FarmVille Rumor: FarmVille Japanese 6th Destination Farm in the Works?

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FarmVille Rumor: FarmVille Japanese 6th Destination Farm in the Works?

Posted on April 5, 2012 8:00 am by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Geisha Cow

It seems like we just got to FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise and there are already talks of an upcoming sixth destination farm!

The next destination farm is rumored to be set in Asia, more specifically and possibly Japan themed. We don’t know a lot about the details yet, but we do not that there is informational proof pointing towards this direction. There’s a whole bunch of items centered around this theme as well.

FarmVille has been mum as to what the next destination farm will be, but they recently surveyed farmers regarding possible upcoming themes and one of them mentioned was Japanese Garden (see picture below). You can visit that FarmVille Freak article by clicking here.

FarmVille 1st Them Survey Choice

What do you think of an Asian Farm? Can you handle 6 farms? Is it the more farms, the merrier for you or too much work?  

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85 Responses to “FarmVille Rumor: FarmVille Japanese 6th Destination Farm in the Works?” »

  1. Pam Says:

    Nope not going to do ANOTHER farm!

  2. Gary Powell Says:

    Come on Zynga, give us a break, how many farms do we need ??? Let us have some spare time at least, it now feels like a second job :(

  3. Katherine Says:

    Space Farm > All other farms.

  4. carole Says:

    LOVE IT!!!!

  5. Nash Says:


  6. Sandy Says:

    Please,,, enough is enough. Let us concentrate on the farms we have.

  7. CRAIG Says:

    helllllllllllllllll no we have enough as it is

  8. Joann Says:

    seriously, enough with more farms. I don’t even use all my farms now, haven’t been on cove or winter one in ages! Let us do more purchases with coins, like expansions and special items, then we can make areas of the farms we already have into mini-themes.

  9. Marilou Tilghman Says:

    Bring it On. I can handle it as long as This TIME it can be a FREE access for 2 days prior to paying for a access to it. See who gets their first.

  10. Carol Says:

    This game is too much, too overwhelming and takes entirely too much time. They need to lay off the constant quests before everyone quits farmville.

  11. Nanci Mizell Says:

    It’s too much. The 5 we have is too much work. No time to help neighbors. And these quests are out of control. There are too many problems with posting issues and receiving items, please stop adding stuff. Let us just enjoy the farms we have. No time to make our farms pretty and to help others. Stop already!

  12. Emily Says:

    I remember when you only had 1 farm to tend to, and the English farm was this big accomplishment to achieve. Now they’re throwing farms at us left and right.

  13. Emma Says:

    FIRST >>> connect all the storages BEFORE a new farm …

  14. Donna Collier Says:

    to much……you need to stop !!!

  15. shannon97405 Says:

    GAD ZOOKS! But… remember all these things are choices.

  16. QueenGSA1 Says:

    Oh hell no, i wont go. I play the main farm and that is it. Fix the other crap thats wrong with the game, not give us another fricken farm. Dayum. Do yall ever listen to us?!!!

  17. Kat Says:

    I don’t mind another farm and I really like the idea of an oriental theme. But, it would be nice to have the number of quests reduced! And if you going to have a new farm with a massive “buildable” project e.g. cove, train station.. and 5 new pens to build could you please put the parts in the sdb?! And while I’m venting(sorry) what about the idea of making a few fv cash as a quest reward…I’m tired of darts that don’t work and worthless turbos!

  18. mary harris Says:

    enouh is enough i have all 5 and i am only working 2…give us a break..and the quests just too many…we want to enjoy farmville and not be stressed!!

  19. Trix Says:

    No more new sites!

  20. Tom Says:

    oh God no… not japan. how about an australian outback farm instead?

  21. April Says:

    IF they stop at 6 then fine but NO MORE after that! The quests are too much! I missed out on the dog quest and I’m sad about it! I want a space farm or a Candyland/Foodworld farm! Those would RULE! Also, I missed out on getting the pass to transfer items to my English farm and they want me to pay something like 80 something FarmCash! That’s not fair!

  22. Sandra Says:

    I don’t mind the extra farms, theme or otherwise, but they need to stop demanding we place things on them, like the animal pens and STOP THE QUESTS!!!!!!!!!



  23. lazy Says:

    Wish we could put our farms into storage and play the ones we want or if we do not want a farm have the option to say no I do not want it :)

  24. Sophie Says:

    Another farm Zynga oo exciting :)
    We have 5 farms and we don’t use all of them for the quests to plant crops.
    I don’t mind all the quests but i can never finish them, make them all up to 9 quests then we might finish them.
    I think we need more things in coins for us to buy as we don’t want to spend our ‘Real’ money on things in farmville.

  25. Jane Says:

    I used to love playing Farmville. Now it has become a chore. I agree with many of the other comments. No time to decorate farm, no time to visit neighbors’ farms, no time to do quests, may end up with no time to play Farmville anymore.

  26. Tony Newton Says:

    well i would not mind a 6th farm… i only do what i want to in FV anyways… ignore quests i dont like & basically do the ones i do like so it wont affect me at all. I just wish they’d do SPACE FARM!

  27. Gigi Says:

    I would love a Japanese garden theme farm! I only use my home farm, I never use the others, so its not going to be too time consuming for me. I’m sure there will be koi ponds and cherry blossom trees, lots of potential for beautiful decorating.

  28. Elaine Says:

    It might be OK if I’d had time to finish the freakin’ RAILWAY STATION in Winter Wonderland!!!!! I’ve already given up on FrontierVille/Pioneer Trail for the exact reason I will finally give up FarmVille. There’s no way (unless one has hundreds of neighbors) to complete anything at all any more. I’m tired of busting my hind end to finish the quests and then I don’t get the “big prize” because I can’t finish within some arbitrary Zynga time limit. It’s impossible to prioritize anything now. PLEASE S-L-O-W IT DOWN. I won’t be recommending that anyone start playing this game at this juncture. The game used to be relaxing and fun. ugh

  29. Jamie Says:

    Oh my goodness!! 6 farms,are you kidding me???Why can’t we just decorate the farms we have now with a new theme instead of coming out with another farm?That would make more sense.I barely can even do 2 farms now with all the issues.Ever since the WW farm came out i have had nothing but problems.Like the theme and would love to decorate to this theme,but not have another farm.Someone explain to me why all the farms??

  30. Jamie Says:

    Also i know we have a choice whether to do this or not.But with all the adding and all the quest they keep coming out with is causing alot of us to have way to many issues.That is my only complaint.Can’t even do my home farm and England farm without it freezing up.Use to be one that said we had a choice.My choice is to be able to do my farms and do what needs to be done and enjoy it,instead of having to keep restarting computer way to many times just to harvest.So that is why i say please fix things before adding another issue.

  31. Kerrinda Says:

    Bring it on!!!

  32. Kevin Says:

    Another farm hmmmm… Well I could care less if they brought a hundred different farms. The fact of the matter is I utilize all my farms to finish the quests usually within 2 days. It’s called pre-planting. When the crops are grown and not ready for the quest yet just pause the farm. Very simple. Unless it’s a farm specific quest then I take my time because 9 times out of 10 it is not repeatable. Also I repeat quests that offer darts or Books of XP. That to me is free farm cash in a sense. So when a new quest shows up just google the name and it will tell you everything you need to do. Maybe 30 minutes of work and done. Move on to the next game. No one ever told anyone they need to do these quests. They offer rewards that some of us want and some don’t.. Simple solution when googling the quest if you like something then do them to get what you like or if all is junk just don’t do it lol. Happy farming all :)

  33. Sage Says:

    you know, i think itd be cool. but im still P’d that i didnt get my english farm. they need to fix that kinda stuff first before they give us more.

  34. ParengHammon Says:

    wow, they’re desperate..

    Just make a temple for the farm’ve made the taj mahal and the bahai temple why not any temple landmarks of Japan instead?

    plus, if it’s another coin farm then no thanks.

  35. Vivian Miller Says:


  36. Alisia Says:

    You know every one complains about having to many farms but before they came out with the extra farms every one was complaining about having to many themes in storage and no where to put it. I know on the five farms i have i get them done in an hour and that’s with redecorating for every new theme. If people really didnt want the new farms they wouldnt be voting on the poles for which new farm would be the most wanted.

  37. jaime Says:

    This is just dumb, the goals are nuts but at least there not like cityville that stay until there completed and never go away, I have almost 20 goals going in Cv right now, fv at least gives them a expire date so the ones I don’t want to do I just ignore but another farm will be ignored alltogether!!!

  38. lynn Says:

    how about a “mars” theme….u know,like another planet. that would be awesome!!

  39. tonia Says:

    I love having other farms. it gets old and boring doing the same farms over and over again. since they got the prehistoric animals i would have loved a prehistoric farm just for the dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals and things. i can’t wait for this farm to come out. i just thinks it’s crazy they want you to pay farmville cash to get it earlier than people who have to wait to get it for free.

  40. emily Says:

    as much as i looooove the japanese garden i reeeeealy do not wish another farm due to each blooooooming time a little bit of farm i cant use its ridiculous please zynga give it a break and sort the bugs out

  41. Monster1805 Says:

    Perfect Farm for me would be a fairtytale farm!!! Im not too exited about a japanese farm.

  42. Cindy court Says:

    love it, how about a better way of earning fuel though

  43. Albi Says:

    I hope not, it hard enough to complete the Quests now since farmville neighbors who are not facebook friends can not help you with items you need for the Quests

  44. alexandra Says:


    je la veux

  45. Patty Says:

    over it. No more.

  46. Joe Says:

    Please, NO! I would rather farmville create a new game like Farmville 2. They did it with mafia wars. I have already decided to take a long break this summer as it is. I am spending too much time on the game. I no longer have time to decorate farms as I wish.

  47. SteveX Says:

    Yeah, right. With the way Zynga works, I’ll build an awesome Japanese farm and it’ll get destroyed by a tsunami. No thanks!

  48. Matt Says:

    I remember a while back….a lot of farmers were complaining that they had allllll of these decorations and animals and buildings and only one farm to put them on. Now we have five farms, plenty of space to put the items on……..Now your still complaining. Do us all a favor and stop playing all together. No one likes a complainer. Too many farms, FV items cost too much FV cash, Too many quests, too many things to master.

    Its called, shut the hell up and deal with it, if you don’t like it then don’t play. If you don’t like the quests, don’t do them. If you don’t like the extra farms, by all means don’t go on them. Don’t come here to complain about….ohhhh now i have more work to do, its like a second job. I’m managing well fine with 5 farms, all the quests and everything else. I manage to just go on farmville 1 hour a day and do everything that needs to be done in that hour. Shit thats why crops take hours to grow. Plant some damn watermelons dummies.

  49. Irene Bairan Says:

    With all the delays, reloading, hangups, problems, enhancements, it takes all day to play the farms we have. How about fixing all the problems before introducing new farms.

  50. Katie Says:

    What ever happened to the English & Lighthouse Farms????? Zynga just charges a bunch of money to enjoy the new farms for a few months and then 100% ABANDONS them!!! They have added ZERO new crops to these farms or decorations or quest or anything! ALL of these (FEW) crops have been mastered ages ago~~I think we have figured out ZYNGA”S scam! Charge for new farms then forget about the players. They would have to pay ME to do some stupid new Japanese farm!!

  51. David Says:

    There are already too many farms. How about reviving the English Countryside with new quests and crops? If we have to have a new farm such as this oriental theme, at least let it be unlimited crop space to be useful and no new farm currency.

  52. Pam Says:

    Nope I don’t want anymore farms. I have enough to do already with all the quests and harvesting all the different animals an trees.

  53. Rob G. Says:

    No way in hell!!!!
    Forget that crap!!!

  54. Valerie Says:

    This would be ok, but only IF they make it so we can transfer our Japanese Themed stuff from our main farm (I have a bunch in storage!!). Otherwise, whats the point?? AND what is up with all the darned back to back quests????

  55. Joyce Says:

    Nope. I’m done. In fact I might be dome with farmville altogether. I don’t do anything on my English Farm nor do I do anything on the Lighthouse Cove and WinterWonderland. Why can’t they just imrpove what they have. There are so many quests that you can’t master any crops because all the crops you need for quests I’ve already mastered. Plus, so many people have left farmville it’s almost impossible to get quest items. I send requests for items to about 80 people every day and I might get 10 back if I’m lucky. Plus Zynga doesn’t do anything new on the OLD farms either. It use to be fun to decorate your farm for the holidays with stuff I use to buy with FV cash. Now there is no time to do any of it. Plus there are so many farms to plant on, it costs too much fuel to plant. I am always running out as it is not readily available unless you pay for it.

    Well zynga, you are ruining a good thing. I hear the most popular game is now Cityville. Farmville is a thing of the past.

  56. kay Says:

    Enough Already!

  57. Graciela Gonzalez Says:

    Por favor no mas granjas ya no puedo entrar a todas en un solo dia, y si se hiciera una encuesta y nos hicieran caso, creo que todos los vecinos de farmville dirian lo mismo, solo puedo visitar dos o tres granjas las otras estan totalmente descuidadas. Gracias por escucharnos.

  58. Ness Says:

    I really think Zynga should stop with all the farms, they have released 3 farms since September. I remember when we wanted one extra farm, now they are throwing farms at us left and right. It’s almost like they’re giving us all these new farms so we’ll forget about all the quests. I usually only do the farms that have some harvestable items, or some other kind of functional item for my farm. I am so sick and tired of all the quests. The quests are making the farms very stressful. I stopped playing farmville for about a week or two and it was so freeing.

  59. BA Says:

    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! I have been playing this game since the beginning and with all the farms, all the quests, all the building, I just don’t enjoy it anymore. So…NO, I will not be participating in the Asian Farm and probably stop playing altogether!

  60. Sharin Heinrich Says:

    Not interested and won’t be loading this one.

  61. Kirsten Says:

    I hope they’ll postpone this for a long time, we just arrived at hawaii!
    And all these farms with all their quests are driving me crazy.
    It’s a game for god sake, not a fulltime job!

  62. Johnnyd Says:

    ..NO WAY! as it is I only leave 2 farms active..never even went to Hawaiian farm (G)

    Gee wiz How much free time do they think I have (G)

  63. Samantha Says:

    I will love to have this Farm and it will be very nice to have…. No it is not to much work it will be a very nice addiction to the game please add it and please don’t for get about me cause I will love to it added…….

  64. schreiner Says:

    Oh yes I would be completely of acore to have a 6th farm and his(her,its) shall be even with big pleasure

  65. Angelin Says:

    STOP IT NOW !!! we don’t need another THEME Farm we want a Space Farm , for all tree’s ore for all Buildings without any them and quests just to give the trees and the buildings and too many animals some space, may be a town were we can build up all our buildings and not must keep them in the barn! but please please sTop the theme and the limited amount of land to plow. and the japan theme is the last interesting thing grrr… :( realy please make a dessert, ore a Mountain ore something empty but no asia PLEASE!!!

  66. Golden Gnome Says:

    1st farm (Home) >> 1,5 years >> 2nd farm (English Countyside) >> 9 months >> 3rd farm (Lighthouse Cove) >> 5 months >> 4th farm (Winter Wonderland) >> 3 months >> 5th farm (Hawaiian paradise).

    They released their new farm one and a half month ago, and they want to release another? Insane.

    At first everyone can farm, who wnated to. Then they released quests. Not too hard, and everyone can do them if wanted. Then tehy released the countdown quests, many buildables with all new materials again and again and again. And much more trees and animals, and crops, special buildables – Lighthouse Cove, Polar Train Station, Volcano Reef, and a new currency (coconuts).

    The “old” players leave the game, and new players don’t want to come, because for a starter this is too much and too hard. If I want to start the farming now, I will choose another farm simulator, not the farmville. 5 farm is too much enough, with the 3 parralel questlines, buildables, masteries, etc. Zynga should freeze all of their “innovations” for a year to give enough time for the players to keep up.

    Two years ago Farmville was a great game with a lot of fun, now it is a very frustrating job with a number of bugs, high prices and high requirements.

    Zynga want Farmville to die. But they want to get all of the money they can, before the last player leave. Great plan…

  67. Raindrops Says:

    @ Matt (48):

    I agree.

    The quests are not very difficult to complete on time. It takes some planning in the logistics. I’d rather get the prizes than paying FV cash for the items. Since I mastered almost all the crops, the quests are making the game interesting. Yes, there are many of them but you can opt out.

    This is not a Zynga site so send your comments to their game support via email instead. I do.


  68. Angel Says:

    About a month ago I went to Z chat and I was having some problems. The agent helped but also gave me some parts. 100 of each and they were for the Bonsai Garden or something like that. I am pretty sure they were for something that is in this new farm. I still have them in GB waiting to use them.

  69. Jay Says:

    Hmmm 6th farm? I only have 4 farms (main, winter, island & cove), can anyone tell me what is the 5th farm? I hate quests, I hate begging for materials, I just farm in my main farm until I mastered all my crops and trees.

  70. Josh Says:

    for god sake
    too much work
    - too much quest
    - too much begging for materials
    - too much farm
    - too much land to plow, seed and harvest
    - too much farmville, my mum is mad at me
    - too much farmville, i’m so tired
    - too much items that where should I put it
    - too much wall post that blow off my facebook wall
    - too much…. uhm too less Farville cash
    - too much. I’m tired of being tired maybe i’ll just quit n’ rest

  71. Me Says:

    We can decorate our Home farm with Asian items – we don’t need an Asian Farm! How about a Space Farm or an Underwater Farm? But only if they cut down on all those dang quests!!

  72. joe adams Says:

    no more farms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Christine Says:







  74. Femmie Says:

    why an 6th farm if they first get all the problems that we have now solved like items missing , fv lost, they wont get anything done only get other farms to get more own money that they want from you .
    noo zynga first get your problems out of the way than think of something new .
    all what we mailed you about its always our comps are not good ore slow ore have trouble but its all because of you with all the farmlands .
    make first all the problems out of the lands and starts then an other farm

  75. Ivory Says:

    Farmville needs to chill out. I am so overwhelmed. Think the Farmville team should take a step back because I need a break. We currently have 5 farms and we have a ton of quests. I love the animals though but still. Chil out please.

  76. Kiran Says:

    I was trying to keep up with all five farms until just a few months ago. Then I limited it down to working on two. The HP one because I love most of the quest prizes and I was working in lighthouse cove. I’m thinking once all the Hawaiian quests are over, I’m just going to go back to working on one farm at a time. I have a life outside of Farmville and I think if I actually tried to work all five farms at once, I would be on FV every waking minute. It’s too stressful. I would much rather just go slowly and still continue to enjoy the game rather than turn it into a chore. I really love the idea of a Japanese farm because I loved the Japanese theme and I have a little section on my home farm for all of that stuff. I’d like to be able to expand that cause I think the theme is really pretty but I also have to agree with most other people that all of these farms have gotten to be too much. I would LOVE it if we could move things around freely between all of them instead of having to wait months and months. It would also be nice if zynga would be a little bit more balanced with cash items and coin items. I remember back when I first started playing FV, there were a few set items that were for farm cash and everything else was for coins. Then they started having themes and a few things were for farm cash. Now more and more, it seems like everything that is theme based is for farm cash and I feel extremely lucky if I find something for coins that isn’t a fence of a flower pot.

  77. Rita Says:

    It’s becoming a little bit much, 6 farms. Although the WWL is a farm aI neglect a little. But I wonder when they stop expanding!
    But how about a Dutch farm?????


  78. Robert Says:

    I asked Zynga to make Prehistoric Land as 6th farm and they will do Japanese Theme Farm…. It’s ok but I want some prehistoric items…. All dinosaurs are for farm cash :(

  79. Katie Fluke Says:

    Can’t wait for it! I’ve been waiting for an asian themd one!

  80. Sam Says:

    think about it this way guys with all of the animals and trees use that farm for them :-)

  81. Master Farmer Says:

    What’s with all the complaining? If you don’t want to play on a 6th farm then DON’T, if you don’t want to do all the quest then DON’T, if you don’t want to purchase the items for farm cash then DON’T…. Just STOP complaining like a bunch of children. REMEMBER YOU PLAY THE GAME THE WAY YOU WANT TO PLAY! NO ONE tells you that you HAVE to do anything at all. Personally I love all the quest, I love all the free stuff we get for doing them, So bring it on! I love all the farms because that’s more room I have for animals and trees that I can SHARE!

    Just please remember, You never HAVE to do anything .. just play the way you want and have fun doing it :)

  82. Nikko Says:

    Bring it. Would love an Aussie farm.

  83. Mike Says:

    I am reddy to go know!!!


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