whether they owned the movies they purchased. As you may have guessed, you’re only purchasing a “license” to watch the content and not the actual product.