FarmVille Sponsored Link: Gnomeo & Juliet & 2 Free Farm Cash

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FarmVille Sponsored Link: Gnomeo & Juliet & 2 Free Farm Cash

Posted on January 31, 2011 2:12 pm by FarmVille Freak Eva16

FarmVille Sponsored Link: Gnomeo & Juliet & 2 Free Farm Cash

Have you heard of the soon-to-come, “Gnomeo & Juliet”? In a very delightful way, “Gnomeo & Juliet”  has paired up with FarmVille to bring you 2 Free Farm Cash!

FarmVille Sponsored Link: Gnomeo & Juliet Poll

The way to get your 2 Free Farm Cash, is by taking part in a quick poll. Also, there is a game called, “Find the Gnomes!” that you can play. You have to find 7 Gnomes around the farm in 20 seconds, and you can play this game more than once!

Have you played this game yet? Did you receive your 2 Free Farm Cash?

FarmVille Sponsored Link: Gnomeo & Juliet Gnome Game

FarmVille Sponsored Link: Gnomeo & Juliet Congratulations

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63 Responses to “FarmVille Sponsored Link: Gnomeo & Juliet & 2 Free Farm Cash” »

  1. Kim Says:

    Got mine. thanks

  2. SteveJobs Says:

    Let me guess… US only?


  3. Gemma Says:

    Aaaarrrrrrgggggg, why can you never do these in the UK. Cant you publish the link so we can do it as well

  4. marge henry denham Says:

    cannot access survey

  5. GreenWolf Says:

    what about a link?

  6. Lmedley Says:

    Farm cash helps alot if I can get it! :)

  7. Tara Says:

    Never loads :((((( this is so unfair for non -US players :((((((

  8. Laura Says:

    I think that’s the sponsored link that keeps showing it’s trying to load and can’t and is slowing down FarmVille for me. It doesn’t seem to be working on my farm. I will like it, though, when it works properly.

  9. Debbie Says:

    I see these kinds of posts on here all the time, but can never find a link. Where do I find the links for these? Please!!

  10. Terri Says:

    I guess they think only US people play this game…lol

  11. Daniel Says:

    I didnt find a link anywhere on this page, so I guess I’m suppose to go search for this?
    it was a waste of time visiting this ad.

  12. Denise Cardoso Says:

    vale para o Brasil? Denise

  13. Linda Says:

    Cool! I haven’t get this link yet.

  14. meles Says:

    FV certainly knows how to make non-US players feel bad. I’ll certainly not be buying FV cash!

  15. Colleen Says:

    Why can’t this apply to everyone that plays and not to jst certain demographic areas???

  16. Ana Says:

    Where the heck do I click??? OMG I am so dumb!!!

  17. Tresa Says:

    How do I access the link? Would love to do this but can’t access the link.

  18. june Says:

    Where is the link?

  19. Michelle Says:

    I cant find the link either.. anyone have any ideas?

  20. dawn Says:

    Too cool. When I got there all I saw was One Born Every Minute-got 2fv cash for that.
    then came the one for the gnomes, then KIA,so got 6 fv cash total.

  21. nmm Says:

    same thing happened to me, dawn (post #19). i just clicked on 3 sponsored ads for 2 fv cash apiece and got 6 fv cash! thanks, fv freak for keeping us up to date!

  22. Jarramore Says:

    Am i the ONLY one who hasn’t got the model farm yet?

  23. Rob Says:

    Got it! Plus there was another one for some Lifetime movie, and the Kia one finally popped up for me, so I got 6 FV$. Still haven’t gotten the Bing 30 FV$ one to work yet though.

    Attention people who live outside of the U.S. – you have a lot of nice things that we aren’t able to get, so in the long run it probably all evens out in this life. Is it even worth your effort to post your gripe that you didn’t get something that has a retail value of 50 cents? You come off as petty malcontents when you do that.

  24. Elaine Says:

    Half the time I can’t get it because there is no link

  25. Luce Says:

    Can someone tell the people of US where are the links to all these fantastic free fv cash? or is this another trick….

  26. kayla Says:

    I got all 3 of the ads finally… made me less angry about missing the china rabbit, kinda :(

  27. malecsia Says:

    My farm just went down for maintenance??! Why wasn’t this announced? That would of been much more helpfull to know about than these links i never see…

  28. Jeff Cleer Says:

    I N E V E R get any of these offers! The only one I get is the Bing pole….and it comes up every day. I’ve deleted my cache, rebooted, just to have Bing pop up again.

    Farmville, either make this so EVERY player can get them, like a seperate window with all offers, or stop discriminating against some players and just stop the special offers completely! >:|

  29. Crashintome41 Says:

    I did this as well as 3 others, but the farmcash still hasn’t shown up. Hopefully, when the maintenance is over it will be there.

  30. Ger Says:

    US only, ppl outside the US also buy Farm Cash, so why can’t they also get some free when it’s posible?? It’s just discrimination. If only US pll played FV I don’t think they’ll have so many players to braggggg about, so If FV doesn’t put adds available for outside the US, why don’t they just give us some free cash instead?
    They just want us to stop playing there game? They get profit from outside the US

  31. Diane Says:

    If the movie is going to be released everywhere then why shouldn’t the FV cash be availaible everywhere? Fair is Fair, regardless of what people outside the US get its the principal of the thing.

  32. FloydieGirl Says:

    To #21 Rob, what exactly do we have in British FV that you don’t???? We can’t get these links, and if it’s so dratted petty why do you bother spending time with them when for 50 cents you could just buy the FV cash instead of wasting your time on a “petty” 2 FV cash link???? You grabbed 6 FV cash today alone, in the USA you have so many offers for 2 FV cash WE in the UK don’t!!!!! I am normally a level headed woman but your post made my blood boil. I love my farm and I spend actual money on FV cash occasionally to buy something I really like, having these offers would help me buy “extras”. By the way I’m level 95 and have got there by “what comes around goes around”, I even gave my last 2 morning glory bushels today, which I would have needed later to a friend so she could level up. THINK BEFORE YOU POST!!!

  33. Cherrie Says:

    The links for these things are located directly below the game window. The one for the gnome game isn’t always there (prob gone during maintenence) But they do work…with the exception of Bing…which is no surprise I guess.

  34. Rob Says:

    @FloydieGirl – sorry I wasn’t speaking about FV when I said that you have things that we don’t. I was thinking specifically of sticky toffee pudding – the best dessert on the face of the Earth, but alas not one restaurant within 500 mile of me serves this slice of heaven. If I want it, I have to go to Disney World. The three times I visited the UK, this delectable treat could be found at almost every corner pub. I would give 50 FV$ for just one serving right now.

  35. Jeff Cleer Says:

    UPDATE….after my rant a few posts above I finally got the offers! Yay! Did the Kia one, the Gnome one, and the other one too. Guess what,? NO FV CASH lol. Hope it works after the maint.

  36. FloydieGirl Says:

    To ROB, LMAO!!!!! Oh heck I was soooo lost in FV just then SORRY, yes you are correct, I take it back XXXX If I could post some to you I would, best served with either custard or clotted cream, do you have clotted cream out there? I live in Devon so fairly normal here! Yes I would rather have the above than the odd free FV cash, I take it all back, I was on a FV high there and rather miffed on missing out on the so many 2 FV cash treats you get as normal, so I shall creep back into my farm (when I can….) and with all this talk of sticky toffee pudding, I must get some tomorrow……..if I gain any extra pounds it’s your fault LOL XXXX Cheers, FloydieGirl XX



  38. assds Says:

    I bet you 28 farm cash that Rob obviously never had the “sorry, but this content is unavailable to users in your country” message.

    It’s oh so easy to speak…

  39. Rose Says:

    Did all 3 ads and got no FV Cash…grrrr

  40. Michele Says:

    Each link is unique to the user but embedded in the link is an id number. If you have your link you can substitute id 671 for this offer.

  41. Shannon Says:

    Would be real nice if there was actually a link , what a waste of time…

  42. Farmer Taylor Says:

    I did not receive my 2 fv cash after completing the task :o(

  43. shannon Says:

    Minnie, I apologize if you are blind, but if you are not!!! Please do not post in caps. It’s just rude!

  44. kasia Says:

    can someone please post the link i will put my id inside… i would just like to try… i did it few times and i got farmcash… i live in europe… pleeeeeease????

  45. adam Says:

    i did this and two others for a total cash total of 6 farm cash and haven’t received it hope i get it after this “maintenance” is over

  46. dragonlover Says: many time i want to teach to this dummy people…JUST CHANGE YOUR PLACE IN FACEBOOK TO U.S. …..then you just wait..suck..i from uk and i got it

  47. XXX Says:

    thanks dragonlover

  48. Lucy Says:

    I played, but didn’t get my farm cash! It’s the first time a sponsored link hasn’t followed through for me. :(

  49. Stormy Says:

    Everyone needs to calm down about the “post a link already!” Look under your farm loading screen on the right had side of your feed. There’s an ad for it. I played and got my 2 farmcash. It doesn’t matter how many times you play, you only get 2.

  50. Farmer Michael Says:

    I like in the USA and I can’t find where this is located.

  51. Cynthia Says:

    The link doesn’t always show up for everyone. I think after a certain number of people use it, it gets pulled.

  52. Jarramore Says:

    OMG! I contacted zynga about why US players get the offers and UK (and others don’t) got an email back saying I need to post it in suggestions, BUT they game me 10 FV cash? :L LOLOLOLOL!

  53. danette Says:

    awesome! thanks for the 2 FV cash

  54. Patty Says:

    worked okay for me – got my 2 FV Cash

  55. Nicola Says:

    Arghhhh How do you get on it ???? any help :L

  56. kyle Says:

    5 seconds, whoo hoo!

    starcraft 2 pays off, finally!

  57. Animallover Says:

    Love it! I finished it an diddnt get my fc:( it emailed zynga for missing fc and they gave we 15 Fc compensation! And the 2 for the event I love zynga

  58. chris Says:

    i did not recieve any fv cash

  59. chris Says:

    i also im very upset that we can only get limited amount of gifts from our friends posts

  60. B J Says:

    Why can Europe never get the cash!

  61. AJ Says:

    GRRRRR I need 2 farm cash badly, y cant we ‘THE AMAZING UK’ players access it ?!!?

  62. unknown Says:

    clearly farmville dont think people outside the US need the extra fv cash……. ANNOYING

  63. unknown Says:

    i think there should be a seperate farmville freak page for the UK… where we can actually get free things that the US cant for once, instead of the other way around aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall the time