FarmVille Jade Falls Forbidden Coast Early Access

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FarmVille Jade Falls Forbidden Coast Early Access

Posted on July 9, 2012 10:09 am by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Jade Falls Forbidden Coast Early Access Notice

What?! Another FarmVille farm? Well, sort of. FarmVille Jade Falls is getting its very own expansion into a new farm called the Forbidden Coast!

Many of you have noticed the non-functional Imperial Shipyard  ship wreckage on the ocean background of your Jade Falls farm near the pier and have asked about what its purpose is. In Jade Falls Forbidden Coast you will be able to build an Imperial Shipyard (see what a completed version looks like by visiting this FarmVille Freak article here) in addition to gaining access to new crops, decorations, buildings, and animals!

Similar to all new destination farms, there will also be an early access available that can be purchased with Farm Cash before the free access begins.

Here’s a little info about Jade Falls’ Forbidden Coast early access:

  • FarmVille Jade Falls Forbidden Coast is expected to begin in 1 week.
  • Early Access will cost 25 Farm Cash.
  • Access to new crops, animals, decorations, and buildings.
  • You will received a FarmVille Cute Phoenix as a Free Gift.

Thank you to FarmVille Freak Mohammad for finding this unreleased FarmVille Jade Falls Forbidden Access Information!

So what do you think FarmVille Freaks, will you purchase early access to FarmVille Jade Falls’ Forbidden Coast?

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23 Responses to “FarmVille Jade Falls Forbidden Coast Early Access” »

  1. Kevin Says:

    For the phoenix I might just do that.

  2. Ben Says:


  3. emily Says:

    no not a new farm its added on the jade falls its that old boat at the top of the river

  4. Geraun Says:

    I have been seeing this as a countdown on my Jade Farm. I saw yesterday it was in 9 days time.

    It is on the right were the river begins to enter before it goes down as a waterfall to the bottom.

    It looks like we might have to gather more building material to build another building again.

    If it is another farm destination I will start closing farms down. It is too much work for a game. I hardly have time for myself now.

    Plus this week quest does not seem to interest me for the Jade Farm. The Jade Quests are now useless.

    Zynga needs to give us a break from the begging and building and requesting.

    Hope this is a useful addition to Jade Farm.

  5. Kathleen Says:

    The 6 farms I have aren’t working properly, their servers can’t handle what we have now, just asking for more problems – no more early access for me, just paying for aggravation. Cute animal, though.

  6. Stephen Says:

    A new farm every 6 weeks??? I can’t keep up. I am very close to quitting FV. This might just push me back to a more relaxed Farm Town.

  7. Melissa Says:

    I dont think this is another farm just one of those that you build on, like the mountain.. Well im looking forward to it.. ;D

  8. Angela Says:

    The phoenix is cute but I don’t have 25 cash :( Is this a new farm, or like a new area of the Jade Falls?

  9. Debs Says:

    Looks ok…but not paying for early access to it…i did it for Jade falls and had so many problems and lost game play it wasnt worth it.

    Also…all this building stuff to beg for is now getting on my nerves…your begging for quest items, building items, etc etc..i nearly murdered Master Lu today, had enough of him. He was lucky i didnt have a spare axe !

    So im just gonna go with the flow and if i miss a quest cos i dont have enough fo thsi that or the be it… going back to gaming..not being stressed out by all of the begging. I only do one quest anyway..i dont do all of them at the same time..i have other more important things to do…like work. dont have time to keep checking my game.

  10. Sandra Haxton Says:

    Wish they would have just let us exspand the one we have at a special rate instaed…

  11. Nancy Crandall Says:

    Yes I will purchase early access, I like new scenes keeps my interest level up. Thanks.

  12. Glenda Smallwood Says:

    Too many farms as it is. Don’t have time to get them all done in one day. Let alone add another one. About ready to quit the whole thing. Just one problem after another. What with locking up and not responding. Crops disappearing after planting. Too mant quests at one time. Taking to long to master them. Having to sometimes have to harvest an animal 5 times to master a quest or use Farm Cash to skip it. Adding another to have tostart building from scratch. no not for me this time.

  13. melanie wood Says:

    would like it

  14. Alan Says:

    Well this sucks, Home gets lots of stuff, England got loads of stuff, so did Cove, now Jade gets its own expansion while Hawaii gets the short end of the stick, how about some more crops for Hawaii, I know they won’t can’t get money from suckers with new crops.

  15. Cyndi Says:

    For that adorable phoenix?? Heck yes!! I just love the Jade Falls <3

  16. Ness Says:

    As long as some of our neighbors get the Phoenix and put it in a zoo or wherever then we can get it without paying the farmcash, which I don’t have anymore thanks to them taking Claire away.

  17. tia Says:

    I will pay for early access because I want that phoenix! (n__n)

  18. Pooh Says:

    This does interest me. There is less space in Jade farm and this would surely make up for it. I love the Jade falls farm and this being an addition makes it better. So, I would consider getting early access and enjoy farming on this new farm. Thanks to Flea market lady Claire that I got some extra FV cash to spare. BTW — any news on if that feature is rolling out any soon?
    I loved that feature and since they took her off, I have stopped spending FV cash altogether :(

  19. Nancy Collins Says:

    I have already paid 25 F/V $’s – when will I have access???? Thanks – God bless

  20. Dwayne Says:

    I was going to buy in but the link vanished…anyone have a link for early access?

  21. mimi Says:

    can’t find the link for the early access to forbidden coast. can someone help me out ?


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