FarmVille Freak Guide: Welcome to FarmVille Haunted Hollow!

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FarmVille Freak Guide: Welcome to FarmVille Haunted Hollow!

Posted on September 24, 2012 1:52 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Freak Haunted Hollow

Welcome to FarmVille Haunted Hollow, FarmVille’s seventh farm!

Early Access to FarmVille Haunted Hollow began on September 17th 2012. Regular, free access is expected to start on September 24th 2012.

First of all, we have a few exciting things to tell you about in FarmVille Haunted Hollow. Here are a few fun facts about FarmVille Haunted Hollow that you will most likely be happy to hear!

Farm Coins Preferred
Let’s talk currency- your Farm Coins are good in Haunted Hollow, meaning that there is no exclusive currency as we saw in Jade Falls and Hawaiian Paradise where we had to start over earning coins. FarmVille Haunted Hollow uses the same currency as Home Farm- Farm Cash and Farm Coins. Nice.

No Plot Requirements
Unlike other recent FarmVille destination farms (Lighthouse Cove, Hawaiian Paradise, and Jade Falls) FarmVille Haunted Hollow farm does not have plot requirements. This means that you decide how many plots of land you place on your farm provided that you must stay within the limits of your current expansion. In other words, there is not a plot limitation restricting you to a certain number of crops for each expansion. This is great news for those of us FarmVille Freaks that would like to reserve room to decorate our farms!

Hello, Special Delivery Box 2
Finally! The much anticipated Special Delivery Box 2 is here (on a wider release for more farmers)! This means that you can open any of your current SDBs and utilize them as you wish and on the object/task that you select. They are also filled with more items for construction projects as well as the usual items. No more opening tons of boxes and getting stuff that you don’t need or want. As you open a SDB, you will be able to select the object that you would like to use it on indicated by the blue highlighted areas on your farm in which it can be used on. The perfect asset to get a new farm started. Yes!

(Note: SDB2 is available on ALL FarmVille farms, not just Haunted Hollow.) 

Here’s a quick reference guide for everything you need to know about FarmVille Haunted Hollow!

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FarmVille Haunted Hollow Farm

The Farming Basics Haunted Hollow Style

FarmVille Haunted Hollow Farm Sneak Preview (what the Haunted Hollow farm looks like)

FarmVille Haunted Hollow Farm Aerial View

FarmVille Haunted Hollow Theme Music (listen to a sample of the music in Haunted Hollow)

FarmVille Haunted Hollow Introduction Video (the intro video to Haunted Hollow farm)

FarmVille Haunted Hollow SP leveling-up

Haunted Farming

FarmVille Haunted Hollow Crops

FarmVille Haunted Hollow Trees

FarmVille Haunted Hollow Farm Expansions

Spooky Critters

FarmVille Haunted Hollow Animals

FarmVille Haunted Hollow Chickens & Mystery Eggs

Haunted Hollow Features 

FarmVille Haunted Hollow Haunted Mansion (constructible feature similar to Jade Falls’ Mountain Palace)

FarmVille Haunted Hollow Monster Lab (exclusive breeding pen to create new animals)

FarmVille Haunted Hollow Buildings With Purpose

FarmVille Haunted Hollow Spooky Photo Contest Challenge (New Photo Contest feature with Voting)

FarmVille Haunted Monster Garden Making Monsters Escapades

FarmVille Haunted Hollow Regular Access Quest (Chapter 2 for early access)

Getting Crafty in Haunted Hollow

FarmVille Haunted Hollow Crafting Building & Recipes

FarmVille Decorate Your House for Halloween Dream House 

FarmVille Haunted Hollow Treasure Tombs to Uncover

Sneak peek of the Tombstone Treasures guide

Decorations & Misc.

FarmVille Haunted Hollow Decorations 

FarmVille Haunted Hollow Decorative Buildings

FarmVille Haunted Hollow Vehicles 

FarmVille Haunted Hollow Characters

FarmVille Haunted Hollow Friend Gifting Offer 

When does it start!? 

FarmVille Early Access to Haunted Hollow

Similar to FarmVille Jade Falls and Hawaiian Paradise, you can expect the FarmVille Haunted Hollow farm to have an early access date as well. Early Access date began on Monday, September 17th 2012.

  • Price: 35 Farm Cash (optional)
  • Exclusive Quest line with 6 parts (For Haunted Hollow Chapter 1 Quest Early Access click here.) EXPIRED
  • Early Access Quest Rewards: Floating Witch Mountain, Purple Nightmare Stallion, Murky Pond, Nightmare Goat, Fire Hydra, & Dark Bramble Tree

FarmVille Haunted Hollow Early Access

Early Access to Haunted Hollow costs 35 Farm Cash. Paying the price of early access grants you access to the new farm typically one week before it’s released to everyone else for free. However, with the purchase of early access you get a few perks such as a free Tree and access to an exclusive early access quest line along with its quest rewards if you complete them (FarmVille says its worth 80 Farm Cash). You can see the guide of the Haunted Hollow’s Early Access by clicking here.

The Haunted Hollow Chapter 2 Quest Guide (first quest of free access) can be found here.

FarmVille Haunted Hollow Release Date

Now, after all of that information, what we really want to know- when will FarmVille Haunted Hollow be released?

Early Access (paid with Farm Cash) started on Monday, September 17th 2012.  Regular, free access is expected to begin in one week.

FarmVille Haunted Hollow Travel

What do you think of FarmVille Haunted Hollow so far? Do you have any questions not answered in this guide? Ask them in the comments below! 

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    Is it true that Haunted Hollow will only be here for a short time?
    Thanks for answering!

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    Same problem. I stopped playing for a while and started again. Now I don’t find access to this farm. What can I do?

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