FarmVille Atlantis Chapter 4 Quest Master Guide

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FarmVille Atlantis Chapter 4 Quest Master Guide

Posted on March 25, 2013 2:20 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Chapter 4 Atlantis quests will arrive on Monday, March 25th, 2013 and ends April 1st, 2013.

Use this guide to speed through your questing and be sure to share the news with your farmin’ friends!

Please note, the information in this guide is accurate at time of publishing, but is subject to change without prior notice by Zynga. See an error? Kindly report any findings to or leave a comment on this post.

FarmVille Atlantis Chapter 4 Master Guide

FarmVille Atlantis Chapter 4 Quest 1: Surveying the Sea
Requirements: Get 7 Urchin Flutes, Harvest 100 Seawatermelons & Harvest Atlantis Palace 2 Times
Rewards: Urchinberry Fish

FarmVille Atlantis Chapter 4 Quest 2: Outstandingly Ornate
Requirements: Get 8 Ornate Seeds, Harvest 150 Urchinberry & Harvest Urchinberry Fish 2 Tims
Rewards: Ornate Sea Tree

FarmVille Atlantis Chapter 4 Quest 3: Crossing Paths
Requirements: Get 9 Flounder FLutes, Harvest 200 Planktons & Make Sea Melon Sorbet 2 Times
Rewards: The Puffed Patroller

FarmVille Atlantis Chapter 4 Quest 4: Jewelery Without Jewels
Requirements: Get 9 Shell Necklaces, Harvest 225 Shellfish & Master Urchinberry Fish to 1-Star
Rewards: Sea Sheep

FarmVille Atlantis Chapter 4 Quest 5: Spiral Splendor
Requirements: Get 10 Spiral Seeds, Harvest 250 Seaweed & Make Shellfish Surprise 2 Times
Rewards: Spirobranch Tree

FarmVille Atlantis Chapter 4 Quest 6: Fit for a Queen
Requirements: Get 12 Armor Pieces, Harvest 275 Aquamarine Roses & Make Plankton Smoothie 1 Time
Rewards: Royal Peganarwhal

What do you think about the FarmVille Atlantis Chapter 4 Quests?  Will you be paying for early access or skipping these quests?

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4 Responses to “FarmVille Atlantis Chapter 4 Quest Master Guide” »

  1. Annie Clark Says:

    I don’t like your Time Quest. I don’t have time to do them. I like the Quest Journal Book. I can do it at my own pace. For the ones that just don’t want Time Quest can you please let us make that decision. For the ones that want to do the time quest that is fine for them. But you need to let your FV farmers have that right to make their own decision.
    And can you please do a Crop Journal: I like it to look like this: Now this is a example of my written one: Farm: Home Farm, Plots on Farm: 200, Crops: Crops Planted: Peanuts: Hours for Harvest Time: 16 hours, Time of Crops: Start: 4:03 Am -Date: 03/25/13, Time of Crops: End: 8:03 Pm -Date: 03/25/13. Can you please have this on there?

    Also show on each Farm how many plots we have. So we can decide what crops we want to put in.

    For example if I have a Farm with 600 plots. I like to put in 2 different crops of 300 each. I am so tired of writing this down. If you did this for me it would help me out & save time. I know other Farmers will also love this done too. I love playing your Farmville. I just don’t have the time on my hands to sit & do all your time quest. I do like the Journal without the time. That is fun & it helps me out.

    We need to make that decision for ourselves. After we finish a Farm like your Jade or Hawaii farm then if we want another farm like your Altantis we can. This will really help us out. Could you put in a Refresh button your farm. So if we feel it takes to long we can refresh our farm ourselves. One more thing also can you add a comment box on our Farmville. Then we can let you know whether we like something or not. Or how you can improve a farm. Again I love playing Farmville. Thanks Farmville Staff for making this game. Farmver: Annie.

  2. monica Says:

    Does anyone know what animal pen the urchinberry fish can go inside? I know it can go in the marine observatory, but what else? (eg: zoo, wildlife pen, etc.)

  3. Rain_drops Says:

    @Annie Clark :

    How long have you been playing Farmvlle?


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