FarmVille Bonus Challenge Quest I: Changed Requirements

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FarmVille Bonus Challenge Quest I: Changed Requirements

Posted on September 14, 2011 1:36 pm by FarmVille Freak Eva16

FarmVille Bonus Quest 1

To the farmers who purchased early access to the newly released Lighthouse Cove, they were given the chance to fulfill three Bonus Challenge Quests. At first, due to kinks in the release, several players were experiencing difficulties with completing the requirements of the first quest. It seems as though FarmVille has now taken care of these glitches and changed & updated the requirements as follows.


  • Harvest 1 Lighthouse Cove
  • Harvest 45 Lady Slippers
  • Dig your Cellar down to 40

FarmVille Freak Amber's Bonus Challenge 1 Version 2

To those with early access to Lighthouse Cove, have the requirements to your first Bonus Challenge Quest changed?

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49 Responses to “FarmVille Bonus Challenge Quest I: Changed Requirements” »

  1. becky Says:

    I did not get this quest???

  2. Darsie Says:

    this was my original quest…

  3. Angel Says:

    That wasnt my first quest, this is infact my second quest in the cove….

  4. Ruby Kendrick Says:

    No it is the same as it is above

  5. Maggie Chastain Says:

    My quest has not changed. I completed the pet run along with other requirments and havent been gived the reward of the quest. Has this happened to anyone else?

  6. C.Lily Says:

    I completed the quest last night and you need to dig depth of 40 (20 shovels), harvest the cove and ladyslippers was the crop for this after i completed this quest there have been no more offered. The FV character said new quests will be added to the cove weekly but do stock up on the supplies to upgrade your cove i am doing my fourth upgrade and it requires 15 rocks, steel beam, logs. The upgrade options go up to 9 the a ? mark at the end i can only imagine how many of each item we will need to do the upgrade so keep on gifting your friends this stuff everyone will need it. The more you upgrade your cove the more bushels you will get out of it. :) hope this helps

  7. Lisa Hopper Says:

    I haven’t gotten any bonus challenges!

  8. Kerrinda Says:

    Good to know!! Ty very much as I’m almost done with the reg, quests for the cove!

  9. silvs Says:

    I received another “invitation” to buy the early VIP trip to lighthouse cove today, but unlike the first, this one came with a letter saying whoever bought early admittance to lighthouse cove got to do special quests with special rewards, does this mean that this new quests, bonus quests and it’s respective rewards will only be available to VIP FV buyers of early admittance??? I don’t want to see Lighthouse Cove starting on such a bad note!

  10. Denise Says:

    I didn’t receive the bonus quests. I just purchased today and got the first quest but it didn’t designate it as a bonus quest and it has none of the above requirements.

  11. dazoner523 Says:

    yes they did, i bought the cove by accident i clicked on the buy & go and thought it would tell me what it was! so it took the 55 fv bucks and i got the cove! lol
    when i started this quest i needed 25 lady slippers when i got back from lunch i needed 45! i had already planted the 25 and planted something else on the last 10 plots.
    i think its kind of uncool to change the requirements half way through the game.
    all in all its kind of cool and i am waiting for the dolphins! lol

  12. Shari Bellinger Says:

    I paid the $55 fvb but I didn’t receive the bonus quests

  13. mini Says:

    Yep this is what I got as a quest and it never went on to quest #2

  14. Carol O Says:

    Mine was daylilies.

  15. Heather Says:

    why did they not change the quest that you have to buy 4 expansions with farmcash?! its mad!! they should seriously change the expansion to coins!! id rather keep my farmcash for exciting animals and buildings!!

  16. Brenda Says:

    I completed the regular quests and only received one bonus quest. A message came up saying that new quests would be added weekly.
    I have been upgrading the cove (which has been difficult due to request issues) but I’m at level 8 and it takes 50 of each part at this level so everybody stock up :)

  17. Cass Says:

    My first bonus quest was the above which I completed but no Bonus Quest 2 has appeared .

  18. dorothy Says:

    I got in early and I didn’t have to dig 40, I am on quest 3 and be aware you can only plant up to 35 plots and it requires 45, if you pay FC 30 to expand then you get only 45 plots…I did not get any special quest or bonuses and I joined a few days ago…

  19. Gail Says:

    Totally screwed up, we have to pay 55 fvc to play this game early? No wonder so many people r saying forget farmville, I will find some other games to play. And I bet that quest has a time limit on it, so when we do get to the cove we will only have 2 or 3 days to complete it. I feel sorry for the newbies who do not have 55 fvc

  20. justmegnz Says:

    Yea, it changed. Sucks when I had got organised for the last one you showed. Oh well, guess that is FV. Wish they would do the expansions for coins

  21. justmegnz Says:

    Just read the posts and mine told me… you get bonus challenge quests each week when you finish the other quests early. They are harder than the other ones and not everyone will get to finish them. Apparently there are meant to be 3 challenge ones and they only appear when you finish the weekly ones. Sounds like they change each week

  22. kat Says:

    did not get the special quests either.. did notice my normal quests have gone to “4days left to complete” instead of 29wich it were yesterday, im gonna have a hard time doing those with just 35 plots

  23. Darsie Says:

    I love seeing how everyone panics and assumes things without even being on the Cove… when you go to the cove, you get 3 regular quests, then you’ll get a bonus quest. Once you finish your bonus quest, there will be another quest one week later. It doesn’t come after you finish the first bonus quest.

  24. LisaCat Says:

    What you have shown above is what I got today for my first bonus quest. I finished the last of the 4 original ones this morning. I’m guessing they are waiting a week to bring out the next bonus because of the expansion? Hopefully they will make them available for coin once the cove is “public”. No way am I paying 120 FVC to expand to the homestead size to finish a quest to get what will probably be an animal. NO animal is worth 120 FVC

  25. Moo Moo Moo Says:

    Looks like some are confusing Quests with Bonus Challenges.

    There are three (3) regular Quests. After Quest 3 is complete Bonus Challenge 1 appears.

    Original Bonus Challenge 1 called for 3 rakes, harvest 70 cranberry and Cove at Level 4. The reward for this is a gnome and coin & XP.

    The Bonus Challenge 1 (am presently on) calls for Harvest cove, harvest 45 Ladyslipper and dig Cellar to 40.

    As I have not completed this Challenge yet, I do not know if Bonus Challenge 2 will appear or not.

    Based on the language of the VIP invitation, players starting on the 19th will not see the Bonus Challenges.

  26. peter boykin Says:

    The first time the quest come up… this is after you complete the first 3 Lighthouse cove quests then it triggers the bonus quests… well the 1st challenge had you making blackberry cobbler which makes you need level 2 of the restaurant first… which is hard to do since not many people have the bushels yet to make items… so if you want level 2 you had to pay farm cash… then the other requirement was to upgrade to homestead expansion which is the 3 level up expansion… and they all cost farm cash….. they changed this to an easier quest…. I think this is what they were trying to do…

    They knew we would pay farm cash to go in early… so they were hoping that people that pay early would also spend more farm cash at this early stage to upgrade… so they were trying to get as much money as possible…. I think they found out quickly no one wants to pay farm cash for farm extensions… so they changed this quest to an easier completion… but I think this was the original quest that was supposed to be… and this might show that when it goes live for everyone it would revert these expansions to farm coins instead… so I think they are taking our money for early entrance but also making upgrades premium too to just get more money out of us…. just wait until the farm opens to everyone I bet more stuff turn to coins instead of cash….

  27. Hailey Says:

    I bought the expansion a couple of days ago. I have the normal quests, but not this bonus quest.

  28. LoomTheElf Says:

    I completed Bonus Challenge 1 last night, and still do not have the second one.

  29. Leo Janowick Says:

    Looks the same as when I completed it the other day. However, be forewarned, the upgrade to the lake is in NINE stages, and each stage requires more than the last
    I’m on the fourth stage, and it requires 25 each of three parts.

  30. hmmmm Says:

    Thanks to all of you who paid farm cash for LC. Maybe by the time the rest of us get there Zynga will have worked out all of the kinks on you. (Probably not, but here’s hoping)

  31. Audrey Says:

    yes it did – – quest 1 was 3 blankets, harvest chandler blueberries and complete a pet run.
    quest 2 is 6 oats sacks, harvest 45 day lillies and buy a cellar (haven’t completed it yet so not sure about the next quest.

  32. liliansteuns Says:

    My first bonus quest was the above which I completed but no Bonus Quest 2 has appeared

  33. Maggie Allinson Says:

    I’ve been at LHC since 1st day and I’ve not been offered any bonus challenges :-( Only just managed to get onto the second regular challenge, which requires 45 harvests…. hmmmmmm are they trying to get me to buy the first upgrade so I have 45 plots…… yeah, right! If I’d known what a let down LHC was going to be I’d have saved my 55FC

  34. Bedlam66 Says:

    I just Finished this and I didn’t get the second Quest. From the Wording it sounds like we’ll get one Bonus Quest a week.

  35. JoSeph Says:

    Yes, this is the bonus quest I had to complete, but like other players, Bonus Quest 2 is nowhere to be seen!!! Will there be one Bonus Quest each week after completing the regular lighthouse cove quests? Or is this quest chain just glitchy and not playing out as it should?

  36. hossam Says:

    there is no quest II and III, where are they? we paid 55 Cash for it!!!

  37. heather Says:

    I just finished 3 quest and now i have this one pop up and only have 19 mins to do it and i did not purchase the early admission i got on the other day and it was there so i did the quests and now have to start this one with 19 mins wtf

  38. Mark W Says:

    Did not pay for early access, but after completing the lighthous cove quests 1,2 & 3 i am offered a bonus quest to complete in 7 days. part 1 requires

    Harvest 3 Pets.
    Complete Cove to level 2
    Harvest 45 Cove Cranberries

  39. Jennifer Courtemanche Says:

    I did not pay for early access to Lighthouse Cove. I finished my initial 3 quests, and now I have a bonus task (#1) to do the following:

    Harvest 3 Pets
    Harvest 45 Cove Cranberries
    Improve the Cove to Level 2 √

    I’ve been improving the Cove level as I’ve gotten stone, logs, and steel beams (I believe my Cove is at level 7). The 45 Cove Cranberries are no problem, but now it seems I have to build another pet run (which was not in any of my first three Lighthouse Cove quests–again, I didn’t pay for early access.

    My bonus task (#1) appears different from the bonus task (#1) for those who purchased early access (which was to get 3 Hobby Horse Rakes, Harvest 70 Cove Cranberries, and Improve the Cove to Level 4). Early access Cove farmers were supposed to build a pet run as part of their Quest 1: Ahead of Schedule.

    It would have been nice for Zynga to have included “Build a Pet Run” (for those of us who started our Lighthouse Cove on September 19) as part of a previous quest before we saw Harvest 3 Pets in our version of Bonus Task #1.

  40. Danielle Says:

    Yes mine changed!!! I have to harvest 45 Cove Cranberries, Improve Cove to Level 2, and harvest 3 pets which I don’t understand what pets cause I harvested all my animals on my Cove…?? can someone please explain what pets??

  41. Sheri Bethard Says:

    I just got my first bonus quest and it is to harvest 3 pets in 4 days. First of all, I have no pets in Lighthouse Cove and I have to buy them. I do not have a lot of Farmville Money that I have earned thru growing crops, harvesting animals, etc. The cheapest “pet” I can buy is the Maine Coone cat of which I just bought and is harvestable in 3 days. I am down to $22,000 to play with. There is no way I am going to be able to raise $400,000 today or tomorrow and be able to harvest 2 more cats by 4 days from now. It use to be you could buy regular animals cats, rabbits, turtles, etc. and not have to pay an arm and leg for them or use your hard earned money, especially when you are on a fixed income.

    there are so many different quests going on and we are asking all our friends for stuff and you can only ask so many times in a day everyone gets overwhelmed.

    at least allow more time to complete these quests and allow us the ability to get things or even move them between farms. I see where some people can move stuff from home to England and back but I can’t. Wish I could. Also, on other quests, when you harvest something on one farm it would count toward the quest on your other farm. I harvested all my cats on my home farm and not one was counted on my Lighthouse Cove farm. NO FAIR!!!!!

    I am trying to build one of everything on each farm to cover everything and it is a pain in the A–. And I think a lot of people would agree with me. This is getting way out of hand.

    Thanks for letting me rant but something does need to be done.

  42. Farmer Brownette Says:

    I didn’t buy the early access and my requirements didn’t change. I wish they did because it’s ridiculous that I have to harvest 3 pets when I have no pets on the cove farm yet. I haven’t seen the quest you are showing here.

  43. nikki Says:

    I ahve the Bonus challenge which requires Harvest three pets. I have two farms and on my first farm, the pets harvested somehow just on their own (I have not put any special pets there except the otter and a couple of cows and porcupines). On my second farm, I cannot get any animals to show up as progress on the harvest three pets. Anyone know what pets they are talking about?

  44. karla Says:

    wich pets do i have to harvest??

  45. patty Says:

    i have the master 2 pets.. what pets? :( Need Help. Now it says I have 4 days left.

  46. rizza Says:

    I think pets that are ON the Lighthouse Cove are the only ones counted. If you harvest a pet from the english farm or the home farm, it will not be counted. Last 2 days for me until I realized. Hmm..

  47. Bridget Says:

    My bonus challenge says to harvest 3 pets, harvest 45 cove cranberries, and improve the cove to level 2. This wouldn’t have been hard but plots are limited and cove cranberries take 1 day and the timer says I have 23 hours :(

    I’m just curious what the prize is for completion of this bonus quest.

  48. EmiliaCF Says:

    I did not get this quest!!

    This is what I have:

    Harvest Lighthouse Cove – 1 time

    Harvest 55 Tarragons

    Complete 1 Orchard

    ***4 days left***


  1. FarmVille Bonus Challenge Quest I: Changed Requirements