Overworked FarmVille Farmers Still Find Peace on the Farm

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"I can't stop watching my crops!" – FarmVille Freak

Overworked FarmVille Farmers Still Find Peace on the Farm

Posted on August 18, 2011 11:32 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess


FarmVille Zen Garden I

FarmVille Zen Garden II


First things first, FarmVille has come a long way since its humble debut in the summer of 2009.

The peaceful, almost zen-like repetition of plowing, planting, and harvesting crops caught us all by surprise and as FarmVille Freaks we have been hooked ever since. I felt as though  ”I couldn’t stop watching my crops”. Little by little new game concepts and features were introduced to spark our interest and occupy our time while waiting for our crops to grow. After all, what would a farm be without animals? Even Alien Cows, Unicorns, and the occassional winged Pegasus grew on us. Or a farm without Tractors? Wait, Combines you say? Perfection. We later welcomed other new tools such as Farmhands and Arborists which make our work a little easier.

FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess on Farm

Challenges of Mastery caught our attention and made us step up our farming game. If you are like me, there’s still some self resentment for selling off all those unwanted useless trees before Tree Mastery was introduced. Now, Mastery Signs are piling up and continue to keep piling (Animal Mastery? Check!). We saw buildings with purpose rise from one lone Chicken Coop to pimped out breeding Pens. Animals served a new purpose other than harvesting for Farm Coins and FarmVille Freak Breeders were born. Even keeping up with crops seemed like a chore, but one we happily accepted. Regular crops, Limited Edition crops, Permit required license to grow Farm Cash crops, Greenhouse hybrid crops, English Countryside exclusive crops, now Super Crops.

Yet, life on the farm still grew more complex as farmers ran out of things to do on their farms and invitations of city life lingered. Then, in an unexpected request FarmVille beckoned us with the enticing lure of a new farm in the English Countryside. It was almost too much to handle. How could we leave our precious farms behind? After all we had toiled over, organized, decorated, and crammed into that tiny space of virtual real estate to just pick up and relocate to the lush English soil seemed ludicrous. Yet most of us unwillingly ventured off to the rich soil of the EC and we found that having a second farm was not that bad. In fact, it was actually kind of pleasant after getting over the initial separation anxiety of leaving your Home farm. It was kind of nice to have a clean slate of green farm land just waiting for someone to spruce it up and give it a little TLC. I made the plan to devote my English Countryside farm entirely to crops and keep it clutter free with just the bare necessities of animal housing, a crafting Pub, and breeding facilities. As I raked in the the extra Farm Coin flow (like Cash Flow but with Farm Coins) and scooped up Mastery Signs quicker than ever, I concluded that having a second farm was very good indeed.

For awhile most farmers were happy with the pace of the game. To quest or not to quest, Farm Cash or Farm Coins- it didn’t really matter as long as there were options. One too many Bushels later, a whirlwind of new features settled on our farms seemingly overnight and not everyone knew what was going on. A Craftshop (different from our Crafting buildings) Crafting Silo, a Trading Post, Mastery Statues, Animal Mastery, and yesterday a new Wildlife Habitat flooded our farms. Some FarmVille Freaks who were away on summer vacation and not farming as much almost got lost in the shuffle, but luckily they had FarmVille Freak to keep them informed. Of course, the hardcore FarmVille Freaks kept up and managed to adapt despite any half-hearted rejections.

Then one day I woke up and realized that FarmVille was actually becoming a lot of work. The daily maintenance of my farm has me hoping there will be a Farm-All consumable “coming soon”. The Farm-All would be my go-to daily farm maintenance with the click of one single button. What would it do? The things that I do on my farm everyday. Read below for the recap.

The Farm-All consumable will harvest all of my animal related buildings with purpose:

  • Chicken Coop
  • Dairy Barns
  • Horse Stable
  • Nursery Barn
  • Sheep Pen
  • Pig Pen
  • Turkey Roost
  • Bee Hive
  • Duck Pond
  • Wildlife Habitat

In my ideal world, the Farm-All would also breed a few Sheep and Pigs and bottle the offspring until adulthood so that I can pick up some breeding points along the way. Just sayin’.

It will handle all my crafting related tasks by crafting my recipes, collecting my earnings, and claiming or fulfilling all my crop orders from these buildings with purpose:

  • Crafting Building (Winery, Spa, and Bakery)
  • Pub
  • Craftshop
  • Crafting Silo
  • Trading Post
  • Water Wheel
  • Orchard(s)
It will also automatically complete any current Quests. While we’re dreaming we minds well throw in some neighbor visits and a handful of ribbon achievement tasks just in case FarmVille thinks we forgot about them.

Wouldn’t that be nice? Team Farm-Alls! Just think of how much Farm Cash that would cost.

Aside from my farm’s daily maintenance, there’s some other issues that has me down. I’m tired of begging for more Bushels only to find myself lacking the required amount for my recipe’s ingredients or that my Bushel inventory has exceeded its limits. How can you craft without a Bushel? The never-ending task of accepting and requesting endless amounts of help requests is daunting. But how can you complete construction projects or Co-Op without neighbor help? What, I thought everyone had forgotten about Co-Op farming?! Yes, they have. Co-op Farming and neighbor visits, meaning actually visiting your neighbors’ farms, have become obsolete. This makes me a little sad because I actually like visiting my neighbors’ farms and seeing what they have done with the place- I get a small view into what their paradise farm would be and it continues to amaze me how their individual personality is able to shine through. Neat freaks, collectors, hoarders, decorators, unconventional hay bale artists- the farms of my neighbors are all so unique, but I don’t have the time to visit anymore because there’s just too much else to get done.


FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess' Farm

Expansions never seem to satisfy my hunger for more land and it’s making me a selective buyer. Something new in the FarmVille Market has to pass my test because I’ve become finicky in my FarmVille ways- Do I have room on my farm? No. Besides, oftentimes the items I convince myself are good purchases eventually find themselves packing to collect dust in my Storage Cellar. Even my once precious Mastery Signs, ironically the prized possession that I strive for, are being subjected to my persnickety selectiveness as I think about storing those I’m a little less fond of. For me, Mastery Signs, specifically Animal Mastery Signs, are becoming more of a space occupier than something to proudly display on my farm, yet I dare not delete them.

There are only 24 hours in a day which is never enough time even in real life. There are only 23 hours in a FarmVille day which is even less and apparently still not enough. Perhaps it was the simplicity of farming that attracts so many to FarmVille and although now that simplicity seems more complex, it’s still alive and thriving as the basic concepts remain the foundation for running a FarmVille farm. It’s just that not everyone is down for the commitment and time involved of running an ambitious farm jam-packed with every feature available, but does it really matter?  I still love to play the game and my farm is my precious home away from home (but on the internet) which is why I keep farming . . . the plowing, the planting, the harvesting, a continuous cycle of growth and I still can’t stop watching my crops.

Is FarmVille becoming WorkVille for you or are you up for the challenge? How much time do you spend farming on a daily basis? Do you participate in all the features and which are most important to you?

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70 Responses to “Overworked FarmVille Farmers Still Find Peace on the Farm” »

  1. kayla Says:

    You know you’re addicted when you catch yourself nodding your head the whole way through reading this. I completely agree farmville has become overwhelming- but I’m too scared I’ll be left behind if I take a break!

  2. Kyle K Says:

    So true, it’s funny!

  3. Gigi Says:

    I loved the simple nature of Farmville when I started playing in Jan 2010 but now it’s overwhelming! Too many things to do and annoying quests. It doesn’t feel fun and relaxing anymore. Several of my best neighbors have stopped playing and it’s all because FV is becoming too much work. I have stopped doing the quests, I will not build that stupid Wildlife pen, and I will not buy decorations for outrageous amounts of farm cash. I will be quitting soon, after Valentines day I think I will be done with FV.

  4. Rosepetals Says:

    Sad to say it’s becoming workville! Lots of friends have left the game in the last couple of weeks. eg to get a life back. & not to increase Zynga’s profit for a virtual game, that we can’t walk on.

  5. Ricky Dunn Says:

    i love your still here giving information on farmville….
    have some questions though..
    can i delete the vip tickets from gagaville??
    or is there still a purpose…
    also, i have tons more items like that that i need to confirm before deleting
    keep us posted on updates and tell zynga we need ways to make more FV cash

  6. Sarah Theriault Says:

    it’s become too much for me and i dont enjoy it any more. i know i’m “missing” things but i’m really starting to not care lately. i’d rather watch a movie and knit. i like farmville, it survived my mass game deletion, but it’s discouraging that i cant seem to keep up when i try.

  7. Kathleen Reyburn-Michael Says:

    It seems that all I do any more is beg for stuff and send people stuff. I just quit Frontierville/Pioneer Trail because it really WAS just too much begging and too much work. I hope Zynga isn’t heading down that path with Farmville. I would miss it – but isn’t the point of these games to have a little fun? Spending 2 hours a day WORKING these farms doesn’t seem like nearly as much fun as it was in the beginning – when all we did was plow/plant/harvest and do a little decorating…….

  8. Nettie Louise Harmon Ferry Says:

    I love both my farms! However, I cannot stay on them…for three weeks now! Everytime I “share” it freezes up and have to reload ! So very sick of it now ! Have sent 3 messages for help,,,with no response. I was playing almost constantly, but frustration has driven me from my farm for the most part for now. Would love it to be fixed before I lose interest. Is there a chance of that?

  9. Bambi Ward Says:

    My Farm and English Farm is my hideout..where I can sit relax and loose myself. I really enjoy my two farms. All the new quest that have been added is great. Nothing to big or small for this farmer…lol! So all I have to say is keep me busy Farmville and you have one Happy Farmer! :-)

  10. Cynthia Massmann Says:

    I haven’t gotten overwhelmed with the actual workings of my farm yet, but Zynga’s release schedule is killing me. I think they should do a slower cycle, instead of weekly. Like, one week cows, thenthe next week horses, then sheep, etc. That way everyone would have a chance at what they like and if you would only be buying one of types of critters (like I generally only buy horses) you would have a chance to save up for the next release. The way it is now, I’m having to pass up on some horses because I don’t have enough money. Lost revenue there, just saying.

  11. lotus johnson Says:

    As I experience Farmville there are too many quests at one time, and too many new things being introduced!! The pace right now is relentless..it’s too much like work, and I like Farmville as a relaxation activity after work!!!

  12. cindi Says:

    It has moved at way too fast of a pace! I used to always be on top of things and now there are so many things to do I can’t keep up with them all! I have tons of uncompleted quests, there are times when I have so many requests I just feel over whelmed. I have tons in my gift box and my used to be nice and neat farm is a huge mess. I have many friends who have quit because it isn’t fun or relaxing any more and they just don’t have time, and I have told my neighbors I am on my way out for the same reasons. It just gets to be stressful, when you feel obligated to people and you never have time to just mess around “down on the farm”. And the issue of everything starting to be for cash is just ridiculous. 195 cash to expand your farm? In these economic times, I am not spending my “real” money on a play farm.

  13. charlene Says:


  14. Jessica Says:

    The past few weeks I’ve gotten sort of bored with Farmville. Some of the features (Crafting Silo, Trading Post ect) just seem so silly and pointless. Honestly pretty much all I do on Farmville is harvest crops. Not to sound spoiled or anything but I have so many coins that I don’t know what to do with them all, and I think the unlimited funds maybe created some of that bored-ness because I don’t have to work for money anymore.. *sigh*

  15. Kim Says:

    I agree completely!!! Can’t live (easily) with the added frenzy of the changes in Farmville, but most certainly cannot live without my daily FarmVille fix, no matter how much time it takes.

  16. Patricia Block Strong Says:

    I agree that FV has over done many things. I am sooo tired of begging for stuff on a constant basis. Many of your wishes can be met by playing Farm Town instead, or along with FV. Since there are 10 farms to keep up with on FT, the very smart and talented ppl at Slashkey have given us lots and lots of things to help farming and product creation go fast and smoothly. The facility manager can do a lot of your work for you, and there are enough tools to get the job done fast. It was something that needed to be done as ppl would give up if it became too much work, like FV is now & with only two farms..Yep, FV needs to wise up and not overwhelm it’s players. I am not enjoying the game near as much as I did in the past, and may stop all together before too long…sigh :(

  17. Thorn Says:

    BANG ON! You have summed it all up exactly! I’m going on holidays then a re think on what I no longer “need” on the farm and what “chores” are becoming onerous. This was an enjoyable game and is now becoming overwhelming – I need to downsize (but not in land, can always use more of that, lol)

  18. darralyn domanskidarralyndoran@hotmail.com Says:

    too many quest with little intrest to me i just want to farm like in the beginning,but some decorations etc ,i love my farms and spend most of every day on them,but losing heart now radidly its no longer enjoyable its work work work ,i dont mind work but not all these quest and silly habitat buildings not to mention the space needed ,another issue not much to do with coins anymore the most part is for fv cash only ,the expasions are ridiculously priced but much needed but we all cant and wont spend cash on a game when after all it is is a picture on our screens,losing heart i left frontierville because its reletless and i used to love it,come up with the old ideas again im sure more farmers would be more than impressed,,il be leaving this soon if it carries on like this its not enjoyable anymore its just hassle,.

  19. laura Says:

    Two years ago I used to bound out of bed to harvest my 30 plots, only to want to kill my boyfriend because he’d already done it. I would also visit and gift my 20 or so neighbours daily.

    Now I am so sick of spending up to 2 hours a day accepting all the gifts and help requests, that I recently deleted 150 neighbours leaving me with about 30. Now I can’t complete anything, quests take days, and I can never get the bushels I need for making goods.

    I haven’t visited a neighbours farm in months, I love themeing my farm, but with no one visiting it, what’s the point?

    The only solution I can see is that they make us all more self-sufficient, with no more requests for help. You need your ducks fed? You do it yourself, you’re a farmer who can feed your friends ducks, but not your own? You need some wooden planks to complete a new building? Harvest a tree and get some.

  20. dms Says:

    I have been threatening to quit for ages. Of the several dozen people that created a farm and a chicken coop and traded gifts, I’m down to four friends who farm.

    Despite my weakness and inability to leave this mess behind, the one thing I will not do is beg friends to play. I am not only embarrassed by how much time I spend on this, but most rational people think it is a waste of time and are annoyed by spam-like prods to join. And yet it’s that or pay cash. SO, I’ve bought the double master icon and the never-wither icon just to hedge my bets and make my farming time more effective.

    My plan is to master all the trees and then just focus on new crops and trees as they get released.

    Maybe I’ll never be able to do it. I am extremely bored by the pig and sheep breeding. It’s boring naming dozens of these critters and then giving them bottles to see if they get stripes or speckles. Boring. At least in growing trees there’s a little drama in what you get.

    Hopefully I’ll be able to minimize time spent or just quit cold turkey and who knows, maybe grow something real in the yard!!!

    We’ll see.

  21. sherry harmon Says:

    I quit playing after one and a half years because of all the things that you just mentioned and more. Too time consuming and became boring, even if something new was introduced it was basically the same old thing. I felt they had too many new things going at one time. At one time it was fun then it became a chore.

  22. FarmerB81 Says:

    BECOMING WorkVille? It’s been that for ages now! FarmVille is nothing but work. If you want to keep up, you either 1) Pay tons of cash or 2) Have no life. Zynga has designed it that way on purpose! They don’t care if the game is too much work, they just want your money! GREEDVille it certainly is!

  23. FarmerB81 Says:

    And like you even said, neighbor visits are so scarce. This is mostly because everyone is so busy on their own farms, they simply don’t have time!!! So when you think about it, what is the point of the game??? Everyone toils tirelessly to perfect their farm, and for what?? Nobody but you ever sees it!!!

  24. A. L. Jones Says:

    Having 2 and 3 quest at one time causes problems. Believe that the new super crops take toooo much to master. They eat up all of my fuel and fert all and still not mastered. Used to be farm hands poping up all the time and now they are very rare. I have lots of animals and without farm hands they are a pain to harvest. In order to craft what we need in the craft shop takes planting things that were mastered a long time ago. Then you only get one. You use it then have to plant again, takes away from being able to master crops. Then the things you get from animals and trees…… Your silo gets filled with milk jugs and manure instead of what you really need….. Orchards are not giving seedlings for the trees that are in them. Special tree in ceratin orchards and when I harvest them I get apple ar mango trees fromGem tree ect….

  25. Farmaniac Says:

    For me the laborious part is collecting all the bits. Couldn’t they have a double-gift weekend or similar where we can send 2 boards, 2 shrubs or whatever else they’ve thought up. 1 nail per person per day is so slow and if you are trying to build several buildings at a time and need boards, nails, shrubs, gears, poles, wrenches and whatever it’s just so tedious. And i’d to be able to farm in full screen without being pulled out of it all the time – can’t name a piglet without being pulled out; zynga message centre pop-up freezes full screen, messages don’t post properly.

    These two things make farming harder work than it should be. The rest is just click, click, click.

  26. Sushiurm Says:

    Truth in everything… I feel the exact same way. I’m so sick of having to ask for a hundred different bushels, then finding out I’ve run out of space in my inventory. Everyday when I get on my farm I have to mentally prepare myself for the work overload! D:

  27. swanchic Says:

    It has gotten completely out of control. I have been farming from the beginning and have taken a few breaks b/c it became too much work, but I always find I miss the basic premise of the game. I have an unwither ring and that is what keeps me here. I can plant whatever I want and when I get to it, I get to it (although now I get those annoying “so and so wants you to harvest your crops – it’ll only take a minute” posts to my wall – which is b.s. because it takes a minimum of 3 minutes to load the game and wade through all their forced pop-ups!). I breed sheep and pigs when I feel like it – maybe once a week? I always come here before starting the quests to be sure it’s worth my time and so I can plant/start recipes.There are an increasing number of things about FV that annoy me, but I try to just do what I want on my own timetable. Once I realized I was a hamster in Zynga’s wheel – not the ‘best farmer on my feed’ – I was able to let go of the desire to be on top of everything and the first to complete everything. Life is much more enjoyable this way!

  28. farmed Says:

    i agree that farmville continues to become daunting everyday. most of my friends don’t play for the amount of effort and time involved. and i agree too, i mean two! farms to harvest crops from, animals , buildings, crafting , quests, mastery, trees……………….and all the good items are available for fv cash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it’s beyond aggravating.

  29. Stacey Says:

    I still enjoy FV for the most part. I get aggravated with the pushiness of the quests, I don’t always want to participate in them. I still have a Farmtown farm that I have been exchanging gifts on but have not actually been on in months. I liked the opportunity to put a farm on pause, wish I could put both of them on but when I come to the point where I just don’t have time I leave my field plow so others can come in and fertilize. We can take a break and should, it makes me feel better about playing after a little one. I DO NOT like it when I share it comes up on the front of my page, I wish it could all be on the games page. I have alot of friends that do not play and don’t want them to have to look at all the shares, unless they do not see it??? Anyway, take a break occasionally then play it helps :)

  30. Sjenka Glas Says:

    I couldn’t agree more, with your story, and many of the comments. I know several people who have walked away from farmville because it has become overwhelming and there just ins’t enough room to do everything. I too am considering walking away …There just isn’t enough time in the day to do everything that needs to be done.

    and the fact that every time there is a change on Farmville, my system gets messed up fro a few weeks and I can’t send gifts. This is distressing because I have a group of dedicated players, some over level 100, who I can’t send gifts to.

    As others have pointed out, it would be nice to slow down the add on pace and let the farms be enjoyable to be on, to have the chance to go see friends farms, (as pointed out also) and to have a chance to, well, just watch our crops grow…and not obsess over them all the time we are away.

  31. Michelle Says:

    There’s just too much to do. I’m so busy taking care of my farms that I have had to stop visiting my neighbors’ farms, which is a shame. FV needs to slow down.

  32. GFab Says:

    Yes, FV has become Workville. They put out too much for us to do in a short period of time. Why not spread it out somewhat so we can catch up with things say..like farming. I work for a living and can’t play the game all day which it seems what Zynga wnats you to do now. Don’t know what crafting has to do with farming. Raffle Booth, pointless. Just another thing for me to spend time trying to get tickets from people sending me request which I don’t get a lot because I work all day. Animal Mastery, okay, but if you just started playing is not worth it since a lot of animals aren’t available to buy. Speaking of buying, why does almost everything cost FC now. How can one who just started playing buy things if they don’t have a lot of FC? I started playing in Feb. 2011. It was fun and relaxing then. And now the game has so many problems with it which Zynga hasn’t fixed and they keep putting out new stuff which has more problems with them. Fix your game before putting something new out. Sick and tired of the lonely animal which won’t work or the sizing of the buildings and tree text that won’t disappear. OOS. All this makes playing the game frustrating and not relaxing.

  33. meles Says:

    Well-written article.

    You are quite right – it has become Workville and it’s now taking too much of my time to keep it all going.

    I’ve noticed recently that many of my neighbours have stopped playing and I think that I, too, will quit soon.

    My nice farm is now stuffed with ugly buildings that I don’t want or understand the point of – crafting, breeding and so on.

    Not to mention the endless introduction of more stuff for real money…

  34. Tarou Says:

    I’ve been a selective farmer from the start, so none of this really bothers me at all. My only goal is to reach level 100, and I’m going to do it by plowing, planting and harvesting, and I’m actually moving pretty fast at the moment. No animals, except a few cats, the stable (that has remained the same for a long time now), the chicken coop (sometimes I can sell some less valuable chicken when I get a new one from a mystery egg).

    Trees have become my latest passion, but with moderation. Four orchards will do; it’s fun to watch the seedlings grow. I harvest the orchards, the chicken coop and the stable at the same time once a day.

    No crafting. No quests.

    I’ve spent about 60 euros on this game, bought some more land and the orchards, and that’s it. If I buy new items, they must be payable with coins. The old ones I sell. I have a huge cellar, but I mostly keep mastery signs and extra trees there now.

    I actually visit all my neighbors every day. Every XP counts, gas is welcome and the fertilize all bags are great.

    So I’m quite happy with the game. To me, it’s the same relaxing game it was from the start. One just has to learn to ignore the pop-ups. This game can still be what you want it to be, if you play it by your own rules and not Zynga’s.

  35. alianca Says:

    -I like playing the game , for me it’s not yet feel like work, I am always doing two thing at once when I am on my computer. But even if I tried to play other game , I always stop those other game but continu to play farmville.
    -The only thing I found disturbing , is all the pop-pups plus I am not visiting often my neighbors cause too much lag (And I have a good computer , if I compare of my computer sister , I will get crazy if I was playing farmville on her computer … who is very very slow… and she have hight speed internet lol) This is also a reason why a lot of people might found that hard to play , when I play on her computer it takes me twice if its not tripple time to do a simple task.
    -I also don’t really like the craftshop , it’s first lag a lot and not really worth it, but what I dislike the most is having a ridiculous amount of bushel , that I have to go delete on the silot , if I don’t want to be spam with pop-pups.

    -I try all the feature , but of course we cannot like everything , but lately I wonder where Zynga go with the game. It’s seems that people are more upset with all the new additiong than happy, and as a company I think I will want the opposite!!

    -Also on Farmfreak you said that they might come with a new land by the sea, not that I won’t like that but I know that if people feel overwhelm , who isnt good =cause a game is for having fun relaxing … not feel like work. With a new addition land , that will make a lot of people running away.

    As well I will continu to play , cause for me I have time and a good computer and I am also single (I don’t have a lot of thing to worries in life for now) but this isnt the case of everybody.

    I just hope that sometimes Zynga will listen to them (players) and also improve them communication (who is really lame) and try to take some time fixing the bugs (like building going oversize and others) and improve what is already inside the game instead of adding constantly new feature , who aren’t always welcome.

  36. Tabetha Says:

    When I first started reading your post, I was in Evelyn Wood speed reading mode. As I continued on, I became relaxed, slowed down for a minute, and took a few to actually “relax.” Your post was my Zen. Thank you. :)

  37. Tabetha Says:

    @Ricky Dunn .. Ahhhh, you’re so cute. Yes, I think it’s safe to say you can sell your Gagaville VIP tickets. :)

  38. Diane Says:

    Your article is awesome! As for me, I’ve really cut back on Farmville. It got overwhelming. I gave up on Co-Op right away, cuz the prizes aren’t that great. My Nursery Barn is an ancient memory, if the animals don’t grow up true, why bother??? The only reason I harvest my turkeys now is so I can master them. I don’t want to get rid of them, because I like turkeys, but how many fruit cakes do you need? I like breeding sheep, but I don’t like breeding pigs. lol As for the spa and bakery and winery, wait, what was I talking about? I have mastered all crops except for the “Super” crops, and those specials that I neglected to grow. At least most of the trees I deleted so long ago came back around. I still love Farmville, so you know if they come up with something decent again, I’ll be devoting my time to it! :)

  39. Annie Says:

    It is more like Workville to me. I haven’t got time to do everything now so get stressed instead of spending relaxing time just playing with my farm. Although I keep to only about 30 neighbours I spend ages dealing with requests, very many of which are already not needed – raffle tickets, nurturing ducks, helping greenhouse, unlocking super seeds, etc – then I can’t just click back to the request list. Also, new things are coming out far too quickly! And why can’t they make sure everything works properly before bringing out something new? I could go on, but I’m getting stressed again !!!

  40. Sista Sue Cerf Says:

    Farmville is becoming to much, I don’t care for the Silo and Crafting but can’t get rid of it. Frustrating. The fact that I have to spend actual money to get the Farmville cash to expand my farm is also frustrating. They are making the game so you need to spend your own real money instead of working for the coins to get your rewards. Plus, with all the new stuff and quests etc.. the game is getting bogged down, not loading properly, gifts that are accepted are still sitting in the “games requested/accepted” area. There is just way to much going on. The crops you have save in your use section, that needs a delete button. I don’t like to “share” I find no one accepts the crops to share and it just clogs up the news feed.

  41. ROSE Says:

    i find its becoming too much work, I havent been in frontiereville for almost 3 months now, cuz of all the quests and such,,, and farmville seems to be heading down the same road, i cant seem to organize the farm for quests and such,, not sure if i willl stay or not

  42. Brenda Parsons Vincent Says:

    I am still enjoying my farm, however, I find more and more of the great items are farm cash and I just don’t have the money these days to spend on it so I end up going without. I also think the farm expansions are to expensive..$4 million for an expansion?? That’s just insane! I am also having a problem with my farm freezing in the middle of doing things and having to refresh numerous times, so this is also a frustration. Will probably keep playing, just not as often.

  43. Cynthia Hamblin Says:

    Too much work on the farm!!! Come on it’s not like it’s a real one where you really have to work, but this is getting out of hand! First GAAGA and now Zen! Nah quitting the farm soon! It’s too commercialized now! Zynga is getting greedy too!!! It’s just not fun anymore! And by the other comments, hey they feel the same way! Or lighten up on throwing things down the throats of the farmers!!! Next you’ll be having Moooochelle telling us what to plant!!!

  44. Kristie Dorton Shrieves Says:

    Not everyone (apparently) has been changed over to the new fb feed with the right side ticker window and no way to set it on recent feed, in which the normal center feed can be anything that was posted within last two hours. You have to click on the notifications scrolling in the ticker window and get the pop up to even see what from fv has been posted to feed (ticker just says so and so posted from farmville). I have been changed over to it and it has totally ruined playing the game. I love fv, but with this new news feed situation it truly has become too much work, and with Gamers Unite and the snag bar, now honest playing gamers will definitely not have a chance of getting anything fairly. I think I may, as much of a fv addict as I am spending most of my day playing every day, will quit farmville. Facebook obviously gives no thought to the game players on their website. If I was Zynga, I would pull my games and take them somewhere else. Get fb in their pocketbook and maybe they would start having consideration for the game players on their website. I am fed up now, so this may finally be the end of farmville for me, do not need this frustration over a game. :(

  45. Jackie Says:

    While my husband complains of not having enough time I’d just like to be able to send gifts and requests. I haven’t been able to for 8 days now and I even missed a day – unthinkable previously. If they don’t sort it out soon I’ll be leaving FV for a significantly longer period than 1 day. Too much, too quick and not sorting out the existing problems. Sound familiar? :(


    Building all of this stuff would be fun IF it worked when it comes out ! The quests some of them take to long they go out of sync and next thing you lose stuff dont get stuff your supposed to and its getting more aggravating now than enjoyable You need to release 1 thing at a time and not make a million changes at the same time we all seem to think that is what the problem is.Also economy is so tight that people cant afford to spend their hard earned money to get FV cash why don’t you start offering things in the end you get a new item in the market or some $$$$ I know wishful thinking

  47. Garnet Says:

    I’ve been playing for almost two years. I’m starting to enjoy the game less and less. The constant freezing up of the game is beyond annoying.

    I live on a real farm. I want space to decorate my Farmville farm more like a real farm. I HATE the animal lined up in marching soldier rows. Yet there is no choice sine you cannot let any precious land go to waste.

    I’m tired of not enough bushels, and simply too many buildings to perform chores on. Not to mention many of those buildings are really, really ugly. If I’m going to have a crafting building, why not one that is attractive?

    Real life beckons me away from my virtual farm more and more. The virtual farm is no longer the relaxing bit of enjoyment it use to be.

  48. Kim Says:

    I agree with the fact that Farmville is becoming way too much work…I look at my FV Pictures from when I very first started and my farm looks so peaceful and calm…now it looks crazy busy and is a bit overwhelming…and I must say with all the Quests and everything…I am losing interest…especially at the amt of horses they release each week…I am not even enjoying horse breeding as much anymore…although I do know I have a choice and I can at anytime stop the quests….I just want a calmer farm…

  49. Rose Says:


  50. Dianne Rogers Says:

    I still play this game even though it is a lot of work. i enjoy the different quests and challenges of getting things done. What i don’t like are the people that start these little groups and only share the more desired items among themselves on the wall of their private little group. They do this because of snag bars and that wonderful little padlock that Zynga put on the post box. What were they thinking with that lock? Why not put everything out to the wall for everyone to have a chance to get it. Those are the only things that have made me contemplate quitting this game. The cheaters, the lockers, and the snag bars have taken quite a bit of fun out of this game. If Zynga could get rid of the padlock and block the snag bars some how; then maybe people would stop their little groups and bring this game back to the level of fun it once was.

  51. LadySorrow Says:

    I look at it this way: I am a mother to five children, two of which are special needs. I am a writer of horror fiction working on publishing my first novel, and I am also going to school to become a CMT. BUT…I still have time to run BOTH of my farms and not let one crop wither. And that’s including completing all of the quests past and present and utilize all the new buildings that have been introduced including the wildlife habitat which is completely full and functioning. So no, I don’t think it’s become too much of a chore. You only have to prioritize your life and keep what matters ahead of the rest. FarmVille is still the same, soothing outlet for my day that it’s always been.

  52. Betty Jo Davis Says:

    I’m still up for all the new features, in fact I am reworking my farm so that the English Countryside is for all the “goodies” while the original farm is doomed to crops only. I still find time to visit a few neighbors a day (tho where did the days go of visiting every single neighbor?). I find myself much a beggar, asking this neighbor for that and that neighbor for this…. like in real life neighbors need to depend on each other… In all this is my break from real life, and the de-stressor that I need at the beginning or end of my day (or both) to keep me focused on what is important in my life (new gold super mastery signs and wildlife habitats).
    I’m always up for new neighbors and helping the newbies learn the game. I’m still disappointed that I didnt start farming until early November 2009, because I cannot say that I have been onboard since the start. Yea, tho I walk the hallowed grounds of my storage I find all the “cant get rid of favorites” of my beloved game!

    Keep up the great work Freak!! I love ya!!

  53. Alan Says:

    Nice write-up!

    I have slowly figured out that there is a LOT of stuff that I have bought & tried & used for a while – and then, it’s not really a big thing to sell it off and try something else, or to rework the farm to a less intensive, more enjoyable experience.

    But that said, it’s still a big pain because of the continual glitches and problems. Some go on interminably, other problems seem to crop up every time they implement a new procedure….

    I could list the current “fails” and it would take half an hour. I can figure out work-arounds (that usually involve leaving & returning)… but why should I? It’s just a big waste of time in an already time consuming discipline.

  54. Bela Says:

    In September it will be two years that I have been playing farmville and I still enjoy it very much. I play at least 2 hours a day and have over 150 neighbors. I love the quests as I find that they give me something to do while the crops grow. I have mastered all the crops, except for all the super crops and love collecting and breeding trees for my neighbors. I find the sheep and pig breeding boring. I have over 52 million in coins and wish that there was more to buy in the market for coins. I find it ridiculous that we have to pay fv cash to expand our farms. Farmville has become quite complicated and fast paced but that is what keeps me playing. I have wanted to give it up so that I can dedicate myself to other things in my real life, but every time I decide I am going to do that something new starts and I just have to do it. And most of all I will miss all the beautiful people who have become good friends, that I have met on Facebook due to Farmville. I can’t seem to give up my daily fix of farmville.

  55. Vicky Says:

    i’m on here most of the day as i’m disabled.. but i think it’s a bit over kill i hate the quests. begging neighbors all the time. would rather exchange gifts and help.
    Doing all the quest takes so much time away from other things and can hold you up on what progress you might need to make in other areas.

  56. Audrey Says:

    Excellent points very well made! Is anyone from Zynga paying any heed? I will probably never quit playing FV cos I love it, but I am choosy about what I do and often leave my craft buildings, greenhouse, trading post etc untouched for days, while I harvest my trees and crops. I used to spend a few quid of farmcash but I’m disheartened at the crazy high cost of animals and trees (my 2 loves in this game) so I can’t buy them anymore. So disappointing! So like I say, is anyone from Zynga paying attention to the issues raised on their forums and here on Freak??

  57. Linda Gardner Says:

    I love my farm(s) ~ so much that I take care of several others for my family :D It has been a lot of work but it is a labor of love and even through all the glitches, FarmVille is my favorite hobby and I love meeting new neighbors and helping others. I just wish that PEOPLE WOULD “LIKE” things when they take them from me and from others, It is only POLITE :D

  58. kelly Says:

    still love it, although I have to admit Im not as addicted as I used to be–too consuming! However I wish it worked better–too many glitches. I havent been able to use requests for 2 weeks so makes the quests pretty difficult. I like being able to leave it for awhile and come back when I have the time.

  59. hmmmm Says:

    Glad to see you are still a glass-half full, optimistic gal. If I had written this, the post would have had a slightly different tone.

    I’ve felt this way for a while, I’m glad to see I’m not alone.

    I wonder if the Zynga designers ever actually play their games. You would think they would be embarassed by the number of glitches that linger (like the strange giant pigpen – sheep stall thing, at the present time) for months unaddressed.

    Some of the stupid glitches are the things I remember most about the game.
    Remember when the cats and turtles disappeared or would ghost? The turtles randomly lost their eyes.
    Remember when they accused those who took advantage of the multiple chicken coop glitch (I never could make it work) of upending the Farmville economy (which they do every release).
    One more sentence — Farmville has been enhanced. Ha!

    In my work, when something is wrong, I try to correct it.

  60. Cheryle Booth Says:

    I very seldom farm anymore, as there are so many popups for the things I’m NOT interested in that they distract and detract from the whole game. I wish there were an option to delete the icons for the quests, etc, and get rid of the bushel basket popups – they’re simply a nuisance to me, as the game hangs up constantly due to the too-rapid introduction of too many new things at once.
    My pigpen and sheep pens STILL don’t load completely most of the time – just placing the grey circle, hanging up the game with a ‘script running’ warning.
    I used to really enjoy Farmville – now it’s debatable whether it’s worth the time or not!! It’s become far too time-consuming and frustrating for me~~ I used to play it to relax – that’s not the case any more.
    I quit playing Frontierville for the same reasons, and sadly, Farmville may follow it into oblivion for me!
    I really don’t care for the way FV has gone to NEEDING the help of others to even play the game!

  61. Susan Says:

    It is getting pretty time consuming and overwhelming at times. FarmVille is one of the first games i played and it’s the only one I’ve kept at – others come and go – but enough already! It’s becoming more work than fun these days. I agreed with Kayla, though, I’m almost afraid to miss a day so I don’t get too far behind!

  62. pat Says:

    it has become rather silly & too time consuming. what the heck does a raffle have to do ith a farm? all the quests are just too much. zynga has become so greedy it makes it not fun. they add new things before they get the kinks worked out on the old ones. and the support site is a joke!!!

  63. Ruth Miller Says:

    WorkVille is right!!! And the annoying pop-ups. Used to be I could harvest an entire crop before the pop-ups started. Now they come up after the first click and often several times before I finish harvesting. I wish there was a way to opt out of each type of pop-up especially those relating to the silo and the trading post. I thought the trading post was a good idea until I realized it only awards xp and coins and not the actual bushels.
    I thought the new animal habitat was great–finally somewhere to put all those reindeer and penguins and wild turkeys–but you can’t put all the non-farm animals in the habitat. Was it any surprise that you have to pay Farm Cash for most of the animals? You can’t expand it to hold more animals. You have to build a new one like the orchards. And 30 feed to raise a rare baby!!! I was hoping that Zynga would reduce the number of bottles to raise piglets and lambs the way they reduced the number of watering cans to raise mystery seedlings. In my dreams only.
    The raffle is a joke. With so many other requests to respond to, I’m lucky if I get even 6 tickets a day and he odds of getting a worthwhile prize are ridiculous.
    Will I stop playing FV? Probably not. I like decorating the farms. My home farm has a labyrinth and a gnome garden and a wagon train pulled by sheep. (You can’t use horses to pull wagons. They take up 2 spaces and it looks funny.) My EC farm has an enchanted garden with towers and castle ruins and the new fairy quest rewards. (Fortunately, the dragon and gnome knights moved over from my home without a glitch unlike the patterned sheep and pigs.)
    How do I cope with the busy-ness? I only share things I’m sure someone will want; e.g rare trees and foals, love potions, building materials for the newest buildings, etc. I reduced the number of plots to plant. I plant crops that take longer to mature. I use the craft shop to make farm hands and fertilizer.
    I started using FarmVille Extender to accept and return all the gifts/request that go to the game request page instead of the FV message box. I surf the wall to claim all the items I need. I return to the wall often enough with all the OOS, FV has been enhanced and expired session messages I get daily. Sometimes I even get lucky enough to claim a rare tree or collectible.
    I apologize for such a long post, but the frustration with FV has been building for a long time.

  64. Elizabeth Says:

    Your analysis is “spot-on.” I started playing FV in May 2010. While I enjoyed it for the first nine months or so, I have found over the last six months it has become quite a chore. The amount of begging to get something built is absurd. I think it was the water wheel that required 130 building parts. The crafting silo is absolutely ridonkulous. Why would I want to “craft a brick” when I have 200 SDB in my inventory?

    But my absolute biggest pet peeve with FV is how the themes never die. I was receiving Christmas presents in April (even though I deleted my Christmas tree the day after Christmas), and I’ve still got a neighbor that sends me lucky pennies when St. Patrick’s Day was FIVE months ago!!! The constant gifting is overwhelming – especially for holidays that were five months earlier.

    I took pride in the fact that I have mastered all the crops and at one point I absolutely loved my farm. I used to fertilize my neighbors’ farms every day. Now I hate farming. I still have my farm, but I don’t spend nearly the amount of time on it that I used to months back. Which is why I now play Cityville – which I love.

  65. James Says:

    I’ve been saying all along that they need to SLOW DOWN!!! It’s beginning to feel like work rather than pleasure. I wish Zynga would give the entire staff except customer service and those working on technical problems, a well deserved vacation and just let us farm without any new features or Market items being introduced until October when we all gear up for Harvest and Halloween. Our farms are getting cluttered and we need time to get organized!! But that would mean Zynga loosing some sales. What they don’t realize is that players are declining due to this so they are shooting themselves in the foot by constantly introducing more quest, buildings to build, raffles, etc. to keep us busy and more items that cost FarmCash. It’s turning people off and THEY’RE LEAVING!!!! I know a lot of neighbors have quit playing. Farms are abandoned and the feed keeps getting scarcer. I don’t get the “Likes” and comments I did when I first started and had LESS neighbors. Foals, even new ones are staying on my wall and expiring.. WAKE UP ZYNGA! I TOTALLY AGREE!!!

  66. Gill Says:

    an excellent piece – I smiled, chuckled, & nodded my head all the way through – very well written :-D I agreed with it all

  67. Jean Lewis Says:

    I loved fv & still do in a lot of ways but it has become too much work even though I continue to do it everyday. I play too much. I sold my feed trough so I didn’t have to run after feed all the time. I sold my turkey coop because it was useless & just something else to collect everyday. I waited a couple of months to get the English farm because I had enough to do on my home farm but I caved & so I try not to clutter it with animals & buildings. I don’t like nor do the craft building because it takes up too much of my storage space that I need to keep my winery & pub going. I get so tired of the amount of posts the game puts out just to harvest my 26 orchards let alone crops & animals. I have run out of space to set mastery signs out on my home farm so all of my animal master’s I put into storage which is way over 100 at this time. Next I will have to start storing my mastery signs for crops & trees. I think they are making too many big mistakes with all the new additions. I know that when I started playing about 6 months after fv started that a lot of the really older people that I originally played with have quit because it became too complicated to them. The new turbo feature is too expensive & it takes away the main pleasure of the game which has always been harvesting & planting our crops. I held out buying machines because I enjoyed watching my avatar work. My neighbors insisted that I lock her up like they did theirs so it wouldn’t take them as long to fertilize my farm. I did it to please them. I resent the quests completely even with the prizes for completing them. I hate begging my neighbors for bushels or any other kinds of help. I don’t like being forced to add new neighbors to grow so I purchase my expansions with fv cash. I think the smaller the neighborhood the more fun the game is because I get to know the people I play with better. Sometimes I think they want some of us to quit but I will always be a Freak, lol.

  68. Danielle Says:

    I completely agree with this article as well as all the responses it has gotten. Mid-June 2012 and I’m here to add more complaints about it too! LOL

    I thought I was the only one with these issues… clearly I’m not alone! I have had nightmares of quests just hours from completion with all the chores completed but due to glitches I miss out on rewards! Sadly, I have woken up from those nightmares many times to find that they were true! Luckily I DID get responses from Zynga support when I complained, and they were kind enough to grant me all rewards from the quest I had issues with,.. but I celebrated like it was the lottery, when in reality I had EARNED those rewards by my own right! LOL!

    I have been a committed player since the day it was launched 3 years ago, I got all my friends into it and played daily… actually 3 to 4 times per day! I’ve spent more money on this game than I’m proud to admit (somewhere between $100-$200)… feeling like a thief, or drug addict sneaking purchases of FV Game cards with cash… in an unknown part of town where I may find a 7-11 to sell it to me. LOL! Disposing the game card so carefully so that my boyfriend/husband (depending on before or after marriage) would never know I spent money on this game… HE’D KILL ME! LOL!

    I feel like 3 years of my life has been stolen.. and every day a bit more of my life is taken and I’m helpless to the addiction because of how much money and time I’ve already put into it! I can’t stop playing or it’ll all be for nothing! Silly I know. I love the collection I’ve built… I did take a break of 6 months or so but after one moment of helpless curiosity I logged on to find that I missed out on the whole Winter Wonderland era! Hundreds of trees and horses and crops passed me by and I will NEVER be able to get it!! This pisses me off more than anything else and now I am determined to never miss out again since that happened!

    This is getting too much for sure! I spend every minute checking on any one of the 4 or 5 current quest progress, making sure I have a quest guide open from FarmVille Freaks at all times to double and triple check that I am prepared for the next step… and STILL I FAIL QUESTS EVERY TIME! It is infuriating to say the least… and its true, the thing that holds me back from completing on time is the ridiculous demands of crafting with goods that NOBODY HAS, and mastering animals to 1 star or 2 stars before you can proceed onto the next part! Its absurd and stressful and SO MUCH WORK!

    The speed of new item release seems to be snowballing as well as the cost of rare items like horses and trees… I remember when a good rare horse costed 12FC but most trees were 2FC or 3FC and nothing more! Now I see 6FC or 8FC for level 1,… 12FC or 14FC for level 2… and yes, I never seem to have enough watering cans to grow my seedlings, … or feed to raise my baby animals.. now the baby animals and seedlings are like decorative borders on my farm!! I am a perfectionist by nature, feeling complete when I complete things… but Farmville has made me develop a sense of ADD or something! I hate knowing I will NEVER be able to complete anything… and they dont stop! I can’t breathe anymore! LOL!

    … and now I wrote way too much… but still have so much more to say!


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