FarmVille Freak Unreleased Lighthouse Cove Chapter 8 Master Quest Guide

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FarmVille Freak Unreleased Lighthouse Cove Chapter 8 Master Quest Guide

Posted on November 8, 2011 11:00 pm by FarmVille Freak Dr. Green Thumb


FarmVille Lighthouse Cove Quest I

FarmVille Lighthouse Cove Quest II

FarmVille Lighthouse Cove Quest III

FarmVille Lighthouse Cove Bonus Challenge 1

FarmVille Lighthouse Cove Bonus Challenge 2

FarmVille Lighthouse Bonus Challenge 3

More Lighthouse Cove, Chapter 8, Quests are upon us and FarmVille Freak has you covered! Read below for a quick re-cap on everything you need to know for a speedy finish to your Lighthouse Cove Chapter 8 questing. Good luck!

FarmVille Lighthouse Cove Chapter 8 Quests Master Guide

FarmVille Lighthouse Cove Chapter 8 Quest I: Mermaid Tale
Requirements: Get 3 Mermaid Tails, Harvest Lighthouse Cove, & Harvest 110 Cove Cranberries
Rewards: 100 XP, Giant Pearl, & 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Lighthouse Cove Chapter 8 Quest II: Mermaid Tale
Requirements: Get 3 Spyglasses, Harvest 110 Chandler Blueberries, & Harvest 1 Horse Paddock
Rewards: 200 XP, General Store, & 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Lighthouse Cove Chapter 8 Quest III: A Tall Tail
Requirements: Get 3 Sea Shells, Harvest 110 Flowers, & Make Black Raspberry Wine Twice
Rewards: 300 XP, Mermaid Fountain, & 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Lighthouse Cove Chapter 8 Bonus Challenge 1
Requirements: Harvest 160 Daylily, Harvest 1 Pet Run, & Harvest Lighthouse Cove
Rewards: 500 XP, Train Depot, Mini Track Straight, & 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Lighthouse Cove Chapter 8 Bonus Challenge 2
Requirements: Harvest 160 Darrow Blackberries, Improve Cove to Level 9, & Make New England Lager 4 Times
Rewards: 1,000 XP, Mini Engine, East Track, West Track, & 5,000 Farm Coins

FarmVille Lighthouse Cove Chapter 8 Bonus Challenge 3
Requirements: Harvest 1 Cow Pasture, Harvest 160 Vegetables, & Make Cream Pie Twice
Rewards: 500 XP, Mini Caboose, x2 Mini Track Straight & 2,500 Farm Coins

What do you think about the FarmVille Lighthouse Cove Chapter 8 Quests?  Were they worth your time and effort? 

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100 Responses to “FarmVille Freak Unreleased Lighthouse Cove Chapter 8 Master Quest Guide” »

  1. Bette Says:

    Sounds like they are gonna give us another coin upgrade for the cove.

  2. Rogue Robot Says:

    SInce I already got the general store, I will thoroughly enjoy skipping these quests.

  3. Linda Says:

    I wish Zynga would stop with the quests. I am getting really, really, really tired of them. It is so hard to play this game. Sometimes I just feel like quitting it. It is now a chore to play a game that used to be fun and challenging. I don’t play as much as I used to because of all these quests.

  4. Arsenio Says:

    they’re making it so that you have to spend real money on the game if you want anything cool. MOST of what you can get with FV coins is crap.

  5. Jin Says:

    other than perhaps the pearl – and that depends on if it is decorative or actually provides something – this quest is a total waste of time.
    Since you have to actually use cash to get high enough to stand a prayer – those quests have ALL become nothing but a colossal waste of time geared to only .5% of the players.

  6. Renee Says:

    Why can’t we get credit when harvesting the paddock etc. on our other farms. I don’t like having to build all these things again on my Lighthouse Cove. It takes way too long to collect all the materials to build these pens then we have to collect all the stuff for the quests and we run out of time to complete them. It’s too frustrating and no longer fun to play.

  7. JS Says:

    160? Looks like we’re entering the “You need FV cash if you hope to achieve the bonus quests” territory again. It’s quests like these that make me lose interest in the game.

  8. Adrian Pusa Says:

    Unless the time to do them isn’t longer than a week I won’t finish all of them!

  9. Jacqueline Says:

    Thank you for the guides; they really help plan for the coming quest.

  10. mon Says:

    doing quest in lighthousecove is stressful and disappointing ….after trying hard times run out……so tired
    i like the english farmhouse quest…plenty of time and better rewards in terms of exp and fv cash …….
    about this particular quest …..too much to do….don’t know how much time will they give….making me upset already

  11. A French Fisherman Says:

    NO! Put The Trains In The Market! I Don’t Care Even If There FARMCASH!

  12. jackie Says:

    i really don’t want a train on my lighthouse cove. i will do the first to get the giant pearl but that may be it. these quest are getting boring and costly. no more i say.

  13. Ashley Says:

    I have issues with the quests only in that the “ask friends” option RARELY works. When it doesn’t post and then I have to wait five hours to try again, and then it doesn’t work again? That’s what takes me forever. It’s much easier when I can just ask them via message, not actually post in on my newsfeed. If it weren’t for that, planning ahead helps me completely everything else – and for that I have FarmVille Freak to thank! :)

  14. Brandy Says:

    ok I am just wondering why when I go to my farm my lighthouse cove does not show only thing there is a circle where the water should be….Please can you fix that!!! or is there something I can do to bring it back ?

  15. Linda Schilling Says:

    Can the reverse skunk go in the wildlife pen? Anyone have a clue on this?

  16. Carolyn Says:

    The quests are (right now) the most interesting part of Farmville

  17. Ava Says:


    Try either buying a craft and share it, or share a bushel, or do something that you have to post with right before posting the ask friends to make sure you are able to post. I have been having problems with that too. If I post something right before – I can get the Ask Friend item to post too.

    If not I refresh, close down and re-open fv until I can get something to post successfully and then I post the Ask Friends item needed

  18. Mina Carpenter Says:

    I am sick of all the quests. I have most of my neighbors dropping like flies. It used to be fun. With these trying times, I can’t believe you are charging so much fv cash for everything. I am thinking about going back to my club pogo. I would rather pay them monthly or yearly and enjoy a non stressful game to relax. We are both not employed right now so this is really making it hard to play the game and keep up with everyone. I don’t like adding neighbors that I don’t know just to expand my farm. Please open your ears and take heed to what we are all saying before you lose everyone.Make all quests optional or do like pogo,have certain games with continuous quests. Let us have fun again and get rid of the quests. thank you Mina Carpenter

  19. peanut101 Says:

    THE QUEST IS WRONG, they do not list anything right ion waht you need for quest and the rewards are prob wrong also…..but if the rewards are right ill b doing #1 only

  20. Gonzalo Says:

    THis guide is wrong, as you know. ;(

  21. Steve Says:

    Remember when fv used to be fun? The days when you had time to fertilize your neighbors, see something neat on their farm, and go buy it for yours. Now my neighbors are leaving fv because they say it’s a job instead of fun. I have to agree with them. No new player could figure this game out. After they stole farms from innocent players that got hacked it’s kind of fun watching them self destruct though.

  22. Lori Says:

    I don’t like the quests, but do them for the prizes. This one has uninteresting prizes.

  23. Michael Eh? Says:

    If it wasn’t for heads up like this page, I never would get through these quests. Quest 8 time coming up and Cove Cranberries already in the ground.

    but what of Cove Quest 9 or is this it?

    Has Zygna learned it’s lesson at the cost of it’s user base?

  24. Bev Says:

    I don’t really care for any of the “prizes” for quest 8. I will do them in case this is like the English Farm and if we complete all quests we can move things from farm to farm. I did not want to upgrade the cove to include the mermaid – paid the 20 FC instead not realizing that it would upgrade – meaning I bought the darn mermaid! Lesson learned – I thought I could pay and keep my cove the way I wanted it.
    Will not do the bonus quests.

  25. Desiree Says:

    not happy that the fairy zebra cant be put in to the horse paddock. that means its 2 days til its ready therefore at least 6 days til 1 star mastery. unless you pay for instant grows of course… :(

  26. Nancy V Says:

    So when are they going to release this quest? They normally release it every Monday after 11pm central time, and now it’s Tuesday and still no sign of this quest. They better give us a full week. I have cove cranberries ready to harvest since last night.

  27. Courtney Says:

    UGH of course they release these quests after I’d given up on them showing up and harvested and replanted my cove cranberries and then harvested my cove which are both requirements I would have had done if they’d released these on time!

  28. Vee Says:

    bad news everyone,

    i just got the quest within 20 mins and i only have 6 days to complete the quests…… it just gets shorter and shorter…

  29. windi s Says:

    well all is good but i dont have any animals features in the cove so wont participate

  30. Mazhar Says:

    I don’t do the Quests ever! I actually Hate Them & Never Pay Attention at them…

  31. Sandi Says:

    I have so much crap in my gift box now that I can’t use, but don’t have a clue what to get rid of and now you want me to get more crap – I cannot get requests to work most of the time so I cannot get most of the requests – have a hard enough time getting regular things I need to build all that I need – what gives Farmville – I used to love this game but now it seems like a chore to acheive anything good and as for fv cash – I refuse to buy stuff with real money – this is a game, for goodness sakes!!



  33. nicole Says:

    how can i remove that icon from mean fram i hate this i don t need one icon that tel the time that i have from finis the quest,and i dont won play longer the quest dus remove that icons

  34. Farm Fan Says:

    I don’t understand why people insist on whinging and moaning? If you find the quests a chore and don’t appreciate the FREE gifts that come with them then just don’t do them…They’re not compulsory, I know it can be annoying with limited time but my opinion is I achieve what I can without it being too much of a headache and like a “job” and the free gifts I don’t get so be it I just carry on enjoying the game

  35. Golden Gnome Says:

    Lame rewards I say, but is much more frustrating that we can’t take a breath between these cove missions. When a quest ends, the next coming immediately. Hwat aboutthe normal gaming. If I want a challenge, I go to a tour, os trek os something, but this is a GAME. And on the second stage they give us a building worth 3.000 coins? Seious?

  36. Kara S Says:

    Don’t have a horse paddock on my cove, don’t want one, not building one. So I won’t be able to advance past the 2nd part of the quest.

  37. Golden Gnome Says:

    It’s seven days long, but the engine shows only the full days remaining.

    1st day (6 days left) 2nd day (5 days left), [...] 6th day (1 day left), 7th day (0 to 24 hours left)…

    For me it’s more annoying the “new” 12 stage questline in 14 day. So in the future we have to spend FV cash for the casual quests too Zynga, because of have no time?

  38. Pooh Says:

    I complete the lighthouse quests only uptill the 3 initial levels. Then if possible I do the bonus quests. Actually the quests rewards apart, the high XP reward is also a plus point of these quests as it helps us to level faster. For me, sometimes the quest rewards are secondary and gaining XP is primary :)
    So, I do them unless they are really a task. I agree that quests are tiring with the time limits set but I don’t have anything thought about what to plant unless it is asked in the quests. So, in this way, quests are kinda fun and accomplishing them gives us good rewards (sometimes) and a fair amount of XP. But quests make me look forward to playing FV, making me think on strategies on how I can achieve them within timelines. I think these things sharpens one’s mind and teach us to complete tasks within timelines which also helps us in our real work life.
    As long as the targets are achievable, its good. I don’t bother if they are way too difficult as its just a game. Happy Farming!

  39. NSumstine Says:

    I think the quest rewards are “just more clutter”. Most of the rewards have been lately, but these are really bad. The only reason I won’t sell any I get immediately is there might be some use for them later. I just won’t install them on my farm until all the quests are finished.
    I know it’s paranoid, but some people didn’t finish the EC quests and now cannot share storage. I am hoping shared storage will be an eventual reward for these prolonged torture quests.
    I have lost my sense of humour.
    Where is the Knight that says ni when I need him?

  40. Poodle Says:

    Zynga is a big pain in the ARSE…. why can’t harvest of other farms animal pens and aviary count toward the quest in the cove?
    The game is so slow to load it’s not worth visiting anyone else’s farm.
    Now the prizes for this quest are lame, I got the general store. Train isn’t interesting on a fall farm. Give us a specific Xmas theme farm and it may be fun. !

  41. tugrul Says:

    the prizes are very lame but i will finish it anyway:)

  42. Peter Says:

    First: OK, let’s have quests.
    2nd: Let’s even have some of them hard to complete.

    BUT: why ruining all with some silly reward?
    Like here, a decent train engine or carriage, looks nice, but why putting an animal on it, making it look like an idiotic joke??
    The Depot building on phase 4 is good, but with the stupid rewards on 5 & 6, those ones lose the importance. So very low % of players would even want to complete them. So those phases lost their purpose with that.

  43. Moonstarrr Says:

    And some of us STILL don’t have the quest available. Yeah, this is gonna go well.

  44. xtinalee Says:

    I think they should change the name of Farmville to Questville >:(

  45. Neil Says:

    I don’t have a horse paddock or a pet run.

    And I don’t plan on getting either of these items.

    I guess I will not get beyond step 1.

  46. Cheryl Says:

    If Farmville wasn’t having so many issues, we had more time to complete the quests and I didn’t need 51 neighbors (I have 49) to expand the Lighthouse Cove in order to be able to plant more crops, there would actually be hope of finishing the quests. I can’t accept half of my gifts… sends me straight to my farm. Half of the time, I can’t send gifts. Every quest they roll out, creates more bugs in the game code, which makes it really difficult to do anything. The quests would be fun if they weren’t releasing so many at one time in an effort to get us to spend more money. I started playing a year ago and it is taking more and more time to get things done because they keep adding new stuff that creates issues with getting anything done. I’m losing patience with it and since I usually spend $75.00 a month on farm cash, they are about to lose a paying customer.

  47. Mart Says:

    6 DAYS!!! Are they crazy?!? CRAZY!

  48. APPS 101 Says:

    will just play for the pearl :D

  49. kat Says:

    thanks for the post FVfreak..

    for people having posting issues (i do too) what i normally do is go on fullscreen game then click on the ask friends button, wait a few secs (the popup will not show, and everyting will lag out in those secs) close the quest and go to normal screen and then the popup will come and i can post it on my wall.. i dont know if this helps others but it works for me (using google chrome)

  50. Diana Says:

    Like the cove better than the fairy quests as they do not work half the time and I have had to use farmville $$ to complete them. Somehow it takes all the fun out of the GAME.

  51. bdreamer Says:

    fix the requests so they post. kinda hard to do these when it only works sometimes. I’ve had 11 of 12 confetti bombs for 4 days on that other quest.

  52. Laury Allison Says:

    I don’t necessarily hate these quests, but like many others, I am getting very tired of them. They actually slow down the regular progress on my farm. I am constantly replanting crops that are already mastered rather than having time to do ones that are still open. I find myself having to hold off harvesting animals because I know that harvest is coming up. I will wait to harvest the horses, pets, cows, etc., when I know that requirement is coming up….but then that throws off being able to harvest all of them at one time. :(

    I do appreciate the heads up that I get here on these quests. I think we could accept these quests a little easier if we knew if there was an end in sight. With the English Countryside, we could at least see how far we had to go to get to the end. Are we still going to be doing Lighthouse Cove Quests next summer???

    This is Chapter 8….how many more chapters are there?

  53. Carl Says:

    It is possible to end this in 5 days in a 115 plot farm, but is it worth it? The rewards are uninteresting. I understand some people like decorations but Zynga could provide the rest of us with something we like – an animal or a tree.

    BTW, do you remember getting FV as reward form English Countryside quests? I miss it…

  54. Karen B Says:

    Nothing that I want as far as the rewards. Would sell them all for coin and have enough of those for what they are worth. BIG TIME PASS on this one.

  55. Jim Baron Says:

    uh Farmville, you should help me out with these quests, because I’m not doing really well with them. I’m only on level 44 and so maybe you should just send me some free gifts. also, if you could please transfer stuff from the English Countryside and Lighthouse Cove farms to the Home farm, thank you. please visit my farm at this link if it works: . if the link doesn’t work, if any of my buildings get too big, if I lose neighbors or anything else, you should send free and unlimited amounts of farmcash. all these issues need to be resolved really quickly rather than slowly. I’m looking forward to everything quickly rolled out, not slowly.

  56. Myla Says:

    I payed 3 farm cash to instant grow my crops but it didn’t grow. I saw the biplane flying but nothing happened. I want my farm cash back. I had to delete those crops in order for me to plants cove cranberries. It sucks to wait 3 levels to replace my 3 farmville cash..*grrrrr**

  57. diane alvarez Says:

    They are dumb and the gifts are definitely not worth it. I do not even do the lighthouse cove farm anymore!

  58. Ken Says:

    The Quests are fun but has anybody done a co-op recently? Nobody will help you because they’re doing so many other things. Bring back the co-ops where you can do things and share things with your friends again : )

  59. Rebecca Says:

    I have the general store, but none of the others, so this will be all good as long as I can make the needed adjustments to make room for them all! I have to complete Quest 7 first! The train would look good with a covered bridge so I may have that issues solved already.

    To those who complain about “all the Quests” and how everything costs real money”, deal with it! No one is forcing you to play and I’m getting rather sick of your constant complaining. You don’t have to do the Quests, you CAN ignore them.

  60. Mickey Valentine Says:

    I can’t do these quests…I refuse to build all those animal traps again….this is crazy…we should be able to harvest from the other farms…until then count me out…

  61. Catzilla Says:

    With no problems from the Zynga side it must be in the pocket tomorrow !

  62. Sunny Says:

    Ug. I’ll never get past the 2nd bonus. No way I can get to level 9 on the cove within the timeframe. 150 total parts, that’s insane. Just barely squeaked through the last expansion. Clicked on my last part just as the time was expiring. So I never did get to the 3rd bonus.

    Most of my friends are not Facebook friends so they can only send special deliveries and those don’t give me cove parts. Why not??? Also, why can’t I use my non Facebook friends to request help? I can use them for the super crop license, why not the other stuff?

    I like the idea of not adding a bunch of random Facebook friends, but I don’t like them not being able to really help like a Facebook friend would be able to.

    Oh, well, I like some of the prizes, and I’ll do most of this stuff anyway, so whatever I get done I get done, if I don’t get the final two prizes. so be it. Not a huge fan of the railroads anyway.

    Heard a rumour somewhere that the quests were over after 10, I do hope that is really the case.

  63. Matt Says:

    For all the people who say the quest are taking the fun out of the game, I have a question. Does Zynga force you to do the quest? I can understand getting upset when there is a glitch with the quest, but getting upset because Zynga keeps adding quest, is just dumb. I don’t want to directly attack anyone, but to say the game use to be fun and challenging before all the quest. Without the quest, what do you have left to be challenging? Mastering everything is all you have left.
    If the quest upset you, don’t do them, and act like they aren’t there. If the quest upset you because the time it takes, or the glitches, or the money you would have to finish them, complain to Zynga. Maybe they will allow another coin upgrade.

  64. StarScream Says:

    Ok Quest 8 for Lighthouse Cove Im not even going to bother with. Again its asking for a horse paddock harvest and I. NOT BUILDING MORE CRAP! Its what stopped me from doing the last bonus quest in the quest that just rolled off and its going to stop me from doing this one. IM SICK AND TIRED OF ALL THE @#$%%$^%^&% BUILDING AND BUILDING AND BUILDING. Besides the prizes are total junk.. its not worth it. ENOUGH ZYNGA

  65. Deborah Yearick Says:

    That General Store had been glitched in the market, under buildings, was for sale twice for only 3,000 coins. Last time I’d checked had still been there too. Had placed it on my status for all my FV peeps and most were lucky enough to have nabbed it. :)

  66. Rebecca Says:

    Is it just me or is there no way to finish this? I only just got it yesterday. Got the cranberries in the ground but it’s already saying only 5 days left. I’m not sure it’s possible even if you paid to have a bigger farm. They’re getting sloppy with their time requirements (ie. zebra and now this).

  67. margehammons Says:

    its ok but not enough time due to not enough plots unless u have cash to buy and so it takes twice as long to get done and too much goals all the time we cant get anything else done and i gave up 2 other games to keep up and dont want to give up cafe world but between the 2 games it s overloaded with goals no time to help friends much or rearerange farms or remodel after all we do have 3 farms now give us a break or more time especially holidays coming PLEASE SLOW IT DOWN MAKE IT ENJOYABLE AGAIN thanks

  68. linda Says:

    how is there only 4 days left?!?!?! im only on the 2nd part???

  69. Golden Gnome Says:

    Have the Quest, but stuck in stage 2. “Ask for 3 spyglass”. Send out the askings for my daily playing neighbors, and in Two days I get ZERO items. This is a lame quest, but if this issue came up in a quest what worths the effort…

    Fix the bugs instead of releasing tons of new stuff every week…

  70. Gina Says:

    Yeah i think the kicker that really ticked me off about this newest set of quests was it waited until AFTER i harvested my cove to give me the quest. There was no icon for quest before i harvested the cove and no farmville has been enhanced before it gave me the quest it was literally waiting for me to harvest the cove and guess what one of the items was on the first quest… to harvest that stupid cove so i had to wait a whole 24 hours before i even could complete the first quest. Really made me @#$%@$#%$@%$#5 GRRRRR

    If they want to charge for these items i wish they would just put them in the dumb market and put the price they want for them. I don’t like the fact that most of these quests require me to build things on my newest farm that i don’t want either. all my farms are so dang crowded maybe i dont’ want a pet run on my cove did they ever stop to think that? aren’t these our farms to deco and organize the way we want to? You can say all you want that you don’t “have to” but let’s be honest how do we know that one of these quests won’t be the start of making it so we can share storage from cove and main farm they are so vague at the start of that stuff…. so vague that i actually had to purchase a license cuz i never even got a quest to be able to share from home farm to english farm…. a bunch of shady biz these quests and etc.

  71. Gina Says:

    Oh and rebecca trust me they know exactly what they are doing. This is a way to get money out of those that won’t put in tickets of rage about ridiculous time limits for ridiculous quests. They know EXACTLY what they are doing because many people are paying them a lot of money and not complaining to complete these quests to either get them off their farm page or to get the items.

  72. Elizabeth Says:

    I hate challenges! always do the same, especially in lighthause cove, a few plots, difficult and expensive to expand, not everyone uses credit card to buy FVcash! are you crazy? and then you can not post when you need something to advance to the level which results in lost time and not end the challenges! are you cheating!

  73. DJ Says:

    They would be worth the time if we had enough time. I think these should be 2 weeks, not 1.

  74. george Says:

    Have harvested my lighthouse cove twice and still not gotten credit for it in the first quest of the mermaid tails………………..

  75. jamie Says:

    id say yes and no im tired of trying to keep up with the 110 plants i have to wait 2 days for because i only have like 70 plots. so i end up having to wait 2 days to harvest the plants that take 1 day

  76. Werewolfling Says:

    Considering I didn’t get the quests to pop up until there was only three days left???? Yeah, I’m glad they aren’t worth the effort this week.

  77. Summer Says:

    I am getting so tired of these quests…I cant post anything to my wall and when you contact Zynga you get a stupid message back saying they are looking in to it. They need to stop with the quests until they fix the problem that wont let us ask for help.

  78. Janet Says:

    It would be nice to be able to collect these quest, however I cannot even post on the feed to even get through the quest. I have reported it and they state they are working on it. A WEEK AND HALF AGO. Still no results. I have been getting frozen also and have to start all over.

  79. LJ Rob Says:


  80. frances Says:

    I don’t have a pet run to harvest in my cove for the #1 bonus challenge can I still get the reward if I harvest my pet run from my home Farm????

  81. M Says:

    too many quest going at the same time!

  82. Kim M. N Says:

    For the past 24hrs I have not been able to post any requests for this quest. According to zynga they are looking into it. I am on quest 8 bonus challenge 2 and cant ask my friends to send me anything for the cove to improve it to level 9. I would just use the skip and pay cash for this quest but it doesnt give me the option and to pay just cash to upgrade its $148 so i prob wont get to finish this anyway.

  83. Robin Says:

    Thanks farmville freak for the guide! I have been able to plan ahead and complete quest without using FC!

  84. J. Maxine Cook Says:

    I think the quests are absolutely wonderful. I wish I could request all the things I need. Farmville does not always give me that option and I do not recieve most bonuses, which can be very irratating. Is there anythimg from my end that would solve this problem? Thank you very much!

  85. Bob Nason Says:

    Ok, here is my gripe—on L Cove, to complete one of the quests, you had to produce Potato Skins…what if like me, you have a restaurant, but are taking it slow? Thats right, NO CHANCE to finish the quest. AH< just upgrade with FV Cash. Uh, SHIT no! And while you are trying to get parts from your friends, (who dont all show up on those lists) you can only go to them increments, so you have to choose. Im back to just playing at my pace—ZYNGA, slow down the stupid quests, and let us have fun again!!

  86. Lisa Gibbar Says:

    no it wasn’t..there was too much time in between harvest crops and animals..and we should be able to apply our runs paddocks aviaries and etc to all the farms and not each individual it’s not fair to those of us who have 3 farms and those who have only 1 and combine them…

  87. charlotte blakely Says:

    this would have been alot more fun if the poster would work so my frinds could help

  88. redvellvet Says:

    I don’t like that I have to grow a crop that takes 2 days to grow. The daffodils are cool but take a long time to grow and I need to grow more than I have plots for after paying real live dollars to upgrade anyway. Either find a crop that takes a shorter amount of time, shorten the time it takes to grow this crop or I will be bored of the cove and will find another game to play…. Plants vs Zombies sounds nice…

  89. Nancy Says:

    I’d love to have the train, but not at the price it would cost to finish these quests. The timeframes are totally unrealistic. I don’t mind purchasing farmcash occasionally; what I do mind is how Zynga wants to “force” us into spending it.

  90. Nancy V Says:

    I finished this quest early with 115 crop plots without using any farm cash with no problems. It can be done! :)

  91. Marsha Says:

    So far I haven’t spent any farm cash or coins to complete these quests. I am working on the last 160 vegetables and I have 2 days to grow super pumpkins (8 hrs to harvest) to complete. Finding the info about all the quests so I can plan my planting, my crafting and my animal/tree harvesting works really well. I use an Excel spreadsheet to help me keep track. lol I would like to enlarge all my farms but I won’t spend real money to do so. Thanks for all the info.

  92. cheryl Says:

    my lighthouse cove quest is not working… i got through the first 3 and now the last ones with the number 1-3 on my other name it works and on this name it just wont work .. does anyone have suggestions for me i wanted to do the quest and had been planting and didn’t realize it wont move its stuck on the light house cove .. and wont let me do the bonus ones.. i am disappointed and just think it strange i can play on the same computer but just wont let me do the quest on my name .. thank u if any one can help me.. have a great day

  93. cosmiquemuffin Says:

    Upgrading the cove to 9 is a bridge too far. Unless Zynga starts giving stones, beams and logs in their special delivs…

    Good thing the last 2 prizes are cheesy.

  94. Lisa Says:

    were my previous 2 posts a little too harsh and informative that you deleted them?

  95. Josue Says:

    Done! This cove quests really demand a lot of work.

    Great prizes but not enough time.

  96. Lynn Hughes Says:

    I loved the quests,but when I finished the bonus challenge 3 it had disappeared from where the quests were posted. I will not be happy if I don’t get the rest of my train.

  97. Liam Whelan Says:

    Lighthouse cove. Why bother? Thirty something stupid little plots and extortinate coin and cash prices for even small expansions! Zynga concentrate on making one farm good please!


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