FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise & Jade Falls Shipping Licences Arrive

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FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise & Jade Falls Shipping Licences Arrive

Posted on August 28, 2012 2:19 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess


FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise License

FarmVille Jade Falls License

The Shipping Licenses for FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise and Jade Falls farms have finally arrived! Unfortunately, at the moment each of the Shipping Licenses cost Farm Cash.

Purchasing a Shipping License will allow you to move items between the Licensed farm you purchase it for and other licensed farms. This is the only way for you to transfer and move items between FarmVille farms. The Shipping License for Hawaiian Paradise costs 75 Farm Cash and the Shipping License for Jade Falls costs 150 Farm Cash.

In the past, FarmVille has first released Shipping Licenses for Farm Cash and then later released them in other ways such as the final reward of an extremely long quest. Many FarmVille Freaks were surprised to see new Quests in Hawaiian Paradise appear at the end of last week, but they were even more surprised when the quest rewards did not include a Shipping License as the final reward.

FarmVille Shipping Licenses (Released: August 28, 2012)

  • FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise License – 75 Farm Cash
  • FarmVille Jade Falls License – 150 Farm Cash

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise License

FarmVille Jade Falls License

Will you be purchasing either of these Shipping Licenses for your FarmVille farm or will you need to wait until it is available another non-Farm Cash way?

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21 Responses to “FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise & Jade Falls Shipping Licences Arrive” »

  1. Linda Mitchell-Holly Says:

    Ok so WHY do we have to pay for these when we didn’t have to pay for the others????????????????????????

  2. KAYE Says:

    that is just aweful that they want fv cash for this. that really sucks!!! i guess i don’t get a license.

  3. Denny Says:

    Let’s hope it will be for free soon :D

  4. Sharin Heinrich Says:

    This is a GAME for crying out loud. I am really close to packing it in and calling it quits. Too expensive for me.

  5. Maria Avila Says:

    when will these licenses be available for farm coin purchase?

  6. ChibiSkittles Says:

    The initial ones were pay to transfer :) I’ll just wait! <3

  7. Debbie Says:

    Just typical Zynga wanting farmcash for everything Grrrrrrrrr

  8. charlotte jordan Says:

    If we have completed the volcano and the mountain palace and the ship, we should not have to pay for the shipping license. Zynga is all about the money. I will not be buying these.

  9. nan Says:

    They will release them free for free, later like they always too, you just have to wait if you dont want to spend the cash

  10. Kristine Riccardi Says:

    I think it is beyond ridiculous that we have to pay real money for this especially when it should be an option in the game for free. OR a quest prize. Didn’t have to pay for the others…and I wont pay for this one either

  11. Tala Says:

    I see the fact they are releasing them both at the same time as a good sign. Free licenses are usually released as part of the festivities of a Farmer Appreciation Week. They know they are behind on the shipping license for Hawaii, and hopefully we won’t have to wait so long for the Jade Fall’s free license to be issued. Freebee licenses coming soon! Yay!

  12. I Can't Log In Dang Blammit Says:

    You all need to cool your jets.

    If you wanted this immediately, you’d pay the Farm Cash. If you don’t want to pay the Farm Cash, you just wait. This is what Zynga did with all of the other licenses.

    It’s a game, so have fun, and don’t be crybabies all the time. You’ll get your free license eventually.


  13. lee Says:

    This was supposed to be a fun free game and had turned into a pay to get full play. It is a beta version loaded with bugs and they still want us to pay. We are bombarded with ads etc. that should foot the bill. No way am I paying for a shipping license!

  14. Tom Says:

    For all those complaining about having to pay for the licenses, please re-read the story in the post. In the past they have released these licenses for FV cash for those that want early access to them. If you wait they will become available for FREE. The same goes for the land expansions, they are offered for FV cash first and then if you wait they will be offered for coins. They make their money off the sale of FV cash to operate the game and keep it mostly free for the players so let those that decide to pay the FV cash for items to subsidize the game for those that play for free.

  15. Kissy Says:

    I waited for the EC, LHC, and WW shipping licenses to be free after completing their main quests. I don’t mind being patient again. Both Jade Falls and Hawaii are finished on my farm, so it’s only a waiting game for me. Zynga offers the shipping licenses free of charge during Appreciation Week, or after a major quest. You only have to pay FVC if you are impatient. People, you need to be patient! :) You’ll get your licenses soon!

  16. Lekshmi Says:

    Not gonna buy these…zynga is too much greedy nowadays

  17. chantounette Says:

    i don’t want to pay for licenses
    it’s no good
    i m french and my english is bad , excuse me
    it’s too expansive really

  18. Dennis Says:

    Nope I have purchased too many things for fv cash that should have been available for coins. It’s possible they are going to price themselves right out of the gaming business.

  19. Mitzi Says:

    No, I won’t pay FV cash for them. I try not to pay FV cash for anything, just an occasional part to complete a building or something like that. I am patient enough to wait until they make them available as a reward for a quest. I already upgraded my volcano in the anticipation that it would be a requirement for getting one, as it was for the Lighthouse Cove and the Winter Wonderland. Guess we’ll all just have to wait and see!

  20. Bev Says:

    Hold your breath, Zynga! I won’t be buying unless they’re offered at a reasonable farm coin price (seems to be the general consensus among my neighbors as well).

  21. Karin Venter Says:

    I just HATE that I don’t have the shipping licenses …. It’s so discouraging! All my other farms are full full full and I got nowhere to place some of my stuff. I think it’s about time they release the shipping licenses and give us a chance to enlarge all our farms, WE DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY TO BUY THE STUPID FV CASH!!!! It’s in dollars people!!!! I have been playing the game now for more than 3 years … maybe it’s time to quit!