FarmVille Fertilize All Now Available in the Market

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FarmVille Fertilize All Now Available in the Market

Posted on October 20, 2010 10:46 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Fertilize All

Tonight, FarmVille released Fertilize All as a permanent market fixture.

Fertilize All is used to fertilize your entire crops with just one bag in one click. Remember, fertilized crops yield more XP.

You can purchase Fertilize All for 7 $FV Cash .

FarmVille Fertilize All

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22 Responses to “FarmVille Fertilize All Now Available in the Market” »

  1. Lacie Says:

    Wish it was for coins…

  2. not me Says:

    I currently have over 30 FA’s in inventory now. I am not going to purchase something for FC that I have got for free. That’s just crazy.

  3. Charles Says:

    I won’t be purchasing; price is too high for the benefit.

  4. DanielMancilla Says:

    No I Have Alot!!!!!!!

  5. priya Says:

    NOT WORTH FC… got plenty in gift box already…

  6. 06dumana Says:

    1st! And why is that $7 Fv cash? That makes it more expensive than the arborists and farmhands! But I guess I don’t need to buy at the moment, since I have quite a bit as free gifts!

  7. LexingtonVlair Says:

    no i will not pay 7farmcash for this, maybe 1farmcash not 7

  8. marcuslee Says:

    Does it mean that they will take away the free fertilize all soon?

  9. KeyLime Says:

    I wish I could sell the ones I have for FarmCash..
    even for one FarmCash would be great..
    oh well :P

  10. Jen Says:

    LOL Noooo I will not be buying a 7fc Fertilize All. I can use my FC for better things.. and i already have 26 fertilize all in my giftbox. But even if i had none, i still wouldnt pay that much. Maybe 1 or 2 fc but not 7.
    Tisk Tisk Zynga, being greedy again!

    (not directed toward FVFreak since they are not associated with Zynga in any way)

  11. JNB Says:

    @5: I hope not. There are the chickens on the market when you can get them for free on Mystery Eggs, that gives me hopes.

  12. Jeanne Says:

    7 FV$?????? that is bullsh*t! what a rip off. bet they stop letting us find them on farms now.

  13. peanut Says:

    IF only I can sell my 100 pcs I will have 700FV$

  14. CRW888 Says:

    I’ll have whatever Zynga is smoking.

  15. alex dragonne Says:

    Does it mean that they will take away the free fertilize all soon?

  16. Karen Says:

    I have 140 of those in my gift box. So no, I won’t be purchasing any.

  17. Roland Says:

    this is the biggest joke from zynga. :)) including the golden chicken for 25FVC.

  18. Keith Says:

    I still don’t get what it does.

  19. medved2 Says:

    Fertilized crop gives XP when harvesting…

    It used to stop the crops from withering (right?) – but this has changed. Don’t know if it has ANY effect on withering or NO at all…

    Does anyone know?

  20. Martin Says:

    Luckily I have plenty of Fertilize All available. After all we all can get one a day after fertilizing a few neighbors and then accept them form other neighbors feeds as well.

  21. whatszyngasmoking Says:

    i got 84 of this. and in total, it costed, a whopping…0 fvc =P

  22. Anony Says:

    i hope this doesn’t mean you can’t earn this anymore by helping out your neighbours