FarmVille 25 Farm Cash for Registering a Zynga Account

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FarmVille 25 Farm Cash for Registering a Zynga Account

Posted on May 4, 2010 5:31 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

Farmers who purchase farm cash using PayPal and register a new Zynga account can receive 25 free farm cash. You can then use your Zynga account to purchase farm cash for FarmVille or currency for other Zynga games.

After purchasing any amout of farm cash through PayPal, you will be prompted to register for a Zynga account to receive 25 free farm cash. You must register with a valid email address to complete the offer and redeem your free farm cash.  Check your email to confirm registration with Zynga and redeem your farm cash. After clicking on the confirmation link (in email) the free 25 FV$ can be found in your Gift Box.

While some farmers are reporting problems with receiving the additional free 25 farm cash, this offer is not a scam. It is an offer provided by Zynga for FarmVille. For clarification, the offer requires you to:

  • Have a PayPal account.
  • Purchase any amount of farm cash via PayPal only. Minimum amount is $5 for 25 farm cash.
  • Create a new Zynga account (different from FarmVille), existing Zynga accounts do not qualify for this offer.
  • Confirm email from Zynga to receive additional free 25 farm cash.

Due to the specific nature, we cannot post a direct link to this offer as there is no direct link.

To complete the offer, follow these steps:

  1. Go to FarmVille “Add Farm Coins & Cash” Page.
  2. Choose to purchase farm cash with PayPal.
  3. Login to PayPal.
  4. Complete transaction for farm cash via PayPal.
  5. After completing purchase, you will receive a pop-up message asking you to sign up for a Zynga account to receive 25 free farm cash.
  6. Register for a Zynga account with a valid email address.
  7. Check your email account for a confirmation email from Zynga and click on link provided to redeem your free farm cash.
  8. After confirming email, the free farm cash should appear in your FarmVille Gift Box.

FarmVille Freak moderator Link_Thinks_Pink received the pop-ups seen below when purchasing farm cash via PayPal.

FarmVille Create a Zynga Account for Farm Cash

FarmVille Zynga Account Now Created

FarmVille 25 Free Farm Cash in Gifts

Disclaimer: Some FarmVille Freaks have reported that this offer did not work for them. Please note, this offer still requires you to purchase farm cash through PayPal and you will also need to create a Zynga account. This offer does not seem to work for those with existing Zynga accounts.

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164 Responses to “FarmVille 25 Farm Cash for Registering a Zynga Account” »

  1. G Says:

    um….TWENTY-FIVE? WHY NOT!? :)

  2. MM Says:

    Where’s the link to sign up?

  3. vbfeitkjdsewrgth Says:

    awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D more free cash!!!

  4. Tati Says:

    Um, look at the first picture — it says “you’ve completed your purchase”. Looks like you have to BUY some cash to get some.

  5. Mena Says:

    wherees the link?????

  6. savvy Says:

    i need a link!!!

  7. LoneFarmer Says:

    So thats how the glitch worked…..everyone who got in on it was able to get 25 cash per neighbor, I was wondering how 25 cash was in a bundle, now this explains it all……

  8. Weezil Says:

    What about those of us that already have an account?

  9. mariah Says:

    You get this offer after u buy some farmcash!

  10. Mena Says:

    weezil, how do you create an account?

  11. YAY Says:

    we need a link

  12. Tati Says:

    You need to BUY some Farmcash FIRST.

  13. YAY Says:

    @mena is ur name david

  14. Weezil Says:

    I originally had to create an account by going to because a FV cash gift I sent someone for their birthday disappeared. So I’d start by going to and see if there isn’t a link at the top to create an account there.

  15. romell Says:

    i go to sing up on zynga i used my 2 account and wala

  16. Mena Says:

    @YAY no

  17. romell Says:

    lolz it scam

  18. patrick Says:

    Wait, so how do you do it?

  19. MrPusher Says:

    Yeah… (surprise!) this isn’t working.

    I just logged on, bought FarmCash, got prompted to create the Zynga account, got the activation email to confirm it, clicked on it TO confirm it, got redirected back to Zynga & was told “25 Farm Cash has been added to your gift box” — and nothing.

    The ONLY cash in my account was that that I purchased.

    Hopefully this is just a glitch related to the OTHER malfunctions going down today; I’ve already been told I failed a co-op that already ended over 24 hours ago today TWICE, and the one I joined last night is now nowhere to be found.

    Good times, good times.

  20. mallory Says:

    does it cost money?

  21. Gideon Says:

    LINKKKKK PLEEEEAAASSEEE!!! I went to but couldn’t find the LOG IN!

  22. The Taminator Says:

    Naturally I already have a Zynga account, so I get nothing…. *sigh* These people really seem to have no appreciation for existing, paying customers.

    If you go to the “add coins & cash” tab, scroll to the bottom of the box. Right next to the green “continue” button, there is a link that says “sign in to your Zynga account.” Clicking on that takes you to the sign in screen, where there is a link to create an account.

  23. Daryl Says:

    I totally concur with The Taminator……I also already have a Zynga account, so I get nada…….zilch! Thanks for appreciating your existing customers Zynga!!! We feel the love….

  24. patrick Says:

    You could delete your current account, and re-make one.. maybe??

  25. busta Says:

    that link does not take you to creat an account srry buddy

  26. tidus1117 Says:

    oh thats explains the glitch of 25 free cash…

  27. Nesha25 Says:


  28. Mary Says:

    I don’t see a link to create an account.

  29. sara Says:

    THere is no link to create an account!! How else can we get FREE farm cash?

  30. busta Says:

    u have to buy farm cash to create teh account

  31. Soveliss Says:

    So I’m forced to buy to create an account? But the account must be an account Zynga or paypal? Thanks

  32. Fefe Says:

    r u sure cause im about to ask my mom to put money on it but i already have an account i dont want to waste money helpppppppppp

  33. busta Says:

    this site is getting annoying with the useless half as inforMATION GIVN TO US

  34. Tio Alexander Says:

    So… where is the link??

  35. busta Says:

    omg do u ppl no how to fukn read????????? u need to buy farm cash first!!!!!!! stop askn for the link

  36. adele Says:

    i bought farmcash monday evening via paypal and didnt get this and i dont have a zynga account must be for the select few same as other offers

  37. em[ily] Says:

    post a link ?

  38. aldwin Says:

    it works :D

    i bought $5 and got 25FV$ in my giftbox after signing up

  39. Nick Says:

    I already have one

  40. FreeCash Says:

    So a glitch for 25 free farm cash? screw signing up. Where is the link for the glitch cash?

  41. Jessica Says:

    Do you have to use paypal fo this to work?

  42. ParengHammon Says:

    Seems that Zynga trying to go solo bit by bit. First the e-mail alerts and now this.

    Plus the 25 FVC is tempting XD

  43. Amy Says:

    why would you buy farmcash for a game that NEVER works???!!!!

  44. anaz Says:

    so i tried it……

    got the the page to enter my email.. and then i was able to open the page up to get the web address for the site, but when i entered my email and sent the info, it told me my session was expired.
    no free cash.

  45. Jess Says:

    I already have an account and I just recently bought farmcash and didnt see this. >:(

  46. Negra3060 Says:

    Is it paypal only?

  47. lolita Says:

    I did this. It worked for me.

  48. Misa21 Says:

    ****How do you do this?? Can someone help me out!!???

    I went to and didn’t see anything, can someone pls. ling me or explain to me where I go and what I need to do.!

    -TY!!! :-)

  49. Emily Says:

    How is it FREE if you have to buy something to get it??

  50. anaz Says:


    you first buy farm cash.. any amount. you should wait for the 10% or whatever % off deal pop up in ur game and buy your cash for less there.

    then you have to make a purchase… pay with anything..

    as soon as u purchase, the free 25 fvc offer pops up.

    you do it quick or u will lose it becuz i lost mine. it said session timed out when i signed up for an account. :/

    or wait for current zynga bugs to be fixed so you wont get a session time out popup.

  51. Daniel Says:

    I just bought in cash by credit card and got nothing extra :(
    ahora compraré usando Pay pal y veré si funciona

  52. Daniel Says:

    I just Bought in cash by credit card and got nothing extra
    buy now using Pay pal and see if it works



  54. mary!! Says:

    this is not ¨free¨ if u have to pay somethinggg idiots!

  55. Digg Says:

    Ha there probably doing this because of all the people who got a free 25FC today…Like me :)

  56. Daniel Says:

    I recently bought with pay pal and got nothing extra, how I to create an account at Zynga?

  57. lolita Says:

    I received a promo for 20% off. So i spent $4.00 and got 25 farmcash. Then when I made the purchase a screen popped up saying if you create a Zynga account you will get another 25 free farm cash. This is linked to paypal because the email address i use for Paypal is what was being prompted to create the Zynga account with. So i created a password, they sent an email to confirm the address and once i confirmed it I got another message saying the farmcash would be in my account and it was. (If you pay with a credit card not via paypal i don’t think you will get this offer.) Bottom line, I got 50 farmcash for $4.00 and it does work. Hope this helps.

  58. busta Says:

    recently does not mean today how airheaded are you ppl

  59. WeirdJedi Says:

    I’m sorry, the poll is very misleading. It is either saying “Would you like ‘free’ 25 FV” , yes or no… instead of something like “Would you pay and get 25 free FV?”, yes or no.

    Just odd. :( . I knew there was a catch. There is always a catch.

  60. Libster Says:

    Since I have read that EXISTING Zynga Account players don’t get anything..
    I’m NOT going to bother..figures..
    I’ve had a Zygna Account for some time now… and it’s pretty much useless..
    I still can NOT get simple questions answered… they send an automated reply saying they’ll contact in within 48 hours.. THEN 5 days later I’ll get an email with links to EVERYTHING.. BUT…. THE ANSWER MY QUESTION…
    I’ve been at Level 70 for awhile now.. oh, BTW, nothing exciting happens when you get there.. Except, you have MORE problems, mostly your neighbors don’t load & you can’t visit their farms to fertilize!!
    So, If they don’t soon give us MORE LAND.. to put all this stupid stuff… I’m done, gone, fini….

  61. Linda Lambert Says:

    I didn’t get $25 free cash, just the $25 cash I purchased??? I would not have purchased any cash at this time if I didn’t think I was also getting an extra $25. Very misleading.

  62. kenny Says:

    this kinda stinks… since i created an account weeks ago… so i guess i’m out the 25 extra fc. :(

  63. John Says:

    I don’t understand all the confusion about how it works. It was pretty clearly written saying not exact quote, but :


    So NO you do not the free farm cash unless you buy some as explained above and no you do not get the free farm cash if you use a credit card! PAY PAL ONLY FOR THIS OFFER!

  64. mj Says:

    i did this and signed up like it said and my farmcash never showed up in my giftbox. :(
    i know you’re not affiliated but do you happen to know who i contact re; this? thank u! and i love your site. :)

  65. EM Says:

    Ah never mind no PayPal account.

    Doubt all the people who used the glitch will bother with this.

  66. Steven Says:

    Cannot find link to sign up.

  67. RLA Says:

    From where we make zynga account

  68. Adic in FARMVILLE Says:

    that’s true!! FARM VILLE FREAK you sit that picture but you did not put a link in your site ?

  69. robolos Says:

    i hate playing farmville now if you did not make a link of that im crazy now for search that!!!!

  70. FarmGoddess Says:

    There is NO “link” per say. We cannot post a direct link to this offer. Remember, you must still purchase any amount of farm cash (minimum $5 for 25 farm cash) and do so using PayPal only. You will also need to create a new Zynga account (existing accounts do not qualify). To complete the offer, follow these steps:

    1. Go to FarmVille “Add Farm Coins & Cash Page”.
    2. Choose to purchase farm cash with PayPal.
    3. Login to PayPal.
    4. Complete transaction for farm cash.
    5. You will receive a pop-up message asking you to sign up for a Zynga account to receive 25 free farm cash.
    6. Sign up for Zynga account with valid email address.
    7. Check your email for confirmation email from Zynga and redeem your free farm cash.
    8. After confirming email, the free farm cash should be in your FarmVille Gift Box.

  71. Stacy Says:

    Worked for me. Just bought farm cash thru paypal and after my transaction I got a popup to create a zynga account. Did that, got the email and clicked on the link to confirm it and had $25 farm cash in my gift box.

  72. fizzy292 Says:

    Why would anyone buy more farmcash after so many got free stuff and even got this 25 farmcash for free? Just wait for the next glitch and go crazy like everyone else did. Why pay money when others will just get for free?

  73. Renuka Says:

    what is this glitch that ppl are talking about. surely zynga didnt have a glotch where ppl were able to get lots of free farm cash…if so when did it happen – coz I never saw it and it was never posted on here. anyone>????

  74. pukiko Says:

    no link ok…every body here is so stupid…you need to buy any amount of farm cash to purchase the free farm cash…ok understand…stupid………

  75. Alex Says:


  76. FarmGoddess Says:

    This post has been updated to include specific step-by-step instructions on how this offer works. Please follow the steps.

    Remember that if you already have a Zynga account it may not work for you. Also, you will have to purchase farm cash using Pay Pal to get the additional 25 farm cash.

    Also, remember to check your email for Zynga’s confirmation email for registering your Zynga account. The email contains a confirmation link that you will have to click on to redeem your free farm cash.

  77. Sandy Says:

    Didn’t work for me! just bought $5 dollars worth of FV $, it prompted me to check my e-mail, which i did, and i checked my gift box and got nothing :(

  78. Barbara Says:

    purchased 55 fvcash, signed up for account, was told I got 25fv in my giftbox, got nothing…

  79. chris Says:

    it did work for me. you have to get farmcash by using paypal (paying in dollars). then i got a message if i want to register which i did and 5 sec later i had an email which i reconfirmed et voila 25 in my giftbox :)
    so ill get the new sweet seeds for haiti and can still spend 25 extra on other stuff :) nice…

  80. Kay Petrie Says:

    Well, what a lovely promotion… NOT! On Monday, I needed FarmCash, used the Farmville Get cash and coins link and used my Paypal to get it like I usuallly do. So yeah, I liked the idea of the bonus cash and signed up for the Zynga Account. Followed the directions and everything. Even got the page after activating that said I would find my $25 in my gift box. NOPE! NOT THERE! I even waited until today to see if there was a glithc being worked on or something.

    Then I found your notice here and decided to delve deeper with Zynga and put in a Service Ticket. I explained the situation, sent PDF copies of my paypal invoice, the Zynga emails, screen shot of activation, etc. All my ducks in a row… No problem… They should just give me the money they promised, right? NOT!!!!

    and I quote Ashley M., Zynga Customer Support…

    “Kay, I apologize however the purchase of any of our items or currency from a third party seller is a violation of our Terms of Service; therefore we cannot be responsible for any losses incurred and are unable to restore these items….”

    …followd by some bs about not using these ‘other’ vendors and compromised systems and accounts and finally…

    “Remember, the only safe method of purchasing currency or items for our games is directly through the game itself.”

    Perhaps I’m confused…? I click their button to get to cash sales, I click their radio button to choose $25 for $4.99, I click on their PayPal button and then I respond to THEIR promotion for free cash. Did I miss something??????

    As much as I enjoy Cafe World and FarmVille, I am at that edge where this issue could make or break by indulgence of these games. I’ve spent around $100 on these games since October so it’s not like they could consider me a freeloader in any way (not that I think that of folks who chose to not spend their precious real money on this addictive stuff).

    Anyway… no money from zynga and I go back to Farm Town and the heck with Zynga!

    Just thought y’all should know their latest idea of customer service

  81. Kay Petrie Says:

    ooops! Forgot to mention that Customer service paid me a coutesy…. “However, as a onetime courtesy we have credited you 10 cash.” as the actual quote goes.

    Guess what? yup! No $10 either!

    I just LOVE these people. Well…. I did up until the last month or so when something changed. just don’t know what…

  82. Marcel Says:

    I followed all steps as mentioned a few posts before by FarmGoddess and got the confirmation email with link to redeem but NO FV$25 in my giftbox so not sure what went wrong.

  83. Sembilan Says:

    I just bought 25 FV for 4 $ with VISA and I also got the message above about the free 25 FV…

  84. FarmGoddess Says:

    @Kay Petrie, this is ridiculous. How can they claim that PayPal is a third party, when they offer it as a means of payment? What are you supposed to do contact PayPal? This is a Zynga endorsed offer as the screenshots depict, PayPal is doing this with their permission.

  85. Sarah Says:

    Just worked for me.. followed the step by step instructions posted and it worked fine.

    Bought $5, paid with Paypal, and got the pop up screen.
    I used a different email address to sign up with Zynga (diff from my facebook), checked that email, got the verification link, clicked on it, said here’s your cash, clicked play farmville button, opened farmville in facebook (already had it open), and TA DA! Free $25 Cash! =)

  86. Ken Says:

    Worked for me. Followed the steps at the top and in post #70, bought 25 FC for $5, used PayPal, created a Zynga acct when prompted, clicked the link in the email msg, 25 extra FC went into my giftbox. Thank you FarmVille Freak for this tip. :)

  87. David Says:

    Did everything correct, bought fvc, paid with paypal, signed up for zynga account when the link popped up, went to my email box, clicked on the link, stated my account is activated. Opened Farmville and got nothing. I sent an email to the paypal email address that my payment was sent to billing Waiting for a response, if I hear nothing within 24hrs, I will be filing a dispute with paypal. I urge others to do this who have not received there bonus cash.
    PS: I have been using paypal over 13yrs and they have very strict policies. If they receive a lot of complaints about the same merchant in this case ZYNGA, they will freeze their account and investigate the matter. IF they find that Zynga is at fault, they could close their paypal account. I am sure ZYNGA would not want this. So I urge you to contact paypal if Zynga does not honor their agreement, the link to file a dispute is on the transaction page in your paypal account.

  88. Jess Says:

    I followed the steps exactly. I even got a confirmation page that I got free 25 FC and it is not in my gift box!

  89. Toby Says:

    Did it on 3 accounts it worked fine, but not on the 4th account. No extra 25 fv cash.


  90. Toby Says:

    So anyone got a idea where to complain? A email? or something.

  91. Woohoo Says:

    50 FC for £3.30! Not too bad really, now i just don’t know what to spend it on!

  92. David Says:

    #87 – in response to my email with Zynga, I received a message from Sandra telling me to follow the steps that I already had. I sent her another email asking her to read my email. Waiting for a reply,

    #90 toby – look at my previous post #87

  93. chris Says:

    paypal will do nothing like that. you clicked a button that you want to buy farm$25 for $5. you payed by paypal and got farm$25. so wheres the deal? after that farmville offered you farm$25 extra for opening an account. it sucks if that doesnt work but it has nothing to do with paypal. they just did the transaction you wanted. zynga didnt even promise the extra 25 beforehand. so theres nothing you cando but write to zynga.

  94. David Says:

    @Chris #93 – I don’t know if you are working for Zynga or are not familiar with paypal. Let me enlighten you as to why this works. Zynga made a “PROMOTIONAL OFFER BASED ON THE FACT THAT ANY PLAYER WHO DOES NOT HAVE A ZYNGA ACCOUNT CAN PURCHASE FVC AND MAKE PAYMENT VIA PAYPAL WILL RECEIVE A BONUS OF 25FVC.” Players complied with all the steps involved and Zynga chooses not to honor the bonus, yes its a paypal issue. Opening a Dispute with paypal allows you to communicate with Zynga directly through paypal, which I have done. If Zynga chooses not to resolve the problems, then the dispute can be escalated to a Paypal Claim, where Paypal will then decide the outcome as to whether Zynga honored their promo or not. So please don’t tell players not to do this, if Paypal wasn’t going to get involved, they would have turned off the dispute link. Not only that but all disputes will remain on file whether its resolved or not. This way Zynga won’t be able to pull this crap again. I personally, had over a150fvc already, I didn’t need more, just bought it for the promotion like so many others did, its wrong of them not to honor it.

  95. MJW Says:

    I did the proflowers promotion a week ago & still….no 100FV Cash.
    I did the paypal promo this morning…no 25FV cash.

    Been sending emails back and forth with Proflowers & Offerpal for a week now.

    Called ZYNGA support at #800-762-2530, got the run around.

    As a customer it is incredibly frustrating going through all this aggravation and feeling like the companies you do business with are intentionally trying to rip you off and shifting blame and drag their feet until you just give up.

    Also, the posts on farmvillefreak are well written, maybe you’re just too stooopid to read well &/or figure things out for yourselves. Pathetic.

  96. John Says:

    This appears to work for some people unless this is some kind of scam and they are in on it, but I highly doubt that. I followed all the steps, jumped through all the hoops they asked and got the screen saying that there was $25 cash waiting in my gift box which was not true as there was no cash in there and my FV cash total only went up by the amount I had purchased.

    This really sickens me that they would set up some kind of scam where a certain percentage of customers get the prize who then tell everyone that it works, when only some of the people actually get it and the rest are screwed and cannot get their money refunded. I can’t believe something like this would be legal and I hope some sort of legal action is taken and whomever is responsible is dealt with accordingly.

  97. chris Says:

    i dont know how it worked for you but zynga offered me the 25 extra after finishing my paypal transaction. so it had nothing to do with paypal. i read about the promotion here. but theres not an official zynga offer i got stating: buy now and youll get 25 extra.
    what i mean is: you just bought 25 via paypal. you got those 25 and therefore the transaction you had invilving paypal is over. whatever zynga offers you after that for whatever registration, giving your email, invite friends… is no problem of paypal, or am i wrong?

  98. hammbh Says:

    Thanks for sharing the link FVF. Did the promotion, everything worked out, and I got my extra $25. Perhaps I will use this bonus cash for some Haiti seeds. :)

  99. Lisa Says:

    Ok, so I did everything I was supposed too, got the confirmation but no FV cash. That was yesterday. Today I went into the Market and clicked on a house that was more FV cash than I had just to see if I could get a better look at it. That didn’t work. Anyway when I got out of the market. 15FV cash was gone from my account. What do I do about that? Has anyone else had this problem? I don’t mind not getting free FV cash but to loose what I actually paid for, just isn’t right!

  100. Spencerooni Says:

    Even if this “glitch” works, YOU STILL HAVE TO MAKE A PURCHASE WITH PAYPAL. ZYNGA IS JUST GIVING YOU 25 EXTRA CASH. I DON’T HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT, NOR CAN I MAKE ONE. Why not just say, “make a zynga account (NO PAYPAL PURCHASE) and get 25 free cash!”?

  101. Tiffany Says:

    Didnt work for me! i did everything correct and i didnt receive the $25FV=(

  102. ButterflyChick Says:

    It worked fine for me- was going to buy some more $FV anyway! the $25 appears in your gift box- had a moment of panic when it didn’t appear in my $FV balance, but read more of these posts, looked in my giftbox and it was there! The whole process took about 5 mins!

  103. Robert Says:

    I followed everything as directed and didn’t get my 25 farm cash bonus. It appears this works for some and not others. Who do we contact at Zynga to get our missing farm cash bonus?

  104. David Says:


  105. Brenda Says:

    I just sent an email to because I didn’t get my promo farm cash either. I hope they make it right.

  106. chris Says:

    :D actually i would love to work for zynga. but sorry im not. you can report whatever you want to whoever is willing to listen. i just said that the offer zynga gave us players had nothing to do with your paypal payment. they didnt even tell you before you decided to make the payment. you got it from this website here. but they show screenshots of offers people got after purchasing farmville cash. you werent shown that on an official zynga page in advance of your purchase. so all im saying is: dont complain to paypal. wheres the sense in that. they have nothing whatsoever to do whith what zynga offers to players after a transaction is completed! i got my 25 extra and like you i would be pissed, would it have been otherwise. but you wont get nothing from complaining at the wrong place. its zyngas fault if they promise you sth. and that doesnt work. if you buy farmcash via paypal and dont get it… sure complain to paypal. but when zynga offers you $25 ingame and that doesnt work paypal just isnt involved!
    by the way. have to go to bed now as im not staying in san francisco working for zynga but in good old europe ;)

  107. Tiffany Says:

    I follow all the steps, 2 hours ago and i didnt got anything on my gift box=( For some ppl work, for others dont!

  108. haley Says:

    i got mine and you dont need to JUST use paypal. you can use credit too

  109. Frogger30 Says:

    I also am missing my 25 Farm Cash and I emailed and have been told I have to wait 24 hours to see if the 25$ Farm cash shows up. After the 24 hours pass I will keep you all posted on what happens. But for those of you with the same problem…..its a start!

  110. SuzieO Says:

    @David, I think you are being too emotional about this to listen. I do agree with you that this sucks and Zynga should be held responsible and should have to make good BUT your purchase with paypal was comepleted and as far as paypal is concerned you got what you paid for and they would not freeze the account. This extra promotion has nothing to do with paypal and if you fill out a dispute the first thing they are going to ask is if you received what you bought. And you did receive what you bought… Zynga offered you something more but since the extra you were supposed to get does not come from paypal, that leaves paypal out of the bonus end of it. And no, I don’t work for Zynga either, lol and I have had a paypal acct. for 12 yrs. and have filed disputes.

  111. wendy Says:

    Ok, yes it works…. yes you do need to purchase some FV cash but I personally like to support the game I love. You do have to have paypal.
    As Farm Goddes explained…do this:There is NO “link” per say. We cannot post a direct link to this offer. Remember, you must still purchase any amount of farm cash (minimum $5 for 25 farm cash) and do so using PayPal only. You will also need to create a new Zynga account (existing accounts do not qualify). To complete the offer, follow these steps:
    1. Go to FarmVille “Add Farm Coins & Cash Page”.
2. Choose to purchase farm cash with PayPal.
3. Login to PayPal.
4. Complete transaction for farm cash.
5. You will receive a pop-up message asking you to sign up for a Zynga account to receive 25 free farm cash.
6. Sign up for Zynga account with valid email address.
7. Check your email for confirmation email from Zynga and redeem your free farm cash.
8. After confirming email, the free farm cash should be in your FarmVille Gift Box.

  112. Brenda Says:

    @ David and everyone else who hasn’t gotten their free 25 farm cash: I got a response from Zynga with a few hours. They apologized and immediately updated my account. The next time I went to Farmville the farm cash was there.

    @Chris: I can’t say for sure if it helped or not but I did tell them in my original email that if I didn’t get a response within 24 hours, I would file a complaint with PayPal.

    Either way, happy ending for me. If you didn’t get your 25 farm cash bonus, write to billing and give them a chance to make it right for you.

  113. haley Says:

    you dont need paypal

  114. haley Says:

    and some people need to calm down….

  115. John Vincent Says:

    i think you can post the example how to create because i don’t have a credit card number because im 15 years old i want that 25 dollars free because my farm need a decoration for mothers day.. FARM VILLE FREAK can you help me please!!!

    just add me guys

  116. Freakish Says:

    Worked for me!

  117. Farmer Doe Says:

    L E A R N T O R E A D !

  118. David Says:

    The first email that I had sent to Zynga just told them that I followed all the steps and didn’t receive the 25fvc. They responded by asking me to follow the steps. I responded by asking them to read my previous email. I waited 24hrs and no response from them. So I sent them an email telling them that I wasn’t prepared to wait anylonger and I will be filing a dispute with paypal. WITHIN A COUPLE OF HOURS I HAD MY 25FVC SHOW UP IN MY GIFT BOX.

    ps: Paypal allows you to open a dispute for this item, I went through all the steps to make sure it worked. There are so many options for filing a dispute that ANY ONE WHO HAS USED PAYPAL WILL KNOW. PS SUSIE O #110 – if you don’t work for zynga, you sure care a hell of alot about them, since you are always putting players down for complaining. You do what works for you and everyone else can do what works for them thank you.

  119. SnookIe Says:

    i Have nothing to do with it i just play for the animals but i dont harvest them or anything
    it sucks i now realize i lost some years of my life playing a shitty game that the only thing it does is moving a bad image of a guy/girl araound a fake farm with lots of fake animals and trees and stuff and it just sucks

    also they have alot of glitches and the fact that zynga wants to go solo means that farmville will loose alot of farmers like normal people who play it on facebook just for fun and like just 5 minutes a day so i think its a bad idea for zyng

    also a question :is zynga removing all of its games from facebook,or just farmville?

  120. terese rydgren Says:

    i got the 25 FC. im so happy

  121. Cadiya Says:

    Funny! I have not registrated but found 25FV in my gift box. Should i be worried?

  122. arT Says:

    I Dont have A CRedit Card

  123. piber Says:

    where can i register ??

  124. rani Says:

    Hi ,
    I created a new facebook account and got added to my old (actual farmville) as neighbour….In my new facebook account where I logged onto farmville i got 25FV cash for installing zynga tool bar….This i sent as a gift by buying new barn to my old account…we can create multi accounts and get farm cash fo free…the only thing is we have to send them as gifts….to our actual account

  125. john Says:

    i bought a modern home which i bought with fv cash it as now gone from my farm that is stealing and if not going to put it back i will be putting on web page and make a complaint as this is getting terrible why should people buy cash for you to take things from farm without asking

  126. Mikhai Says:

    I did exactly like it said in the post, and worked perfectly. Thanks a lot, Farmville Freak!

  127. emrah Says:

    @Rani you shouldn’t have sayd that here,now ur going to get banned for sure,but it’s fixed and u get 10 farmcash,and later on you will be getting a goat LOL

  128. BOB Says:

    zynga could give two shits about this site! so stfu Emrah! they aren’t gonna ban anyone!

  129. Wendeelou Says:

    Just did it, actually worked! Nice to see they are true to there word. Wouldn’t use any other offers unless it is from Zynga!

  130. vincent Says:

    how do we sign up to the zynga what site do will go

  131. ruthann gilmour Says:

    i got some farmville dollers and was to get extry farmville dollers but don;t get them can you tell me why?

  132. misnad Says:

    i want 40 farmcash

  133. noni Says:

    hi i want 25 farm cash

  134. ivailo Says:

    super game

  135. buttonsoup[ Says:

    You have to click on the link in an email they send to you to activate the additional 25fv cash and then it appears in your giftbox…check your emails!!

  136. faisal Says:

    where is link for sign up

  137. katerina Says:


  138. susie Says:

    come on just let us play

  139. vicky tew Says:

    Got up yesterday and all my game had went back to the beginning on my lab top but on my desk top ever thing was normal can you help me.

  140. mayank negi Says:

    i just got 25 farmville cash 4 free

  141. hufsa Says:

    i can’t du that :’(

  142. eleen Says:

    need this free 25 farmville cash

  143. tristan Says:


  144. maazakbar Says:

    i love farmville toolbarrrrrrrrrr>>>!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  145. manda Says:

    Ugh… this doesn’t work!! I signed up and they didn’t give me any farmcash, even when i did purcase some first!

  146. Jayne Says:

    How do you sign up for a Zynga account? I am not looking for any farm cash, just how you create an account. . .

  147. Noor El-Hayah Says:

    I don’t understand .. i need farmville cash .. please send me it

  148. sankul Says:

    plz I have ern free cash plz for me plz plz plz plz

  149. Vera Robinson Says:

    I want to unsubscribe. The link you gave me expired. How can I unsubscribe? Please advice. Sincerly, Vera

  150. N Says:

    Where’s the link??!!

  151. ammar Says:

    farm ville villa

  152. sohail Says:

    i want 25 fv cash

  153. prajwal Says:

    i had 151 cash before 2 it is not in my gift box..could u plz help me by sending me 151 fv cash.

  154. charmaine smith Says:

    i need to give you my new mobile nub

  155. charmaine smith Says:

    i love it

  156. gogi81 Says:


  157. fatimarani Says:

    i want to take 25 farm cash and iam interested

  158. Jack Says:


  159. mode abuswelem Says:

    I want the game FARMVILLE 500 Farm CASH

  160. MArgot Says:

    I have tried to get an answer from farmville cash account they keep giving me information that is not right. I cannot get any answers anywhere from Zynga or FV. I think I will have to call an attorney.

  161. Loricana Wacy Says:

    thank you!!!!!!!!

  162. Debrah Harris Says:

    Did any of yu guys asking for a link read the offer? There’s a sentence there that specifically says “We can not provide a link”. Then it tells you what to do. And yes you have to buy something through Pay Pal and then create a Zynga account.

  163. georgia Says:

    sounds good

  164. ccboo Says:

    i like the game by seeing it