Zynga/FarmVille Say Goodbye to FarmVille.com

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Zynga/FarmVille Say Goodbye to FarmVille.com

Posted on February 28, 2012 11:08 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Sad Cow

Zynga is ending FarmVille.com which will no longer be available sometime very soon.  If you’ve played FarmVille recently using the FarmVille.com platform, then you most likely have noticed the notice found above the in-game play area. The notice reads as follows:

“Attention Farmers! Very soon, FarmVille.com will no longer be available to our players. We encourage everyone to play on Facebook where you’ll find all your favorite features including widescreen mode! Click here to play!

A little more information can be found over at the official FarmVille Forum where FarmVille Community Manager, Lexilicious announced

“Hey Farmers!
Due to maintenance costs, FarmVille.com will no longer be available for our players in the near future. We encourage you to play on Facebook, where you’ll find all of your favorite features, including widescreen mode!

Once access to FarmVille.com has been removed, you will be redirected to the facebook application if you attempt to connect to the site. Thank you for your continued support! “ (Source: Official FarmVille Forum)

Besides maintenance cost, there is no other reason given as to why FarmVille.com is ending or when its death will happen, but players are encouraged to access their favorite farming game via Facebook.

Please note, FarmVille can be accessed through Facebook and mobile app.

What do you think, FarmVille Freaks? Are you sad to see FarmVille.com ending? Who plays FarmVille using the actual FarmVille.com website? Take our Poll below.

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41 Responses to “Zynga/FarmVille Say Goodbye to FarmVille.com” »

  1. Lisa Says:

    I canonly play thru Farmville.com. When I use the Facebook version, I can’t send or receive gifts or answer help requests. Also, I can only post to the feed a little more than half the time. No problems in FV.com other than the occasional need to refresh the game when I try and access my winery or my quests. If they don’t fix the Facebook version, I will be locked out. :-(

  2. Banjo Billy Bob Says:

    thank you sir, may I have another. paddle faster! I hear banjo’s playing!!!

  3. Syncpan77 Says:

    Well that’s just nice isn’t it? I was hoping for the day Zynga would break ties with Facebook and make the game available independently so we wouldn’t have to put up with Facebooks usual issues (including banning accounts for no apparent reason which would ultimately end up in you losing your gaming accounts) Oh well. The dream just fades away like a dust cloud now.

  4. rob Says:

    fv.com is the only place you can get 310fv fror $50 thats all i buy so thats it no more fv cash for me

  5. Jill Dennison Says:

    I find that when I log in via farmville.com the game is MUCH more stable than when I log in through facebook. It doesn’t crash or become “enhanced” as often and sharing multiple items is much quicker and smoother. Additionally, I like that I am not distracted by the ridiculous posts on the right-hand side of the screen providing useless information about who is playing what. I am sorry to see farmville.com go and seriously wonder what the reason is.

  6. Louise Says:

    I don’t mean to sound childish but I think it’s pretty stupid to take Farmville.com away! I hate using Facebook for Farmville, it takes my farm 10 minutes to load, Facebook is always messed up! I NEVER use Facebook I hate it! I always use Farmville.com! I see NO reason why this is necessary! I am against it!! Please keep Farmville.com!!

  7. madaleine Says:

    I don’t mind either of these two but absolutely not timeline!

  8. Cleavy Says:

    I find FV.com runs smoother

  9. Anna Says:

    I heard some rumours about new Z platform, independent from FB. Again, FB takes 30% of the money we pay for FC (maybe, they’ll make it cheaper then?)

    I just suppose they cant have 2 “independent” platforms to support, and want 1 problem less…

  10. Shelly Says:

    I guess I will be paying more for fv cash seeing how fb charges you for the transaction.

  11. Monica Amorim Says:

    but on mobile,for androids,i access farmville on farmville.com!this is stupid!

  12. Jaye Says:

    I sure hope they have a NEW plan for accessing game feed, since it is nearly impossible to get what you need from neighbors’ home pages with the new SUCKY timeline format, which really sucks if I didn’t already mention it!
    Farmville Addict

  13. Kittenz96 Says:

    Yeah, mobile app…..IF you join the iphone crowd. I’m using android and the only way I can do mobile farming is to log in at farmville.com, then I can harvest & replant or send /receive gifts. So until they come out with an android app (yeah, right!) then that just leaves me with FB which only works part-time!!!

  14. Diana Says:

    Noooooooooo!!! Please don’t take farmville.com away! Why in the world? Where can we go and protest? Give us a link!

  15. [kby] Says:

    Any bets on how long it will take Zynga to change the fact that the zynga toolbar sends you to farmville.com to get your free fuel (or play)?

  16. Sjenka Glas Says:

    Heh… So I get this message when I play on farmville.com

    Attention Farmers! Very soon, FarmVille.com will no longer be available to our players. We encourage everyone to play on Facebook where you’ll find all your favorite features including widescreen mode!

    AFTER I posted that playing on fcbk was a problem going wide screen….hmmmm

    So, fine I tried it…and it is soooo s l o w! ugh. It take 2.24 minutes to load the next farm after the Hawaii commercial. sooo annoying.

    Good luck Farmville…..I hate playing through fcbk…why I have used your site for the last 3 years.

  17. meg baker Says:

    why are you gonna take away the best game on Facebook??? that you be a shame!!!

  18. jeanette Says:

    Sad… and so user unfriendly… FB is so slow and causes so many issues… Playing directly on zynga’s website is much more efficient and fun… guess I won’t be playing FV much longer… it’s been a great couple of years…

  19. Alma Smith Says:

    It is a great shame that Farmville.com is not going to be available. I feel it serves a very good purpose especially when it is not possible to play through Facebook. There have been recently lots of problems with requests and feeds not being posted and I suppose it is all down to changes made to game in order to comply with Facebook’s requirements. Have the rights to Farmville been sold to Facebook?? This is the only logical reason I can think off for Farmville.com being closed down. Farmville used to be a very enjoyable game. These days, trying to extract more income from players, there has been a creation of multiple “missions” to encourage people to buy various accessories to complete them. I do not think this is a good way to motivate players. I am sure I am not alone in thinking that if the Farmville game continues like this, there will be a lot of players who would decide not to continue playing, which will be a shame.

  20. FarmGoddess Says:

    FarmVille will still be available on Facebook! It will just no longer be accessible through FarmVille.com !

  21. Joyce Says:

    I hate Facebook, not only as the way to play FV but just in general. It was so much better when the game feed was below the farm. Then it was changed and FB got involved so now you have to see all the drama and childishness that goes on there. Yea, I know you can block what you don’t want to see from certain people but it seems that a lot of it gets through. THEN they added the timeline, which is ridiculous. I really don’t need to see who has who as a mutual friend, where so and so works, etc etc etc. Posts are hard to read, things are always getting moved around and it is just plain stupid!
    FV.com is the way I prefer to play and I really hope that Zynga is developing something to get away from FB. I guess it’s a big secret why .com is being removed but I’m sure it’s financial. Unfortunately those of us who want to have as little to do with FB as possible have no choice, except to quit playing if FB becomes problematic.
    BTW, FB is one of the most hated companies in existence!! And I wasn’t even part of the poll!!

  22. kasey Says:

    We all know Zynga does not care about the suckers, er, players (no fixes but we have a new farm!), so no amount of complaining or protesting is going to change anything. Suck it up & play or walk away.

  23. Nanci Colpitts Huntsman Says:

    Zynga, Have you lost your ever loving mind. I had no idea that you would sell out to Fb so easily. Fb never works day old post, nothing on my wall but SOME of my post, and never any likes now come on at level 204 I think some one likes something I am posting. They block your account w/out cause, and if any one is interested when you have an issue,,,well they have a po box in California for you to respond to, no email support, no tech support. What does that say about the largest social network???? They only have other geeks that are fb nuts and they will not even respond to your question god forbid it is like my experience where FB holds all card info (Zynga does not~more secure) my card # was used 17 times for 108 eigth times in a row over a 14 hour period and they just kept on approving it until there were 41 charges to my card. Once I caught on and notified the card company FB closed my account because I did NOT follow proper protocal and go thru their P.O. Box !st are you FRICKEN kidding me. That is FB. Zynga Please do not close the ,com Fb steals enough for the players, stop to think a second about your game users because I will seriously think of not playing or trying msn before i use FB. I would hate to start over on my friends/neighbors because I have some of the best but this is what you are forcing your players who are loyal to do.
    Please rethink Zynga~~Nanci Colpitts Huntsman

  24. QueenGSA1 Says:

    Farmville.com is so much easier to get to. Also i use it to keep my farm up and so i can toggle over to facebook to see if any gifts have been posted. If i use it in Facebook i have to close out Farmville and go back to my home page. Its a pain the butt. Dont close it down, it saves so much time and it runs so much smoother.

  25. DMS Says:

    I don’t get it. Even when you login via fv dot com it still makes you log into fb. So there’s no difference.

  26. brad Says:

    If you could click this link you can be my best friend :) You won’t get a virus or any shit


  27. Jeanne Says:

    I just think it’s rather weird that they would do that after me receiving an e-mail telling me to use farmville.com cause I was having so many problems with the FB farmville. Strange if you ask me. Oh well. I never really cared for farmville.com. I found it easier just to use it on the FB cause it was handier.

  28. Niki Luther Says:

    What will become of the “giftables” that were available ONLY from farmville.com? Will they be rolled into the FB Farmville or will they disappear (if they haven’t already)?

  29. Steve Says:

    ‎2:45 est time zynga in all their darn glory screwed up the orchards. try adding a tree to a ready orchard. it puts it back in time. there go half the people in this game. they won’t put up with that. dang i was already losing all my neighbors because they’re sick of fv…there go the rest

  30. Steve Says:

    There’s no secret there. zynga has to give facebook thirty percent of their profits and facebook can’t keep track of the money if it’s not played through them. That contract is through 2013. It was Zynga’s choice to sign the long term contract with them and after what they just did with the orchards…..SCREW ZYNGA…hope facebook gets 80 percent of their profit

  31. mark simmons Says:

    please i enjoy farmville don’t discontinue

  32. Tran Says:

    It is impossible for me to play FV through FB. If Farmville.com is shut down, I have to say goodbye to my most favorite game – FV. Even if I try to use ultrasurf, it is still so so so slow for me to access in to FV on FB.

    I do hope farmville.com to survive and be developed in its big fans’ GREAT LOVE.

  33. Tyana DeMint Says:

    Please don’t get rid of it …facebook drives me crazy I can’t get anything done anymore …I have been to the .com one along time ago ….just been looking for it this past week …because FB it takes forever and lately not at all sometimes it will take 12 hours…I had my brand new iMac checked out so its not …right now I’m playing cityville.com I can’t tell how much I love there people help u more ….

    Thank you for your Time ……Tyana

  34. Teri Sowles Says:

    I do not like playing farmville on facebook because of the simple fact that it crashes all of the time. I am so disgruntled with playing this way. I hope that you can change it in the future. I am to the point that I am willing to forgo the game completely.

  35. kels Says:

    to slow when i play farmville with face book !! i miss the farmville.com fuck at facebook

  36. Brenda Says:

    Im very disappointed that the FarmVille app has been disconnected! I played harvested everything while on the go! The new express sucks!!!!!! As much money that people spend on the game give us our app back!!!!

  37. Jaime Says:

    Why end farmville

  38. soupy sayles Says:

    No, I wish you’d hurry & get rid of it. I would like to get it off my Facebook account immediately, but can’t figure out how. My friends activity fills up my news feed. Bugs me to death.

  39. Carole Says:

    What has happened? I cannot get Farmville on Facebook at all !! This whole thing is so disgusting. Guess I will have to quit all the games on Zayga!!! This is too much, has taken ALL DAY to even try and now it wont come in at all. YUCK to Farmville!!

  40. Joyce Montanye Says:

    Facebpok and zynga do not work together properly!!! I like to play farmville and zynga slingo, but recently both crash and I can’t play more than a few minutes. I have been losing my crops and rewards – just really getting to be a hastle instead of enjoyment. The bigger and more farms we have, the worse it is to play = ALWAYS locking up and not letting us post for help from our friends.
    VERY. very frustrating.

  41. THOMAS BIRD Says:

    Been having trouble getting this on facebook!