FarmVille June 18, 2011 Mystery Box & Sheep Prizes

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FarmVille June 18, 2011 Mystery Box & Sheep Prizes

Posted on June 17, 2011 10:59 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Mystery Box 06.17.2011

FarmVille’s celebrating its upcoming second birthday and as part of the celebration a new Birthday Mystery Box is being offered each day. Today’s Birthday Mystery Box costs 20 Farm Cash and will be available for 24 hours only.

The Birthday Mystery Box for June 18th features an exclusive set of somewhat underwhelming (for Sheep Breeders) Sheep prizes.

FarmVille Birthday Mystery Box June 18, 2011

  • FarmVille Mystery Box – 20 Farm Cash

FarmVille Birthday Mystery 06.18.2011

The following are confirmed prizes for this Birthday Mystery Box.

  • FarmVille Welsh Mountain Sheep
  • FarmVille Orange Ewe
  • FarmVille Lantern Sheep
  • FarmVille Valentine Sheep
  • FarmVille Pastel Purple Ewe
  • FarmVille Yellow Ewe

What prize did you receive when you played today’s Birthday Mystery Box on June 18th? Which prize is your favorite? Did you decide to pass on this Mystery Game?

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36 Responses to “FarmVille June 18, 2011 Mystery Box & Sheep Prizes” »

  1. Albar Says:

    Am i the first comment ??? :)

  2. Mohit singh Says:

    I am not going to waste my 20 cah for that freaking sheeps……stop being greedy zynga

  3. Galen Miller Says:

    It seems its a sheep theme. I got a Lantern Sheep.

  4. Jayne Chandler Says:

    This one’s easy to pass up!

  5. cherrie Says:

    i couldn’t get yesterdays box:( i wanted the horse not a sheep

  6. Jerilin Says:

    The only one I have done so far is the water themed one. All the others ones haven’t been so great,imo.

  7. Sharon Says:

    Since I am one of those who cannot access the market, this one is really easy for me to pass up……..

  8. Sankinito Says:


  9. Pinky Says:

    Good thing it’s just sheep…

    I did the horse one for one I had missed and got it on the first try. The water one was nice but this is just silly.

  10. Sankinito Says:


  11. Michael B. Says:

    I will NOT pay 20 farm cash just for sheeps!!!

  12. Michael B. Says:

    And I WON’T PLAY TOMORROW’S because tomorrows about ducks.

  13. Sankinito Says:

    Pastel Purple Ewe Sheep Confirmed :0

  14. Justin Says:

    is there just those 3?


    Am not going to bother with this crap already have them

  16. Tawni Says:

    I LOVED the gnome one. Gave me a chance to catch up a little. Ill pass on all the other ones so far. PLUS: You think they would be a good deal since it is a ONE DAY special.

  17. raven zombie Says:

    so want a green lantern sheep, lol

  18. Valerie Says:

    Got a yellow ewe.

  19. Kiki Nass Says:

    Ehhhhh No thanks! I Tried 11 times to get a stallion for my farm and didn’t. How is it that there are 5 different kinds, yet after trying 11 times I only got i think 3 different kinds. Can I PLEASE get a stallion????? I’ve tried every chance I’ve had the last few weeks and spending that kind of money, you’d think I’d actually get one. Not very fair!

  20. brandon Says:

    what does the lantern sheep look like?

  21. Shana Billy Says:

    I already bought a sheep..all I got was white sheep, am not touching the sheep again..wasted of money

  22. Rhaps Says:

    THIS IS FREAKING LAME!!!! 20 FV Cash for a VALENTINE SHEEP?! I got those for free back during the valentines event!!!!!!!

  23. neil Says:

    what will be tomorrows prizes from mystery box

  24. SUSAN PETRIE Says:

    re kiki u need to get a hold of zynga and tell them what has happened an they will send u one they will go into ur acct and see what u have and what u spend money on and believe me if u say that u are not going to be playing anymore they will send u the stallion and possible refund the money that u have spent on trying to get a stallion, beleive me as i have done this so many times i know what i am talking about.

  25. Severus Says:

    All i got from 10 Box

  26. Severus Says:

    All i got from 10 Box

  27. ida Says:

    hope this mystery box works better than yesterday…advertised an all horse box but i wasted my $ to get a marmoset tree….RIPE OFF

  28. ida Says:

    hope this mystery box works better than yesterday…advertised an all horse box but i wasted my $ to get a marmoset tree….RIPE OFF

  29. FarmerSteph Says:

    Kiki contact live chat they always give me what I want.

  30. ARNOLD Says:

    I cannot plant crops…. whats going on????

  31. KarynDraconis Says:

    Brandon, here is what it looks like:

  32. imadarling Says:

    well i was just told by zynga to play this to get a mini stallion wtf is that about just read this and have wasted my fv cash on 3 boxes just to get 3 fecking new sheep am not impressed why say it is in their when it is clearly not :( not happy at a 78 minute wait to chat live again to them grrrrrrrrrr misleading customers again not good zynga

  33. Dan Says:

    I can’t help but worry that a Welsh theme is going to be passed over due to the appearance of a Welsh Sheep in this one, and 4 Welsh animals in one in May. After entire themes dedicated to Scottish and Irish decorations and the national flag, I’m (and I imagine quite a few people) will be very upset if, after the repeat of old themes for the birthday celebrations; are omitted.

  34. Lilypon Says:

    Does someone have a pic of the valentine sheep that is in the mystery box? I’m curious if it is different than the ones we got from the valentine’s day gifts?

  35. Amanda Says:

    looking for mystery boxes for cash prizes…guess illl keep searching


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