FarmVille June 8th Green Mystery Box

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FarmVille June 8th Green Mystery Box

Posted on June 8, 2010 7:19 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

With tonight’s updates, FarmVille introduced a new Green colored with Green ribbon Mystery Box!

FarmVille Green Mystery Box

This green themed Mystery Box can be purchased in the FarmVille Market for 16 FV$ during the next 7 days.

As always, the Mystery Box promises to offer exclusive prizes that you cannot purchase elsewhere.

What prize did you get in this Mystery Box? Send pics of your prizes to and we may feature them on FarmVille Freak.

::: Spoiler Alert :::

The following are confirmed Mystery Box prizes for THIS Mystery Box (06.08.10) only.

  • Lily Pad Bridge , 300XP
  • Froggy Pond, 300 XP
  • Leap Frog Well, 350 XP
  • Jade Victorian, 400 XP
  • Peeper Frog,
  • Dream Patio, 500 XP

FarmVille Freak Dave_NC's Dream Patio

FarmVille Freak Christianna's Lilly Pad Bridge, Dream Patio, & Peeper Frog

FarmVille Freak Erin's Jade Victorian

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95 Responses to “FarmVille June 8th Green Mystery Box” »

  1. christal Says:

    I got a jade Victorian :)

  2. PK Says:

    Got the Leapfrog well…

  3. ian Says:


  4. Tyler Says:

    Jade Victorian to

  5. Jill Says:

    got a Jade Victorian house from it too.

  6. Imran Says:

    wow there early today

  7. Jc Says:

    pics please

  8. Andrew Says:

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  9. seyla Says:

    i got a jade victorian too

  10. Lori Says:

    I got the peeper frog and a Jade Victorian

  11. zacheejee Says:

    I got a Jade Victorian and 400 xp! I sent in a photo farmville freak!

  12. Cindy Court Says:

    I got a Jade Victorian house, got no room though

  13. Waleed Says:

    too bad no stallions yet!!

  14. Nicole Says:


  15. Cindy Says:

    I got the teal Victorian and 400xp

  16. Danielle Says:

    Froggy Pong and Lilypad Bridge.

    They’re cute but I was hoping for the patio!

  17. ikarus_mit Says:

    pics pls??

  18. farmville worker jane Says:

  19. Traci Says:

    This doesnt have to do with the mystery box but they have a groovy cow for adoption.

  20. David Says:

    You also can get a “Jade Victorian” Home

  21. Paulo Says:

    Just got a damn Pepper Frog and 200XP bahhhh

  22. Matt Says:

    got a lilypad bridge its cool but small

  23. Kelly Says:

    I also got the jade cottage… here’s a link to a picture I took of it:

  24. jane Says:

    hi heres a link

  25. golddustwoman Says:

    anyone get the pepper frog? That’s the one I really like the sound of…

  26. farmgirl05 Says:

    Jade Victorian Home on first box.

  27. Jason Says:

    I wish I’d bought the box with the white stallion. I like the sound of these items but the thought of a new purchaseable stallion one day…

  28. Krysta Says:

    So, I’m guessing it’s green because it all has to do with frogs and precious stones? Priceless.
    Hit me again, tubesock.

  29. Uncensored Says:

    I got the Leapfrog Weel, its very cute, not too big wich is great coz i have no more room :)

  30. Naughty Farm Girl Says:

    I was hoping for the black stallion or a new cow or something I saw the Hearty Cow floating around today maybe thats for Fathers Day or next Valentines? LOL

    I am trying not to buy as many mystery boxes unless its something I REALLY want!! I like the groovy cow … mooooooooo from NC Cow Country

    Nawtay Farn Gurl

  31. Star Says:

    I got all 6 items =D Yay!!

  32. Władca Says:

    peeper frog 200XP :)

  33. harry Says:

    things i got.

  34. Pxp Says:

    My weakness for frogs dooms me to buying my first box ever. *crosses fingers*

  35. Liz Says:

    these items look very nice! i’ll be getting some boxes before they are gone :)

  36. Karyn Says:

    Am I the only person who got the crafting cottages pop up? I wanted to come read more about it and now I wish I had taken screen shots.

    It asked me to choose between 3 different cottages – spa, bakery, or winery – and once I chose it gave me a special gnome (there’s a different one for each because the pop up had one with a baker’s hat, but the one I got had cucumber slices on his eyes (spa gnome).

    Spa was flowers and fruits.
    Bakery was grains and fruits/vegetables.
    Winery was grapes in combination with other crops.

    I don’t remember all the combinations though. There were 4 different products with different ingredient lists for each type.

  37. Star Says:

    @Karyn Nope, I, and several of my neighbours all got the pop up. What level are you? It might be for higher level farmers.
    I opted for the spa cottage, it looked the nicest =)

  38. Bleshy Says:

    There is a screen cap of the peeper frog.

  39. Lu Says:

    i got a leapfrog well, a dream patio and a jade Vvctorian! ^_^

  40. keda Says:

    got the leapfrog well blahhhh

  41. Salena Says:

    I bought one box, and it was the jade victorian :(

  42. jacob Says:

    i got a crafting cottage pop up too!!!

  43. Bleshy Says:

    And also one of the Dream Patio

  44. Kristen Says:

    Is there a place to see pictures of all these items in the box???

  45. 3alaa2 Says:

    I got a Leap Frog Well and a Dream Patio they r nice and not too big which is perfect so we can put them at least on our farms not storing them … but honestly was wishing for the black stallion these stuff look great but they r useless =((

  46. Karyn Says:

    @Star – I chose the spa cottage, too! But I wish I got the little baker gnome. Maybe one of my neighbours will post one!

    I just sent in a few photos of my gnome, so hopefully there will be another update on FVF.

    I’m wondering if I should expect a physical cottage, or how I can start crafting?

  47. Tiffany Says:

    Karyn, i got the samew thing, i select the spa and after that disappear! im on level 53

  48. Tiffany Says:

    Karyn, i got the gnome with cucumbers too. i dont get it why the spa is not there, what i got do?

  49. jerms Says:

    Tiffany and Karyn,
    they say the cottages are “coming soon”

  50. Tiffany Says:

    Jerms, thanks! I was reading fast lol, i was like wooww nice and i click the spa lol. Thnaks anyway

  51. cher Says:

    does the new frog do anything? Thanks

  52. Farville Freak *Azera* Says:

    A picture of the
    * Froggy Pond
    * Leap Frog Well
    * Dream Patio

  53. christian Says:


    Froggy Pond
    Leap Frog Well
    Jade Victorian
    Pepper Frog
    Dream Patio

  54. badgebelle Says:

    got 6 boxes, got one of each…YAY! love them all.

  55. LhiricOoh Says:

    i gOt peeper froG :(( and 200xp

  56. Pxp Says:

    What box had the purple frog?

  57. 10yearstogether Says:

    I just got the frog and 200xp. I feel so ripped off.

  58. tanja Says:

    i got the froggy pond and i love it.
    i was worried i would get the peeper frog, that’s the only thing i didn’t want

  59. Starling Says:

    How cool my picture made it on the site. Its only the best site EVER!! xoxo

  60. victoria Says:

    i got a pic of the well how do i send it to you guys???

  61. Empy Says:

    Lily pad bridge on the first try… a good thing, too, since my first try was my only try, and that was the only thing I wanted. :P

  62. Happy Says:

    i wish i could get the dream patio =)
    gotta open 2 boxes

  63. Mary Says:

    Yeah these are cool…But I was looking for the summer water slide my friends got..It is SO cool! .Hmmm maybe it was some other giftbox….OBVIOUSLY.

    I got the frog- The bridge – The frog pond- The frog well (2x) Yep I spent 30 bucks…but no patio- that is really nice-maybe next time? By the way Farmville we REALLY need bigger farm land!!!

  64. MPL Says:

    The water slide is from the 7-11 promotion – not a mystery box.

  65. Kelly Says:

    this box isn’t what I expected…

    but hey I got the frog, so now I have a purple and a green frog ^^
    they should make more pink items, and then REALLY pink not just a little.. bring back valentines day.. I missed so much

  66. Chrysalis Crowe Says:

    I got the lily pad bridge and i’m VERY happy with it! Its charming~*

    Mary ~i think the water slide that you are referring to is part of the 7-11 promo. You have to buy stuff there in order to get the codes and then grow some goji berries on your farm to earn them.
    We actually can’t get them here in Quebec, which is the only part of North America that is excluded ~blargh! Does anyone know whether i can have relatives in B.C. buy the stuff for me?

  67. june guardp Says:

    got them all add me in facebook

  68. Daniel Says:

    I got a froggy pond.. all I want to see is the frog well now.
    For pond.

  69. CELINE Says:

    i got the jade victorian and the dream patio..i have 2 big splash code where you can see the cow jumping willing to trade for it..good trader only..

  70. Carol Says:

    Anyone pictures of the leepfrog well???

    Dont know wether to chance this. REALLY dont want another bridge. i got 3 in the ‘best of’ box

  71. tonny Says:

    nah, i think i will pass this one. :-(

  72. Tiffany Says:

    I got something else that is not on the picture above!

  73. Tiffany Says:

    U talking about the 7-11 items? The slide with the shep and pool with the cow?

  74. dubravka Says:

    I got Froggy Pond :)

  75. Darky Says:

    Perfect Tip:
    I am too lazy to look at other posts if someone said that but listen carefully

    1-Get one new account on
    2-Open one new account on
    3-Install the 10FV cash game bar
    4-Work a bit on the farm
    5-Woola you have 16FV to buy the box
    I have already 5

    P.S. I got Froggy Pond that villa and 3 I didn’t opened

  76. Ellie Says:

    GRR I open SEVEN boxes and get everything (and duplicates) except the victorian which I really want.
    Now have 15 FVC and will have to wait until I go up a level before getting another >:l

  77. Władca Says:

    Celine, would you like to trade? what do you whant for code?

  78. Pingvin Says:

    I got the dream patio and the bridge, but when I returned to my farm later, my giftbox was totally empty, every single one of the gifts disapperaed – has this happened to anyone else?

  79. Marla Says:

    I got the frog well and all I can say is…..YUK!

  80. Marla Says:

    ……………and I should have left it at that, but no. I would have liked the dream patio but instead ended up with frog pond and some disgusting jade victorian thing, I mean honestly WTF!!

  81. Marla Says:

    If anyone wants to trade their dream patio with any of the 3 items I have, frog well, frog pond or jade victorian, then please let me know. Thanks…………..

  82. SuzieO Says:

    I don’t like the dream patio and would love to trade but how can you trade?? the patio is over water?? huh? so hard to find a good place to put it and it doesn’t line up with the other water I have.

    Wladca, I have all the codes, which do you want?

    Also to the person living in Quebec… yes, your friends in B.C. can send you the codes and you do not have to grow and master the Goji to get the slide or cow jumping in pool. As soon as you redeem the code you get that item. If you are going for the Uber gift you have to master the Goji, but you have to have 8 codes to do that.

  83. Marla Says:

    Could anyone please give advice on how to trade items.
    Many thanks…………

  84. michael Says:

    im a beginner here in farmvillei’m at lvl6..i dont know what’s the problem but i can’t see these stuffs on my market??

    can anyone tell me what’s the problem??


    i want to buy one..xD

  85. Nick Allen Says:

    I opened 5 or 6 Mystery boxes and got the lily pad bridge, frog pond and all but the victorian, patio and peeper frog, I like to collect theanimals that come on farmville, Also @Marla, you cannot trade items that are on yourfarm, Farmville may be introducing this feature but not atm! Happy farming

  86. SuzieO Says:

    Maria, you can’t trade items… some people breed horses and cows and they can trade when they get special foals and calves that people want. Some people have codes for the 7-11 promotion and they trade for stuff from the market that can be sent or sell them. Personally, I just give them to my friends that need them. But once you have something on your farm or in your gift box you can’t trade it, only sell it. The things we get from the mystery boxes can’t be traded.

    Michael – your problem sounds like a glitch of some sort because I can see things in my market. I would restart the computer and/or use a different browser if you can.

  87. Samantha Says:

    I loved this, I’m in love with frogs, and I had never bought a mystery gift before, but i will definitely be buying them all in the future! I have one of each item. <3

  88. Darky Says:

    @ Michael:
    You need first to but the mystery box
    then you can open it
    and than you will get something from the pictures

  89. karthimx Says:

    I got Froggy Pond,

  90. Shockwave Says:

    I always get the worst one when i buy amytery box. :(

  91. kang daesung Says:

    got leapfrog well and lilypad bridge….

  92. jacob Says:

    i got a pepper frog :(

  93. Shaina Eliza Says:

    Okay so yeah. I as well got the peeper frog but it says it harvests in 3 days. Just like the ugly duckling I wonder if it will transform into something cool??! I seriously hope so because it is def not worth 16 farm cash !

  94. jenica Says:

    I’m so mad!!! I got 2 jade victorians, 2 froggy ponds, 2 froggy wells, and a peeper frog!! I wanted the bridge and the patio! :( Not fair at all.

  95. Jacob Says:

    basically, you can get a tiny frog which will be cute for a day and barely noticable.. or you can get one of these amazing buildings.
    i got the frog.
    PLUS i bought the mystery box and not the mystery ANIMAL box because i DIDN’T want an ANIMAL. :@:@:@:@:@:@:@
    i can also imagine that if the frog was in the market, it would probably be what.. 12 farmcash..?? NOT 16!!!!!!