New FarmVille Glitches

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New FarmVille Glitches

Posted on May 15, 2010 2:35 pm by FarmVille Freak CabbagePatchKid

FarmVille Freaks are always kind enough to report the glitches they experience.  Just in the past couple months we have seen the accidental color change of the Lop Ear Bunny (and it return to the original brown color) and the Jackrabbit turn into a Short Cactus (and also be returned). Another glitch is now being reported by  FarmVille Freak Hectur. He shared that after loading his farm today, his Provencal Gate had disappeared. At least three other FarmVille Freaks have reported their gate as missing in action! All are having a similar experience, no  information is shown when hovering over the gate location and nothing can be put in its place.

FarmVille Freak Hectur's Provencal Gate

FarmVille Freak Hectur's Invisible Provencal Gate

Another glitch has been reported, FarmVille Freak rockrat0 reported that his Lake Nessie has shifted position. The footprint is the same, but the lake itself has moved and overlaps other items on his farm.

FarmVille Freak Rockrat's Nessie Lake after last nights update

It seems that after the most recent updates, we experience more and more glitches. And lets not forget the message from Zynga saying that ‘farms with Greenery were experiencing loading issues, please stand by’. While these may seem like small or insignificant issues, to a true FarmVille Freak they certainly are not. :)
Has your gate (or any other decoration or animal) disappeared?

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111 Responses to “New FarmVille Glitches” »

  1. haley Says:

    as of right now both of mine are still here

  2. gnomer Says:


  3. Anon Says:
  4. Stephanie Says:

    Yea, my Lop Ear Bunny is still white. :(

  5. Zoltan Says:

    My lake nessy moved an inch over! And is now on top of my avatar!

  6. Zoltan Says:

    My lake nessy moved an inch over! And is now on top of my avatar!!

  7. jodi Says:

    Not missing gates but have gates that are useless 7 do not fit with te fencing such as the hedge gate & the new adobe gate with the doors. They are horrible & make the whole fencing in a big mess. Please make them so they fit . Oh and make sure they stop messing up everytime I open it up I have to move my gate back it is weird looking when you sign on or visit my farm.

  8. Miranda Says:

    Yup mine were gone too!! But they’re back!! YAAA

  9. Haley Says:

    My lop eared rabbit is still white…?

  10. Jimber Says:

    they will eventually I remember when I couldn’t connect the Provencal fence to the Provencal gate, and now you can, oh and mind is still there as well, it was always open if that makes a difference, however I did notice it doesn’t say the name of the item (gate) when you hover over it, like everything else including the Provencal fence but not the gate, you have to click sell for it to say what the item is… weird no?

  11. Regius Says:

    Yep, my provincial gates have been missing for the last couple of days.

  12. jennshere7 Says:

    Well I don’t have a gate either, plus I am one of the few who have Lake Ness which came out for April Fools. That is all messed up it is there but floating out of it’s spot. The same thing has happened to my daughters Lake Ness.

  13. DerekC Says:

    Sometimes, i wish that hedges were 1 squared, kinda like haybales. They are impossible to place right. Currently, i have them right, but alot of the time, you need to put them in a weird way.

  14. Derrik Says:

    Yeah mine is missing too!

  15. Eveuh Says:

    Mines been gone for awhile.

  16. Empy Says:

    My Provencial gates were gone yesterday as well; I had honestly assumed it was just a loading glitch, as there have been several of those lately.

    Glad to see people commenting that they’re back now though. :)

  17. Alex Says:

    mine is missing too…i didnt even notice till i read this post…..:(

  18. PassinThrough Says:

    I dont have any provencial gates, but i can say that my lucky harvester is missing. I read on the forums that others are having the same problem though.

    heres to hoping that they fix it too :)

  19. Vanessa Says:

    My lop eared bunny is also still white. The only way to get it to be brown again is to have its butt to you or sell your Spring Basket. I don’t want to sell my Spring Basket and I don’t like having my bunnies butt to me. I really wish they’d fix this glitch.

  20. Liz Says:

    my gates are all still there but i was hoping when i saw this that they were trying to fix the ghosting when they are closed. when my provencal gates are closed it looks like there is a shadow on each side of the gate being open. if i move the gate or turn it that goes away but it always comes back :(

    and i’m never going to let my super cute white lop ear bunny turn! i looove the white so much :)

  21. J-dogfa Says:

    add me Faraj Sabeiha
    I am level 70 and I have 60 cornish hens in my coop!

  22. udliketoknow Says:

    j-dogfa, i wanna add u, im level 70 and i have everything…

  23. mdccxxvii Says:

    Zynga never fixed the lop-eared rabbit glitch properly. You shouldn’t have to sell your spring basket to change it back to brown. That is poor customer support by Zynga.

  24. hybrig Says:

    I still have a cactus instead of a jackrabbit!!!

  25. patrick Says:

    i have one square on my farm where i cant put anything and its been like that for a long time. its really annoying.

  26. Eric Says:

    @PassinThrough.. My lucky harvester is also gone.. I was redecorating my farm and i moved my lucky tractors.. To my surprise, i can’t find the harvester..

    I also notice that there are some place in my farm that other items cannot be placed even there’s nothing in there.. Maybe it’s my provencal gate being invisible because i remember that i put it in that place and couldn’t find it no more..

  27. Yair Says:

    My Nessie Lake was bigger than usual getting on top of other items…

  28. laura perez Says:

    i bought a peacock and now it is missing i have moved everything around and its nowhere to be found and no i did not delete it and i paid cash for it .

  29. RYAN Says:

    There is also a problem with the Ranch gate/fence matching up. They had the same problem with the hedge fence when it came out. Hopefully they fix it soon. Zynga you are holding up an artist from his work. LOL.

  30. A.W. Says:

    My nessie lake shrank, but the square that takes up the amount of space it has is bigger than it’s supposed to be. I had the whole lake outlined in treas and situated next to several ponds to make it seem much larger, and now there’s a wide green swath where part of the lake used to be. Very annoying.

  31. Ana Says:

    My Lake Nessie is also abnormal – it is shifted and looks like it is flying above the trees.

  32. choesnah Says:

    i got dog training glitch, not reported yet

  33. Nesha25 Says:

    My lop earbunny is still white also, unless I rotate him and my provencial gates are over lapping each other everytime I open them they appear closed and every time I close them they appear open. weird :O

  34. haley Says:

    my light post from christmas is also HUGE

  35. Missi Says:

    I too am experiencing the gate glitch.

  36. Ana Says:

    My Provencial Gates have also dissapeared :(

  37. Annabelle Says:

    My jackrabbit is still gone! It made me so mad I stopped playing altogether. Just coming here sometimes to check whether they have been returned.

    Mine was given to me by a friend and that friend got it back but can’t send it to me anymore.

    I got a new one by another friend but still I want my old one back as well :(

  38. Clam Says:

    My harvester is gone…..

  39. Jaana Says:

    No wonder my Nessie lake looked funky. I tried to move it to it’s normal place and sure enough, it couldn’t be moved. It’s now sitting over my old faithful :(

  40. jacob Says:

    my dulux lodge moved like lake nessi to

  41. Jessi Says:

    does neone have the link to get a seperate farmville feed on facebook?

  42. Kathy Fields Says:

    My glitch is that I’m not allowed to sign up for or start a Co-op.


  43. Martha Wilson Says:

    My Nessi is airborne as well…and the lake is now resting on my carrier pigeons….who are treading water for all their lil wings are worth. It is also spilling into an outhouse…which may be a real problem.

  44. Jennifer Says:

    My invisible cat is missing. I know that sounds crazy but he is gone and has been for a few days.

  45. Lauryn Says:

    glad i didn’t buy the lake ness, doesn’t look as cool on a farm…. and its huge!!

  46. BK Says:

    Mine too….. My Provencal Gate had disappeared.

  47. Sandy Says:

    For the past few days no matter what browser I use I can not go full screen on or even through facebook. I got tons of ram and space. I cleared my cookies etc. I was reading on their message board others are having the same issue. When we try to go full screen it locks up the browsers. Another “glitch”….

  48. Shirley Says:

    I have two Provencal gates that have disappeared; very frustrating!

  49. Sue Says:

    The Ugly Duckling pond is messed up too! It sits slanted, it’s bigger, the ugly duck is grey, the swan is huge…it sucks! I put it in storage because it looks so bad and I had such a nice spot where it was too! I’m glad I took a pic before it changed so I didn’t think I was crazy!

  50. Scoo B Doo Says:

    Keep noticing my horse stable hiccupping, keeps flinching, but most of all, when the option to repaint your stable came about, I bought the red paint, and somehow for awhile now, my stables has gone back to being the boring white.

  51. Gary Says:

    my gate is also missing

  52. Timothy Glass Says:

    My Provencal gates disappeared this morning, but did reappear later on this afternoon.

  53. Ismay Says:

    My lake Nessie is also messed up so I put it into storage….

    My invisible cat disappeared tonight ….:(

    I hope both glitches are fixed soon…

  54. Sheri Says:

    Yep…gate’s been missing a couple days – figured glitch but thanks for the confirmation!!

  55. Karla Says:

    Yep, both provencal gates are missing!

  56. Adriana Says:

    my loop eared bunny is still white tho!!!!!!!!!! why???

  57. louise olson Says:

    my cmplaint is trying to get into gift box, using equipment, and a host of others, they need to move the co op icon to another place, i’m sick of going in threre instead of my gift box afraid to collect because box is full

  58. becky Says:

    i’m not having trouble with these things, but when i put my house in storage to rearrange my farm, and then brought it back out, my christmas lights were gone. and no, there was no option to turn them on. and i paid FV dollars for the lights, and i want them back, wanted to do christmas in july. asked on the forums but zynga doesn’t care

  59. karry Says:

    113 gifts in gift box is my glitch

  60. Vanessa Says:

    My crop circle wasn’t showing up today. The footprint was there as I couldn’t plow over it, but the item itself was MIA.

  61. WeirdJedi Says:

    The only issue I find is the overlapping problem with most items. You try to put something by a gate for fence and it kind of pokes through. Some gates don’t even fit well with fencing or other items. I think my hedge gates and adobe gates kind of fold in half.

    The glitches are getting worse. People usually tolerate some glitches here and there, but the amount of bugs is getting out of control.

  62. Trish JAMIESON Says:

    My Provincial Gates have been missing for two days or more now. Hope they come back, reading another post, it stated that nothing can be put in the place where the gates are supposed to be. I am missing three sets of these gates. BLOW !

  63. Tamara Smith Says:

    I receive no fuel when I fertilize neighbors farms and am still losing gifts

  64. LJ Says:

    Mine are gone (two). Just happened this afternoon. I also had a purchased mystery gift and it never made it to my gift box. FV dollars are gone.

    I contacted Zynga and followed their steps for cleaning cache, uninstalling Farmville, etc and they are STILL gone. Hmmm…..

  65. Dave Duncan Says:

    My Deluxe Lodge has shifted from its foundation. It also over lapped other items on my farm. Now it sits in storage.

  66. carrie Says:

    I came home tonight to harvest & noticed my Japanese Pagoda that I worked so hard to earn in the Stirring Things Up Co-op has DISAPPEARED…
    What can I do? Who do I email or call?
    This is ridiculous–now I have a hole where my pagoda’s supposed to be…
    My Co-op team busted our asses to earn gold & that pagoda….

  67. Rene Says:

    Wow, my Provencial gate did disappear! I have so much in that area, though, I’m not surprised I didn’t see it before. Well, I’m sure it will come back…eventually.

    As for gates and fences/hedges over laping, I find that true, as well, but it usually happens at the break, where two come together. I try to off-center anything that I put in front of it.

    Considering the complexity of this game and all of the graphics, I’m surprised that Farmville works as well as it does. Of course, the glitches are irritating, but Zynga has been great about getting them fixed. Give it a week or less and everything will be running smoothly again! :0)

  68. noni Says:

    yesterday i noticed my harvester disappeared (or was it my seeder?) it was not being used and yet it was not showing up where i usually keep it. i could still use the thing, but it was not anywhere seen on my farm. (btw, can the font be any smaller for this comment box? jeesh!)

  69. Vallegyrl Says:

    i just wanted to let you know that my Brown lop eared rabbit turned white, and NEVER turned back to the original brown. I am upset, cuz I liked the brown color, that is what
    I purchased, not a white one!

  70. Laura Says:

    My Nessie Lake has the same problem.
    I tried moving it back,but the red square is waaaaay out of wack.
    Some times when I try to put it back,it won’t let me and I have to refresh the page.
    It covers my Sphinx and some of my fences and my crops.

  71. Adam Says:

    yes, my jackrabbit turned into short cactus.
    add me on facebook
    Adam Tzur

  72. Karin Says:

    I lost 15 FV cash. One day I had 22 the next day 7 when I tried to play again. I contacted Zynga and all they said can you describe your problem better… Uhh one day you play and earn your FV cash and the next day it’s gone.. without purchasing something offcourse..;) But it is also still missing after 6 days..

  73. Tracy Says:

    My Pot O’Gold disappeared for a few days, now it’s back but my Lucky Harvester is invisible, can’t put anything in its place. A couple months ago my snow lodge was overlapping my neighbors property, took a pic too.

  74. Matthew H Says:

    I have 10 Provencal gates and they all have disappeared!!! :(

  75. indiangirl Says:

    yes my gate has disappeared too! and the result is ghastly for now it looks as if my chickens can come out and r weirdely fenced in

  76. Mary Says:

    I don’t have the gate issues but I collected a mystery egg yesterday. When I opened it, there was a Cornish chicken; when I went to put it on my farm my market box popped up (showing seeds) I closed it thinking nothing of it but when I put my chicken down I noticed it charged me $25FV cash. And sure enough the “gift” chicken that I got from the egg was still in my gift section.

    I contacted Zanga and I’m still waiting on a response cause I don’t want the chicken but I do want the FV cash back. Kind of sucks cause I’ve been saving the FV cash for a long time now:( I hope the fix all the glitches soon.

  77. Aaron Meijer Says:

    2 weeks ago my harvester disappeared so i bought a new one, my provencal gate is still there!

  78. Ali Says:

    I found my provencal gate missing also i cant plough one of the squares

  79. meghann Says:

    what about barns/storage.. having missing space?? I SWEAR I had 36.. and when I went to place some things into stoarge.. I only had.. 31!! That and missing $$.. anyone else??

  80. Maria Says:

    Today, 2 collectibles I got from friends’ feed turn into something else. I collected a beetle and had a Ladybug in the box; a Dapple plume turned into a Green Plume in the box. What is happening here?

  81. Vicki Says:

    my lop eared rabbit is still white as well, really annoying!!

  82. brenda Says:

    my chicken coop is missing… I thought it was a slow loading so I refreshed and its still non existent…

  83. margaret stockman Says:

    maybe I wrote the wrong site. Yesterday I wrote that I was in the middle of harvesting my horse barn when all the trouble started . the sign never came up that it had harvvested. it just when away and came back. did it three times, but the thirdth time it didn’t come back. and is still gone. I had it full of horses and about half way on my expanding. What do I have to do to get it back? Please help.

  84. marceedarcee Says:

    Sorry if this is not the right place for this, but I have a huge complaint. I breed foals on a regular basis. I just bought the Apaloosa to breed and when I posted the foal to friends only 1 person was able to get it.Tell me they did not drop the number available for adoption from 5 to 1!

  85. Cassie Dominguez Says:

    Sometimes my avatar is all WHITE…it’s just a white silhouette walking around tending the farm. Looks like the “invisible woman”. Has this ever happened to anyone?

  86. Martin Says:

    Hey, I wouldn’t have noticed if you didn’t tell me!!

    My provencal gate is gone!!!!

    I WANT IT BACK! =(

  87. Sue Gwin Says:

    My gates disappeared two days ago. It appears as if they are still there when you try to put something else in their spot. When will they get this glitch fixed I wonder?!!!!!

  88. bluepearlmoon Says:

    My Provencal gate has been MIA for about 24 hours or so, now. Have cleared cache, uninstalled/reinstalled Adobe Flash Player, tried different browsers…nada. It reappeared once, then disappeared again. It’s always something with this *$&( game.

  89. DENISE Says:

    I had this problem a couple of months ago, I had purchased a manor on my farm and about a week later it had vanished…. I sent to emails along with pics of my manor as proof and hey no one feckin replied and still no FV back so I refuse to give them another penny rip off merchants!!!!

  90. vacas Says:

    sameb glitch in lake nessy its over my road! there is allways some thing grrrrrr

  91. lachlan Says:

    My Provencial gates have been missing for a couple of days =’( i was gonna change my farm but i cant no because i cant see, move, store or do anything else with my gates and i cant put things where they were =( hope this gets fixed FAST!

  92. HaggisWhisperer Says:

    My lake Nessie has gone nuts as well – floating over some fencing and leaving a huge green area behind it that I can’t use. I’m well annoyed about that – I hardly ever spend real money on anything. I’ve put it in storage and taken out a few ponds to use instead – hopefully it will be fixed soon… My Provencal gate is OK though.

    I did lose every single one of my gifts from my gift box – they had already been accepted and shown up for several days before. I was hoarding arborists and farmhands for days when I haven’t got much time for farming.

  93. Noels Says:

    Yes, my gates are missing too. Zynga support is a joke!

    A while back I had a problem and had no success with their support. In the end I managed to get the email addresses of the Business Development Manager and the Support Manager from the Zynga website and sent them emails every week and told them I was not going to go away until what was wrong was fixed. I ended up getting some action but they still didn’t manage to fix the problem. I accidentally fixed it myself in the end. But maybe some of your would like to go to the Zynga website and get the email addresses yourself – if enough people do it, they may take a little bit of notice, wither that or they’ll remove their email addresses from the site. :)

    I have put in a support request for my missing gates, but now I see that they are actually invisible as there is something there where they were, as you can’t put anything in their place.

    I am not expecting any help in the gates issue. They are only interested in players that put real money into the game, which I refuse to do.In the meantime, I am hoping my gates reappear.

  94. Lady Petals Says:

    My “Lucky Harvester” has disappeared but nothing can be put in its place. I was told it could be due to having too many items on my farm so I deleted many, many extra animals, hay bales, etc. Still no Lucky Harvester. :(

  95. Lady Petals Says:

    After posting here, the very next time I loaded Farmville, my Lucky Harvester came back! It had been missing for days… nearly a week! How weird is that?

  96. Lizzie Says:

    I still have a funny colored lop eared rabbit…..but only when it is rotated a certain way. I can’t get it to face forward AND stay brown….

  97. Shayna Says:

    My school bus harvester(or seeder, I forgot since it disappeared) went missing 1 day after I won it doing the “A very berry field trip” co-op(it was the gold prize for that co-op) and it has not come back. At first I thought maybe I was only supposed to have it for one day but one of my other friend’s who won one still has theirs! Where did mine go? and will I ever get it back?? I worked hard on that co-op and would like to have my hard earned prize back! and to Cassie Dominguez: my avatar does the same thing a lot, she will just be all white walking around my farm!

  98. Ronda Says:

    A cow was released from my full dairy barn and one disappeared completely!

  99. Gail Palmer Says:

    New Glitch: Red Eggs are a bust (at least in many instances). They are produced by your coop, and you post them as normal, but an egg does not show up in your gifts, and no one can be found who received one or is able to open it. Please don’t discount me as a nut!! I’ve been posting this since my first red eggs on Saturday, and I still haven’t found a reliable report of an egg being opened or the gift inside. I notice you folks don’t have any list of Red Egg contents, either.
    So far, all I have gotten is abuse and dismissal — enough to give me ulcers and keep me up nights, frankly. My theory — there is a glitch or bust, but if it were admitted, Zynga would have to reimburse us early-adopters because the product does not perform as promised. You can see my eggs on my FB profile — if you need “friend access” I’ll gladly grant it. Please, please look into this, and let me know. I’m going nuts — and 14-yr-olds are threatening to throw eggs at me (virtually, thank heavens!).

  100. David Z Says:

    My yellow melons are harvestable after 1 day instead of 4. I don’t know why. (And I confirmed it twice).

  101. Juan Says:

    How do I send a Glitch picture?


  102. DAVID LUCAS Says:


  103. Jessica hubbard Says:

    Just now I had at least twenty gifts. Including like four mystery eggs and also like 3 farms hands and 2 arborists and some buiding materials and I come back from fertilizing and i have zilch gifts and I have reloaded and reloaded the page. Also a bunch of times I have opened mystery gifts or eggs and the item wasn’t in the gift box when I go to it. I think it’s mainly been the eggs. I know of at least two chickens I have lost in the past day. The disappearing gifts with mystery eggs is really a problem.

  104. Freda Says:

    One of my fountains (with the blue and pink flowers) disappeared one whole evening and night. Finally, the next day it was back. My gates have that “shadow” too. I move them and it’s gone and then it comes right back.

  105. hectur Says:

    Today, I notice my ‘Modern Home’ is GONE!!! No footprint whatsoever… It’s gone!!!

  106. Neo Says:

    My Modern Home is gone too.

  107. Pamela Says:

    missing my healer dog.. contacted zynga.. a couple weeks ago.. he has not returned yet ;( Hate that i wasted 65 fv on him..

  108. CP Says:

    i have one square (Lef cornor of farm) on my farm where i cant put anything and its been like that from a long time. its really tough to manage and i am not able to put up any item there and its surrounding.

  109. abdiel Says:

    my japnese manor dissapered when i placed it in my farm!

  110. cindy Says:

    MY school house and post office disappeared after I tried to add bulbs and snow . HELP where ar they???

  111. Peggy Says:

    I have a glitch on Farmville, re: opening the bookstore goal, it reads, get 2 new neighbors or have atleast 25 neighbours already, I have grown from 6 to 56 since I got that goal, and even though I have over 57 neighbors now, it still shows the same window and won’t let me open the bookstore?????