FarmVille Freak Sneak Peek! Sheep Breeding in the English Countryside!

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FarmVille Freak Sneak Peek! Sheep Breeding in the English Countryside!

Posted on March 12, 2011 12:54 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille English Countryside Sheep

The Sheep have been neglected for far too long, and FarmVille is making up for it in the English Countryside!

As we’ve already heard, in the English Countryside, farmers will have the unique ability to Breed Sheep. However, this is not like any other FarmVille breeding we have experienced before, read more to see why. Sheep Breeding will take place in a Sheep Pen which looks similar to the Pig Pen. You can click the “Look Inside” option which will show the sheep housed inside. The plan is for a basic Sheep Pen to hold up to 20 Sheep, while a fully expanded Sheep Pen can house up to 40 Sheep.

The Sheep Pen will be decked out with “Breeding Rooms” for your Sheep to well, breed of course! To breed Sheep, you will simply click on two Sheep and then select “Breed”. If your Sheep produce a Lamb, you will also be given the opportunity to name it! You also will have the option to keep these little Lambs for yourself or give them away to loving homes. That’s not all, Lambs will have the ability to grow up into adult Rams or Ewes if you first feed them properly by nourishing them with Baby Bottles. Baby Bottles are free giftables that can be found on the FarmVille Free Gifts page.

Sheep Breeding has almost endless possibilities – seriously. The offspring combinations that you can produce with Sheep Breeding is in the million range! For the first time ever, we get to experiment with a genealogical factor. Although Sheep Breeding is randomized, there are an overwhelming amount of possibilities and the two Sheep we select for breeding do play a role in determining the offspring. For example, males determine pattern. At the initial rollout of the English Countryside, farmers will start out with 5 different Sheep to start our breeding endeavors.

We’ve gathered some more random facts about what you can expect from Sheep Breeding in the English Countryside. Read below for more tidbits on this exciting upcoming feature.

Sheep Breeding Facts

  • Breeding Sheep has the possibility of producing Lambs.
  • Lambs can be named. You will be able to change the name of your Lamb when its a baby or adult.
  • Lambs will require that you feed themBaby Bottles if you want them to grow into a Ram or Ewe.
  • You cannot transfer Sheep over from your original farm to the English Countryside.
  • Sheep Breeding is Random, with no deterministic outcome.
  • Offspring is based on DNA of parents genetics, but is not fully predetermined.
  • Combinations of patterned sheep is in the thousands or even millions range! There are many, many possibilities for patterns and colors of offspring!!!
  • You do not know what a Lamb will look like when it grows up. They are mysterious like that, meaning that if you have a Grey Lamb it could grow into a Purple Star patterned Sheep.
  • MALES determine pattern.
  • New breeding opportunity for farmers to specialize in such as a color or pattern.
  • When your Lamb is fully grown, you will be given Love Potions in which you can share with your farming friends via the Facebook News Feed.

What do you think FarmVille Freaks, are you excited about breeding Sheep in the FarmVille English Countryside?

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62 Responses to “FarmVille Freak Sneak Peek! Sheep Breeding in the English Countryside!” »

  1. Jacob Says:


  2. Karen Says:

    Can’t wait for it to come out!!!

  3. Sergio Says:


  4. Ann Says:

    Sounds good when does it START!!!

  5. Cathy Says:

    Sounds like fun, I breed horses, but there is no way to know what is going to come out of my stable, I have every horse that has been put out, including the stallions…

  6. Laura Says:

    It would be great if this feature could be transfered to our “regular” farms… Anyway, it’s pretty cool ^_^

  7. robert Says:

    Connot store your previous sheep from your regular farm! Major fail. We need homes for our sheep now!!!!!!

  8. jeannine Says:

    LOVE IT!

  9. Marlene Says:

    sounds good, but I wish I could bring a few of the 100+ sheep I already have

  10. adrian Says:

    nice one! cant wait :) they better not be fv cash though!!!!

  11. Sheepfarmer Says:

    Can not wait for this!!!

  12. Jackie Says:


  13. ratorr2 Says:

    I’m confused. It says “Sheep Breeding is Random, with no deterministic outcome.” then the rest of it goes on to say how the outcome is determined. O.o

  14. Larry Says:

    Looks like crap. 10 baby bottles. Most likely require farmville cash to purchase, or a gift. Which means if there is any other gift you want/need, you won’t be able to get it for the first month. After that, the novelty will wear off, and most people won’t be sending baby bottles so if you still need them, you will have to beg or pay cash.

    Just like the dog bones.

    Great concept, but friends should be for things like mystery gifts and the event of the season (christmas/valentines day/st pattys day/whatever), not for things that some people will want to do for a couple weeks, and other people will want to do for months.

  15. JIM Says:

    Sheep are great…put let’s not forget other important aspects of the English farming and gardening tradition. Boxwood parterres, herbaceous borders, terraces, cottage gardens, pleached lime walks, rose gardens ( let’s breed roses!), hedges, trees and shrubs and classical garden ornaments. Do your homework Zygna.

  16. Lynda Coffman Says:

    Looking forward to a change…love the farm in FV, but a clean slate to start something new, sounds wonderful…

  17. Natalie Says:

    I like the it, something new to do. BUT it would great if we had a
    “Sheep Stable” on our farms now. So many of us have many many sheep. :)

  18. Patricia Arena Says:

    I don’t think it sounds like much fun. Just some more stupid work. WE have enough already to do. Colored and patterned sheep. UGG

  19. Echo Says:

    Has got me confused too. First says you can breed the sheep to get the lamb of your choice. Then says that the lamb does not grow up into the same patterned adult??? That the ram determines the pattern. Why bother breeding a certain lamb combination if it’s not gonna grow up into that pattern of adult sheep??

    We STILL NEED a sheep pen on our original farm!!!

  20. Mike D. Says:

    I wish they would just release it already… my gift box is full of repair materials (nails, boards, bricks) and special deliveries. :\

  21. FarmDiva79 Says:

    I”m very excited but also very confused about this. I read very carefully and it says we are getting 5 sheep to start, so YAY for that, since we can’t transfer over what we already have, but where do the Ram’s come from? I wish they would release it and stop teasing us, :/

  22. JeannieVee Says:

    Ooooooo.. its going to be fun to have different and new things to do. There are always going to be issues.. think about how many people play every day, every hour, every second. And, imagine what it takes to keep this going smoothly. I think they do a good job to keep it up and running and relatively smoothly. Not saying you can’t wish for things but I give them a bit of a break.. someone came up with the whole idea and it turned into this… thats pretty darn good :)

  23. Marta Says:

    I agree with Robert – Connot store your previous sheep from your regular farm! Major fail. We need homes for our sheep now!!!!!!

  24. Trouty Says:

    ‘Combinations of patterned sheep is in the thousands or even millions range! ‘

    So a great way to alienate collectors…. you will never have the full set. Every time I read about this game it is just turning out to be yet another clone of FV Chinese.

  25. JDR Says:

    Awesome!! This is the kind of cross-breeding I was hoping for when we got the Greenhouse. That turned out to be a slight disappointment with only some crops. A million kinds of sheep sounds awesome!!!

  26. Tim Says:

    I can shed some light on what it is trying to say, basically it is like selective breeding, you have a vague idea of what is going to come out, but there could be genetic abnormalities which probaly created the polka dot sheep in the first place

  27. CabbagePatchKid Says:

    Thats right Tim!

  28. Jens Missura Tejera Says:

    I have a question about the englis Countryside. The money is gonna be the same in both farms? I mean, the money I have noy i could see it in my English Countryside and vice versa?

  29. Greta Says:

    Awww you cant transfer from your farm to english countryside, I hoped I could mate 2 luv ewe together and make another luv ewe lol. I really love that sheep :)

  30. FloydieGirl Says:

    Look, all I want to know is can we keep them as lambs instead, they are so cute??? :)

  31. Chris Says:

    DO we also get the possibility to build a Sheep Pen on the original Farm?

  32. Ayla Says:

    This is awesome, I am a Farmville sheep addict!! Will we be able to transfer the new sheep to our original farm? I would love to have all my pretty sheep displayed in one place :)

  33. Keith Says:

    I’m upset we cant use our sheep from our farm now, that means we still have no use for all of them! And all those special holiday sheep we thought would be useful have no use. :(

  34. Sandy Says:

    This would be great on our original farm. I spend way too much time farming already, so not interested at all in the English Countryside farm – way too much wasted time especially if it doesn’t work half the time like our original farm!

  35. reincloud Says:

    I think the sheep breeding sounds AWESOME!! It’s the one thing Ive been waiting on farmville to come out with for a year, since I first started playing. I <3 sheepsies and breeding them sounds very fun….
    BUT – I read that earlier post that says once you have an english countryside farm, ONE FARM WILL BE "PAUSED" AT ALL TIMES :( So if you're playing EC, or if you played it last, your original farm will be "paused" with no crops growing and no progress occurring at all, until you go back to your original farm.. and then your english farm will be "paused" with no progress. So only one farm can advance, in any way, at one time… LAME!!! The whole f'n point was to have two farms to work on at once… way to f-up something that /could/ have been totally awesome, thanks, zynga, I shoulda seen it coming :(

  36. Katy Says:

    I can’t wait for this to come out! I think its going to be pretty soon because they don’t put it on the loading page unless its going to be released in the next week or so, and its been on there for about 4 days now!!!

  37. Amy Says:

    After seeing the info about the two farms not being able to share items, the sheep breeding will not help those of us who needed a sheep barn. Is that still coming to the original farm? It stinks that we cannot breed the tons of different themed sheep we have been collecting up until now- can we at least get a shed for them?

  38. chrissro Says:

    This colorated and spoted sheep are ugly, I would prefer to breed my actual sheep like I breed the stable.

  39. suzanna Says:

    The sheep breeding is just the same as the growing trees with a different name, and cant transfer sheep between farms, wats the point in that, wat we supose to do with all the sheep we already have? just abandon them? wouldent it of been more sensible to use the ones we have, i supose this is a hint of how things are going to be NO TRANSFERING BETWEEN FARMS, well if thats how its going to be then it will be like starting again from scratch, what a load of crap and hard work, i for one wont have the time or energy, it would make it so much more accessable to be able to transfer stuff and would sort the storage problem out, PLEASE PLEASE dont seperate them, people wont have the time to run two farms seperatly, you have scored another home goal if you do it this way and neither farm would have time to be ran properly!!

  40. Peter Says:

    I agree with MANY others on here that it completely unfair the shepp from out current farms cannot be transferred. We’ve been collecting them for a very long time now waiting for a sheep stable to arrive. We finally hear we’re getting but cannot put all the sheep we’ve got into it?!? I’m sorry Farmville but that’s a little disappointing. I personally have about 60-80 sheep on my farm waiting. (I’ve kept four of each, though some I only have one or two of)

    Are we going to get one on our original farms or are we going to just have to ‘lump it?’

  41. beth Says:

    where are all you people getting your information from?

  42. ozfarmgirl Says:

    I know a lot of ppl will be boycotting this but I wont be. I cant wait to play.

  43. Malia Says:

    I LOVE SHEEP!!!!I want to breed them all but how will i,,if idk what kinds there are,,there is to many.

  44. Debbie Says:

    Sounds fun, but I’m disappointed that we won’t be able to use the sheep we already have. I’ve been collecting them, and looking forward to seeing the different combinations they will create when I breed them.

    What am I supposed to do with all of my existing sheep, if we can’t transfer them? Will we at least get sheep pens for our American farms, too? I need something to keep them in – they’re taking over my farm. Please??

  45. Katie Says:

    Sounds bloody brilliant. I am so looking forward to this starting. I hope that it is soon.

  46. Karen Says:

    With the transfer problem? Does it mean that if we breed a lamb/sheep we cannot send to regular farmville players? Only to other EC FV players??? I think I’ll be trying this (like Chinese FV) and quitting after about 3 goes at it :( Sucks because I collect only sheep ,(

  47. patricia berry Says:

    brilliant..cant wait…

  48. Anonnagon Says:

    And we have to build this, too?

  49. Ggame Says:

    I am so freakin exited for this!

  50. Doug Says:

    i have dozens of sheep on my original farm. No place to put them.

    this country farm is going to be like starting over. No thanks.

  51. Shari Says:

    Can’t wait to get started but wish we could share with our Am farm. Sure would
    make things more fun!

  52. erica Says:

    YAY finally i can breed somthing other then horses YAY

  53. Joy Brewer Says:

    Sounds good but only if everyone gets the farm. I haven’t seen it yet.

  54. Deidre Says:

    i never got my 5 sheep……

  55. whitney Says:

    Um I love this.But We do not get to share love potions after breeding lol ???? They let us share baby bottles…. Just Clarifying!!

  56. Kim Pestana Says:

    I figured out how to breed ram, have posted a sheep breeding results guide (which will be updated continually), and even found a fix for the general public to use for Internet Explorer and Facebook/Farmville working slowly. Please see the link to my site above.

  57. Carol A Says:

    Where do you get the star patterned sheep?
    I have heard, but can’t get, that the candy cane sheep make stripes. But what makes the stars?

  58. Nicole Says:

    I think that you should be able to take your sheep from your original farm to the english side farm.

  59. putra1 Says:



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