FarmVille Game Cards Update: Activate on & Facebook

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FarmVille Game Cards Update: Activate on & Facebook

Posted on February 19, 2010 2:55 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

As we mentioned yesterday, Zynga released FarmVille Game Cards that can be purchased at your local retailers such as Gamestop.

The problem was that there was no way to activate these cards at the time. Since then, Zynga has upgraded and Facebook to include a place where you can activate and use your cards.

For those of you having difficult activating your FarmVille Game Cards please visit the link below:

FarmVille.Com Game Card

Facebook activation can be found under the “Add Farm Coins & Cash” which will take you the redemption page by clicking the question, “Have FarmVille Game Card?” Click here to redeem:

Facebook FarmVille Game Card Activation

The FarmVille Game Cards may not be available in your area, but will be coming soon. You can purchase the Fastcards in $10 or $25 increments and then chose to exchange  them for FarmVille farm cash or coins.

This new method of monetary exchange is a great way for you to purchase farm cash if you do not have a credit card or PayPal account or if you do not prefer to use them. The FarmVille Game Cards may be used as giftcards that you give as a gift to special FarmVille Freaks in your life. It is also a great way for kids to purchase farm cash without their parent’s credit card.

FarmVille game cards are available at the following locations nation wide (dependent on your area).

  • Target
  • Best Buy
  • 7 Eleven
  • GameStop

Redeem Your Gift Card from (Click to Enlarge)

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96 Responses to “FarmVille Game Cards Update: Activate on & Facebook” »

  1. Christmasman1 Says:

    Only for US I guess? Doubt they will become available in UK shops argh

  2. JoseBxNYC Says:

    Im going to Gamestop tomorrow to check it out.

  3. Anson Says:

    Just for curiosity will it be available in Australia cause Australia has 7 eleven and target

  4. gelo Says:

    is it available in the philippines??

  5. Therlo Says:

    perhaps they can create credit game chips for installation in our heads and we can activate them with a phone call to Zynga central?

  6. Davis Says:

    Will they ever be out in Australia?
    Plz answer me…

  7. Edna Says:

    I’m curious about the cost to purchase the card. Has anyone bought one yet?

  8. Darkmistress Says:

    Does anyone know if they are avaliblein Canada?

  9. richard Says:

    is it available in the philippines? if not,, pls take attention, philippines really love farmville and has many 7eleven branches nationwide. thanks

  10. thorsten Says:

    wo kann man in Mainz die farmville game card kaufen und wie teuer ist sie

  11. Blaine Says:

    The front of the card says access exclusive items and features. I activated mine and added to my FV cash but saw no differnt items or features. Very misleading. Daisy in NC

  12. joshua Says:

    i cant get my farmville card to work and i just bought them can u help

    Joshua from MD

  13. spark Says:

    hey!!! Philippines love farmville sooo much! Not to mention an excellent market for this game card. Please make this game cards available in the Philippines, yes it true we have so many 7’11 stores here in Manila…

  14. Kelly Says:

    OMG! They changed the website! WHAT DO I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Aaron Meijer Says:

    don’t think there coming to the Netherlands :(

  16. Aaron Meijer Says:

    i don’t have any visa, pay pal or so:(:(:(:(:(

  17. Trevor Says:

    Plz tell me that Farmville game cards are sold in Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. shei Says:

    is it available in singapore?

  19. shei Says:

    went to 7eleven shop but not available,, can anybody explain this? i thought all 7 eleven have… grrrr……..

  20. marielou Says:

    i dont have any credit cards can i buy game card in cash basis?

  21. ivan ruste Says:

    is there already available farmville game cards in the philippines???????i hope there is….

  22. Janiella V. Andrabado Says:

    Plz tell me how to get money!

  23. DaFarmPimp Says:

    @Janiella V. Andrabado… Sell drugs

  24. Jop Says:

    I want these in the Philippines >-<

  25. Jersey Says:

    Okay… for those of you wondering from other countries ‘are they coming out with these cards where I live?’ all I can say is that Zynga hasn’t released anything yet. Most likely, though, if they sell well in the U.S. they will expand where they see the biggest markets. And as for not being able to find the cards in your local 7-eleven or Target, etc., keep in mind that things like this are always ‘in participating locations’. Your local store may or may not get them in, depending on their owner. Also… let me add that I do not speak for Zynga or 7-eleven as an official representative, I’ve just worked retail for a very long time.

  26. angelo Says:

    in seven eleven they had farm cards i hope there is in philippines

  27. angelo Says:

    i agree with jop

  28. remi Says:

    is it required in Canada New-Brunswick?

  29. ollie Says:

    they should be available in the uk although we dont have 7-11, target, gamestop or best buy

  30. Kim Says:

    I have purchased several $10 cards from Target and Gamestop and all worked no problem. I purchased a $10 and $25 card from 7-11 and only the $10 one worked!! I have been getting the run-around from Zynga about how to fix this. I initially entered the card and was given a response of “payment error” on the farmville website. When I tried to re-enter it, I was then told that the card had already been used. Yet the FV cash was never put on my account! Zynga told to take it back to 7-11 so they can activate it properly, which I did. Unfortunately, after 3 attempts, the clerk told me that Zynga was rejecting the transaction/card. Now I am out $25!! What am I to do??? How can I get my money back, or better yet the FV cash that I originally wanted?? Please help… any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

  31. Douglas Says:

    I bought mine at target and it still had money on the card. So they gave me a 10 dollar credit and I got another one.

  32. Dan Says:

    You know I’m an addicted farmville player here in the Philippines and my classmates are asking me if they are available in 7 eleven because I’m the one who gives them an update for farmville. So pls sell some in the Phils.angelo ,jop ,ivan spark,richard and gelo are very right!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. luca Says:

    if I want to spend them comes the message: “payment error”
    what should I do?

  34. poypoy Says:

    i cannot know how to get gamecards and i have n 10s will pay that as you can

  35. poypoy Says:

    but its available in philipines so what :) happy

  36. Hhanna Says:

    I also bought a card that didnt work!! (from walmart) There isnt even a number on the card to check the balance or confirm that the card has been activated. I suggest waiting until they get all the bugs worked out and put a number to confirm on the card before buying one!!!!!

  37. Leona F. David Says:

    I have a gift card but it won’t activate when I put the pin number in??? Help

  38. Jackie J. Says:

    I have a card from 7-11 in Canada too and it doesn’t work either. Zynga said to go back to retailer.
    I asked the retailer and they were told to pull all the cards until after Jun 1st. They won’t work until then. I am not impressed and hope that my response to Zynga gets something for the trouble…at least my $25 back in bux or something.
    You should send an email to Zynga support. I am trying to find a wide board to post to so that other Canadians get the info.

  39. Tom Dilley Says:

    I’ve bought 2 10 dollar cards at Wal Mart and both worked fine and I also got my exclusive items it was a special pond thats not available on fv and can be sold for 2,000 coins.. they do work!!

  40. Ana Says:

    I don’t play FarmVille as much as I do Cafe World, but I’ll give these game cards a shot the next time I pass by my nearby GameStop or Target.

  41. Dee Says:

    I’m so addicted of Farmville. I wish it’ll be available in the Philippines as well :(

  42. greerlandeza Says:

    No available game cards in the Philippines? I hope it’s gonna be available at all 7/11 outlets here in the Philippines. I so love FV game.

  43. Andy Says:

    If you cannot redeem your game card and get a “Payment Error” pop up, it is likely you have blocked Third Party Cookies in your browser.

    If you have them disabled, enable them, redeem the card, disable them again. Hope this helps!

  44. Jacky Says:

    Hi, can the gamecard bye in the staates and use in Germany?? Because it is equal where i enter the code,or?

    Hi, kann ich die Game Cards in den Staaten kaufen und hier einlösen?? Weil es it doch egal wo ich den Code ein gebe, oder?

    Here in Germany i don´t can bye gameCards!
    Hier in Deutschland kann ich keine Gamecards kaufen.

  45. Sherrie Flores Says:

    bought a farmville game card for $10.00..did everything I was suppose to do to redeem it..Redeemed it for the fv cash and it has not shown up anywhere.. What do I do. code on back is 539 512 9118….it took it and when i went to reenter it it said it had been redeemed.. what do I do?

  46. darkdrone Says:

    i bought 1 game card on the UK and i live in italy i tryed to redeem the card but whaen i put the code on his space it refreshed the page and said that it cannot be redeemed cuz is not activated
    what can i do?

  47. samanta Says:

    hello my name is samanta
    how to get farmville card

  48. Zarina Says:

    How much does a Farmville Card cost? And do you pay the gift card to Zynga?

  49. lizza Says:

    give me valid game card number plzzzzzzzzzzz

  50. dina roberts Says:

    iam dina mine friends got me a a game card and i want that brown and white spotted horse i have ther cash now whens it going to be out i would like to know

  51. Beth&mikey(: Says:

    In the uk you can get them from sainsburys :D
    but i dont know where you can get them in the other places , so you should check out sainsburys if you have them :)

  52. John Says:

    I was wondering if they sell the game cards in Singapore? If they do could someone give me a heads up on where it is sold?? please?

  53. MEMORPH Says:

    Hi there, I found your blog via Google while searching for first aid for a heart attack and your post looks very interesting for me.

  54. jie Says:

    wish that there is also available game cards here in Philippines

  55. Tangi Lewis Says:

    Why won’t my card work?

  56. raquel Says:

    i want to the pin code of my farm ville game card now ..thanks

  57. Boris Says:

    You have to live inside US or Canada to get a game card working.

  58. FarmVille Game Card Says:

    Yes and you can get a free FarmVille Game Card if you complete a survey. Also Zynga is giving a free mystery dart, when you buy a Game Card.

  59. Anna Says:

    Hallo, where i can buy gamecards here in Switzerland. I was already in gamestop but not available…. we dont have credit cards to get some fv cash…Thank you.

  60. Zynga Says:

    Hello,Just to tell you
    The game cards will only be available in USA,Canada and the United Kingdom.If you have someone in these country’s you can ask them to get you one,reedeming the game card is available in every country.

  61. david Says:

    im from wales in the uk and i buy mine from W.H.Smiths thats the only place i no that sells them in the uk :)

  62. SaneAdult Says:

    Someone who would pay real money to recieve fake money on a free internet game should be locked up in some phyciatric ward and not allowed to even see the light of day. Holy Crap….ya’ll are insane. You are all probably starving your children by buying these cards so you can grow imaginary crops and cows. Way to go! I guess WalMart is happy to take your money since they don’t have to give you anyting.

  63. mangat Says:

    i want the pin code of farmville game card plaease tell me

  64. Boris Says:

    Mangat just go to a page “Farmville Game Card says”, sorry I am not allowed to advertise here.

  65. Kelsey Says:

    I’ve been searching for farmville game cards everywhere. Now I don’t know about you guys but as far as I know this page is working. I found for that page right here, thx !

  66. Lori Says:

    Some good news for AUSSIES!!
    I’m in NSW and my son just came home with a Zynga game card (FarmVille but they have them all) which he just bought from a games store called “EB GAMES”!
    They have cards of all denominations for all the Zynga games including the one for multi-games.

  67. ali Says:

    i need fame cash now pleace

  68. Kelsey Says:

    Thanks for that Lori. Now when you buy that game card, you receive a free mystery dart. Take a look how it works.

  69. ivo Says:

    some body know if is it working in Bulgaria??? D: D: D:

  70. john henry Says:

    is there any farmville gamecards store here in philippines?

  71. ant29nhampton Says:

    good news for us uk farmville peeps
    we can buy the gamecards from WH.SMITHS and sainsburys

  72. Michael Says:

    Hey everyone in New Zealand Go to EB games in Auckland they have them.

  73. Dorin Says:

    There is also only one place I know where u can get your Farmville Gift Card Uk, Australia, Canada, Spain, Itlay, Ireland and offcourse United States. They have the oofer for other countries as well.

    The name of the service is MySocialCoins and they offer Farmville Gift Cards, Mafia Wars Gift Card, Cityville Gift Cards and Yoville Gift Cards for free. They conect sponsors with social users. You sign up for some survey and the sponsors pay for your points from your gift card.

    The service is free and it worked for me.

    As you know – you can exchange this gift cards for Farmville cash, Mafiawars points or Cityville cash.
    Hope it helps ;)

  74. carrie Says:

    They also sell the game cards at Wal-mart. I saw them here in the united states. I’m not sure about anywhere else though.

  75. rebecca fair Says:

    hello you can get the game cards in united kingdom, asda, whsmith, and ect….

  76. Chris Says:

    Good stuff!

  77. larry Says:

    There is this Zynga game cards loading… I live here in the Philippines…

    I’m not sure though if 7-11 Philippines has Zynga game cards available in the market…

    But if ever you are interested to buy Zynga game cards from me you can contact me here: for more details.

  78. sharon mae t Pamintuan Says:

    keLan mag kaka farmvilLe gamecards sa piLipinas???

  79. Sydney Says:

    I am not seeing a redeem gift card option, at the buy farmcash page
    is ther something I should do?

  80. ams karemasdasd Says:


  81. donald Says:

    how can i get free gamecard codes for my farmville

  82. Robert Miller Says:

    You people that spend money on this game are damn fools. You’ve been suckered into giving your money away for nothing in return. I suggest you get off the computer and find something REAL to do with your spare time.

    My office manager just shot herself in the head over this game. She’s dead now, and all over a stupid game.

  83. Joe Hiler Says:

    I bought 2 farmville cards at wal mart.. we can not get them on our account.. the giftcard tab on the add money to your account is not there. Please help me find it. Thank you

  84. Debra J. Landis Says:

    I recieved a farmville gift card for christmas, put in the code, and i still haven’t recieved my credits, it has been over two hours now, someone please help.

  85. nico Says:


  86. Allen Eusebio Says:

    were can buy gamecard

  87. jo ann hynds Says:

    i just bought this $ 10.00 zynga game card from target and i put the numbers in and it said not able to do now. i always use these cards. never have problems with them but i tried again and it says already cashed well i didn’t get my $ 55.00 . so what do i do and how do i get the cash i purchased and didn’t get?? thank you for your help..

  88. Aimee Malasankas Says:

    I have been reedeming cards for a long time. for some reason tonight, 02-27-12 I go to redeem my card and there is no way possible to to do… It makes not sense at all… the top of my screen on farm fill is white…with no free gifts, play, add nieghbors….is not there.lll Please tell me what to do. I wann reddem my card…

    Aimee Malasankas

  89. suzy Says:

    i scared my game card code and cant read the number and 7-11 wont refund. the card is loaded how do i redeem if i have no number> any suggestions

  90. abhi Says:

    can i buy it in china or japan because thier are 7 eleven

  91. DeeAnna Says:

    if there isnt a place to buy a farmville game card where you are ,you can always send your self a online farmville gift card as long as u have a credit card.just search farmville online gift cards

  92. sheron metts Says:

    I bought a game card at Wal-Mart on may 29, and tried to activate it I typed it in as I always have and it would not credit my account. the card was a ten dollar card. and now I tried to activate it again and it says it has already been activated. But I did not receive any credit can you please help me with this problem. Sincerely Sheron Metts

  93. dejon coapstick Says:

    I don’t own a credit card and serve said they have already have my account.I never received a card and would like to get another. I do not even recollect ever signing up. I do however buy ALOT of game gift cards and I am losing a ton of farm cash by using the card when you spend as much money on game cards as I do I feel like I’m getting ripped off big time sometimes I lose as much as $50 farm cash. I would just like an explanation of why a person who runs out to stores to purchase a gift card gets the shaft while someone who sits at home gets the benefits. I feel this is wrong on a new level.

  94. Fred Pelletier Says:

    looking as to how to use gift card gving to me

  95. pokerralph Says:

    i brought 2 $25.00 farmville cards and don’t see nothing i want to expland land it says gotta buy more

  96. ana vojtecky Says:

    I redeemed a $10.00 Facebook gift card this morning and I never received Farmville cash for it .