FarmVille Freak Guide to Super Crops

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FarmVille Freak Guide to Super Crops

Posted on July 21, 2011 10:29 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Super Crops Are Here Notice

To the delight of many out-0f-work FarmVille Freaks, FarmVille introduced Super Crops today! These brand new crops give players who have already mastered regular crops, Greenhouse crops, and English Countryside crops a new mastery challenge.

What are Super Crops?

Super Crops are a giant version of regular crops that will provide farmers with more Farm Coins, XP, Bushels, and another Mastery Sign – a golden one to be exact. When planted on your farms, Super Crops are physically larger than regular crops (even those that have been fertilized). Currently not all crops have a Super Crop version.

Super Crops (Released on July 21, 2011)

  • FarmVille Super Cotton
  • FarmVille Super Pink Aster
  • FarmVille Super Cranberry
  • FarmVille Super Grape
  • FarmVille Super Pumpkin
  • FarmVille Super Pepper
  • FarmVille Super Strawberry
  • FarmVille Super Watermelon
  • FarmVille Super Yellow Melon

FarmVille Super Cotton

FarmVille Super Pink Aster

FarmVille Super Cranberry

FarmVille Super Grape

FarmVille Supar Pepper

FarmVille Super Pumpkin

FarmVille Super Strawberry

FarmVille Super Watermelon

FarmVille Super Yellow Melon

FarmVille Super Strawberry

FarmVille Super Grape

FarmVille Super Cotton

FarmVille Super Watermelon

FarmVille Super Yellow Melon

FarmVille Super Pumpkin

FarmVille Super Cranberry

FarmVille Super Peppers

FarmVille Super Pink Aster

How do I grow Super Crops?

1. Pre-Mastery Requirements: To access Super Crops you will need to first master the Super Crop’s regular version. For example, before you can grow Super Strawberries, you will need to have mastered regular Strawberries.

2. Ask Friends for Help: Once the regular crop version is mastered, you will still see the Super Crop version locked in the FarmVille Market. The next step is to get help from your FarmVille friends by “Asking Friends for Help”. To do this simply go to the FarmVille Market and click on the “Locked” button which will take you to a page where you can select friends to help. Another way to ask friends is by clicking on your Mastery Sign of the regular version.

You need a total of 6 friends helping for each crop.

If you’d like to jump ahead and bypass asking friends for help it’ll cost you Farm Cash. You can skip this step by purchasing at 3 Farm Cash per friend or a total of 18 Farm Cash if no one has helped you.

FarmVille Super Cranberry Notice

3. Purchase Super Crop Seeds: Now that your friends have helped, all you need to do is purchase Super Seeds from the FarmVille Market and start growing!

Mastering Super Crops

Super Crops can be mastered just like any other FarmVille crop. There are three star Mastery levels and after reaching the last level you will be rewarded with a Golden Mastery Sign for you to display on your farm. If you’d rather not show off your achievements, it can also be stored. When harvesting Super Crops you can find Bushels but instead of getting just one Bushel, you will receive 4 Bushels of the regular version.

Super Mastery Rewards

  • Super Mastery Level 1 – 1,000 Farm Coins and 50 XP
  • Super Mastery Level 2 – 3,000 Farm Coins and 150 XP
  • Super Mastery Level 3 – 10,000 Farm Coins and 500 XP
Super Crop Name
Mastery Level 1
Mastery Level 2
Mastery Level 3
XP Gained
Harvest Time
Cotton75022506750312 hrs
Cranberry90027008100210 hrs
Grape 60018005400424 hrs (1 day)
Pumpkin100030009000208 hrs
Watermelon400120036001096 hrs (4 days)
Pepper60018005400424 hrs (1 day)
Strawberry1250375011250104 hrs
Pink Aster60018005400424 hrs (1 day)
Yellow Melon600180054001096 hrs (4 days)

FarmVille Super Strawberry Mastery Sign

FarmVille Super Cotton Mastery Sign

FarmVille Super Grape Mastery Sign

FarmVille Super Watermelon Mastery Sign

FarmVille Super Yellow Melon Mastery Sign

FarmVille Super Pumpkin Mastery Sign

FarmVille Super Cranberries Mastery Sign

FarmVille Super Hot Pink Asters Mastery Sign

FarmVille Super Peppers Mastery Sign

Will you be growing Super Crops on your farm and mastering them?

FarmVille Freak Prashanth's Super Crops Mastered

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61 Responses to “FarmVille Freak Guide to Super Crops” »

  1. Nancy Says:

    Yes I will! Hey am I first?

  2. Patti Says:

    YES! I have been waiting for some new crops to master that didn’t cost 10 FV DOLLARS! Thanks Zynga!

  3. Lisa Says:

    I think that the Super Crop Mastery is a good idea because alot of people have mastered all the crops and they will at least have something to work for….but Farmville can and needs to be more easier on all the other stuff that is “REQUIRED” to pay farmville cash for it isnt fair and people that dont have any money would like to have some of the stuff that is in the Market for farmville cash….just saying!!!

  4. Diane Says:

    I knew they would come up with something new just about the time I was thinking I was finished mastering crops! I was looking forward to a break, but I can see where people would be happy that there is something to do.

  5. Sarah Says:

    I am so tired of having to ask for things I still cant get my waterwheel built

  6. Pamela Ford Says:

    IMHO the new “super crops” besides being a pain in da butt, are a waste of time….. why can’t they just come up with some new crops?? Doing the same old ones for more coins/mastery?? so far, the crops i checked have the exact same plant/harvest cost as the old ones…Besides, I’m told, you can’t use them anywhere…like the bakery. What’s wrong with doing some new recipes w/corresponding crops in bakeries/spas/wineries?

  7. Marslakoo Says:

    Nice! (^^.) I like those mastery signs.

  8. JustinD Says:

    I’m g;ad they came out with this…but, how about some more cool stuff for coins instead of farmcash? I think Zynga fails to realize that not all of their players can afford it.

    Sidenote: I’m super glad I have these mastered so I can start on them!

  9. latoyia Says:

    nice looking forward to doing this when i run out of other stuff. there is a typo in the chart it says super yellow lemons instead of super yellow melons just rearrange the letters :) i got really excited n thought it was a new crop that i had missed

  10. latoyia Says:

    there is a small typo in the chart … it says super yellow lemons in stead of super yellow lemons … i got excited n thought i missed a new crop. just rearranged the words a little. i look forward to this when i run out of things to do on my farm.

  11. Oscar Duron Says:

    I’ve been receiving a few of these messages: Whoa there farmer! Looks like you’re not invited to approve Phyllis’s crops! The name was different on a few of them, the point is, how could I not be invited if I received the invite from that person?

  12. sne Says:

    was trying to finish normal masteries so that could do a little decorations on farm but now looks like it will remain a dream for a long long time yet :-(

  13. Jamdown Farmer Says:

    If you can’t finish your water wheel because the items to build it are missing/no longer should email Zynga support to report the issue. They may complete it for you!

  14. Mark Says:

    Is the super pumpkins the same as the limited ones they had a while back? So if we mastered that, is this new one already mastered? Or are there now two different “super pumpkins”?

  15. Junior Says:

    Mastery signs look nice but who really wants to master the same crop again? They change money for every new crop now can’t they use some of that money to think of some new crops

  16. Angel Says:

    Hating it. I really do not look forward to spamming all my farm friends with requests just so I can master a dumb ass crop I already mastered ages ago.
    Lately, everything Zynga does with Farmville just annoys me. They just don’t care anymore about delvering a fun game experience, all they want is money.

  17. Prashanth Says:

    Just completed mastering all those Super Crops… Here is my farm screenshot with the mastery signs near to the crops:

  18. nerf Says:

    Super crops gives you 4 bushels of the crop’s regular version per find!

  19. Sue Says:

    At least we don’t have to pay fv $ :D

  20. Tia Says:

    Can super crop bushels be substituted for regular bushels when making recipes?

  21. Heather Says:

    I like the idea of it. Problem is everytime I click on asking friends it takes me to the right page but it never loads! I am really upset by this! I wanna be involved and enjoy this new feature! Any ideas?

  22. Cris Says:

    Hi farmers! please watch the documentary Food Inc (on youtube), I recently saw it and I think everyone shold know where their food comes from! lots of love to everyone

  23. Chantal Says:

    Nice! Finally something to do again. The mastery numbers seem a bit steep though, especially the melons.

  24. Pokerface Says:

    Well, where is this gonna stop? Platinum mastery? Gold mastery for trees? Animal mastery? Gold animal mastery? Why don’t they upgrade existing things? New recipies in the bakery, new crops in the greenhouse, new animals in the nursery, new turkeys etc.
    And please come up with something to spend my coins on. Introduce some expensive trees for coins or crops that cost a million…

  25. Jeffovich Says:

    Are the required crops for level 2 and 3 additive or single values? i.e. Super Cotton: do I need 6750 to obtain the mastery sign or do I need 750 + 2250 + 6750 = 9750 ??

  26. fvplaya Says:

    mastered all 9 new crops lol NEXT :D

  27. Toni Says:

    I planted an entire field of Super Strawberries this morning (789 plots), and didn’t get a single bushel. My market stall opened for regular strawberries, and added to my strawberry bushel count. I tried using one of the regular strawberry bushels to double the mastery, but it didn’t work. Just so you guys know. It’s a new feature, it’ll take a while for the kinks to be worked out..

  28. marie-isabelle Says:

    i’m glad we have new crops…i’ll already mastered all the regular ….i’m starting now with some strawberries but at this moment i didn’t find any super crop bushel…for extra mastering

    did you find some?

  29. Glozell Green Says:

    I love it but it takes way too long than the normal crop. Plus you have to ask for help and do you know how many farmville friends I have? Below ten. They shooda just released their unreleased crops. It’s been waiting there for over a year waiting to be released. Those mastery sign are okay.

  30. barbara Says:


  31. meerkat1123432 Says:

    What is Super Yellow Lemon in the chart thingy.

  32. Jamdown Farmer Says:

    I am really contemplating not doing this because I find it ridiculous that one has to ask for approval to plant these super crops. I have mastered all the crops on home and england so why do I need to bother 6 friends to approve planting the crops I have MASTERED?
    Does mastery not count for anything?
    Some new crops would be nice. FV just recycling the same crops for some ugly gold signs.

  33. MJ Says:

    Just to let everyone know you only get regular bushels from harvesting and you can’t use them to get double mastery

  34. charles Says:

    where are the BUSHELS? tried this feature for one crop. planted & harvested super strawberries & it says i got bushels but when i check the stall to use it, there was NONE!!!! it only gave the regular strawberries. is this some kind of joke? c’mon, this day’s no april fools.

  35. Holly U Says:

    Needing pproval from friends is a huge turn-off, since most of my friends aren’t active any more (and no, I won’t add you because I don’t know you IRL). The idea that we’d have to get approval every time is beyond ridiculous. I vastly prefer FV to Frontierville and others I have tried because there’s so much I can do without constantly begging my friends for things. Give me a break, Farmville. This is not as bad as asking FV cash for a crop license that doesn’t go to charity, but it’s close. Keep it up and I will leave my farm — and Zynga — behind.

  36. Farmer Henk Says:

    @Barbara: once unlocked, the crop stays unlocked. At least here on my end. As for bushels, I cannot firnd Su[er Bushels, and regular ones don;t give you any mastery bonus it seems. Oh well, I still *love* these new crops. Feels like playing FarmVille again, instead of Questville.

  37. Rob G. Says:

    Pam # 6 is right.
    Can’t they think of new crops?
    I mean really is it that hard?
    Make new green house crops…mix crops that are already out and make new ones…that’s what the green house is there for!!!

  38. Austin Says:

    I remember, when FV was still rather new, the super pumpkins, they had them released for the fall, I think just october, but they were my favorite :)

  39. Vicki Says:

    I sure would like to see some rereleases of the old old crops for those of us who started later and didn’t get to master them.

  40. Evinezer G. Baloloy Says:

    any news about coins expansion?

  41. Brian Says:

    There is an error in the description.

    “There are also Bushels for Super Crops that can be used to give you one extra mastery point when harvesting.”

    That is apparently not true. Super Crops give you bushes of the regular crop, which cannot be used to boost mastery of the Super Crop.


  42. JD Says:

    Using OS X Lion, I can’t request help with either Chrome or Safari. BS… what do they do, test with IE 6 for Windows XP only? I think its time to quit FV…. its getting lame.

  43. LESLIE Says:

    I just harvested my first crop of super cotton. now it just says just cotton in my market stall and the bushels inside just say cotton. if they are super cotton, why dont my bushels say super cotton. whats the point of planting super cotton if they all say cotton everywhere. do u get more coins for selling super cotton and how will anyone know it’s super cotton if it just says cotton. are others getting the same experience with their super crops when harvesting/selling them?

  44. LESLIE Says:

    ditto pokerface. i concur!! ive been emailing zynga for weeks and weeks about new crops for greenhouse, new animals for feeding trough, new permanent gifts on free gifts page, new spa recipes, etc. they never listen. :-( Im not sure what it will take for them to listen. i think i might like super crops but i wish they would add some new regular crops to the market too and some new animals to the feeding trough, etc. there is too much mastery now. i think they think this is only way to keep players interested is thru all this new mastery stuff cuz some players are obsessed with mastering while others are concerned about daily play staying interesting. maybe zynga will listen some day.

  45. [kby] Says:

    Yeah, it seems super crops yield the regular version, but using a bushel for the regular crop doesn’t grant you any mastery help. I wasn’t watching if the XP boost applied.

  46. bmosley Says:

    I have tried several tomes to ask friends for help with the super crops. Only one time was I successful but not enough clicked to help me. And now when I try to ask for help my screen freezes up EVERY TIME. It also freezs up when asking for help with the stallion.

  47. vickie Says:

    i had mixed feelings about this. i got all my crops approved with no problem. i am ticked off about the bushels tho. you get reg bushels, they do not help you, and you get a TON of them. i had 40 or 50 bushels from one planting. and of course i don’t use pumpkin bushels. my advise would be to use this if you need alot of bushels for something, otherwise you might want to skip it. also sharing bushels would be easier if we could type a number instead of hitting the arrow 40 times.

  48. Angela Kayga Baca Says:

    I just finished harvesting my first crop of pink asters, and although it let me plant another crop without having my neighbors approve it again, using a bushel did NOT give me double mastery. I have more than 450 plots, so with double mastery, i should have finished my first level, but instead, I only have 468 of 600. Ripoff! Fix it Zynga!! (Love the gold signs though)

  49. maira Says:

    They should just make brand new crops – regular ones, not these commemoratives

  50. Chloe Says:

    I did not get one credit after harvesting a whole field of over 400 crops towards my gold master. What the hell?

  51. Georgiann Says:

    No, not really interested in these. I still have some regular crops to master anyway. And I have been begging my neighbors for things for the last several weeks — sheep quest, summer quest, the sandcastle, the silo, the waterwheel, the orchard, the mustang, etc. I don’t have very many neighbors and hate to be constantly begging/spamming them for things, especially since most of them aren’t playing regularly this summer. Personally I think it’s ridiculous to have to ask permission from people to grow a crop anyway. Mastery of the regular crop should be enough to unlock the super crop.

  52. cheryl Says:

    Super Crops – brought to you by Monsanto

  53. Golden Gnome Says:

    So we can’t use normal crop bushels, for these super crops, but these super crops not gave us super bushels but normals. Logic?

    1, Zynga sould set the markets stalls’ capacity up to 2 x 500 (or 2 x 1000) from 2 x 200, because these super crops game me a number of bushels (more than 300 in a simple harvesting on both farms).

    2, And they should set the bushel sharing method as similar as gift sharing, because I hate to clicking hundreds of times to sare hundreds of bushels. One click down and done.

    Just sayin’

  54. Sherry Says:

    I just don’t like having 200 bushels of Super Asters. All I am doing is deleting them. What is the point of so many extra bushels?

  55. NP Says:

    While I agree that I am glad to finally have crops to master again, this does seem to be a waste.

    1) I don’t need 100′s of bushels of most of these (but rice and white grapes would be nice)

    2) If we can’t use bushels to earn double mastery this is just a major pain.

    I was going to do these when I thought it was just a few super crops, but now they’ve released a new set. I have a bad feeling they’re going to have super crops of everything and that I just won’t bother with.

  56. Bharat Says:

    >>I am so tired of having to ask for things I still cant get my waterwheel built
    Please use the Special Delivery packages. It will give you the remaining items. Open the packages on the farm that houses your water wheel.

    If nothing is left except growing the cellar, then you get shovels.

  57. jason Says:

    I dont know what the point of super crops are…

    But I just burned through 5 instant grows i have been saving for months to finish super yellow melon and 3/4 of super water melon that took literally only ten minutes.

    I took advantage of the double mastery weekend. Combine that with the platinum double mastery statue and it was a no brainer.

    i have 735 open plots on my england farm.

    it would have taken me 40 days of regular farming to get super yellow melon mastery.

    but it would have still taken me 21 days with the platinum double mastery statue.

    i calculated that i am only need one four day cycle (with double mastery statue help) of super water melon to get the mastery sign.

    i will finish up super peppers this weekend.

    the only thing left will be super potatoes. I am debating whether to wait for the next double mastery weekend to finish it or not.

    the very last mastery sign for me to collect is (aside from the impossible ‘animal’ signs) is one more craft mastery sign. then I will take my time to do those stupid craft mastery things. those are so dumb imo. the super crops are very close to this stupidity as well.


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