FarmVille Duck Expansion Problems- Wait to Expand!

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FarmVille Duck Expansion Problems- Wait to Expand!

Posted on March 1, 2011 11:50 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Duck Pond

Tonight, FarmVille released Duck Pond expansion, but soon after many farmers reported serious problems caused by the expanding of their Duck Pond and Zynga wisely temporarily pulled the expansion from the game.

FarmVille Duck Expansion Notice

Those farmers that already initiated their expansion will still see the expansion. Some farmers who have already completed their Duck Pond expansion and did not experience problems should be safe and progress should likely be saved.

However, before you get all your ducks in a row, FarmVille Community Manager, Stumpgrinder, is advising to “Wait to expand.”

Zynga is working on patching issues associated with the Duck Pond expansion.

FarmVille Freak Shpilkus Expanded Duck Pond

Did you successfully expand your Duck Pond without any major problems? or Did you experience problems with your expansion and what happened?

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50 Responses to “FarmVille Duck Expansion Problems- Wait to Expand!” »

  1. Candice Says:

    saw this a few hours ago, farmville took 20 watering cans.. and i got nothing :( hopefully its fixed soon :)

  2. charmedbrat Says:

    they better not have lost me 20 watering cans… ill be pissed… took me forever to get those watering cans…

  3. agoodhope Says:

    Shoot- I just spent the last hour expanding my farm and my daughter’s. Well, I was trying to. This would explain why everything toward the end of my endeavors would go to the storage cellar, etc. Ah, well.

  4. Diane Says:

    It took 40 watering cans and 40 2 shovels to upgrade completely. It doesn’t seem like anything is wrong, but with Farmville, you just never know. Knock on wood!

  5. june Says:

    me to where did my watering cans go
    all 20 of them
    i will be …. really fumiin if they gone missing

  6. deb Says:

    as usual another new thing but yet how many non working features are still broken

  7. Carly Says:

    yes – saw this worked on it and totally crapped out took water and didnt count it – AND i can not collect or send any gifts either! So not happy at the moment – pls let this be fixed soon! :)

  8. JenniferD Says:

    I’ve already sold my duck pond as well as the feed trough. They are both a serious waste of time & a major headache!

  9. Kram Renniks Says:

    Yeah, same here, spent 20 watering cans and nothing….. how convenient that customer service is down.

  10. Adeline Says:

    Took 20 watering cans and half my shovels, they gave the rest of my shovels to my storage! Crap! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  11. Shpilkus Says:

    Wow, my picture is being used on the super-awesome Farmville Freak site! This is the most famous I’ve ever been! :)

  12. margaret Says:

    took all the 20 waters and shovels . nothing happen I hope I didnt lose all that for nothing , I will be mad !!

  13. Bonnie Says:

    I Had no idea there was an expansion ready so soon..I will however wait until they get the problem fixed before I start expanding…I wonder when they’re going to give us somethig to put all the gold things in for the Leprachaun Tree..?

  14. Gypsy Says:

    ohhhhhhhhhh nooooooooo Zynga don’t do this..20 watering cans and 40 2 shovels and nada!!!!! I sincerely hope they give them back or fix this quick

  15. Teresa Kitchen Says:

    I lost 20 watering cans and 20 shovels before I figured it out that it was not working

  16. ratorr2 Says:

    I haven’t even filled it up to the 20 limit. Not going to bother expanding it.

  17. mysticsyren Says:

    20 watering cans? you are freakin kidding me? I used 40, plus 20 shovels and seem to have lost them all. Not pleased at all!

  18. buddah610 Says:

    I did not know anything about the expansion because nothing appeared to tell me there was one.But,I figured it out because I saw so many people on my wall expanding,giving and asking for materials. I don’t understand why Zynga start’s so many project’s at the same time.It seem’s to me,this ia why you alway’s have problems.You have not even finished the “Irish Cottage”(treehouse if u ask me) just started giving gold ,for prizes I assume,but,are not even ready,then you start a duck pond expansion,while your working on rolling out A new farm with all new buildings,animals and greenery.You put out the lamest mystery game yet because you don’t have time to work on it,you went from putting out hardly any horses at all to a new horse every other week but,the horse is just a gypsy in a different color because again,you have other thing’s to work on.Stop putting out so many horses so fast so you can make truly wonderful ones that will be worth the wait for a decent price.It’s either feast or famine with you and lately your feast has been more like a cheap all u can eat buffet.

  19. Jeanene Beeman Davis Says:

    I did not get the advisory not to expand until after i had already done it. It took 20 cans of water and i got nothing. It locked up my computer.I just hope we get credit for the cans of water they are hard to come by. I went to customer service and it is down… now what????

  20. jennifer Says:


  21. Brenda Says:

    In order for the expansion to be complete you need to use 20 watering cans and 20 2 shovels. Then you do it agin with 20 of each again. Then you will be able to hold 40 ducks. If you just use 20 watering cans you wont get anything. You have to use bot the watering cans AND the 2 shovels. I had no problems with mine.

  22. Echo Says:

    yeah great. it took 20 watering cans and 20 shovels and i got nothing!! dang thing still says 20/20.

    zynga is doing itself proud tonight!!!

  23. Ebbie Daylin Says:

    I didn’t know about the expansion until I went to use a 2 shovels and it asked me if I wanted to use it for my cellar or my duck pond. Upgraded my pond to hold 30. I’ve not collected from my pond today, waiting till tomorrow. Was going to do the 2nd level but it won’t let me till I look inside the pond so I’ll just wait. My mother (#22, lol) on the other hand used the shovels and watering cans and is still at 20/20. Neither of us had seen this post… I’m wondering now how they’ll fix it for her and the others it screwed. With so many players, how will they know who it didn’t work for?

  24. Andrea Says:

    Not working here either… I needed to open some SD boxes for orchs. got shovels and watering cans.. tried to use them.. for shovel it went to cellar, and for watering cans i do not have any buildings nor seedlings to use them.. so I am keeping it in the gift box for an expansion which will be announced…
    Just to agree with Buddah610…do not publish so many things at the same time… that is why you have problems.. and when will be this gold stored???? to many in the gift box… or expand the gift box if U want us to be happy…

  25. Karina Says:

    they just got 20 watering cans from me..hope they fix this right away..

  26. Nancy C. Says:

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for glitches to be fixed. When the greenhouse came out, I was unable to load my farm for 7 days, and customer support was useless. To date I still have not received my greenhouse nor do I expect to. I’m continuing to play FV & Yoville, but will never play any other Zynga games again. These two games are enough of a gamble for me.

  27. Gennifer Says:

    I upgrade my pond no problem. I got my ducks in there too. I

  28. Jim Says:

    It’s really obvious that none of the Farmville mangers, developers or programmers actually play the game, else they would catch, and fix, all the dumb errors on anything new that they do.

  29. Shelly Says:

    how do you get your duckpond to show off your fancy ducks? it never lets me pick mine.

  30. JMF Says:

    FV took 10 of my shovels and zilch, NOTHING– NOT NICE ZYNGA!!

  31. Jeanette Says:

    this is a fine time to let us know not to up grade the duck pond I already used 20 watering cans before I saw this post lol figures…

  32. kortni Says:

    yep. i posted this last night. took 20 of both shovels and cans…i noticed when it asked for 20 more of each i figured it didnt register…stupid zynga…and i agree…recoloring gypsys and making seedlings giant really get on my nerves. can you not be creative?

  33. Kristy Roetter Says:

    Absolutely angry again that I used up my “clicks” on trying to build and fill in a pond that I really have wanted badly and then–part way thru, it disappeared! and–my shovels went to my storage cellar, and here I am collecting water for it, and I am using the last of my “turns” in clicks for the night, thinking I can spend my time after that filling in my duck pond and decorating it…Zynga—I want to be re-imbursed my water, and I want my pond dug out! This is just like Zynga to have this sort of “problem” while they are “down”…seriously…where do you get your employees who do this programming…I have played “cheesy” games with 1/10th the difficulties programmed by high school kids…or my own kids! When you “fix” this, are you also going to fix what you have cost the players ???? Seriously—give back some and water, have you ever heard the saying…”the cusomer is always right”?…you really have been on a roll pissing people off!!!!!

  34. Cynthia Says:

    There was never a load banner telling people that they could expand their ponds. I suspect that this was accidentally released. Let’s see when and if this comes back.

  35. Mei Farmington Says:

    I don’t mind waiting to expand; there is MORE than enough else to be futzing with on my farm right now. What I DO mind is, while I’m opening SD boxes, having the game decide that instead of the parts I need to finish the orchard I’m right in the middle of building, what I really really need is a dozen more shovels to upgrade a pond that’s not even supposed to be upgraded yet.


  36. Wade Says:

    I got mine expanded last night. This morning I wok up to find out it’s not expanded anymore. WTH I want my water back at least. Not to worried about shovels. After turning snowman off I need water.

  37. :P Says:

    that thing messed my Special Delivery box opening :@

  38. Vee Says:

    First 20 cans and shovels allowed me to expand to 30 ducks. Put in 15 more shovels and 20 watering cans, got up went to the bathroom, came back and couldn’t complete the second expansion from 30 to 40.

  39. Farmer Dan Says:

    I found out the hard way today. Opened up special delivery boxes expecting to get bricks, boards, and nails. Instead I ended up with a bunch of shovels that I don’t need since the duck pond expansion was pulled back. Thanks Zynga.

  40. tracy Says:

    Yep. Did work. Put the parts in-said I was done. No update. Angry as usual. FV really needs to get their act together.

  41. tracy Says:

    I meant didn’t. :(

  42. Carrie Says:

    I stumbled on to it by accident – but successfully expanded my pond to 30 ducks.

  43. judy Says:

    Who cares? Duck Ponds are BORING! Need a little bigger pond that we can put various things into (ducks, swans, frogs, turtles, fish, alligators, stumps, canoe, water plants, etc. — stuff we can earn or get with coins OR only $1FV or $2FV. Would be lots more fun.

  44. Moony Says:

    stupid duck pond.

    I don’t mind expanding cause till now I can’t ask for help growing duckling.

  45. Moony Says:

    plus I haven’t got my 2 cinnamon trees back.

  46. nydragonz Says:

    I successfully completed the expansion when it rolled out the same day. However, after a couple of days later, whenever I try to “look inside”, it would freeze the whole game and I would have to refresh the page. So in other words, I can’t look inside the pond or it would freeze no matter how long you let it sit there loading. Anyone have this problem?

  47. Crazy Valla Says:

    nydragonz I had the exact same issue occur …i freeze up everytime i try and look in my duck pond since i expanded it. I emailed Zynga and they are looking into it.

  48. Christine DeBolt Says:

    I just tried to expand and got ANOTHER duck pond instead. I don’t have room for another duck pond. I think I’ll just delete it and the original one as well.

  49. gretchen Says:

    offered to expand, tried it, only needed 7 shovels to complete, now it acts like i did nothing….then i look in my gift box and there is a new pond..wth…they need to fix this and work out the bugs before they introduce something, it is frustrating..

  50. B.Wild Says:

    My expansion has worked so far, I currently have 40 ducks in my pond and am able to view and switch out my ducks. Also, I have a second duck pond that I found in my giftbox??