FarmVille Freak 7-Eleven Contest!

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FarmVille Freak 7-Eleven Contest!

Posted on June 8, 2010 1:42 am by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Freak Rachael's 7-Eleven Farm Tribute

FarmVille Freak is happy to announce our very own FarmVille Freak & 7-Eleven Contest for FarmVille Freaks!

We will be giving away some great FarmVille 7-Eleven swag and FarmVille 7-Eleven codes. Read details on complete prizes and how to enter the contest below. There will be one grand prize and several runner-up winners.

FarmVille Freak 7-Eleven Contest Prizes

(1) Grand Prize:  The FarmVille Freak Uber Prize Complete Package:

This package contains redemption codes, FarmVille Game Cards, 7-Eleven Gift Card, and official FarmVille Freak T-shirt. There are enough redemption codes for you to gain the 7-Eleven Uber prize in which you can redeem for 200 farm cash! Here is the complete list of prizes including the FarmVille themed 7-Eleven Products and in-game redeemable gifts per code.

  • (1) FarmVille 7-Eleven Slurpee Code = FarmVille Fun Slide
  • (1) FarmVille 7-Eleven Big Gulp Code = FarmVille Big Splash
  • (1) 7-Eleven 7-Select Ice Cream Pint Code = FarmVille Neapolitan Cow
  • (1) 7-Eleven Sandwich Code = FarmVille Sandwich Cart
  • (1) 7-Eleven 7-Select 1L Water Code = FarmVille Water Tower
  • (1) 7-Eleven Cut Fruit Code = FarmVille Persimmon Tree
  • (1) 7-Eleven Large Iced Coffee Code = FarmVille Coffee Cart
  • (1) 7-Eleven Chips Code = Mafia Wars Palermo Prowler
  • (1) FarmVille Game Card = FarmVille 10 Fuel Refills
  • (1) FarmVille $10 Game Card
  • (1) 7-Eleven $10 Gift Card
  • Official FarmVille Freak T-Shirt in color/size of your choice.
  • 2oo FV$ farm cash*

* This prize package includes all the 7-Eleven FarmVille themed products. There is a total of 9 redemption codes, in which you will be able to redeem at  for one 7-Eleven Uber Prize, which for FarmVille, is 200 farm cash.

(4)  FarmVille Freak 7-Eleven Mini Prize Packages
A total of four FarmVille Freaks will receive the mini prize package. These mini-prize packages include a Slurpee and Big Gulp 7-Eleven redemption code as well as a $10 Gift Card to 7-Eleven.

  • (1) 7-Eleven FarmVille Slurpee Code = FarmVille Fun Slide
  • (1) 7-Eleven FarmVille Big Gulp Code = FarmVille Big Splash
  • (1) 7-Eleven $10 Gift Cards

Contest Details & How to Enter

  1. “Like” FarmVille Freak on FaceBook. If you are already a fan of our FaceBook page, this step is already complete. If you have not, please do so by visiting our official FarmVille Freak FaceBook Page below.
    Link: FarmVille Freak on FaceBook
  2. Write 100 words or less on why you are a FarmVille Freak. What makes you a FarmVille Freak? Why do you deserve to win the FarmVille Freak 7-Eleven Contest?
  3. Email your submission to .
  • 1 winner will be chosen to receive the Grand Uber Prize and 4 runners-up will receive the Mini Prize Packages.
  • Only one entry per FarmVille Freak.
  • Winners will be contacted via email, so please provide a valid return email address.
  • Winners will be responsible for redeeming their codes at
  • Deadline for entries is Friday, June 11th 2010.
  • Contest winners will be announced Saturday, June 12th 2010.

Thank you to our 7-Eleven sponsors for providing us with the 7-Eleven Gift Cards!

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73 Responses to “FarmVille Freak 7-Eleven Contest!” »

  1. tina Says:

    that’s awesome :) i have 1 7-11 near me, but i’m glad those who don’t have one will have a chance to get stuff too :)

  2. Satovo Says:

    I’ll try to do it, it’s an amazing contest.
    But i’ve no chance to win because of my poor english.
    But let’s try! Good luck everybody :)

  3. Mary Says:

    Thank you so much. This sounds wonderful. You guys are just full of surprises.

  4. Dabeasumin Says:

    Awesome Idea, but you should make this contest for people outside the United States.

  5. FarmGoddess Says:

    As long as you can redeem codes at then anyone can enter this contest. We are giving away the codes, so there is no need for you to have an access to a 7-Eleven.

  6. achilles Says:

    good to hear this……..everyone has a fair chance now

  7. Lillian Says:

    Sadly this is only open to residents of the US (and Canada).
    We “overseas” don’t even get a chance. :(

  8. Aeryn Says:

    so, I’m not really getting the whole 7-11 thing. If I go and buy all those things from the store, does that give me 200 FV dollars, or do is it like entering a contest for them, in which I may or may not get the FV dollars?

  9. Aeryn Says:

    oh, and since I *do* have a 7-11, I won’t enter, just to keep it open for everyone.

  10. Dreym Says:


    Right, but those of us that do not have a 7-Eleven within 900+ miles of us (including myself), are jumping all over this opportunity! Pretty sure what the poster prior to you meant was that those not living anywhere near a 7-Eleven are SOL no matter what we do. If I, and am sure many others would agree, were living within 50 miles of a 7-Eleven, I would have gotten all the codes myself, and gladly eaten/drank all the things accompanying said codes! :)

    I wouldn’t go as far as saying only open it to those outside the U.S.A., I reside in Alaska and, as previously stated, would have a 900 mile drive ahead of me to “get my code on”. :) Needless to say I will be entering this contest.


  11. Marla Says:

    I’m gonna have a go. Gotta be in it to win it! I live in the UK and I know the 7-11 codes work fine here. Best of luck everyone………………

  12. achilles Says:

    @Lillian- what do u mean by not open to “overseas”…..dont tell me this isnt valid for places like india and all…………

  13. jennifer Says:

    i entered hope i win :)

  14. Robin Says:

    I really want the coffee cart. I have everything but the coffee cart. I’ve bought the iced coffee needed for the cart many times, but the codes won’t work or I can’t read them very well because the print is so difficult to read. :(

  15. Cartoon Games Says:

    Is only open to residents of the US. :(

  16. marcus manzanares Says:

    i do not have a 7-11 near me so i am trying so hard to win the small one and it would be great to win the big prize but im going to go all out lol

  17. J Says:

    We don’t have to attach any screenshots of our farms?

  18. J Says:

    and farmvillegoddess, Thanks for this! its great. I Can’t have any of those 7-11 items because i’m a japanese player. all i need is the fun slide

  19. Jamie Says:

    This is a really kool chance for people to get in on the 7-11 stuff. I choose not to enter the contest because I have a 7-11 within an hours drive from me. Good luck to all of you who enter :-)

  20. Angela Says:

    I live in Southeast Texas and I don’t live anywhere near a 7-11, so to those of you who can get your codes good luck and God bless. I wish I did though I would love some Farmville swagg…because I am “THE DONN DIVA FARMVILLE SUPERFREAK”! (that’s what my 3 sons have dubbed Thanks for always keeping us posted.

  21. Freak Says:

    Thanks for the fair chance :)

  22. Roxann Jones Says:

    Sounds great! Would love to win!

  23. becky Says:

    just an FYI, the codes don’t work in Austrailia. Sent some to my friend, she tried to use them and was told it was only open to US and Canada, which kinda bites

  24. Jen Says:

    Thanks! I don’t have a 7-11 any where near where I live (like within 100s of miles). If I had one close, I’d already have it all! Thanks for chance to get some of this stuff!

  25. shildreth Says:

    Does anyone have any solutions for Buy.Earn.Play website? I can not get it to load and I have tried a couple of different times. Yes I am in the US– I was on there once before I had my codes to check it out. Now I have my codes and want to enter them and the page just keeps flashing and down on the bottom it says…. waiting for…. the website. It also tells me to log in to facebook and when I try the page continues to flash and tells me it is loading and never does.
    Any suggestions….

  26. Charlotte Says:

    FarmGoddess replied that “they are giving the codes away”. Who is giving them away, where do I go to get them? I’m hundreds of miles from 7-11 and would love to be able to play.

  27. Carole Says:

    Love Farmville but couldn’t they find something that all could get the codes, All states have something in common. I just don’t travel enough to find them but DQ’s are one.Put it on the cone wrappers or malts or such…McDonalds-their everywhere.Wendys just a few to name…Thanks

  28. Rachael Says:

    I just want to say that is actually my farm posted there. Thank you so much Farmville Freak for using mine! HOW COOL!

    Also there are a lot of people like myself willing to trade with those who do not have a 7-11 by them. I trade codes and am on three sites good trader list. I also have friends I refer to for other codes I don’t have once you trade well with me. I accept fv cash market items and sometimes other things depending what you have and what code you need. I have lots of codes right now so if you need something let me know!

  29. Lisztoven Tchaichopin Says:

    Lol Rachael, I need a neapolitan calf. I gave out two already but I can find one, they are super rare. I got like 9 Neapolitan Cows

  30. ashiq Says:

    howd u get 9 neo cows? i thought it was 3 per person. i wanna win this! i need the uber gift!

  31. Kyle Boardman Says:

    Just sent an email :) I used word to count exactly 100 words before i sent the email.

  32. Joshua Almansa Says:

    im so glad for this i entered and i really hope i win even if i dont it was fun writing it :D good job farmvillefreak!

  33. niquedaone Says:

    this is great for those that dont have 7-11 near them like me. thankfully i have a wonderful sister who went to a 7-11 and brought me items. everyone keeps saying it’s only USA and Canada but most of us here in the usa don’t have a 7-11 anywhere near by or in our state i live in north florida and no where near a 7-11 my sister lives in mid florida and 7-11′s are everywhere. this contest wasnt just unfair to those out side the usa but to many of us inside as well.

    so good for you farmville freak for giving the masses a chance. things like this is why we all love your site.

  34. Ranchlamb Says:

    I entered. and it was 94 words.

  35. Happy Says:

    @Rachel if ur trading codes i can trade 25 farm cash for any codes just to unlock the goji berry mail me at

  36. Poochy Says:

    Good luck to everyone who enters, Mines just been sent but whoever gets them it will go to a worthy home seen as we all have the dedication to be on this site in the first place

  37. Kev Says:

    By sheer luck, mine turned out to be 100 words EXACTLY not even trying. Unfortunately it won’t let me send message :( but good luck to those who entered.

    @Rachael How can I contact you on Facebook? I need 4 more codes.

  38. Eric Delimar Says:

    Good idea by Zynga to allow for players without 7-11 near them a chance to get these codes and items. Kinda stinks that only 5 of those thousands of players will recieve them. Perhaps they could make it a weekly drawing for the mini prize packages then a monthly grand prize winner for the big package.

  39. Farmer Peter Says:

    @ Eric
    This has nothing to do with Zynga this is a competition run by this website FV freak

  40. Cynthia Says:

    Just remember that if you do not live in the US or Canada you cannot redeem the codes. It says that in the rules at . I know that is terrible for those that do not live here, but at least that knocks out some competition :-) Sorry, i just reallllllllyyyyy want those codes!!

  41. deb Says:

    People are stealing codes. I know of two people who have tried to cash in codes and they are n/a. One was for cow and the other for a slide. It is so easy to steal codes, they are just on the bottom of items. If someone writes down or takes a picture of the code they can get the item for free. It is not like the “cards” that you have to authorize. 7-11 needs to fix this problem.

  42. chris Says:

    i had bought some codes at 7-eleven that were all ready used. if you e-mail 7-eleven about used codes, they will investigate it, and flag the persons account that got the codes. they gave me the 4 items that i couldnt redeem…..have your friends email them and see if they can help.

    i am not going to join this contest…good luck to everyone!!

  43. Karla Says:

    the earnbuyplay site isn’t working. would you have any idea why?

  44. Happy Says:

    @Rachel how can i contact u???

  45. Carrie Says:

    I can’t figure out how to put in the code to get the item. If someone can please tell me I would appreciate it.

  46. Cole Says:

    So for like the Fun Slide and Big Splash, does every Slurpee/Big Gulp come with a code that gets you one of these?

    Or do you have to be lucky to even get one of those singularily?

  47. Jessica Says:

    I just sent in my entry! So excited that I might be able to get these items for my farm! Good luck everyone!

  48. Kara S Says:

    I should point out that even if you have all the codes you still need to master the goji berry crop to get your 200 farmcash. It’s not hard, it isn’t a super large number of crops to grow. But just entering the codes will not get you the Uberprize.

  49. Skannarr Says:

    I’d just like a 7-11 code that unlocks the Goji Berries. Anyone have any extra Goji Berry codes?

  50. richard Says:

    Hey Rachael. I need the neopolitan Cow. Lets talk trade. Friend requested you on FB.

  51. amanda Says:

    I’m gonna try it :o)

  52. Jen Says:

    I’m a little lost here folks, hopefully someone can help me. When you go to 7-11/com it says you can get 5-8 of the codes, complete the mastery crop and then you can get your “uber gift” so I collected 5 codes and completed the mastery. I thought this would get me my 200fv cash. I’m taking it you have to have all 8 right. But then again I’m confused. There is only 7 items available (not including the giftcards) Do you have to buy the giftcard as well?? Or does something magic happen when I enter 7 codes. I already have the following code items : slurpee-sandwich-iced coffee-ice cream-water : and the other two I need are : big gulp-fresh fruit : what am I missing?!?!?! please help me! you can message me on face under jen trimble or e-mail me at . Thanks so much!

  53. myboyzr2 Says:

    There isn’t a Goji Berry code..the option to grow them appeared after entering codes. I’m sorry I didn’t note how many items it was..
    Good luck to all!

  54. Marissa Says:

    This is absolutely amazing. I don’t have a 7-eleven near me so I’m glad I have the chance to get the prizes, especially the neopolitan cow :)

  55. Władca Says:

    I need Tree, could msomeone trade with me (max 25FV object from store).

  56. Kara Jones Says:

    The reason(s) I think I deserve the 7-11 promo is because I love this game. I have been playing for over a year. I ocassionally buy extra FV cash. I have been un-employed for 6 months so FV has been my world. Another reason I deserve it is because I live in a state that doesn’t even have a 7-11. The closest store to me is in Central Florida 850+ miles away. So that’s NOT happening. Please add me for the drawing and I will greatly appreciate it. And hopefully I will be receiving an email stating that I won. ( Wishful thinking I know) Thankyou farmville Freaks

  57. Andrew Says:

    Free Game Card Codes, Free Farmville Cash

    Click my name to get Free Farmville Cash Codes.

  58. Dawn Says:

    Just a note.. you all over seas can enter the codes.. If you have a friend in the US willing to send them to you or win this contest.. I bought some for my friend in Ireland and she redeemed them with no problem as well as a friend from the UK …Best of luck to you all :)

  59. tracy Says:

    For all you that say you cant get it cos u dont live in US, i DONT, i live in the UK i have purchased all the codes and redeemed them successfully and received to 200 FV cash, thanks to eBay i bought the codes for a few pounds each around if not less than it would’ve cost in the actual shops.
    shop around u might get it aswell

  60. Farmville Addict Says:

    wow cool contest and one of a kind fan site.
    keep up the good job site owner.

  61. Eric Delimar Says:

    @Farmer Peter #39

    Sorry, didn’t mean to give Zynga credit for the farmville freak contest. Guess I should read things a bit more clearly lol.

  62. ailyn rancap Says:

    here in the Philippines we are a huge players of fv but we always get the least many items are not available for us and i just get contented on looking at my neighbors in level 70, i think i deserved at least to have some of them as i play as soon i get up of the bed thats 6am till midnight :) if only i get paid for this i should have been earning a lot gud day fv….

  63. Kara S Says:

    You only need 1 code to unlock the goji berries. I put in just the sandwich code to start with and got the goji berries.

    There are not enough Farmville codes to get the 200 farmcash but entering the codes for the other games works too. I got my Uberprize and the codes I entered included 1 Mafia Wars code (some potato chips) and one Yoville code (a brownie). If you notice the codes listed by Farmville Freak as part of their prize include a Mafia Wars code.

    NOTE: buying 2 of the same product won’t work. I bought 2 slurpees and got 2 waterslides but the second one did not count towards my Uberprize.

  64. NocturnalVagabond Says:

    Seems the BuyEarnPlay site is no longer willing to play nice – non-US/Canada IPs are now blocked from using the page, and even through a couple of proxies I tried, linking to Facebook wouldn’t work correctly.
    So be careful buying codes if you are outside the US now, it looks like you will not be able to use them

  65. CJH Says:

    This is awesome because I don’t have any 7-11′s near me to purchase codes from.

  66. Harlen K Says:

    love the game

  67. Happy Says:


    Wish my cousin would do me a favor and redeem the code for me can’t go to anymore

  68. alva angel Says:

    Would really love to be able to get to those Goji-berries!!!
    But find it unfair not to be able to get it to the BuyEarnPlay-site when living in Europe!!!
    I even have the code to unlock it!!!

    So, hoping they will release it for Europe to!! I Have a 7-11 near by…..come on 7-11; it wont harm you…

  69. April H Says:

    The closest 7-eleven is over a hundred miles away! I’d love to win this!

  70. Happy Says:

    would i unlock the goji berry when i redeem slurpee codes at

  71. Melinda Says:

    I got the diving cow in the pool and the water tower and the 200 in farmeville cash…and a sandwich cart and it does work just have to buy 8 different items and that will unlock the goji berries and then you have to master all the berries and then you will get 2 goji berry signs and then you will get your 200 in farmville cash easy to do …

  72. brandy Says:

    i would just like a code to unlike goji berries? there is no 7eleven in my state:(


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