FarmVille Freak Exclusive: New Stimulus Care Package – 1 Can of Fuel, 3 FV Cash, 1 Unwither, & White Goat

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FarmVille Freak Exclusive: New Stimulus Care Package – 1 Can of Fuel, 3 FV Cash, 1 Unwither, & White Goat

Posted on April 22, 2010 10:42 pm by FarmVille Freak Dr. Green Thumb

Stimulus care package updated; with a white goat instead of 10 barn supplies/kibble/eggs, still has 3 FV Cash. People who claimed the previous care package can also claim this one, for an additional 3 FV Cash, for a total of 6 free FV Cash!


Will probably be fixed soon, so use it while you can!

FarmVille New Care Package Notice

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99 Responses to “FarmVille Freak Exclusive: New Stimulus Care Package – 1 Can of Fuel, 3 FV Cash, 1 Unwither, & White Goat” »

  1. Jop Says:

    i love you farmville

  2. phynce Says:

    what is this for this is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Di Says:

    whoever found this thanks a lot!

  4. Emily Says:

    I saw this link posted in the forums, used it, went to comment that it worked and the thread was deleted. I betcha this was a glitch, and that it wasnt supposed to happen, but I lucked out and got my 3 farmcash! :)

  5. Di Says:

    anyone notice that you don’t have to click on the multi tool or gift box for that popup tab to come up? this’ll take some getting used to. dunno if you wanna post it since its really not that important

  6. Jfers Says:


  7. godzirra Says:

    got mine, added enough to buy a gift box, will wait for a new mysterious gift box

  8. Jfers Says:

    I noticed Di! I keep clicking it over & over lol

  9. Di Says:

    @ Jfers

    yea! its so annoying cause clicking just resets it now haha. like maybe 20 clicks before i was like “wtf is going on” haha!

  10. SuzieO Says:

    thanks for the link… that was quite the rush, lol. I was almost asleep and now I’m wide awake :-)

  11. giftbuyer Says:

    received an email for this. Tried to claim but wouldn’t let me. Just tried your link and it didn’t work either. Love this game but. . . .

  12. Shani (: Says:

    I got two of these packs !!!
    One via the mail and one via YOUR BLOG !! (:
    Thank you and thank Famville 1!!
    Thanks to you two I got 6 free FV cash and more bonuses !!
    Your blog is really helpful ,

  13. MooMooMoo Says:

    Received the email but was unable to forward to friends as stated in the email. Appreciate the FV$, fuel and unwither. Sold the goat as I already have enough of them from mystery gifts.

  14. varshitha Says:

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks a lot farmville…

  15. roby Says:

    worked for me. thanks farmville freak!!!

  16. Sharon Says:

    I got the email, but when I tried to click it, it said I’d already received it. I got something similar forwarded by a friend a couple weeks ago, but had no goat, I think. It wouldn’t let me forward it.

  17. kevin Says:

    its cool that u do this cause some of us is at level 70 and have no fv cash to spend thx

  18. sally Says:

    if i can recall it right, i received the first bonus package, last friday, just exactly one week till now, so i guess they will be giving us bonus package every week?..if that so, that would be great!!..thank you farmville freak..

  19. Jay Says:

    wish it will continue… i mean… every 7 days… there will be FarmVille Care Package…

  20. chashi Says:

    WOW! Thanks a lot! Life is great!!!!!!!!! hahahahaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. chashi Says:

    wow@shani, you got both! lucky u!

  22. Khan Says:

    Anyone noticed zynga has been so much generous lately?

  23. Michelle Says:

    I hope they do this frequently! this is sweeeet!

  24. meles Says:


  25. kevin Says:

    thanks farmville!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love u wmaaahhh… =)))

  26. Gilles Says:

    it worked for the 13 accounts here! thanks for sharing the link!

  27. Toni Says:

    Out of topic!

    ***Account Unavailable

    Your account is temporarily unavailable due to site maintenance. It should be available again within a few hours. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    This is happened to me 3-4 times a week, is this happen to someone else? please, i am getting worried… :(

  28. Emma Says:


    yea a similar thing happens to me.
    i’ll click on the farmville link and it’ll go to the game page but then won’t load properly and it happens all the time (it’s really annoying).
    but I think they’re just upgrading things. e.g. the new one-click harvesting. so i’m not too worried. but you can check out the official forums to see if other people have be having the same issue.

    hope that helps

  29. E.J. Says:

    Last night I left 45 gifts in the inbox and this morning I got a collectible and went to look for it. The box showed this message “You don’t have any gifts”!!!
    What happened with all my gifts??!!!

  30. Marie Butler Says:

    Couldn’t access it! Had 3fv in my box and when I clicked to use it just disappeared!
    I find FV constantly hangs up. Does this happen to everyone or just me in Africa?

  31. Tio Alexander Says:


  32. Kate Says:

    Thanks Farmville Freak!

    You guys rock!!!

  33. cary Says:

    This is great!! keep them coming!!

  34. Jane Says:

    omg the chocolate cow thread was full of hilarity.

  35. Holly Says:

    I only got $1FV out of it :(

  36. Juan Says:

    I could use everything except the 3 FV cash =(

  37. Mike Says:

    Awesome. It works! Thanks.

  38. Ashley Says:

    Do anyone else have factories for the new farmers marked under buildings in the marked place. I see them, but many of my friends don’t. There are four different factories, they make fuel, pastry, vine and perfume. I havent seen any introductions to the factories like there usually are when a new future is introduced. Each factory costs 1 million coins.

  39. Cstewy Says:

    @tony post 26

    it may be because you have more than one account or that you are being hacked
    it happened to me a few weeks ago but then they cancelled my 2nd and 3rd account and then i could go on my first one again ….hope this helps for you and i hope you will be able to get on it soon thx


  40. maggiek Says:

    Thank you thank you thank you farmville freak!!!

  41. Ray Says:

    @Toni.. my fv was not loading from my account for 2 days. I logged in from a different IP address. After that its working fine.

  42. Marti Says:

    Thanks for the goodies!

  43. jadz Says:

    thanks a lot!!!!!… maybe it’s a glitch

  44. treskantos Says:

    yes i got thanks a lot farmville.. the problem is receiving a gift good but sending it back is bad im having a problem……

  45. Sam Says:

    Anyone need help with any CO-OPs ? Ive got around 400 plots. add me =]

  46. SuzieO Says:

    It says in the above post (from fvfreak) that this is a glitch and get it while you can… so it is not deliberately given from FV like the first one was. Just saying, so a rumor doesn’t start that this will be a weekly thing.

  47. Jen Says:

    Awesome!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!

  48. Marie Says:

    How do I send gifts from here? nails in particular.

  49. jerrad Says:

    i just logged on today and i can hear a strange owl noise, a twit-twoo, can’t get a reccording as i don’t have a mic, wondering if it’s just me or has anoyone else heard anything. this isnt upon loading like the cow noise, it’s in game, and yes i have the sounds turned off :S

  50. Toni Says:

    Thank you Cstewy & Ray, ill try your instructions, but i have done nothing to fix it… When i come back home (after like 5h.) everything was fine and its fine for now… but I know it will be repeated in the following days!

  51. gaynor valiant Says:

    absolutely love farmville.

  52. Khan Says:

    Can anyone tell me when are my animals inside the nursery will grow up?

  53. Flavius Julius Says:

    Anyone know why FaceBook FarmVille and Zynga are not working?

  54. SoulDemo Says:


  55. Francisco Says:


  56. FVF1988 Says:

    @ Khan

    Generous? Zynga? Nah, they are trying to make us happy. Probably because they have something that will upset/frustrate us up their sleeves. Don’t fall asleep on ‘em, any moment now and we’ll get screwed. xD

  57. southlandgirlB Says:

    yjis sucks it doessnt work anymore……..

  58. amy Says:

    if anyone on here had had a clydsdale foal or any different ones please add me, i have had white foals,pinto foals and pony foals out of my stable so am happy to share with some different ones as none of my neighbours have had clydsdale.

  59. FVF1988 Says:

    @ Amy

    Amy I don’t have Clydesdale foals but can I still add you? That way we can look for Clydesdale foals together and share some when either of us gains some. I’d be willing to exchange you a mystery box for a foal or two. Plus need more neighbors. xD

  60. Nesha25 Says:

    Much Appreciated!!

  61. brent07bradley Says:

    Ok so i didn’t get the link from here, I had some request from the care package in my request still so i waited 1 week to collect one, and what do you know i got 1! Yeah me!

  62. Tia Says:

    What was the name of the previous package we got last week? please someone tell me! Thankyou very much :)

  63. Tia Says:

    and does anyone have the link for it? thankyou :)

  64. SuzieO Says:

    #49 – I heard that noise today too and I have my sound turned off.. it was strange and I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what animal it is but it was just that one animal… not all the farmville sounds… weird!

  65. FVF1988 Says:

    The previous package can be found on either , or ……. lol. I think its seven.

  66. FVF1988 Says:

    YUP HERE IT IS. The first Stimulus package.

  67. Tia Says:

    Same here, i thought of what it might be, it might be the doves, have you got doves on your farm, when that noise happens? (the doves that you can buy with farmcash or you get when you sign up with email)

  68. tidus1117 Says:

    adding a new neighbor to your farm will give you this option

  69. dip Says:

    thanks a lot………..u rule

  70. dorkbreath Says:

    i hear the dove sound as well…it’s right when my farm loads…and my sounds (music and animals) are off ALWAYS off…

  71. ytree Says:

    i’m guessing that it was the sound of the sea gull from treasure isle.. i heard the sound since i got them on my farm..,,,

  72. dani Says:

    yeah same here, i think its the pegions cuz i dont have the segul or doves so… lol and the first time i heard that i freaked out hahah i was like wtf??? and looked around

  73. Megan Says:

    I tried your link and it didn’t work but this one did Thank you for the info

  74. joe Says:

    thank you

  75. shivi Says:

    i want this care package

  76. Andrew Says:

    Click my name

  77. Paula Says:

    I hope this works

  78. Paula Says:

    Hope this works people..

  79. karan Says:

    thanks …………….. when will next package will come ??????????? :D

  80. antonette Says:

    I am so glad I checked out this link, because it worked and I got my goat, cash, everything! Thank you So much! A Wonderful Surprise! You guys ROCK! : )

  81. james paulsens Says:

    i got the care package someone sent it to me

  82. Mukulika Says:

    #49 & 64
    I have heard that noise too……it is of one of the Carrier Pigeons flying!! U can hear it even if the sound is turned off……Strange!

  83. lani Says:

    love this…it said i already got one but it appeared in my gift box anyway..very cool (:

  84. niki Says:

    i do it this

  85. poppy wijayanti Says:

    Love farm ville

  86. poppy wijayanti Says:

    Good I like it

  87. zillana thomas Says:

    I love farmville, it’s the very best game for me. I would not be off of my farm for any great length of time, farmville helps relax me. I think it is so much fun. If you have had the pleasure of growing anything you will love farmville.

  88. Zeleanor Hayes Says:

    I like playing the FarmVille Game because it helps me with my depression and helps to keep my mine and my brain stimulated. It also enables me to communicate more with my Family, Siblings,Nieces Nephews ect. Also I love gardening and I use to have a very large vegetable garden. The game is fun and also very competive.

    Thank You.

  89. Odile Thomas Says:

    I really enjoy farmwille. It helps distract my mind and makes me feel like I am handling a real farm.

  90. Odile Thomas Says:

    Love Farmville11

  91. Kathy Says:

    I didnt get it, and I never got the other one either!!!

  92. Myank Says:

    I can’t accept more farmville gifts !!!

  93. wency bayuga Says:

    i like farmville because i like seeds and plowing

  94. craig Says:

    farmville rockssssssssssssssss

  95. kavita Says:

    it’s goodddddddddddddddddddddddd

  96. caro0lyn Says:

    im a farmville freak

  97. Katie Anne F Says:

    Still works! After you click the fv cash in your gift box, refresh the page & you will see the 3 bucks added to you previous balance! Thank you for posting the link!!!

  98. baung Says:



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