FarmVille English Countryside Buildings Locked in iPhone/iPad

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FarmVille English Countryside Buildings Locked in iPhone/iPad

Posted on March 18, 2011 11:37 am by FarmVille Freak Eva16

Similar to the post about the locked English Countryside crops that FarmVille Freak did earlier, we have also stumbled across some buildings that belong to the FarmVille English Countryside!

These are also all appearing in the iPhone/iPad FarmVille Market, and are all locked currently.

Check out some of their pictures and the prices that we were able to find for you!

  • FarmVille English Countryside Orchard (Completed) – 30 Farm Cash
  • FarmVille English Countryside Pub – 100,000 Farm Coins
  • FarmVille English Countryside English Farm – 60,000 Farm Coins
  • FarmVille English Countryside Garage – 50,000 Farm Coins
  • FarmVille English Countryside Dairy Farm – 10,000 Farm Coins
  • FarmVille English Countryside Sheep Pen – 5,000 Farm Coins
  • FarmVille English Countryside Chicken Coop – 5,000 Farm Coins
  • FarmVille English Countryside Horse Stable – 5,000 Farm Coins
  • FarmVille English Countryside Orchard (Frame) – 1,000 Farm Coins

FarmVille Garage

FarmVille Pub

FarmVille Sheep Pen

FarmVille Dairy Farm

FarmVille Horse Stable

FarmVille English Farm

FarmVille Chicken Coop

FarmVille Orchard

FarmVille Orchard (Completed)

What do you think of these buildings that you can see?

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23 Responses to “FarmVille English Countryside Buildings Locked in iPhone/iPad” »

  1. Crystal Says:

    I need a sheep pen for my farmville!! I have way to many taking up space!

  2. Echo Says:

    really and truly don’t give a crap!!!

    between the pause feature killing interest in FVEC and not having an iphone. and the few i know who do have an iphone are not the least bit interested in playing FV or FVEC.

    have heard a whole lot of ppl complaining that it’s a crappy app in the first place….


    FVEC is coming out next saturday (26th March (Veintiseis de Marcho (MY SPANISH SKILLS ARE AWESOME!!!!)))

  4. Joelle1980 Says:

    Agreed, why only iPhone users? That is so unfair, and release the damn thing already! AND the PAUSE feature has GOT TO GO!

  5. Jennifer Says:

    READ the post… these items are LOCKED for FVEC… not iphone, not your regular phone.

    FVEC rolling out soon it seems.

  6. Rik Says:

    While I’m hardly interested to travel to EC at the cost of pausing my original farm, what I want to know is if I can use the EC animals, buildings, decorations, crops in my original farm. As we can’t transport animals that are not in the gift box, I need a sheep pen in my original farm. However, knowing Zynga I fear it will not be possible. Any idea?

  7. Vallegyrl Says:

    I agree with Joelle 1980. Why only iphone/ipad users so far??? And release the English Countryside farm already. I hate being teased, and this is dragging on way too long!!! It is so unfair that we cannot get a sheep pen, or a place specifically for our goats, someplace to display them, not like the pigpen, or the turkey roost, or even the cow barns. Some of them are so pretty, or, unusual that they need to be on display!!!

    Also, is anyone else besides me sick and tired of the out of sync, and farmville has been enhanced, popping up all the time??? I am about ready to quit playing the game everytime these pop up. Because when they pop up, and boot me out, it then takes forever to get back into my farm!!!

  8. Cherrie Says:

    Well, since I do not have an IPhone, guess the English Countryside is NOT for me! This is just stupid. Most of the people I have as FV neighbors don’t have IPhones & those who do say it doesn’t work with the IPhones. What a HUGE disappointment this is after waiting so long, to find out this won’t be available for most players!!

  9. jessica Says:

    BOOOOOOOOOO FVEC……I will NOT be playing bc of the pause feature! What a ridiculous thing! Way to go Zynga! You did it again :(

  10. Janie Says:

    Since I am over level 1000 on my original farm, FVEC is the only thing that MAY hold my interest in this game. The FV app on my ipad is really unstable..I don’t even use it.

  11. tracy Says:

    This other farm can never be considered the main farm. Investing in stuff like orchards seems like a waste. We can hang out and grow sheep and crops, but that’s it. Unless you are just starting out in famville-this farm will just destroy trying to achieve tree mastery on the main farm.

    So, will there be an immediate land expansion? We are gonna need it…

  12. donna donna Says:

    I think what they are saying is we all are able to
    have the FVEC its just that they are setting up the IPhone first
    then it will all be available to everyone over the
    level 20 at the same time … They are not getting anything different
    then we are just because the IPhone is first being set up with it.
    I am sure in a day or two our market will have everything the phone has.

  13. Katie Says:

    Oh my Lord, people! These items are not locked to iPhone/iPad’s only! They’ve just been loaded onto the phone app before they hit the regular Market! Use your reasoning skills and/or common sense, please.

    And regarding people losing their minds over the pause feature, it’s mind-boggling to me that no one seems to realize that every user having two active farms would double the bandwidth and server space needed!

  14. Girlgoyle Says:

    i have an iphone…calm down people… those with iphones can NOT purchase anything to do with english countryside lol (n yes the farmville app sux horribly)

  15. carol Says:

    I dont think it’s fair to have items that are just for an iphone or ipad not everyone can afford those phones or may not have the right carrier.

  16. Regius Says:

    I hope the coin prices listed against these items are correct! I’ve seen another image of the FVEC market showing the pub for sale at around 80 FV cash. I guess time will tell.

  17. webb Says:

    why would i put so much time and money on my farm just to go start another ? i don’t have the time either ! do we have to go ?

  18. Kerrinda Says:

    Gosh! Just goes to show you people see/ hear what they want to! Thanks for the sneek peek!!! I’m excited, but I too hope the pause factor goes away! After all, when we played other Zynga games to get stuff the original game didn’t stop. And is special delivery the only thing that will travel or will anything in our gift box be available to use on EC? I hope all the crafting options can show up under one roof! I didn’t think I tire of baking but I did!

    Any clue as to there being vehicles in EC? & how big/ number of plots will the farm be?

    Hope the 26th of March is correct! I just might have to call in sick to work!!!! LOL

  19. FloydieGirl Says:

    LOVE THEM XXXX Cannot wait for the buildings they remind me of the dolls houses I used to sell, really looking forward to it but NOT THE PAUSE FEATURE!!!!! ZYNGA LISTEN TO US YOUR FARMERS…………………..don’t loose us XX

  20. Cindy Huxley Says:

    Katie@13 – I am sure many of us are well aware that lack of server space is the possible reason for the pause. The point is that if this is the issue then Zynga should never have planned to release this ‘new’ farm until they had increased their server availability.

    To do so would be well within their capability. It requires the investment of money to buy more servers. They make a great deal of money. I don’t have a problem with that, they are a business and should make a profit, but they should also be prepared to invest that profit.

    I would add that you can have a second farm now, the Chinese Farm, and both that and your original farm will run concurrently.

    They want to sell us something new, to boost interest and increase their profit. Fine that is good business. Its not good business to make the ‘new’ thing an either or.

  21. Belma Says:

    crap … as usual … what fu*kin’ iphone and ipad … this is so discriminating … sh*t

  22. Lillian Says:

    I do not like that I cannot get items now because I do not have an iphone/pad example the silver horse and many other neat items that I would love to have…on this Farm! I have a palm phone and do not understand why it will not work? I really hope someone pays attention to this! Also, we can get 20 trees in an orchard why not consolidate the pig pen and turkey Roost the same as the chicken Coop..In other words make them smaller with the ability to store many animals. Some buildings take up entirely too much me

  23. Babycakes Says:

    Oki , i am getting annoyed at everyone bitching about this They have not put it on iphone/ipad ONLY it has just been upgraded first … And i agree about the pause thing i have spent alot of time as we all have to master crops and trees and for one to make the other impossible make me slightly pissed off…. They r a buiss and ofc there aim is to make money but without us playing the game and buying there rare horses , rare tree act they would not make money or be as successful … Plz listen to us and don’t do wot Sony and SOE done to SWG and do it your way u will loose …..