FarmVille Freak Exclusive: 7-Eleven & FarmVille Promotion Coming Soon!

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FarmVille Freak Exclusive: 7-Eleven & FarmVille Promotion Coming Soon!

Posted on April 25, 2010 8:09 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Unreleased Seven Eleven Tower

We’ve already seen the unreleased image of the FarmVille 7-Eleven Tower that we featured on FarmVille Freak.

So how does 7-Eleven fit into FarmVille? Well, the convenient store chain already sells FarmVille Game Cards and is rumored to have an upcoming advertising cross-promition between Zynga games including FarmVille and 7-Eleven that will occur around mid May. In addition to FarmVille, YoVille and Mafia Wars will also promote 7-Eleven items in-game.

A FarmVille Freak that works for 7-Eleven shared with us the following inside tips:

“Look for the 7-11 tower to be released between June 1 and July 15th. I work for 7-11 and was going over our monthly planner and 7-11 will be promoting Zynga games on those days. They are promoting Farmville, Mafia Wars and Yoville, as those are the cards we currently carry in the store. From the planner, I can barely see ( due to size of pics in the planner ) it looks like they will have FV Big Gulp cups and 3 collectible slurpee cups.The pics are tiny and you would need a magnifying glass to see them, but there are 3 slurpee collector cups and a a Big Gulp cup with the sheep on the tractor image from the FV bumper sticker.

“In addition to the Slurpee and Big Gulp cups, there will be three points of focus in the store.

1.) Seven Select (7-11 brand) candy ( gummi’s ) & Bakery will be focused on Yoville

2.) Seven Select Chips/snacks/hot foods will be focused around Mafia Wars

3.) Slurpees/Big Gulps will be centered around Farmville
Slurpee cups:
32oz Plastic – all games – 5/17
22oz Paper – all games – 5/10

Big Gulp cups:
44oz Super BG – all games – 5/17
32oz Big Gulp – all games – 5/10

additionally, They offer these as collectible items:

24oz Seven Select 24oz Orange Yoville bottle – 5/17
1 liter Farmville Purified water – 5/17
1 pint of Farmville Vanilla ice cream – 5/17

*The dates signify when they will be available to be displayed.”

What do you think about this?

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58 Responses to “FarmVille Freak Exclusive: 7-Eleven & FarmVille Promotion Coming Soon!” »

  1. Crissy Says:

    uhm ehh no comment! lol

  2. Farmer101 Says:

    lol no comment here either

  3. Donna Says:

    I think this is awesome…But, most of my FV friends, including myself are out of room on our farms….

  4. frank Says:

    we need more land please

  5. Thorsten Says:

    I think it’s cool, too bad that we do not have “7-11″ here in Germany.

    I would buy some of that stufff, if we had.

    I would buy the Tower fpr the game , too – but only if it’s coins. I would not buy it for farmville cash.

  6. Jaana Says:


  7. Private Says:

    Ya no advertising 7 11 on my farm?????? No thnk u lol

  8. Diana Says:

    I will completely pass on this one–lame.

  9. PuffnStuff Says:

    Why? Unless zynga allows us to expand our farms or give us more than 100 for storage, what’s the point? I haven’t bought anything new, especially via FV cash because I simply don’t have room to put anything else on my farm.

  10. Goodman Says:

    Just a question. With all these new buildings and stuff being found… are we going to be able to expand out Dairy Barns, Garden Shed. Horse Stable, and Nursrey Barn any time soon. I have an over load of cows and have been looking forward to the Dairy Barn expansion. I am patient so this is in no way a complaint, it is just out of curiosity and this seems to be the only way to post some input. If you could post something on the main page about it, I’m sure other players wonder the same thing. Just an update about when it may be expected or something. Thanks! Farmville Fan

  11. FVF1988 Says:

    I don’t think its that bad. I actually like it compared to the crappy Adobe theme. I do hope more items come out, not just a tower.

    It’s adorable thou. Makes me think of Kids WB’s Animaniacs tower. Wow… that brings back memories of the childhood. :D

    If its released for coins it’d be great but I have a feeling I will get it even if it comes out for cash. If itss a reasonable amount. Not 20+ FV$.

    Still I think Zynga should stop worrying about promotions and start creating some ANIMAL! Believable farm animals not polar bears and penguins. What next? A blue whale? A sea lion? Errr and they should make some animals available for coins. Am tired of the same old coin animals.

  12. Idk Says:

    I will only buy that if they sell it for coins and if i can find some space >__< what if they released a little 7/11? :D

  13. FVF1988 Says:

    @ Goodman

    Why don’t you buy more dairy barns? We can get up to five in the game. That way you can eliminate the cows.

  14. Juan Says:

    What is it with people not having any room??! Downsize your land for planting, duh!

  15. LOL Says:

    not buying it….

  16. Carson Says:

    if i downsixe it… i cant make enought money… and i wish they had a converter that changed coins to cash… also i have the max dairy barns and i still need more room for my cows

  17. b Says:

    I might just get a slurpee collector cup. Don’t think I’d want the tower inless it was for coins

  18. Rk Says:

    The only way I’d purchase the collectible cups is if they came with bonuses in Farmville – a large one :)

  19. FVF1988 Says:

    @ Juan.

    Down sizing the amount of crops you plant isn’t at all good. It brings down the ammount of coins earned dude.

    And Farmville is meant to be about just that: farming.

    @ No one in particular.

    If Zynga wanted a town then they should have named it Townville. The game is becoming all about buildings and decorations. What ever happened to creating animals? Why so many buildings? :( The game’s purpose is being tainted by all the building and the lack of animals.

    Also, they’ve spent a lot of time making trees look realistic (like the breadfruit tree and the Dorian) …. how about upgrading the animals? The cows are ok I guess but the chickens should look more realistic and the pigs. I know its futile putting this here as its a fan page but just needed to rant its all…

    Does anyone else share my opinion?

  20. FVF1988 Says:

    Oops, typo. Meant to say Durian Tree not Dorian. xD

  21. Lorraine Says:

    It woiuld be great if the cards I purchased at 7/11 worked. Went to 2 different 7/11′s and purchased a card, put 10 dollars (printed on the card $10/25) on the card and got home and put the pin number in and it said invalid pin code. So if they are planning on doing this then they need to fix this problem first. So I have two cards one I can’t do a thing with because they didn’t give me a receipt and I wasn’t thinking it wouldn’t work. The 2nd one I asked for a receipt so I can take this one back and get my $10. So if anyone plans on getting one from a 7/11 plan on it not to work and get a receipt so you can get your money back.

  22. Ray Says:

    FVF1988 I am sure its not futile putting things here on fan page also.

  23. Jen Says:

    Sweet! My two addictions join together – slurpees and Farmville!

  24. Sarah Says:

    what is the point in this, i will not buy any of the 7-11 stuff

  25. shaggy Says:

    Seven Eleven?

    Never heard of it – is it American-centric?

  26. shaggy Says:

    After a quick look on the internet only people from:
    Australia / Japan / Taiwan / Malaysia / Philippines / Singapore /
    S Korea / Thailand / China / Hong Kong / Scandinavia / US / Canada and Mexico
    will be able to take part!!!

    never mind :-)

  27. tara Says:

    I couldn’t care less about the 7-11 stuff for my farm, but I can’t WAIT for the big gulp/slurpee cups at 7-11!!!

  28. Dabeasumin Says:

    *The dates signify when they will be available to be displayed.”

    That should read “ordered” lol, hard to display something in May for an event starting in June :P

  29. Rob Gould Says:

    I knew this was coming…first the thing w/ the peanuts and now 7-11.Next will be a pizza hut or a Burger King.

  30. kitkat Says:

    I traveled almost 20 minutes to go to the only 7-11 store around my area for game cards to give out for mothers day. Needless to say they didnt have any. They said only the “larger” 7-11′s had the cards, not the small stores. WTH arent all 7-11′s the same?? False advertisement if you ask me.

  31. Dabeasumin Says:

    No, not all 7-11 are the same. Some are franchised now and carry different products. You need to ask the Store manager to carry/order them, but I guarantee they will have them in June (which really doesn’t help you now, sorry)

  32. Esperanza Says:

    Lorraine Says:So I have two cards one I can’t do a thing with because they didn’t give me a receipt and I wasn’t thinking it wouldn’t work.

    Always get a receipt even the cashier should know this…
    I received 2-$25.00 for my B-Day in March in which they came from 7-11…I sure hope you get your money back or a new card…

    New buildings are cool but the purpose of them they just sit there…If they produce something that has to do with farming all good, needing MORE ROOM. I agree with all of you, you want farming as well as land to farm on and to have productive buildings to complete a job. I also feel that most stuff in the market is too high and to have to buy farm cards to enjoy the good things, then there’s a time limit on these items… The EGGS are worthless, I can see if they start putting the goodies in the eggs,but i don’t think that will happen…All the buildings we have now doesn’t have expantion . 20 babies to a nursery big deal increase it increase them all saves room to…

  33. Thorsten Says:

    “It’s adorable thou. Makes me think of Kids WB’s Animaniacs tower. ”

    That’s exactly what i connect with a water tower, nearly made me buy the current re-released Cow Print Tower but it’s too much FV cash.

    But if this one here is for coins, i’m all up for it

  34. Nancy Says:

    Will not be getting this or anything of the sort. I save room for stuff that produces. Plus you guys should be working on getting us more land instead of stuff to put on land. Thanks

  35. Rob Gould Says:

    I have a question.
    If 7-11 is open 24 hours,why do they have locks on the door?

  36. FVF1988 Says:

    @ Thorsten

    I know aren’t they awesome? :D I have a feeling we will get lucky with this one. If not they at least have to make it a reasonable amount of FV$ :) A guy could dream… haha.

    Anyways, definitely getting it either way. I just hope there are more 7-11 items released.

    @ No one in particular.

    I doubt they will give us more land. I mean the biggest one is the mighty plantation. What do you guys suppose the next one can be called? The gigantic plantation? Come on guys. Its called priorities. If you don’t have enough room or storage just sit down before your pc. Open up your farm and think really hard. What are the most important decorations and buildings to you? Think about it. Anything out of date “christmas trees” and/or “halloween decor” …. DELETE IT!

    It will give you space to store what’s important and really guys, why hold on to outdated decor when halloween is a few months ahead of us, there are bound to be new decorative items. The christmas stuff too. Of course if it costed you FV$ don’t delete it. Just anything purchased with coins. The worthless stuff….

  37. FRED Says:

    I’m in!! Looking forward to it. Can’t wait!!!

  38. Trish Says:

    Is FarmVille truly losing the focus of their Award Winning game then? sad sad sad.

  39. SuzieO Says:

    #34 – I can answer that question. Sometimes there is only one employee working and if he/she needs to go to the back to get supplies then the door must be locked first.

  40. Kristinliz Says:

    Hey, so now instead of chasing crows, foxes, etc from your neighbor’s farm, you’ll be able to pick up empty slurpee cups, cigarette butts, and floating plastic bags from their fields!

  41. Kristinliz Says:

    Maybe there will be a slurpee tree? To go with the nacho fields?

  42. Dabeasumin Says:

    Actually, 7-11 locks their doors on only 2 occasions that I’m aware of:

    1.) due to a power outage
    2.) after a robbery (pending a police investigation)

    Suzie, most 7-11′s have doorbells for that reason. I have heard of people locking the door on a single shift for an emergency bathroom visit, lol.

  43. Paul Says:

    #40. LOL!!!
    In RL, if you put up a tower advertising 7-11, you would get paid for it. So….will we be able to harvest FV cash when we place it on our farms? If that’s the case, I’ll make room for it! LOL

  44. Thorsten Says:

    “I doubt they will give us more land. I mean the biggest one is the mighty plantation. What do you guys suppose the next one can be called? The gigantic plantation?”

    Some SCAM groups that promise you the next extention if you “INVITE ALL YOUR FRIENDS!!!!!!111111eleven1111″ ;) are very creative on the names.

  45. Devin Says:

    @ FVF1988; What do you think Ville means dumbass!

  46. Yu Ma Ma Says:

    Lessee, 7-11 is owned by the Southland Corporation, which has direct ties to organized crime. Farmville has a Russian backer that is financed by another Russian branch of organized crime.

    Just one Mafia scratching the other Mafia’s backs, that’s all.

  47. Xavier Wolf Says:

    @ FVF1988

    I agree with you, they do seem to have lost some of their focus on their primary objectives, which is farming. Granted it is called Farmville, so there is going to be some focus on the buildings, the first part and main focus should be on the farming, and what goes along with it, like the animals.

    @ Everyone refering to the game cards,

    I too have ran into some problems with the cards, but I noticed the other day that they are selling the $10 cards at Wal-Mart now, so maybe those will work better. Anyone tried one from there, and if so, did it work?

  48. Dabeasumin Says:

    @ Yu Ma Ma , need to do your homework son, 7-11 was sold by Southland Corp in 1991:

    Japanese 7-Eleven franchisee buys Southland Corp. for $1B

    DALLAS–Facing a debt crisis amounting to $1.8 billion, the Southland Corp. has agreed to be acquired by its longtime Japanese business partner, which will bail the beleaguered convenience store operator out by paying an estimated $1 billion for control.

    Ito-Yokado, a 17-year franchisee and operator of 3,940 stores as 7-Eleven Japan, has signed a definitive agreement to become the majority owner of the nation’s largest convenience store operator and will acquire 75 percent of the shares outstanding.

    The transaction is contingent upon an elaborate restructuring plan to reduce the company’s debt load.

  49. Phenomenal Says:

    First of all, let me say I am a wishful thinker…a dreamer of sorts :) So don’t laugh when I type this, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if the 7-11 cups had peel-offs for a chance to win some fv cash?

    Ahh, I can see it now–codes to enter in on fv to win fv cash, buildings, and dah dah dah dump dum…drum roll please: an all new extremely limited rare massive farmland upgrade only available to X# of people. ROTFL…seriously this would so rock, you got to admit:)

  50. Shanon Says:

    I am such a FV Freak….lol…. we DO NOT have any 7-11 here in Southeast Texas So I am having my friend go to 7-11 in Cali to buy the things we need to get the Items…lol…. Plus for mothers day my hubby brought me a bunch of FV Cards…lol….

  51. William Bennett Says:

    I finally had to brake down and buy some farmville cash I know now if you don’t have the cash you cannot get very many of the items I was able to get the tractor,seeded, and harvestor for coins which saved me a lot of money just use your heads and it will cost you less in real money.

  52. Lisa Sneath Says:

    i’d like to participate! is it coming to canada?

  53. cillajones Says:

    I tried it and I love it! It was easy. I purchased a coke in the 7-11 Farmville Cup came home when to the website, put in the code and got a “Big Splash” cow jumping into the pool. It was really easy and I’d bet the “Big Splash” would cost mega FV cash if you purchased it on FB. I will be looking for the other items as well!

    Happy Farming! :)

  54. Britt-Inger Lindqvist Says:

    We don´t have 7-11 in Sweden…… I can´t get this BUt I think some of the things are cool….

  55. Joan Says:

    Hi I went out and grabbed every item available for FV. (my area doesnt have water bottles, sandwiches, or fruit yet). My problem is there was
    NO WAY you could read codes for the icecream or the coffee cups. We must have spent 1 hr. trying all possible combinations and interpretations. Now what? (icecream seemed to have one symbol to many also). I guess if you have an UNCOVERED SYMBOL make sure you can read it before you buy it.

  56. Andry Says:

    You know we DO have 7-11 in Sweden, but I think the promotion is not going to be here anyway…


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