FarmVille Freak Fairy Quests Master Guide

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FarmVille Freak Fairy Quests Master Guide

Posted on August 11, 2011 11:18 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

If you don’t like questing in FarmVille, the Fairy themed quests may change your mind. Why’s that? The fairy quests offer some impressive exclusive free rewards! Completing each of the six quests will reward you with some pretty awesome exclusive rewards such as a Blue Dragon and Fairy Castle that would usually cost lots of Farm Cash so we think that you may find these fairy quests worth your time and effort.

Read on for a cheat sheet on what required objectives are needed and the exclusive rewards that you will receive upon completing each quest.

If you’d like to find out more detailed information including actual screenshots of Reward pages simply click on the title of each quest which will take you to its original FarmVille Freak article.

FarmVille Summer Fairy Quests I-VI (Released: August 11, 2011)

Quest I: Fairy Nice to Meet You
Requirements: Get 6 Toadstools, Harvest 50 Flower Crops, & Harvest 10 Sheep
Rewards: 50 XP, 2,500 Farm Coins & FarmVille Fairy Sheep

Quest II: Any Fae You Want It
Requirements: Get 6 Oak Acrons, Harvest 50 Toadstools & Harvest 1 Fairy Sheep
Rewards: 50 XP, 2,500 Farm Coins & FarmVille Fairy Godmother

Quest III: Only The Fairy Best
Requirements: Get 6 Storybooks, Harvest 50 Pumpkins & Harvest 50 Fruit Crops
Rewards: 50 XP, 2,500 Farm Coins & FarmVille Enchanted Rose

Quest IV: In Sprite of Everything
Requirements: Get 8 Thimbles, Buy 1 Birdhouse & Harvest 2 Chicken Coops
Rewards: 50 XP, 2,500 Farm Coins & FarmVille Blue Dragon

Quest V: Pixie Best One
Requirements: Get 10 Fairy Wands, Harvest 50 Golden Poppies & Buy 1 Bird Bath
Rewards: 50 XP, 2,500 Farm Coins & FarmVille Fairy Castle

Quest VI: To the Fairy End
Requirements: Get 12 Magical Butterflies, Harvest 50 Peppermint & Harvest 10 Pigs
Rewards: 50 XP, 2,500 Coins & FarmVille Fairy Pond

What do you think of the Fairy Quests and do you see their rewards as an improvement? 


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65 Responses to “FarmVille Freak Fairy Quests Master Guide” »

  1. Julie Says:

    Finally, some good prizes! :D While I hate bugging my neighbors… I am so glad to see good items available without having to cough up the $$$$.

    That last white chicken given as a reward really made me mad. >_>

  2. Charlene Says:

    would love to get the blue dragon.

  3. Robert Says:

    I like the dragon but that is about it.

  4. juan jose Says:

    very good prizes

  5. Helene LaCava Says:

    I don’t have room for anymore buildings. I can make room for a few animals if I must. My storage is full of previously built buildings that I really like but I’ll never have room for.

  6. Kerrinda Says:

    TY!I am SOOOOO excited to do quests! Really!!! & TY for posting requirements all in one place! I like to plan ahead! lol

  7. Kim Says:

    How long does the sheep fairy take to harvest without spending cash? Does anyone know????

  8. kathi Says:

    Kim, do what I did, put the sheep into your shed if it is near harvesting time.

  9. kathi Says:

    I meant the sheep pen, lol! And don’t forget, you can transfer it to either farm via the shed or barn. I just did. I had it on my English farm, but realized my home farm’s en is further along closer to harvest time so I made the transfer.

  10. Brenda Meis-Krug Says:

    There is one problem however, I am on stage 4 and can’t get any farther because I harvested both of my chicken coops and neither one of them registered in the quest. I have an email in to Zynga but who know win it will be answered.

  11. Max kane Says:

    Watch out for quest 4 does not register Chicken Barn Harvest

  12. Morgan Says:

    I feel like I probably won’t have time to finish all of this in 12 days. Oh well :( I hope I at least get the blue dragon.

  13. A Says:

    Love these quests, there are some great prizes!

  14. Brenda Meis-Krug Says:

    You can’t complete quest 5 either. It sends your farm into OOS everytime you place your bird bath.

  15. Tim Says:

    Some amazing prizes, especially the last 3!! :3

  16. Davidb18 Says:

    same problem here on Quest 5. OOS :(

  17. Purnima Says:

    WOW is the only word that struck my mind when I saw this.
    I must say- these are the best set of quests I have seen on FV till date (playing since 4 months now- but still). The XP rewarded are comparatively less but the rewards are marvellous….!
    It’s anytime better to get such rewards for free than having an option to buy them for FV cash. I so wanted the fairy sheep, Godmother, castle and pond… Way to go, Zynga.

    I am so excited… Can’t wait to finish all of these asap :D
    Thanks, FarmvilleFreak for this useful information. It is really beneficial to see all the quests & rewards beforehand so we know if its worth going further or not. And surely, this one’s WORTH!

  18. Seung-li Says:

    This is exciting. I’m willing to work for this, the rewards are cute. hehe <3

  19. Gulfhills Says:

    I’m also stuck on the Quest 4… chicken coops didn’t register!! GRRrrrrrr

  20. Hannah Says:

    When the quest 1st went online everybody was complaining about OOS – FV is running better now – I hope they fix all of the bugs before I get to them!

  21. Rupa Says:

    My coop is not register either!!! GRRRRRRRRRr

  22. emily Says:

    b good if i could get on my farm

  23. Kirstin Says:

    Don’t ask me what I think. I’m stuck at qust 4 and oooooops, the chicken coops did not count. What made me think it would work at all ?

  24. Vickie Says:

    Quests IV, V and VI are so bug filled you will be pulling your hair out. Contacted CS and they are aware of the problem and are asking everyone to be patient as fixing the issues takes time. Why didn’t they fix the bugs before releasing it????????

  25. BlueAngel Says:

    The fairy sheep is going to take forever to harvest!

  26. Vicki Says:

    Crap … harvested the chicken coops and they didn’t register just like last time. Looks like i’m not the only one. Now with crops in the ground that will wither. Think I’ll just forget the quest.!

  27. Sreeju Says:

    Another bug. harvested chocken coops but the crap is not working. have been waiting since morning for this n damn…………

  28. Lisa Says:

    the fairy sheep takes 1 day to harvest. place it in the sheep pen. now i’m stuck with the chicken coop harvets not counting and from listening to other posters we have more bugs to overcome. ugh.

  29. Sherry Says:

    The prizes are great! I hope the bugs are all fixed before I get there. I’m still on quest 2, waiting for nuts.

  30. Angel Says:

    I wonder if I can get past the chicken coop bug if I only harvest my home farm coop twice? I’ll have to wait 2 days but that might be worth it…? Anyone tried doing that instead of harvesting the coop on the english farm?

  31. Irene Says:

    On quest #4 it wouldn’t let me use my home farm chicken coop toward the quest. Just a heads up.

  32. milly Says:

    chicken coops not registering. again!!! grrrr

  33. Vivian Miller Says:

    Next time, it would be nice if you gave out this info ahead of time! Instead of AFTER it started!

  34. SARA Says:

    On the fourth quest i HARVEST THE CHICKEN COOP TWICE AND IT DIDN’T WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Mad_Twinkie Says:

    According to some folks, it works on an unexpanded chicken coop. I have yet to try, mine is at 95% and I’ll let you know.

  36. Layla Says:

    I LOVE THESE PRIZES!!!!!!! And I don’t have to buy them,,,, ty ty ty ty ty,,,,,,But does anybody know how long it take to harvest the fairy sheep?? please send me a message,,, :)

  37. Stephanie Says:

    love it!!!!!! thanks guys for the great FREE GIFTS.

  38. Deborah Says:

    Love the quests…I have been feeling a little down since I finished my village….Thank you for this site….

  39. Rebekka Says:

    “Why didn’t they fix the bugs before releasing it????????” someone asked I tell you: They don’t know before the release if there is a bug, you can see the bug only after the release

  40. Rebekka Says:

    a sheep needs 2 day before harvesting, but if you put in the sheep pen, it only takes one day. no matter which type of sheep it is

  41. Veri Says:

    Does anyone has a problem with asking and sending stuff too? I’m not able to complete quest 2, because when I try to ask for oak acrons i don’t see any of my friends:( The same situation with asking nails or other things and sending too. I’d like to find out if I’m the only one with this problem…

  42. Razvan Says:

    The dragon is small but very cute!

  43. Cathy C Says:

    You only have to harvest your chickens once!…… Not Twice.
    Was I just lucky?

  44. Kate Says:

    I only had to do mine once as well!

  45. anne-marie Says:

    I just put my fairy sheep in the pen and actually grew 3 sheep instantly and none of them were fairy sheep what do i do to get this fairy quest complete?

  46. Angel Says:

    I just got past quest 4, only ONE chicken coop needed to be harvested!

  47. Betty Johnson Says:

    I am stuck on 1st quest I can’t put my fairy sheep in the pen, because it will not open. Zygna has been working on it for over a month. Wonder how long it takes outside the pen?

  48. Sreeju Says:

    Anne, I believe u r a bit confused with that quest. In fact u dont need to grow them.
    Either u harvest the fairy sheep when its ready or put it in a sheep pen n harvest the pen. But some of my friends told me that this is not workin in the EC Sheep pen.
    I didn’t haf such problems. So I dont know about that. Just try again :)

  49. Liz Says:

    I Love the new quests, I want the Dragon. It sounds like they are trying to fix the bug with the chicken coop harvesting by making it so you only have to harvest one right now. They want us to use the one on the EC I think. I hope all is fixed by tomorrow when I harvest my crops for #3 and start #4.

  50. Dawn Says:

    I love the prizes for the quest this time! I have to agree that it’s about time we get some great items without having to spend farmcash. Keep it up! Hoping to see some of those “unreleased items” as well. :)

  51. Sue Says:

    Veri, I had this problem and missed some quests until I asked a friend. Choose the 1x option and all your friends will be there. The 3x option is only those who haven’t played for a long time (in my experience). Good luck.

  52. Sue Says:

    Anne-Marie, you are supposed to leave the sheep in the pen until the pen is ready to harvest. What you did was try to breed them. Just leave the fairy sheep in the pen, wait until the pink teardrop shape appears and click. Mine was done quickly because the pen was almost ready to harvest.

  53. Sue Says:

    Cathy C-I am with you. I believe that I only had to harvest the coop once.

  54. Nancy Says:

    It takes too long ( 3 days ! ) to harvest the fairy sheep. other than that…… it’s ok to get the other things done – thanks to farmville freak for providing the insights of what to plant in advance. Utilizing both farms and planing your crops makes it a breeze. You just got to get enough neighbors to supply you with the other items….. always ask more neighbors than it says in case some don’t return your request.

    yes, I too only had to harvest one coop today.

  55. Nancy Says:

    also I wanted to mention that if your neighbors are ahead of you in the quests……. watch for their postings…… if they are asking you to supply them with a certain item and you click on it to help….. sometimes it provides you with an option to ask your neighbors for that same item…… if you do… will be ahead of the game when you finally get to that point and may already have all the items necessary for that particular quest. sometimes it isn’t better or best to be the FIRST ones to get their quests done !! They are the ones with all the glitches and problems !!!!!!! and by the time you get there…… the problems and glitches have been fixed. Patience is a virtue at times. lol……. !!

  56. anjana Says:

    Love the cute dragon. And the tree house castle is really out of this world. :-)
    More of these animated prizes please. they keep my interest alive in the game.

  57. sue Says:

    Had to pay FV cash to harvest the sheep. Would like my FV cash back Zynga!!!!! Also encountered other problems. Would have been great if more time taken to fix bugs before releasing quest. Do like the prizes they are a great improvement.

  58. Veri Says:

    For anyone with the same problem I mentioned above – zynga is working on this issue but today I found out that asking and sending works on Internet Exporer! Still hope zynga fix it for Chrome and Firefox asap but for now it’s better than waiting:)

  59. denise Says:

    love the prize items for this quest – especially the dragon and fairy castle!!

  60. veronica heyer Says:

    I love the prizes and the fact you don’t have to depend on neighbours help. I have a lot of friends but not all reply on a regular basis.

  61. amina Says:

    i am unable to plant toadstool and this quest will expire soon what should i do…………

  62. Andrea Says:

    I am getting a bit tired of having to pay cash for so many things. We use to expand our farm by the amount of friends we had and we paid with FV coins. Not too many people can afford over 100.00 just to expand their farm. It is making the game not so fun anymore.

  63. Beatrice Berlin Says:

    this is ffor tall them freak’s out there.

  64. khazigoroth Says:

    haters! :’( they made me buy the blue dragon in halloween for farm cash and now its a reward?? this sucks!

  65. Melva Baldwin Says:

    I can not finish the last quest that gave us the Iris Crystal tree. Because you didn’t give me the tree so I could harvest it 2 times. Could you please give me the tree , so that I could finish the quest ? Thank you very much.