FarmVille Offers Cottoncandy Tree for Farm Cash Purchase!

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FarmVille Offers Cottoncandy Tree for Farm Cash Purchase!

Posted on March 14, 2011 2:15 pm by FarmVille Freak Eva16

FarmVille Cottoncandy Tree

FarmVille Cottoncandy Tree Mastery Sign

FarmVille is offering players the Cottoncandy Tree, as a reward for purchasing Farm Cash!

Thank you to FarmVille Freaks EmilyVine & Micro for giving us a heads up about this new development!

The Cottoncandy Tree was available for the limited time during the Country Fair theme. It is harvestable, and it also has tree mastery available, so this is quite a good deal that FarmVille is offering!

There are 3 different amounts of Farm Cash that are being offered:

  • 4 Farm Cash for $1
  • 25 Farm Cash for $5
  • 115 Farm Cash for $20

This is a limited time offer so you better hurry!

FarmVille Freak Micro's Cottoncandy Tree Farm Cash Promotion

Have you purchased some Farm Cash to get the Cottoncandy Tree as a bonus?

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39 Responses to “FarmVille Offers Cottoncandy Tree for Farm Cash Purchase!” »

  1. Mirco Says:

    thanks :)

  2. virgis Says:


  3. Karen Says:

    If it were a cool horse, I’d do it. But a tree I’ve already mastered? No.

  4. Rhonda Says:

    purchased cash & got a tree then I made a second cash purchase, no tree =(

  5. Brittany Says:

    dang it, just bought farmcash like an hour ago =(

  6. Anna Says:

    It would be nice if they offered something new. I have myriad cotton candy trees and I don’t need any more.

  7. Ryan Says:

    Hmm wonder if they will bring the this tree and the sno-cone tree back for a short time I could really use them so i can master them

  8. Rikke Says:

    Does not work in Denmark :-(((

  9. Elliot Says:

    I bought 2 times but recived only 1 tree.

  10. Jenni Says:

    They don’t give cotton candy seedlings when placed in an orchard….they make boring old Bubble Gum tree seedlings.

  11. Kirsten Says:

    It doesn’t work, when I clicked on it I automatically went to the ‘get farm cash’ page and there were the normal prices instead of the $1 and $5 and $20..

  12. steve Says:

    that need to pay out the 200 fv cash on the netflix offer 1st before scamming more money from us players

  13. alex Says:


  14. Patricia Says:

    Rikke, Lots of things don’t work in Denmark when it comes to FarmVille! Or so I’ve heard.

  15. Karen Says:

    @Kirsten….those are the normal prices. It’s not a discount….just a cotton candy tree incentive. What you see when you go to the purchase page is the normal price plus tax.

  16. Gurk Says:

    just put the tree in the market…

  17. Rikke Says:

    Sorry – now it works :-)

  18. denise Says:

    Definitely! ima spend $1.07 and get the tree :)

    and it says right on it that there is a limit of 1, so everyone who bought twice to get 2 must not have seen that part.

  19. JD Says:

    I used an option not listed.. the $10 FV cash purchase… and got the tree…

  20. kim Says:

    gee i did not get one:( WHY???

  21. Ronda Says:

    I had just got cash this morning… and then the deal popped up two hours later… so I spent the dollar and got the tree… However, it listed the price as $1.06 but only charged me $1.00 :)

  22. Susan Says:

    While I don’t endorse spending any money with Zynga at all, if you have any Facebook credits, they can be applied to this offer. The FB credits should be automatically applied as payment during checkout.

  23. John Says:

    I bought three the first these have released.

  24. amy herald Says:

    already had the tree & mastered it. they need to be more creative or lower the price of FVC for me to buy it again…or just make something awesome instead of recoloring ponies and gypsy horses…never buying one of those again. horses are boring now!

  25. Rufino Says:

    Cotton candy only, no free darts, better buy a game card.

  26. Angelique Says:

    I stopped by the store & bought a game card after work, then came home to see this new offer – oh well. Rufino is right game cards are better anyways cause you get the free mystery dart (which is worth 16 to 20 Farmcash depending on the game.)

    Plus as someone else mentioned, the Cotton Candy Tree makes seeds for the bubblegum tree :o(

  27. Sheerie Says:

    Need to do alot better than that to get the cash out of my purse zynga

  28. Diana Says:

    Have anybody the Link from the Sondercash? It doesn´t Work on my Farm :-( Only the Normal Cash and a clock :-(

  29. Jess Says:

    I bought Farmcash 5 times, once for $20.00 and the others for $1.00 just to get these trees, because i was not into the orchards when these trees were around. I didn’t recieve any of the trees, so had to write Zynga, once again… *sigh*

  30. Angela Says:

    Not going to buy Farmcash until they lift the “one farm left behind act”!

  31. Ryan Says:

    Bought one and got a tree. Bought it again and didn’t get a tree. Filed a complaint thru paypak to be reimbursed

  32. Alik Says:

    What about iphone’s users??? We are allways left down

  33. Duhek Says:

    I miss that tree in market, and spend 1 dolar now for tree and 4 FV cash…fair enough

  34. mellisa Says:

    buyed 4 fc,
    did not get the three :(

  35. Nancy DeVries Says:

    I am not going to spend money for a tree. No matter how cute it is.

  36. Echo Says:

    really, really have to wonder???

    right now there are so many people totally pissed off a zynga that it has to be affecting their profits..

    I wonder just how much money, how many fc sales they have lost in the past week since the news came out about the “pause” feature???

  37. Elke Says:

    I wanted to have the tree and purchased some fc. I got the cash, but never the tree!
    :-(((( I live in Norway and I am really angry about this. I also wrote to Zynga support and did not get an respond! It is not the first time, that something like that happened to me! :-(

  38. Brandon Says:

    can any 1 help me with getting a cotton candy tree please let me know if some one can help me getting one i have all the other candy tree’s so far


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