FarmVille Introduces Super Crops

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FarmVille Introduces Super Crops

Posted on July 21, 2011 6:04 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Super Crops Loading Screen

Today FarmVille introduced Super Crops! This new feature is slowly rolling out to all farmers.

Super Crops are a bigger version of regular FarmVille crops. When you plant them on your farm you can see a significant difference between the size of regular crops (even if they are fertilized) versus Super Crops. For out of work FarmVille Freaks who have already mastered regular crops, English Countryside crops, and Greenhouse crops, Super Crops offer a brand new challenge of mastery.

FarmVille Super Crops From Mastery Signs

After visiting your farm you will notice that some of your Crop Mastery Signs will be highlighted in blue. When you click on the highlighted Mastery Signs, you will be taken to a page as shown below that notifies you will need to “Ask your friends to approve your crops.” You can then choose from a list of friends to ask for help by sending a “Super Crop Request”.

Additionally, the FarmVille Market has been updated with a new Super Crop sorting feature, meaning that you can sort your seeds by Super Crops. You can also access by sifting through the Seeds tab.

FarmVille Unlock Super Crops

What we do know about Super Crops is that you will first need to have mastered the orignal crop before you can access the same crop’s Super version. At the moment, not all crops have a Super Crop version.

FarmVille Super Strawberry Mastery Sign

FarmVille Super Cotton Mastery Sign

FarmVille Super Grape Mastery Sign

FarmVille Super Watermelon Mastery Sign

FarmVille Super Yellow Melon Mastery Sign

FarmVille Super Pumpkin Mastery Sign

FarmVille Super Cranberries Mastery Sign

FarmVille Super Hot Pink Asters Mastery Sign

FarmVille Super Peppers Mastery Sign

Look for more information on our FarmVille Freak Super Crop Guide.

Are you excited to grow Super Crops on your farm?

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54 Responses to “FarmVille Introduces Super Crops” »

  1. b Says:

    Anyone know how many approvals you need?

  2. Anne Says:

    what does a super crop do?…what is the point?…so I get approval and what?

  3. Dogmom Cheryl Says:

    I only have a few “regular” masteries to finish, so I’ll be interested to see how this works. Waiting for more details ….

  4. Alison Says:

    Anyone know how many people we need to ask?

  5. Ted Says:

    And the point behind this is what a bigger sign? No Thanks!!

  6. jack Says:


  7. paulperro Says:

    yay, i already unlocked super yellow melon and super grapes

  8. Robbie Says:

    So how’s this work then??

  9. Scottish Farmer Says:

    Ahh, this explains why Farmville keeps going out of sync tonight!

  10. GJ Says:

    WHA??? I got rid of all my mastery signs. They were taking up valuable space on my farm. I guess now that I need them, I can’t get them back. Oh well…one less thing to worry about.

  11. Felicia CasertanO Says:

    It’s COOl!ೋღ

  12. GoodGrief Says:

    Get approval to unlock?!?! Don’t we bug our neighbors enough for stuff? Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad to have more crops to plant, but jeez!!!

  13. notshawn Says:

    wow… this IS super… I’ve had two of them “unlocked” so far, and all I’ve got in my market is a heading in the “sort by” list for “super crops” that list all the regular crops in no particular order, with one of the supposedly unlocked crops near the beginning and the other almost at the end of the list.
    Fortunately, the wealth of information in the above post has made everything clear. : )

    It’s a good thing I like this game, and don’t really care about inconsequential additions, or this might be slightly irritating…

    : )

  14. GoodGrief Says:

    GJ, I think you just have to have the crop mastered, not have the sign.

  15. Lizzie Says:

    I wish we could have NEW crops instead of super-sized versions of crops we’ve already mastered. I think it’s a bit lazy on Zynga’s part.

  16. Aeoen Says:

    I just hope my pretty mastery signs don’t get permanently altered into the ugly gold ones.

  17. Barbara Says:

    And what happens if you don’t have the mastery signs anymore. They took too much room up on the farm.

  18. a Says:

    Ok I am happy , I don’t have it yet , but I like the concept…

    Just one thing I don’t get , Lexi on the Zynga forum said the white aster (the crop with have cause we reach 25000 000 on the ec fan group on facebook) was only release 6days , cause super crop make problem inside the game and they never release them a long time????

    Now Why all the new crop are super crop??

    very funny!

  19. Michał Ha Says:

    You need to ask “about 6 neighbours” per crop acording to the support.

  20. fallenangel1098 Says:

    Now just where are we suppose to put these over-sized monsters? Why doesn’t FarmVille give us the things we have been asking for over the past few years? Such as the ability to rotate everything on our farms, and other animal shelters. Who needs more foolish signs to add to all the clutter on a farm that needs more land. I am also sure there are many other known issues that need to be taken care of before adding more useless junk.

  21. Diane Says:

    I stored all my signs, taking up too much room, will I have to get them all out again??

  22. prd2bcdn Says:

    looooove new things on FV! Gold signs?? I’m in :)

  23. fg1010 Says:

    Good idea, but i didn’t finish to master all of the crops !!!

    Can they wait until that rolled out ??? lol

  24. seth Says:

    what about those pf us who mastered Bell Peppers back when they were called Yellow bell Peppers? its the only one that did not highlight blue for me to get approval.

  25. Mandi C. Says:

    I was happy because I almost have every crop mastered and now I have more to do..But, that’s cool because I was worried that i’d be bored with the game after mastering everything and now i’ll have even more to master! :)

  26. FV player Says:

    at first my pepper mastery sign was blue but not anymore.. so now i cant unlock the super crop? i tried refreshing the page but it doesnt work

  27. mysticsyren Says:

    As others have said- i have deleted mastery signs- they take up too much room. So, you can unlock certain crops with super mastery ( and im now out of luck)… but does this mean i will NOT be able to unlock certain crops UNLESS I do a super crop?? Or will they unlock eventually?

  28. Mei Farmington Says:

    It’s an interesting idea, but I’m not that likely to bother for crops I don’t need/want the extra bushels for. I’m tired of having to bug my friends/neighbours for every new thing.

  29. magepower13 Says:

    So….we’ll have to master each crop twice now…oh fun.

  30. Shelly Says:

    Just letting you know if you got rid of your mastery signs & still want to do the super crops, all you have to do is send a screen shot to Zynga from inside the market showing the 3 star mastery on any of the crops you have mastered & they will give your signs to you again. I had to do it before.

  31. Dan Says:


    So we have Animal mastery coming, we have all this crap fro the Crafting Building to master, trees to master, oh, and crops to master. Why do we need to remaster already mastered crops?

    I vote that the names gets changed to “Country Bumpkin Masteryville.”

  32. MsYujiyo Says:

    I wish zynga would create a separate storage/shed for mastery signs that will display all your mastered crops by clicking on it, but stores aways all signs compactly.

  33. Julie S. Says:

    To those who asked…. you need the help of SIX neighbors to unlock each crop. :)

  34. jezzy Says:

    I won’t do these until they confirm whether these change your sign or give you a new one. I have mine in a rainbow gradient– I don’t want them all gold!

  35. DMS Says:

    UGH! So, if you mastered something, you really didn’t. Now you have to start all over.

    I call that a lack of creativity on Zynga’s part. Because what it really is is a way for you to pester people who no longer play to “approve” you (to try and get them re-involved with the game) or get you to pony up more cash.

    At this point, I am one of only a few pathetic people in my social circle to be wasting time on this.

    I am proud to say that while I am on level 110, have nearly 40 million in cash, I’ve never fallen for the scam that is the English country farm and I don’t intend to be scammed into playing the original game all over again by RE mastering crops I’ve already finished.

    I don’t know what Zynga can do to increase the “fun” factor in this game, but they need to figure something out. I have a hunch the attrition rate has become pretty high and uncreative moves like this are not going to help.

    P.S. For those don’t have the feature yet, it takes 6 “friends” to unlock the supercrops. There seems to be 16 so far and the intimation is that all the crops will be remasterable. I suppose in a year we’ll have to do them again and go platinum? BORING!

  36. Aimee Says:

    It looks like you need 6 approvals for each super crop to unlock it and then I think you will also need to request help to get more seeds as I have already sent back help of this nature.

    I agree on the signs…I don’t want my pretty signs to turn gold. Otherwise the super crops are staying locked.

  37. Dan Says:

    whats next super mastery signs of trees and then animals and crafts

  38. Raindrop Says:

    It is very difficult to read or comment on this forum/blog with all the ads taking up the left side.

  39. Kara S Says:

    You can also unlock the new super crops by clicking the “unlock” button in the market. You don’t need the mastery sign.

    It takes 6 neighbors to unlock each super crop.

  40. Montana Reid Says:


  41. tracy Says:

    okay, this would all be fine with me, but for six days now, I have had no access to get to my home farm. Zynga hasn’t fixed the issue. So for me, someone who mastered all the crops months ago-this just means it will take me forever to master these with one farm.

  42. Ash Says:

    I really hope they don’t expand this to all crops. I have 120 mastered crops (yes, all the signs are on my farm) The Super Watermelon gives 10 xp per plot!
    Which I didn’t have to bug neighbors with 10 requests :(

  43. Ash Says:

    Correction: 120 Home Farm crops fully-mastered, plus 19 for the England Farm, 46 trees, 1-5 stars for all the Spa and Pub formulas (two and 5, one at 3, one at 2, rest at 1-star), and one Craftshop mastery

  44. 1hotroddie Says:

    Would someone please post a link for the Farmville Freak Super Crop Guide?

    And I don’t get it either….What’s the point for all this? A New sign, xp, coins, what??

    Thanks much, have a great day!

  45. Jennifer LeBlanc Says:

    you need 6 friends, thats what I’ve seen so far. and yes I HATE bugging my neighbours every effing day for something :( but yeah however I’ve been without any crops to do for a looooooong time.

  46. JC Says:

    I am sooooo tired of stuff we have to ask our neighbors for! Can’t I just play my little game without always having to get stuff from everyone else. :(

  47. Z-One Says:

    Sooo let me get this straight you can’t even buy the master signs back if you delete them yet there offering upgrades if you happen to keep them? Epic Fail ———-

    I wonder if we will be able to “goldify” past crops like Nachos, or Balloons?

  48. mad_twinkie Says:

    Ah, finally I’ll be able to master super pumpkins!!!!!!!!

  49. mad_twinkie Says:

    Ah, no, this is another super pumpkin…

  50. jenny dixon Says:

    great idea but so many of us can’t ask friends for help as FV wont let us due to error messages etc. please fix this for us so we can all play with the same opportunities and bonuses :(

  51. Andrea Says:

    The idea of re-doing crops is nice, I have just mastered them all but needing to ask “permission” from my neighbors so I can plant them, annoying! Why can’t I just do them, why do I have to ask?

  52. Patty Says:

    how come we cant see the super crops on FV mobile it would be nice to have it accessible from the iphone for those who use it when they are away from a computer

  53. jason Says:

    ridiculous numbers.

    trying to get my third star in strawberries and i need 11,250.

  54. Katey Says:

    I mastered the super cotton and never got the gold sign…The regular cotton sign is still the same. What the heck?