FarmVille Mobile App Support Ending

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FarmVille Mobile App Support Ending

Posted on July 9, 2012 12:10 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille App Important Notice


FarmVille is ending its mobile app and moving everything over to FarmVille Express, where you will be able to plow, plant, and harvest on-the-go using your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

FarmVille Express can be accessed through

The Mobile App support is set to end on August 1st 2012.

Thank you to FarmVille Freak Craig H. for finding the Image!

What do you think about this change, FarmVille Freaks? 

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31 Responses to “FarmVille Mobile App Support Ending” »

  1. KeepNF8th Says:


  2. Donna Says:

    Can they make up their minds. I thought was going to be history?

  3. Matthew Says:

    Erm The Date’s Wrong How Can It End Of The 8th Of January 2012 When Where Now On The 9th Of July 2012 Stupid!

  4. mary Says:

    well i’ll just delete the whole facebook app all together

  5. cinnarose Says:

    @Matthew Remember, Zynga is an American company. We do dates Month/Day/Year here.

  6. ruth Says:

    tell me there will be a new app !!!!!! /what will we do ????

  7. ruth Says:

    the date is Aug-1-2012

  8. Felix Says:

    What the Heck! I love the iPhone App! It works perfectly for me! Why on earth are they going to get rid of it. I swear, the people making the decisions for Farmville recently are morons.

  9. Margo Reppert Says:

    Darn it. My next phone was going to be an Android phone so I could use Farmville Express!!

  10. Albert Says:

    The app works well enough – I tried Farmville Express and it is VERY limited in what it can do. You can’t even see your farm! It is like playing those old, text games.

  11. Rich Says:

    If they let you harvest everything at once it would be useful. It sucks tapping the button 500 times.

  12. Julie Says:

    The only thing I don’t like about Farmville Express is you can’t harvest the animals.

  13. d huff Says:

    thats going to suck with the app you can haverst your pens trees and animals. the are making it where you have to be on your PC even for to enjoy the game

  14. Linda Says:

    Tried to ask for the quest item through FV Express….didn’t work…and i dont like it that you wont be able to see your farm anymore…probably to difficult for Zynga to maintain with all the new other stuff to bring out….

    Again a step I just don’t understand, they keep making a mess of it….

  15. anna Says:

    For those missing the app, download iSwifter or Photon browser, it lets you play flash games as if you are on your PC (I am not related to either of those apps, I just use them). Much better than the clumsy native app.

    Farmville Express is perfect, I love it, and many of my friends too, so I totally support getting rid of the app in favor of FV Express.

  16. zun Says:

    I bought iPhone to play for FarmVille.
    Farmville Express is quite easy and useful for us to complete the quests on time.
    Hope we will have better application to play FarmVille from mobile.

  17. Malinda Says:

    unless they will be making farmville available through non-flash player mobile browsers, I don’t see this as a positive step. The Farmville express doesn’t easily let me help my friends, I can’t harvest trees or animals (which I need for questing), and it takes longer to go back and forth between farms.
    I do, however, like that it is not telling me which crops I need for a current quest step (including alternative crops).

  18. ali Says:

    ohhhh no !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Don’t do that plzzz

  19. Pam Snyder Says:

    Please,please,please…..reconsider! I love this app. I love being able to see my entire farm on the iPad and iPod. This is a big,big mistake.

  20. Lori Says:

    I THINK IT STINKS THEY ARE DOING THIS. I ONLY STARTED PLAYING FARMVILLE BECAUSE IT’S ON MY IPAD. I AM NOT AT A PC ENOUGH TO PLAY ONLY THATNWAY AND THE FARMVILLE EXPRESS OPTION SUCKS, IT DOES NOT WORK WELL. You cannot see yor farm on it, and when i try to plant using it it won’t work, it justnseems to work when you want to spend farm cash on something. Arghhhhhhhhhh sorry about typos

  21. Venessa Says:

    Not happy you can not harvest your orchards or barns ect.. This sucks very sad

  22. Jenn Says:

    Bull crap !!! I only have an iPhone I do everything on it how am I suppose to harvest everything else !!!! Very upset :( loved the game not worth playing now cant c farm

  23. DeenaNY Says:

    It ended because stocks are down and there are less players. I do not like Express either. So I guess I’ll read a book or start a new hobby.

  24. Lori plush Says:

    I miss my FarmVille app….you can do so much more on the app!!!!!

  25. Rusty Says:

    Great. FV Express doesn’t work either, it won’t let me respond to neighbor help requests and hasn’t for over a month. I can accept and send gifts but can tap on the help requests all day long with no response. It lets me delete them just fine though…

  26. Priscilla Says:


  27. tangela steelman Says:

    Farmville express is horrible! I purchased a Google nexus 7 and was really dismayed that I could not play farmville 2, so I settled for farmville express. Its not even a game, but more like cliff notes of a game… I really want to play. This sucks supreme bootie.

  28. randy Says:

    When are they going to update farmville express and add the new farms

  29. RaMona King Says:

    How do I help people on the message part of farmville Express Some people I can help in some I cannot I don’t understand can someone help me please

  30. Sherry Huff Says:

    I don’t understand why everyone who wants to play Farmville on a mobile device will not be allowed access. I really see no reason for us to pay hundreds of dollars for one of the phones you support when we already paid hundreds of dollars for our current non android and non iphone. I like the phone I have I do not want another phone with new emails accounts that I wont use and I refuse to give iTunes my credit card number.

  31. Linda Miller Says:

    Farmville Express will not work on my Samsung Galaxy3. It says that FarmvilleExpress is configured wrong but I can’t get to it to configure it so, just like the pc game, no more Farmville for me.